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Need to store your leftovers or want to make your pantry look pretty, look no further than our storage recommendations.

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Along with September comes a reset, a mini new year if you will. We say goodbye to the summer and start settling into cosy autumn. With autumn we begin to think about batch cooking hearty meals and food prepping at the weekends to save time, so we're always searching for those handy food storage containers that will keep our meals fresh and easy to store in the fridge freezer or cupboard.

Getting your kitchen and pantry organised and stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables makes life easy when it comes to food prepping, such as compiling your favourite slow cooker recipes. So whether you’re keen on a healthy snack or gearing up to cook a wholesome feast, having the right food storage containers and pouches to keep fruit and veg fresh long enough to use them will help you in the long run.

Even with the best of intention, focus, and dedication, getting through your fresh produce before half of it has turned into compost is a real challenge. Thankfully, it turns out that this is a problem that doesn’t need to exist. There is a range of food storage options (and a few nature-inspired tricks) that can help your food go much, much further. Here are some of the quickest, cheapest and easiest kitchen storage ideas to make sure produce lasts and is packed away correctly.

Food storage ideas

Best reusable silcone pouches
Stasher Sandwich Bag

Rrp: $12.99

Price: $9.99
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A great alternative to disposable plastic storage bags, the Stasher self-sealing sandwich bags are ideal for using when travelling, taking to work or going to school. With an innovative air-tight feature and pinch-press seal, your fruit, sandwich or any other snacks are sure to stay fresh for longer.


Material: Food grade silicone

Size/colour: Multiple size options and colours

Dishwasher safe? Yes

Pros: Multiple uses, strong seal, durable

Cons: Tricky to pour food in

Tried and tested by A Modern Kitchen: "Not only do these look much nicer than the pile of plastic Tupperware boxes, but they are ideal for when I'm batch cooking and need to store multiple things in my freezer and don't have to figure out how to stack them. The flexible silicone means and strong seal means I can even put liquids in them and not worry about spillage. I must say I found it tricky to pour in bulkier dishes like chilli con carne with one hand as the opening of the bags doesn't stay open. Otherwise there are multiple uses for these silcone pouches including popping my toiletries in for travelling."

Best food storage for stacking
Sistema KLIP IT Multi-Piece Food Storage Containers
Price: $34.28
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Walmart$36.07View offer

If you're looking to increase the life of fresh produce, then you'll need the Sistema FreshWorks containers. But, if you want to freeze produce for later use, then look no further than these Fresh containers. The airtight lid ensures that the contents are not spoiled by frost damage, and their squared shape means that a freezer draw can be much more organised. These containers can also be used for dry food (crackers, rice, pasta) in a cupboard, or for fresh produce and leftovers (chopped tomatoes, cheeses) in the fridge.


Material: BPA free plastic

Size/colour: Multi-pack sizes, blue

Dishwasher safe? Yes top rack only

Pros: Good value, can be used in microwave and freezer

Cons: Clips can come off, not completely airtight

Customer review: "Delighted with this bundle of kitchen storage tubs. They are good quality, have a good variety and in my opinion great value in comparison to other brands I have paid a lot more for. Without question, I will purchase more in the future. Happy customer."

Best food storage for fruit

These fridge storage containers work miracles. Systema has created a reliable way of ensuring that produce stays fresh for a long time. The in-built FreshVent is an intelligent little feature that provides the contents of the tub with regulated airflow, while a low, raised tray keeps the product out of any accumulated moisture. We've found that some produce, like carrots, celery and berries, can now last weeks, rather than days. A true investment.


Material: BPA free plastic

Size/colour: Pack of two 591ml transparent containers

Dishwasher safe? Yes, top rack only

Pros: Less food waste, clever drainage

Cons: Container can crack if dropped, bulky for transport snacks

Customer review: "I was highly sceptical about this having any effect on the longevity of the fruits and vegetables that I buy but it has. Instead of lasting a couple of days, my grapes now last more than a week with the Sistema Freshworks boxing allowing them to maintain their freshness, firmness and crispness."

