Best Small TV For Your Kitchen

Discover all the benefits of having a TV in your kitchen.

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If you enjoy daytime talk shows in the background while you bake, or morning cartoons are the only way to get the kids to eat their breakfast at the kitchen island, you probably need help finding the best small TV to suit your kitchen and lifestyle.

The reasons for having a kitchen television differ from having a home cinema in the lounge, we're more inclined to seek out the news headlines while cooking than to binge-watch boxsets.

Best Small TV For Kitchen At A Glance

Best small TV for built-in Alexa: Toshiba 24WK3C63DB, 24-inch
Best budget small TV: RCA RS24H1-UK Android Smart TV
Best small TV with DVD player: SHARP 1T-C24EE7KC2FBD, 24-inch

There's no longer any need to have recipe books cluttering up your countertop, with the latest small smart TV you can follow along with your favourite cookery channel on YouTube, thanks to voice assistants, such as Alexa, that allow you to change channels and ask questions without using a remote control.

If you're thinking of purchasing a small TV for the kitchen, or looking to update an existing TV and want to know what features you need to consider our guide to help you choose.

Best Small TV For The Kitchen

Best small TV for built-in Alexa

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This Toshiba 24WK3C63DB, 24-inch is not the highest in terms of its resolution (720p) and refresh rate (60Hz) compared to other models. But it is HD Ready and has HDR10 (high dynamic range) that delivers more colours and contrast levels for a brighter image. This is a good feature to have if your kitchen has a window that causes glare on the screen. An LCD display is not as energy efficient as an LED screen, but that's a minor point as the screen size is small. This Toshiba model offers you all the connectivity of a Smart TV in addition to Freeview. For a small TV it packs a good punch with its sound, including Dolby Audio Processing in its audio features. The built-in microphone means you can ask Alexa (2021 Model) to change the channel without picking up the remote - ideal if you're busy cooking - have fun asking it to play all your favourite music.

Customer review: "Purchased for our kitchen, this compact 24-inch TV offers a good picture, reasonable sound and overall, really good value for money. We don’t have a satellite or Freeview connection in our kitchen and therefore rely very much on the Smart TV function. We have mounted the TV on a stud partition wall and whilst we have the necessary fixings to maintain the integrity of the wall, the TV is incredibly light."


  • Small, light
  • Excellent value for money
  • Easy to set up
  • Alexa built-in


  • Choice of apps is limited

Best small TV for features


As you would expect for the price, the Sony BRAVIA KD-32W800, 32-inch has a higher spec, with 3x HDMI ports and 2x USB, LAN connectors for ethernet cables, audio ports for connecting external speakers, and ports for connecting satellite and terrestrial aerials. This model links with your Google account and has an Android TV operating system where you have access to over 5000+ apps. You can navigate the content by voice search. In addition, it has Chromecast so you can connect to another Smart device by Bluetooth - ideal if you've saved a recipe to your phone and you want it visible while you cook.

There are a couple of unique features that sets this TV apart from others. Firstly, you can store TV shows on an external USB hard drive, to watch whenever you want, using the USB HDD REC. Simply press REC and or set a timer to record any digital content. Secondly, Sony has a Road to Zero initiative, whereby the Display Off Mode turns off the picture display while still playing audio. This is such a timely power-saving feature and ideal if you just want to listen to a talk show while you cook.

Customer review: "This is a good TV for its size, quality build as you’d expect from SONY. Easy to set up. This TV is ideal for a Bedroom, where I’m using it, as a replacement for an older smaller TV, or in a kitchen. Having a larger SONY TV in the living room, I’m already familiar with the set up which is a cinch anyway. Easy to assemble, as I’m using it as another TV for my Sky Q, no problems connecting via the HDMI sockets. For its size, it's pleasing there are more than 2 HDMI sockets. The picture quality and sound are good for a TV of its size, however, you do notice a difference, in terms of picture and sound quality compared to the bigger TV, which has 4K HDR etc. and a sound bar attached, which this TV doesn’t."


