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From quick-prep to fine-dining, take on some Le Creuset cookware for your kitchen.

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Le Creuset is an institution, a kitchen favourite brand famous for its iconic casserole dishes, dinnerware, frying pans, and more. Known for their bold and bright colours, Le Creuset started with two Belgian men, who were experts in enamelling and casting. Soon enough, Le Creuset was born in 1925 with the first prototype. This is where the journey began for this well-loved cookware brand.

And who could forget the Volcanic colour casserole dish? This colour has since become its signature hue, inspired by the fiery orange colour of molten cast iron inside the foundry moulds. Recently, Le Creuset has expanded its product range to include everything from mugs, wine glasses to salt and pepper mills.

Celebrity chefs sing Le Creuset’s praises. For example, Nigella Lawson has said she has “a particular fondness for Le Creuset enamel cast-iron cookware” as she told the New York Post in 2018. Many agree that the brand has found its way into kitchens worldwide and seemingly never goes out of style.

Giving generations plenty of flavours, the Le Creuset brand is beloved for its bold, striking colours and design. Not only this, but it is renowned for its refined, lifetime quality. Le Creuset describes itself as the “backbone of kitchens around the world, now and for years to come.” With the rebirth of vintage cookware in full swing, Le Creuset has reached a new generation of homeowners.

Le Creuset X Red Nose Day

Exclusively on Amazon, comes a collection of products from brands supporting Comic Relief until March 17th. This includes Le Creuset. You can shop our picks of Le Creuset's red collection - and you'll be shopping for a good cause.

First, on the list, we have a mug in their iconic red hue, which fits well for something like Red Nose Day. Take a cuppa with those who matter with Le Creuset's chip-resistant and dishwasher-safe mug.

Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish

Rrp: $389.95

Price: $269.95
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Macy's$389.95View offer

A staple for the home, we couldn't resist including this cast-iron dish. If you're looking for a casserole dish, this could be a worthwhile investment as Le Creuset ensures a lifetime guarantee.

Le Creuset Stoneware Petite Round Casserole
Price: $56.47

Perfect for single-portion servings, side dishes, dips, condiments and nibbles, this petite version of the iconic Le Creuset dish comes strong, easy to use and clean. it's freezer-safe, stain-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Shallow Casserole Dish
Price: $289.40
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Macy's$289.95View offer

A shallow cast iron dish, with a tight-fitting lid, is fuss-free. Great for simmering and slow cooking, this dish heats evenly, is very versatile and easy very easy to lean. It's safe for all hob types, ovens and grills. Get cooking!

As Le Creuset launches its new Azure Collection, we’ve handpicked the best Le Creuset cookware essentials for your kitchen. After all, the brand produces more than just its gorgeous casserole dishes. There’s a whole host of cookware, dinnerware and more to choose from. Le Creuset would make the perfect gift for a loved one, also.… Perfect for a cosy night in.

Best Le Creuset Cookware

This classic stoneware teapot get a touch of the Mediterranean in this new colourway from Le Creuset. The teapot is made from durable stoneware and holds four cups. Featuring a neatly locking lid and drip-proof spout, it's practical as well as a modern, refreshing colour to brighten up your table.

Coming in the fiery, Volcanic colour, Le Creuset’s updated cast iron Pumpkin Casserole is a seasonal favourite. A Modern Kitchen can’t get enough of it. It features a decent 3.7L capacity. Not only that, but the dish also has a stem-shaped knob for a comfortable grip. The attention to detail is very beautiful. Plus, the flat base makes it great for easy stirring. Perfect for simmering stews or soups.

Create a perfect Yorkshire pudding with Le Creuset's specifically designed non-stick tray. That's up for debate. The wide, shallow cups allow easy pouring of batter. You could even use this tray for sweet treats.

Got a hankering for soup? We don't blame you. It's the perfect addition to an autumn or winter lunchtime, a great starter for a dinner party - and a great snack, too. With soup, the possibilities are endless. These stoneware bowls from Le Creuset are pretty, durable and oven-safe. Perfect for a French onion soup. Not only that, these could make a great gift for any soup fanatic in your life.

Sunday roast dinner isn't complete without some gravy. Whether you're a gravy fiend and want your bowl swimming in the stuff, or prefer a lighter drop, this gravy jug will be sure to sort you out. This Heritage Gravy Boat is perfect for serving sweet or savoury sauces. A deep spout allows accurate and mess-free pouring and the handle gives a comfortable, steady grip. Plus, this gravy jug is oven, microwave, fridge and freezer-safe.

Hosting a celebration? Well, you know the drill when it comes to popping the Champagne... you're going to need a reliable corkscrew and stopper. That's where Le Creuset comes in with this ultimate gift for the wine lover in your life. This smart duo is crafted from rosewood and is effortless to use.

We have these elegant flutes next on the list to pair perfectly with the rosewood corkscrew and stopper duo. Ideal for Champagne, sparkling wine and Bucks Fizz, these glasses are designed to promote the formation of those bubbles. Plus, they boast of keeping your drink cooler for longer.

