easy recipes for busy people


Hi and welcome. I’m Narelle & this little website is where I write, cook and take pictures of delicious and (mostly) healthy food.

By day I work managing projects in the finance industry and by night I do my best to make healthier versions and blog about my favourite meals.

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband-to-be Gerry. He came to Australia from Ireland about 20 years ago and thankfully in 2012 we met in of all places, an Irish pub. He is super health conscious and loves to eat so is a big fan of my recipes.

When it comes to food I have an appetite for almost anything. We do like to eat well but we’re not strictly anything diet wise. I cook meat, vegetarian, paleo, vegan, basically whatever we feel on the day.

Baking is another passion of mine, given we don’t eat a lot of baked goodies I do love to take cakes & cookies into work. Probably not often enough if you do ask any of my workmates.

My addictions include TV chefs and cheese. I’m even having a crack at making my own cheese, it’s like cooking on steroids.

Outside the kitchen I love to run, something that I only started in my early 30’s. I can’t say I’m very good at it but I do enjoy it. Most Saturdays you’ll catch Gerry & I out with other ParkRunners in our area.

Why One Plate Meals?

Most recipe books cater for two or more serves but nearly 25% of households in Australia & the UK are sole person. I thought having recipes and shopping lists specifically for single households was something that was missing.

When I lived on my own I found eating the same thing night after night boring and throwing away fresh food such as bunches of fresh herbs or other vegetables because I couldn’t use them up in time expensive.

Sticking to ingredients that you can find in most supermarkets sometimes means my recipes are less than traditional. I try to use minimal ingredients and replace fresh herbs with dried herbs & spices as they can be stored in the cupboard for long periods.

Having said all that I love a good cook up so you will find recipes there for the slow cooker or oven that will serve a crowd or freeze well for another day. This website allows all recipes to be multiplied so just choose the number of people you plan to feed!

I love experimenting and a challenge so if there is a dish you love that you would like in healthier form and/or in single serve and haven’t already found it on this site, please use the contact form to tell me about it, I’ll do my best to create something delicious!

Happy eating!