Best Kitchen Bar Table For A Small Household

Rise and dine on neat kitchen bar table that's space-saving and a storage solution.

Bubbly housemates work and prepare food on a kitchen bar table

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With precious countertop space taken up with all the latest gadgets, available work surfaces can be at a premium in the kitchen. A bar table could be the solution to putting the fruit bowl, chopping board and smart speaker within reach but out of the way. Some bar tables have shelves for useful extra storage space and kitchen bar table sets come with stools or chairs that are designed to be tucked away so the set becomes a compact unit.

Taller and slimmer than a dining table, a bar table can be multifunctional. In addition to eating breakfast, it can be an extra surface to prepare food, a handy serving area for drinks and buffet food when you're entertaining. Bar tables are also referred to as high tables and breakfast bars, and typically look like a console table and are rectangular.

What features to consider when buying a bar table

Choosing a bar table that suits the needs of your household is essential. Firstly, consider what you are going to use the bar table for. As well as being a place to eat food, a bar table can be a work surface for you or your kids to perch with a laptop to do homework, or for you to hold meetings. It can be a social area too - somewhere to sit and chat while dinner is cooking. For one and two-person households, a bar table could be a much better option than a four-person table that takes up more space.

There are a range of bar tables that are designed for smaller kitchens, such as extendable and foldaway options that can help make the most of your space. There are options that have stools, whereby you get extra value for money by getting seating as part of the set. Ideal for studio flats, bar tables that have shelves allow you to get two uses as well as acting as a room divider, without taking up too much space.

As with any piece of furniture, you should measure the area where you want to have a bar table. Remember to allow for seating or standing room. A bar table can be positioned against a wall or be a freestanding kitchen breakfast bar island. With a bit of creative thinking, you can maximise the space you have available in even the smallest of kitchens. For example, there are some bar tables that can fit over a radiator to disguise it.

The best kitchen bar tables

Best for extra storage space

The Fulton Large Bar Table is a freestanding table that would make a great kitchen island. The two shelves are perfect for stacking serving dishes, utensils and cookware. The other half of the table provides a seating area for two people. The table set has a strong black metal frame and the aesthetic is a stylish industrial look with a rustic pine-effect finish.

Dimensions: H94 x W120 x D75; Top Shelf: W120 x D75cm, Middle Shelf: W119 x D34cm, Bottom Shelf: W119 x D 34cm
Material: Particle board, foil, metal
Weight: 41.7kg

Customer review: "Easy to assemble very sturdy and the stools are excellent, would recommend."


  • Extra storage


  • Not much room for your legs

Best for budget

Providing precious extra kitchen counter space, this oak and cream wooden bar table can be positioned against a wall or in the centre of the kitchen as an island. Its modern shaker-inspired design would complement any kitchen decor. It's a versatile option because the side storage is tall enough to accommodate wine bottles, books and large jars. The Chicago Storage Bar Table makes a perfect home cocktail bar or buffet table for parties.

Dimensions: H91 x L108 x W60cm
Material: Oak, wood, laminate
Weight: 23kg

Customer review: "I wanted a moveable island for my kitchen and this totally fits the bill. It’s solid and feels expensive and was really easy to assemble."


  • Good value
  • Versatile
  • Extra storage


  • Cheap and cheerful flat pack

Best for compact design
Neville 115cm Dining Table
Price: £113.99 (was £126.99)

Great for open-plan studios, this Neville Dining Table is a simple and bright piece of furniture that won't take up too much space, and yet it provides a work surface, storage area and place to sit. Its neutral design complements most kitchen interiors. It seats two and the shelves are ideal for storing cookbooks or kitchen utensils. Please note, chairs are not included with this table.

Dimensions: W102.75 x H50 x L115cm
Material: Particle Board/Chipboard
Weight: 50kg

Customer review: "Easy to build. Sturdy when built. A nice modern kitchen island. Shelves deep enough to hold books. Very happy with this purchase."


  • Extra shelving space


  • Not sturdy
  • Chairs not included

Best kitchen bar table for families

Compact table and stool set that's ideal for family breakfasts or for the kids to do their homework. The table has four stools that tuck neatly under the table. It's an excellent option for getting a dining table set on a budget. In addition, this SoBuy bar set has been very well-reviewed for being worth the money and easy to build.

Dimensions: Table L100 x W60 x H87cm; Stool W32 x D32 x H55cm
Material: MDF coated with PVC. Black powder-coated steel frame.
Weight: 25kg

Customer review: "Fab table, very handy in a small space. Initially thought the stools looked significantly smaller but actually all fit perfectly and once all assembled it works really well."


  • Good value for money


  • Some reviews have criticised the quality
  • Screw holes don't line up

Best for versatility

This WOLTU table is a fun choice that's also space-saving. This well-designed table folds out into an S-shape to create a bar for serving drinks. Make it your very own coffee or retro cocktail bar. The dark beech surface is hardwearing, water repellent and scratch resistant - that's ideal for party nights.

Dimensions: W97.5 x D38 x H100cm
Material: Beech finish, wood, metal
Weight: 25kg

Customer review: "We don't need a dinner table but we miss going out so we got rid of the table that was taking up space and replaced it with this. It's now next to our drinks cupboard and is home to our coffee maker and accessories. It's our morning coffee station and our late-night bar."


  • Rotating design


  • Side table is a bit shaky
  • Some reviews have commented that it's difficult to put together

Best kitchen bar table for small spaces

A lovely breakfast table with elliptical ends that allow the chairs to slot in for a compact fit. Given the price, this contemporary design would be ideal for a young couple in a small flat. This Chicago Dining Table has been well reviewed for being great for small spaces, easy to assemble and sturdiness.