  • Bravia engine for better image quality
  • Record function
  • Power saving
  • Huge amount of content via Android TV


  • A sound bar or external speakers are needed to improve the sound quality
  • Extra £75 for wall mounting

Best small TV for picture quality


Samsung QE32Q50A
Price: £349 (was £379)

With the Samsung QE32Q50A you can choose your favourite voice assistant as it has Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant built-in. You can control your home from your TV with SmartThings, including your air conditioning, lights, and even your washing machine. In particular, the ability to use this screen as a monitor for work and other things is exceptional. You can split your screen so that you can continue to watch TV and also cast another Smart device to display on the screen too. This could prove infinitely useful - for example, you could be following along with a fitness workout whilst displaying your health analytics alongside.

Customer review: "Really happy with the picture quality, even when viewed from an angle, little or no colour wash out evident. All the apps you need in addition to Freeview play. Menus are easy to follow. More expensive than some other 32" TV's but very happy with it."


  • Multi-view screen
  • Multiple voice assistants
  • Image enhancement technology


  • Some reviews have commented that they found the picture was dark and they found the colour a little difficult to adjust

Best budget small TV

The RCA RS24H1-UK Android Smart TV scores highly on its display features. The screen shows ultra-clear images, using direct-lit LEDs, triple noise reduction and a MACE Advanced Colour Engine to give a truer definition to black. You have to be a total Google advocate to get the most out of this model's other features, including access to 5000+ apps from Google Play, Chromecast and Google Assistant. You can access all your favourite streaming services, such as Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ using Google Play and watch them through the Android TV operating system. The benefit of being able to cast the display of your phone or tablet to the TV could be useful if you're helping your kids with their homework. Google Assistant gives you sports results, the latest news, weather forecast and more just by asking via the microphone in the voice-activated remote. It has a generous number of 3x HDMI and 2x USB ports for connecting or even charging other devices.

Customer review: "Set-up was very easy. I connected to it by Wi-Fi and then got some additional apps from the play store. Everything worked as it should, without any problems. The only thing that isn't that great is the sound, but it's just about OK. I guess I'll add a small soundbar to make it perfect. All in all, great value for money."


  • Multifunctional TV
  • Integrated with Google


  • Sound quality is poor

Best small TV with DVD player

Price: £194

The SHARP 1T-C24EE7KC2FBD, 24-inch Smart TV has the bonus of a built-in DVD player, which could be just what you're looking for if you have a collection of DVDs that you want to enjoy. It also offers access to your favourite streaming services, catch-up TV, internet browser, and other apps by connecting it to Wi-Fi. Freeview is also available via the TV tuner. For all its functionality, it's excellent value for money, and you'll never be without something to watch on the box.

Customer review: "We plugged it in, and it just did everything simply, I had been worried it would be complicated to set up."


  • Wireless connectivity means no extra cables running all over your counters


  • Speakers face downwards, so may not be getting the full sound quality

Best small TV for simplicity

As TVs get bigger and more like multimedia devices - it gets overwhelming - some of us just want a basic TV. The LOGIK L24HE21, 32-inch TV is very reasonably priced, but it has no Smart features, meaning you cannot connect it to the internet by Wi-Fi. You do get in-built Freeview HD and loads of standard channels and radio stations which might be ideal for your purposes. If you did want access to Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other such streaming services, you could plug in a small smart device like a Fire Stick or Roku. This TV is remote control operated and comes with a table-top stand.

Customer review: "I bought this as it is an inexpensive replacement for our second TV which was on the wall in the kitchen. One of the things I like about it is the simplicity, nothing "Smart", just a simple TV that the wife can easily use, plus there is a fast "TeleText" system that easily tells me what the news is and what the weather forecast is!"


  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Well reviewed for its picture and sound quality


  • Some reviews have commented about the stand being flimsy

Best small TV for wall-mounting

The Samsung Frame 32-Inch QLED TV
Price: £459.16

The Samsung Frame, 32-Inch really is quite an exceptional model because it combines innovative design with all the functionality of a contemporary 4K TV. The picture frame premise and near-invisible power cable mean that this TV can actually look like a picture on your wall when it's not in use. Because of that, this super slim TV is best suited for wall-mounting. QLED is the cutting edge in display technology - it doesn't get any better than this in TV image quality at the moment. In terms of functionality, this TV has Alexa, Google Assistant and Smart TV pre-installed. In addition, it links with Smart Things, where you can monitor your home from your TV.

