The Best Vacuum Cleaners For Your Home

From corded, cordless and handheld, your ultimate guide to buying the most suited vacuum for your household


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If you're looking to find a new vacuum cleaner or are thinking about your options now you've just moved into your new home with lovely laminate floors and carpet everywhere else, then you've come to the right place. Vacuum cleaners have come on in leaps and bounds, making it very easy to find a trusted steed that can switch between vacuuming the hard floors of your kitchen to your plush carpeted floors.

The most important thing to bear in mind when it comes to picking the best vacuum cleaner for you is that it has to fit into your life. Whether you live in a big house with oodles of floor space to keep clean or a small flat, a family with kids that make a new mess as soon as you cleared up the last, or have cats or dogs and need to worry about pet hair, we've covered all solutions.

We’ve listened to your needs and found the best, newest, most affordable and most powerful vacuum cleaners you can buy for your home in 2024 and explained the differences between them all.

What are the different types of vacuum cleaners available?


Corded vacuum cleaners have to be plugged into a socket and most often come with a long lead to help you move around your rooms. You can choose from a cylinder or an upright vacuum. Cylinder vacuums are normally round with multiple wheels that you drag around behind you as you vacuum. They tend to hold most of their weight on the floor as you drag them around. An upright has a handle at the top, and you push it around in front of you. Upright vacuums tend to distribute the weight throughout the appliance.


Cordless vacuums have soared in popularity in recent years as they're they are designed for multiple small spillages and general upkeep of your home. They are battery-powered and operating times have got a lot better over the years - with some models offering over an hour in run time. They need to be charged at the mains.

Bagless and bagged

Bagless vacuums store the dirt and mess in a transparent container that you have to empty into the bin, which can be messy. The main benefit of a bagless vacuum is that you don’t need to buy bags, which hugely reduces running costs and is better for the environment too.

Bagged vacuums hold all the mess and dirt in special bags that fit inside your vacuum. They are a cleaner option, and you can often go weeks without having to empty them - depending on the size of the bag.

Handheld and Two-in-one

Made for small jobs and hard-to-reach areas, handheld vacuums are small enough to hold in your hand. Most of them are battery-powered and need to be charged. Many vacuums these days do the job of both corded and handheld vacuums, with some models detaching to do the job of both.

What to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner

 • Choose a vacuum that is based on your needs, the size of your house, and your environment.

 • Try not to be pulled into all the fancy settings and attachments if you don't see yourself using them.

 • Think about weight, not everyone can lug around a heavy vacuum - even though it's powerful and has a large bin compartment.

 • Check the power. If you want a super powerful vacuum, expect to pay more and for the run time to be less if it is cordless.

 • Storage space. Do you have a particular place to store your vacuum, or can you mount yours on the wall?

 • Filters. These days, vacuums do more than just clear up your mess, as many come with filters that can help with dust allergies and asthma.

Best vacuum cleaners

Best value vacuum cleaner

Henry has become a household name over the years, with many opting to choose the model for their first vacuum when moving out, or if living in shared accommodation. We're not surprised either, as it really is a vacuum you can trust to do the job - big or small, hard floors or carpets. Henry is packed full of great features to make cleaning easy, including a huge capacity, versatile toolkit and super long-reach, trouble-free rewind cable. You can buy Henry bags on Amazon with subscribe and save, so you're never without them.

Customer review: "I had a Henry a few years back, never let me down, but gave it away in favour of one of the new all singing and dancing pet hair very expensive brands. These were great, but the vacuum needed constant maintenance, head cleaning, filter cleaning etc, and this was all the time just to get a standard vacuum, do not have time for this in my life with a toddler, plus it couldn’t handle bigger bits. So I’ve gone back to Henry, no fuss, just does the job, doesn’t need all the maintenance and can handle the everyday hard work of a home with kids. It probably doesn’t pick up every strand of pet hair, but it’s not like I can see loads on the carpet. Robust and reliable, will stick with these from now on."


  • The bags last for so long
  • He really is durable and powerful. Some reviews have explained that Henry has survived multiple falls and dents and is even used on building sites.