Price: $14.00
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This basting brush isn't just for keeping your turkey moist and succulent. It's perfect for painting delicious marinades onto your veggies, too - namely your parsnips. Le Creuset has made the bristles smaller for better control with every stroke. This brush is an unrivalled tool for precision and durability.

We can't think of a better way to combine the festive star shape and the British institution that is the Great British Bake Off than this. Elegant, you will unleash your inner baker with this 12-cup baking tray. Each cup is star-shaped, so you can get creative with cakes, cookies and more. Perfect for the festive season. Plus, it's non-stick.

Now, we're onto the Main Event. Who could forget the iconic Cast iron Casserole dish? The Volcanic hue is what put Le Creuset on the map all those years ago. However, we've picked the Bamboo Green colour for our round-up. Why we hear you ask? Well, as the seasons change, green is a colour that needs to be in the spotlight. It's durable, a culinary classic and your one-stop pot for meals.

Not a fan of cast iron? Le Creuset has a Stainless Steel range, too. This trio of saucepans clock in at 16, 18 and 20cm. With this set, you can rise to any occasion and tackle any culinary challenge. Le Creuset boasts healthy, delicious dishes with pans that have multi-layered construction to spread heat evenly.

If you're on roast potato duty Le Creuset has got your back with its durable, dishwasher-safe roasting tin. Designed to help support your suppers, this tin will shine. It's tough, non-stick and releases food quickly and easily. Plus, a very cool bonus: it's even safe to use with metal utensils.

Or, if you prefer a cast iron roaster, this teal tin comes in different sizes ideal to pop in your kitchen. This versatile enamelled cast iron roaster helps you tackle veggies, potatoes and beyond. Great for desserts, too.

If you haven't baked camembert, what have you been doing? Perfect for cold, winter nights, intimate get-togethers and celebration suppers, this baker is a joy. Place a wheel of your fave cheese in the dish, pop the lid on and bake in the oven. Simple, easy and blissful. Top with homemade chutney and serve with crusty bread.

If a loved one just moved into a new place and desperately needs some new baking dishes, go from oven to table in style with this set of three, classic rectangular dishes - 19, 26 and 32cm. Safe for the oven, microwave, fridge and freezer, these dishes are great for savoury and sweet dishes alike. Grab this deal whilst stocks last.

If you're hosting a family get-together, it's best to lay everything on the table and let everyone tuck in. We recommend this great stoneware to hold your precious potatoes for the big meal. Whether you're putting out picky bits for tea, or dishing serving honey-glazed parsnips at the table, this bowl is a sturdy, versatile bowl to own. Plus its fridge, freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Prevent scorch marks at the kitchen table with a French Trivet from Le Creuset, that won't crack, discolour or absorb stains. It's designed to hold back the heat on your surfaces and tackles cookware up to 250 degrees celsius.

Crafted from artisan stoneware, this spoon rest is adorable - not to mention practical. Whether you're cooking up a storm in the kitchen or serving Sunday dinner at the table, this spoon rest will come in handy. Add it to your dinnerware this winter for an elevated dining experience. This is the perfect gift for any foodie.

It's time to keep your utensils on display. Le Creuset has a stoneware utensil jar, which is a great statement piece for any kitchen. Or - perhaps, when you're laying your Sunday table spread, it won't be out of place on the table by adding some cutlery. It's stylish, and durable and provides a beautiful pop of colour.


Rrp: $25.99

Price: $24.68

This set of potholders will help protect your hands from your cooking. If you need to move your pots and dishes around in the oven, these potholders will come in handy for sure. Plus, they're made from 100 per cent cotton, resistant to heat and steam and provide some much-needed relief when tackling a complicated roast lunch.

Gift these trays to someone you love, or yourself. Le Creuset's extensive range of aluminium trays are heat resistant of up to 260 degrees. Plus, this tray is space-saving for efficient storage, has an easy grip for comforting lifting and it's even safe to use with metal utensils.

We can't think of a better salt and pepper mill set. It's corrosion-resistant, adjustable and stylish. Perfect for gifting.


How do I clean my Le Creuset cast iron?

Some of our Le Creuset picks are dishwasher safe. But, we recommend handwashing.

1. Allow your casserole dish to cool slightly - for a few minutes.

2. Fill your sink with warm water and a bit of soap. Don't plunge the dish into cold water as thermal shock can occur.

3. Now, onto cleaning. If some stuck-on food doesn't budge, use a gentle pan-scraper.

4. But, if a pan scraper doesn't work, we suggest simmering some water in the pan for 3-5 minutes. Then, give it another go with the pan after it has cooled with a gentle, bamboo pot brush.

5. Next, comes drying. Do this right away. Use kitchen roll to dry. Don't leave it to air dry.

6. As for storage, pop your dish somewhere airy away from steam.

Fan of a spring clean? Le Creuset has an ecological cleaner for their cast-iron cookware to get back that shine.

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