Customer review: "This set is fantastic, responds to the remote very quickly and is very slim with its own supplied wall bracket. You just need to factor in the additional control and plug box location."


  • Wall-mounted and elegant picture frame effect
  • Innovative forward-thinking functionality


  • Some customers have commented that the TV can struggle with wireless connections, such as the internet and Bluetooth

Best small TV for compatibility

TCL 32S5209K
Price: £131

For its price, the TCL 32S5209K TV, 32-Inch is a superb TV for functionality and spec. With 1080p resolution and an LED display, you can expect excellent picture quality. In addition, this model has HDR and micro dimming, which optimises the image to make it brighter. It has the current range of Google features, Android TV, Google Assistant and Chromecast. Impressively, this TV also pairs with Google Home so you can turn your TV on and off using your voice and much more. You'll be hard-pressed to find another TV at this price that has all the latest features.

Customer review: "Perfect for the price. Picture quality is really good. Menu is an absolute winner. Shows all apps on the main screen and that helps to make quick choices instead of constantly switching between individual apps."


  • Slim design
  • Dolby Audio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Google features


  • You have to pay an extra £75 for wall mounting

Best small TV and monitor

If you're working from home or keeping the kids occupied this LG 24TL510S, 24-inch TV can be used as a computer monitor. There are two HDMI ports, so you can plug in a laptop or a games console. The stand can be removed if you intend to wall-mount the TV on a bracket. The wide viewing angle is a good feature as you are likely to be moving around your kitchen. The webOS Smart TV interface allows you to curate all your favourite streaming apps and your viewing history will give you suggested content. You can share your screen from another smart device by using AirPlay (Apple) or Screen Share (Android). In addition, Bluetooth devices - such as earbuds or a keyboard - can be paired with the TV. Unusually, for a small TV it offers an immersive experience, with built-in stereo speakers and a Cinema Mode that enhances dark scenes.

Customer review: "Good picture and good price I would recommend LG to a friend."


  • Multifunctional TV that reflects current lifestyle requirements
  • LG offer good customer support


  • None

The Best Brackets, Mounts And Lifts For Small TVs

Best bracket for ceiling mounting a TV

Proper PB081 Under Cabinet TV Bracket
Price: $63.52

The Proper PB081 Under Cabinet TV Bracket is a handy, space-saving bracket that has good reviews for its strength. Do be sure to measure your cupboard and note the dimensions of the bracket and TV first, to ensure they will fit. This bracket is ideal for mounting on the ceiling.

Customer review: "Bought this for 22-inch TV fitted nicely under the kitchen cupboard. Like most people had to get my own smaller bolts but fitted easily. Good sturdy and robust. One negative is it's really for bigger TVs, so the back plate is a little large for our 22-inch and blocked a view of the rear ports."


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Tilt and swivel movement


  • If your TV is small, the back plate might block some of the TV ports

Best motorised lift for TV

The Sabaj Motorized TV Mount Lift is an ingenious way to incorporate your TV into your kitchen. With a bit of DIY know-how, you can install the lift and TV on the end of a kitchen unit - operate the lift mechanism by remote control - and watch your TV rise up. The lift can also be wall-mounted. Get inspired by the possibilities this simple lift bracket offers. Whilst this lift is specifically for a small TV, there are mechanisms available for large TVs too.

Customer review: "I designed and built a TV unit and incorporated this TV lift into the design. This product exceeded my expectations with how easy it was to install, the power of the unit and ease of operation, using the convenient remote control."


  • Strong and durable
  • Compatible with all well-known flat-screen TVs


  • None

What Small TV Features To Consider

Firstly, set your budget. In this guide, we've taken care to include televisions at different price points, and surprisingly one or two of the cheaper TVs have specs that rival some of the more expensive models.

Next, decide the location your TV will go and measure how much free wall, countertop or cupboard space you have. This will help you determine what size screen you can fit in your kitchen. We've included some wall brackets, as a space-saving solution, or you could even integrate a TV into your worktop. You may want to fit it in a cupboard or turn your splashback into a screen.

There are even options to install your TV on a motorised lift so that it rises up from your kitchen counter. However, the budget might not allow for such grand designs, in which case a wall-mounted TV is an ideal solution for having the screen constantly visible and keeping work surfaces clear.