  • Henry is on the heavy side, which you should bear in mind if you have stairs, and, due to being bulky, is hard to store if you're short on space.
  • Also, be careful when changing the bag, as it can get messy.

Best vacuum cleaner for hard floors

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The Dyson V10 Absolute is, without a doubt, one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market today, and it has been made with hard floors in mind. As well as being as powerful as corded vacuums, it comes with not one, but two cleaner heads - an all-purpose cleaner head for all types of floors and a soft-roller head that has been specifically engineered to be gentle on hard floors.

Customer review: "This is easy to assemble and empty. It has lots o,f useful attachments. You can have it on high medium or low power. On high power suction is good, but it runs out after about five minutes. I use medium, which enables me to vacuum all of my two up, two down house and the furniture. In general, I just empty it at the end and this is easy to do. On this setting, the suction is not as good as my big vacuum but the big plus and it is a really big plus is that I vacuum more often because it's so easy to pick up and use. It's very light and much quicker than a normal vacuum. Thus overall my house is cleaner! Great for doing stairs, car, furniture. However, I think you might want more suction every now and again to ensure full cleanliness."


  • The soft roller head is just what you need to look after your hard floor, whether you've got laminate, old floorboard or parquet flooring.


  • There is no hiding that Dyson products are expensive.

Best cordless vacuum cleaner

best-vacuum-cleanerJohn Lewis

Shark has been smashing the vacuum cleaner game in the UK since 2014 with decades of success in the US and some of the best handheld, heavy-duty, and cordless vacuum cleaners available to buy today. This best-selling cordless vacuum cleaner is a fantastic choice for smaller homes with pets running around. It's easy to use, can transform into a handheld, and has DuoClean and Anti-Hair Wrap for seamless cleaning on all floors of your home.

This model only has one battery but with an amazing runtime of up to 40 minutes, that'll do just the job in apartments and small homes with time to spare. The battery pack can be charged too off the vacuum so if you're limited on space, the two don't need to be together to charge.

Tried and Tested by A Modern Kitchen: "After much back and forth between a Dyson and a Shark, I was sold on this anti-wrap cordless vacuum because it has a clever flexible mechanism which bends the stick so I can get underneath my couch. It means I save bending down and backache, which in some ways makes vacuuming fun! It is quick and easy to switch between vacuuming my laminated kitchen floor and my living room carpet using the power switch to toggle it in the correct position. Both options provide good suction, and if you need a little extra power, you can pull the turbo boost lever and really get up the hair embedded in. The only thing to note is if you use turbo boost it drains the battery a lot quicker."


  • The hair wrap technology is great and the Anti Hair Wrap technology really breaks down human and pet hair.
  • It is also very light, making it easy to glide along the floors of your home.


  • The cleaner head tends to get clogged and will need cleaning, as do the filters.

Best all-round vacuum cleaner

This upright vacuum cleaner is great for large houses being lightweight but powerful enough to help you with your full deep clean. Easily clean stairs, sofas and up high with 3 handy attachments, including a dedicated Pet Tool. With carpet and hard floor modes and adjustable suction control, easily clean thick and thin pile carpets, rugs and hard floors.

Customer review: "This upright vacuum cleaner is great for large houses being lightweight but powerful enough to help you with your full deep clean. Easily clean stairs, sofas and up high with 3 handy attachments including a dedicated Pet Tool. With carpet and hard floor modes and adjustable suction control, easily clean thick and thin pile carpets, rugs and hard floors."


  • The bin is huge and it is so light for an upright vacuum cleaner.
  • It is very, very powerful, and the minimum setting is enough for a deep clean.


  • Some reviews say is hard to push around on the maximum setting.

Best vacuum cleaner for large homes

You can always count on Miele to bring you a quality product, and just like the brand's washing machines, the vacuums are all put through their paces with vigorous testing to ensure they will last you the test of time. The Miele C3 does wonders in large rooms and houses as it has a 15m lead and is easy to manoeuvre, with the floor controls meaning there is no need for you to bend down. The extra-long hose is handy to reach those high ceilings, too.