Dimensions: Table H75 x W80 x D53cm; Chairs H75 x W35 x D35cm
Material: Wood, metal
Weight: 15kg

Customer review: "I like this dining set because it fits in small spaces very well. It took me about 30 minutes to put together and I bought round padded cushions for the chairs for comfort. The chairs can hold quite a bit of weight."


  • Compact
  • Aesthetic complements any décor


  • Not very tall

Best foldaway kitchen bar table

This foldaway Londono Dining Table would look amazing in a modern apartment as a piece of wall art that unfolds into a large bar table and cupboard space. This version of the table, in White Matt, is mid-range in price compared to the Sonoma Oak and Wotan Oak versions. It's also available in black. Assembly is required and it is a two-person job to mount this on the wall.

Dimensions: H73 x W80 x L130cm (H203cm overall)
Material: Manufactured wood
Weight: 40kg

Customer review: "Excellent, easy to put together, clear instructions, perfect space saver, looks great when folded away, Quality is very good."


  • Shelves for storage as well as a table


  • Needs a bracket to wall mount

Best extendable kitchen bar table

This Chicago extendable table is hardwearing, space-saving and has a classic bistro table design. The drop-leaf extension is neat and elegant. Some reviews have mentioned that they have benefited from this being a taller table to sit at. It's just wonderful for kicking back and relaxing with a glass of wine - we say cheers to that.

Dimensions: Table H91 x W90 x L55cm (L90cm extended); Chair H95 x W49.5 x D44.5cm
Material: Solid wood
Weight: 15kg

Customer review: "Great table and chairs/stool set I love the height. Ideal for a smaller space with the drop leaf table. A couple of bits were damaged but they were quickly replaced by Argos. I’m not great at DIY but I managed to put these together just fine."


  • Sturdy


  • Paint chips easily

Best kitchen bar table for style

This versatile bar table can be positioned lengthways or widthways against a wall or be freestanding. It's spacious enough to seat up to four people and benefits from having practical footrests on the stools so it's more comfortable to sit at. In addition, the crossbar strut under the table offers reinforcement and makes the structure more stable. With the stylish industrial black frame and rustic brown wood, this table looks a lot more expensive than its actual price.

Dimensions: Table L120 x W60 x H90cm; Stool W40 x D35 x H65cm
Material: Wood, alloy steel
Weight: 24.5kg

Customer review: "It sits two adults easily, is the perfect height, and looks and feels of good quality. If you know any aspiring DJs, it's the ideal size and height for two turntables and a mixer - and stable enough to prevent the records jumping."


  • Solid and firm
  • Easy to assemble


  • Potentially sharp edges on the metal frame

Best slim kitchen bar table

This popular WOLTU kitchen bar table is slim like a console table - making it a good choice if you're tight on space. It's very robust as the frame is made of metal. Imagine the possibilities - whether you have an open-plan kitchen conservatory or a tiny flat - this is a solid and versatile breakfast bar table.

Dimensions: D40 x W120 x H100cm
Material: MDF, metal
Weight: 17.8kg

Customer review: "Very good value for money. The table and stools are easy to put together and very sturdy. It doesn't feel or look like a cheap piece of furniture. Very pleased."


  • Easy to build
  • Sturdy
  • Footrest


  • Shows marks

OUR VERDICT: Which is the best kitchen bar table?

The Habitat Chicago Storage Bar Table because it fulfils so many requirements for a compact table in a small home. Firstly, it's a good price and has wholly positive reviews for being versatile and offering extra storage space. The shelves are thoughtfully designed to fit tall utensils, kitchen containers and cereal boxes - which is ideal functional design. It's neutral in terms of its style and so would blend in well with any décor. Stylish and practical, make this your kitchen bar table that gets used throughout the day - from dawn breakfasts to dusk soirées.


How can I fit a breakfast bar in my kitchen?

Usually taller, narrower and less chunky than a dining table, a breakfast bar table can be positioned against a wall or be freestanding. Stools tuck neatly underneath when not in use. They are generally lightweight enough to move, so you could pull a bar table away from a corner in order to fit more stools around when entertaining.

In addition, a bar table is a great way of creating a zone in an open-plan kitchen or studio. Because a bar table is light and can be as slim as 40cm, you can increase the functionality of your kitchen without compromising too much space. In narrow kitchens, you can still have a bar table by positioning the stools at the ends of the table rather than the sides.

If the table is just for you to perch at or use as an extra countertop, then you've got more options in terms of placement. However, if you're accommodating a family of four, you'd have to position the table in a space where all four stools are comfortably accessible. Finally, it's best not to position a table near doorways and busy areas of the kitchen.

Can I build a bar table for my kitchen?

If you have the option of designing and installing a purpose-built bar, then one option could be to have a high-level breakfast bar that adjoins a worktop or kitchen island. It can be a striking feature in a contrasting material to the existing countertop.

If you have an extremely small kitchen there may still be a corner or a nook that can accommodate a piece of kitchen worktop that could be fitted like a shelf. Use the same material as your existing worktops for a cohesive feel. Tuck a stool underneath and voila! You have your very own breakfast bar.

It's an opportunity to be creative with your interior design too; by painting a table a bright colour or accessorising with mismatched stools. You could even pair a bar table with benches if you have lots of guests over. For more inspiration, Etsy have some wonderful bespoke breakfast bars to inspire and purchase.

What is a bistro table?

A bistro table set is an alternative option to having a small table in your kitchen. While bar tables are rectangular, a bistro table is round. They are inspired by the small tables and chairs outside Parisian cafés. Bistro tables are small: just 24 inches for the table top and a height of less than 30 inches. Additionally, a round table takes up a smaller area than a square or rectangular table because there are no corners.

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