Make sure to take into account the angle, eye level and viewing distance, as the ideal small TV size would be either 24-inch or 32-inch for your kitchen.

Your next step is to weigh up what features you would like from your television. You'll most likely want the best picture and sound quality you can afford. We'll explain some of the technical specs - for example, why OLED is better than HD Ready. In addition, you need to think about what you like to watch.

A smart TV with Wi-Fi gives you access to all the major streaming services. Alternatively, you may be perfectly content with Freeview. It might be important that your TV doubles up as a computer monitor, so you need to be aware of the number of HDMI, USB and audio ports.

Let's have a look at some of the best small TVs for your kitchen.

OUR VERDICT: Which Is The Best Small TV For Kitchens?

For a very well-priced compact TV with tons of features, we recommend the 32-inch TCL 32S5209K TV. Weighing up the price, size and what we use a TV for in a kitchen, this model more than meets the requirements. We were particularly impressed with the picture quality enhancements - such as micro dimming to make the image brighter. This is crucial in a room that has natural light, reflective surfaces and other light sources from appliances. Finally, the nature of how we use our TVs is multifunctional and this TCL model's integration with Google allows you to use it as an assistant and a computer. The kitchen is the heart of the home - make this TV the heart of your kitchen.


Is it OK to put a TV in the kitchen?

Yes, but do take time to consider space, cables, position and reflections. The last thing you want is to have your TV obscured by steam or a countertop full of appliances. Also, you don't want condensation to build up behind the TV. There will be at least one power cable that will need to reach a plug socket. Think about how the cable will extend from the TV to its power source.

Most newer TV sets have additional ports for USB, HDMI, ethernet, and audio, so ensure that the back of the TV is accessible. If the Wi-Fi fails, you might need to connect with a cable.

Finally, think about reflections cast on your TV that will obscure the picture. Choose a TV that has an LED display, rather than an LCD display as the image will be brighter. Samsung is a very good brand for TVs with anti-reflective displays.

What size should by kitchen TV be?

A modestly sized and reasonably priced 32-inch TV is a popular choice. Taking into consideration the purpose, space and position of a kitchen TV, it's clear that a large-screen TV is not the right choice. Firstly, any TV screen above 43 inches is going to take up a lot of room. Secondly, those large TVs tend to be HD (high definition) and 4K (ultra-HD), and for optimum image clarity, it's better to sit closer to the screen than a standard TV. While this is perfect for feeling immersed in a film, this is just not how we watch TV in the kitchen. Go to your local electrical store and look at the TVs before you buy, so you are aware of their size and features. But remember, you're more likely to get a good deal online.

What is the correct viewing distance for my TV?

For a standard TV it is recommended that you sit 1.5 to 2.5 times away from the screen. For the best image clarity on a 4K and 8K TV, it's best to sit closer: 1 to 1.5 times the size of the screen. However, you're unlikely to be sitting down specifically to watch TV in your kitchen, so do take into account the position of your TV as you move around. It would be disappointing to mount the TV from a ceiling bracket, only to realise you can't read the news headlines because it's too far away. Equally, it would be dangerous to position a TV in an area where you prepare food. A TV that's wall-mounted at eye level and can swivel is ideal for the kitchen.

What are the best cookery channels on Youtube?

We've asked around the team at A Modern Kitchen, here are some of our favourite entertaining and informative cookery channels on Youtube:

Great British Chefs is the UK’s best premium food channel on Youtube. Providing recipe inspiration for foodies, Great British Chefs has a wide range of videos - everything from Marcus Wareing recipes to how-to creative cocktails.

Jamie Oliver on Youtube provides no-fuss cooking in short and entertaining videos. This is a great channel if you're cooking along with kids.

BBC Good Food is bursting with recipe ideas, tutorials and popular chefs showcasing their signature dishes. Take a trip down memory lane with videos of Keith Floyd, Ken Hom and Delia.

Bon Appetit is an American food channel on Youtube. In addition to cookery videos, there is also restaurant recommendations and some fun attempts to recreate popular confectionary and junk food.

Tasty is the world's largest food network; the Youtube channel has over 21 million subscribers. It's entertaining and varied content, with videos such as making a three-course meal from five ingredients and 25 chicken recipes.

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