Customer review: "Powerful and cleans well, able to turn the power down for less vacuum. Even on the lowest setting it still cleans well. Useful compartment for the tool to sit in. Lead retracts gently and thoroughly, and long length."


  • The design makes it so easy to store all your attachments inside the vacuum itself.


  • It is on the heavy side to drag around and only compatible with branded Miele bags.

Best vacuum cleaner for flats and apartments

Everyone who lives in a flat or apartment will understand the need for a vacuum that suits different floor types (and is easy and light to store away). Say hello to the cordless Vax Blade 4, which is great for a total clean anywhere, especially when it comes to pesky pet hair. It has a full run time of 45 mins, includes a motorised pet tool and flexible powered hose and even folds down into a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Customer review: "So happy I stayed with a Vax! Takes up little room and is extremely powerful, so impressed with the suction on hard floors. A great buy!"


  • Lightweight
  • Hassle-free


  • Some reviews say that the bin is in an awkward place on the side.

Best handheld vacuum cleaner

best-vacuum-cleanerJohn Lewis

If you find yourself constantly cleaning up or don't fancy lugging your vacuum cleaner out to the car with you, Shark's handheld vacuum is the one for you. Loved by cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch, the sleek design will work its magic on kitchen counters, tabletops, sofas, corners and your car. Small and mighty (weighing only 700 grams), it even comes with two attachments - a Duster Crevice Tool and a Multi-Surface Pet Tool.

Customer review: "Amazing handheld vacuum - I use it more than my main vacuum! It's really surprised me how much I use it, as I originally thought I'd bought it as a bit of an impulse purchase, but I'm so glad I now have it. Great for countertops, stairs, the car and upholstery, as well as visible bits of dirt around the house."


  • Lightweight and so simple to use.
  • It even looks good on charge.


  • You have to be quick, as you've only got 15 mins to clear up your mess.

Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair


If you've got a house full of pets or just one dog who sheds their fur every minute of every day, you're going to need a vacuum cleaner that is specially designed to deal with pet hair. The Anti Hair Wrap actively separates and removes hair with a unique bristle guard, helping to leave the bristle brush-roll tangle-free. Perfect for long, short and pet hair. There is also the added bonus of LED headlights that will illuminate hidden dust and pet hair pile-ups - making for a more thorough clean. The HEPA filter also traps small particles and pet dander, making it excellent for allergy sufferers.

Customer review: "I have been a cleaner for 30 years and this is the best vacuum that I have ever used. I am so glad I purchased it for myself with having four working spaniels. Gets all the shedding up first time and leaves the carpet looking great. Thank you."


  • The Anti-Hair wrap technology breaks down the hair instead of it getting caught around the roller head.


  • Heavy.

Best lightweight vacuum cleaner

best-vacuum-cleanerJohn Lewis

Finding a lightweight vacuum cleaner is a hard task. As we age and get less strong and nimble, we try and hunt down vacuum cleaners that are light and easy to push around. However, vacuums need space for a bin and a motor that have to fit somewhere. This Bosch 2in1 model is genius, as all the weight is at the bottom, making it easy to push around. It also transforms into a handheld vacuum at the click of a button.

Customer review: "A great lightweight upright vacuum which enables me to independently vac bedrooms.
The only negative is that there is no attachment to use for the stairs. The part which splits off for hand use needs to have a brush attachment. Then it would have 5 stars."


  • It's lightweight.
  • The sleek design makes it easy to store.


  • The bin is on the small side, no extra attachments.

OUR VERDICT: Which is the best vacuum cleaner?

Every vacuum cleaner is different, but we think the Shark IZ201UK Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is our overall top choice. It's cordless, lightweight, and has the ability to transform into a handheld cleaner, it brings a bit of everything to the table. It's even super easy to store as it folds down to fit into small cupboards and the Anti Hair Wrap technology will help your battle with pet and human hair. The vacuum itself is also easy to clean, and Shark provides easy-to-follow tutorials to help guide you.

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