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About Us A Modern Kitchen

A Modern Kitchen is a destination for homeowners and renters looking for a solution to their kitchen problems.

Whether you're looking for advice on how to save money on appliances or the latest models to buy. For those with a bigger budget to spend as they renovate, A Modern Kitchen will provide answers to your questions with knowledgeable, expert guidance.

Creating your perfect home can be overwhelming, so we want to take away some of the pressure when it comes to selecting products. A Modern Kitchen is your personal shopping assistant that will provide you with honest reviews and clear, informative details.

A Modern Kitchen has a keen team of experts in a variety of fields across home, food, interior and tech, with journalism backgrounds spanning decades. Find out more about us below:


Meet The Experts

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Natalie Corner

Now working as a Commercial Content Editor for Bauer Media across our trusted brands like What’s The Best, Modern Gardens, Take A Break Pets and now the editor of A Modern Kitchen, Natalie will be sharing her expertise in how to decorate as a renter, DIY tips and hacks and affordable kitchen products for your home.

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Eleanor Weaver

Eleanor is a Deputy Commercial Content Writer for titles such as A Modern Kitchen, Modern Gardens, Yours, and Mother&Baby. Having previously worked in the Yours Commercial Team, Ellie has been in charge of hosting events and recommending the best products for readers. Having been a renter for the past 9 years, Ellie loves looking for home inspiration in her spare time, exploring social media for trends and décor, and creating wishlists that show no signs of stopping. Slowly upgrading her furniture from budget IKEA, she’s learnt how to make the most of the space available, find the best kitchen appliances to last on a budget, and been a master at home DIY. In her last flat, her landlord even let her pick the new washing machine which she revelled in sourcing.

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Ellen Kinsey

Ellen Kinsey is a Senior Commercial Content Writer for A Modern Kitchen, Spirit & Destiny, Yours and Modern Gardens. She lives and breathes all things food, cooking, health and wellness. Ellen frequently spends her time cooking allergen-free meals and making content for her health and food Instagram account. She loves recreating international recipes and finding healthier and more sustainable ways to live.

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Piper Huxley

Piper Huxley is a Commercial Content Writer working across brands like Yours, A Modern Kitchen and What’s the Best. She specialises in everything creative, which includes entertainment, fashion, cooking and gaming. At the University of Reading, Piper studied for a BA in English Literature and Theatre; it was here that she was able to demonstrate her love for storytelling.
Piper is known as a big "foodie" on her team, having been given the title of Bauer's resident soup writer - which she wears with pride. Piper has been vegan for almost five years and loves to experiment with food and share her recipes with friends. Not only that, but she spends too much time watching food content on YouTube and TikTok, so she’s on top of all the kitchen trends.