Best food storage gadget for fruit
Banana Bungee

Rrp: $15.00

Price: $12.90
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Walmart$12.90View offer

The best way to have your bananas last is to keep them in a bunch, out of direct sunlight, and aired. A tree hanger, such as this unique Banana Bungee, will do the job perfectly and can hold multiple bunches. The bananas receive all round aeration, and they're kept neat and out of the way. The design is neutral and will fit almost anywhere, it's also long-lasting and very easy to clean.


Material: Plastic, synthetic material

Size/colour: D1.9 x W11.4 x H1.9cm, Green, black, yellow, red

Dishwasher safe? No

Pros: Great for small spaces, holds multiple bananas

Cons: Expensive, hook could be bigger

Customer review: "This product is the best! It's unreasonable that someone put this much energy into making a product to hold bananas but I'm glad they did. It holds anywhere from 1 to probably 20 bananas. I love it! I have a small kitchen and I wish I could hang up more of my food. Seeing them helps me remember to eat them also."

Best food storage for batch cooking
Joseph Joseph Nest Lock, Leak Proof Storage Container Set

Rrp: $26.14

Price: $24.33
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Walmart$27.90View offer

If like us you like to bulk cook and need to separate your food into batches, this Joseph Joseph Nest Lock container set is ideal for portioning your meals. The containers are also freezer-friendly so you can stash that batch of chilli until you're ready to defrost it, just make sure you dish it out before you pop it in the microwave as the tomato will stain.


Material: BPA free plastic and silicone

Size/colour: H24.5 x W16.3 x D20cm, Multicolour

Dishwasher safe? Yes, top-rack only

Pros: Leak-proof, space-saving, stackable

Cons: Expensive, do not overheat foods as it can cause staining, lids can be tricky to store

Customer review: "Love these, keeps my cupboards neat and tidy! They are very airtight and keep food fresh, I would definitely buy them again."

Best food storage for vegetables

Organic cotton mesh produce bags are eco-friendly, versatile, and key for keeping potatoes fresh, as the breathable material helps to prevent moisture build-up. Another trick to keeping your potatoes fresh is to throw an apple into the bag. They produce ethylene gas, which is said to prevent spuds from sprouting and softening.


Material: Cotton

Size/colour: 6 bags 2 Large (12 x 15inches), 2 Medium (10 x 12inches), 2 Small (8 x 10inches)

Pros: Reusable, eco-friendly, durable

Cons: May shrink in the washing machine

Customer review: "I never use plastic bags in the supermarket to put my fresh produce in, but put it directly into my shopping bag which can sometimes leave a mess. I saw a lady using something like these and thought they would be ideal. The small ones hold approximately 6 large apples, the medium 10 average-sized baking potatoes and the large is ideal for veg like leeks, celery etc, and longer vegetables. The outlay, approximately £1.66 per bag, seems like quite a lot but they will last a long time as they're very strong and can be washed. Besides, if it means less plastic in our oceans, the better."

Best food storage ideas for extra space
CupboardStore™ Under-shelf Storage 900ml Container Set
Price: $48.87

If you are lacking counter-top space for your essentials or want to create extra cupboard storage for your dried foods then Joseph Joseph has this clever contraption that makes use of the space you can't fill with this under-shelf storage container set that can be secured with extra strength adhesive tape that comes with the self-install.


Material: BPA free plastic

Size/colour: H11 x W33 x D19.5cm, 900ml set includes 3 x 900 ml

Pros: Good for small kitchens

Cons: Maximum shelf thickness is 2 cm, for storing dry foods only

Customer review: "Really amazing. I am so happy with these little shelf storage things. They fit perfectly in the space underneath my spice cabinet. I ended up buying four of them. This is a much better solution for my whole grains, which I make on rotation to cook in my rice cooker. They look really pretty. I kept wanting to open the cupboards just to admire them."

The best food storage for herbs

These glass pots are ideal for keeping herbs fresh for longer. Basil, coriander, parsley, and alike, are essential (and tasty), but we all know that the condition of fresh packed herbs can change at the drop of a hat. Open the pack up and put the herbs in some water near a natural light source - treating them like a bunch of flowers is the best way to ensure their longevity. The pots can also double as storage for chopped fresh fruits and sauces.


Material: BPA free plastic and glass

Size/colour: 100ml

Dishwasher safe? Yes

Pros: Leak proof, airtight, multiple uses

Cons: Awkward shape, expensive

Customer review: "These pots at the best. I use them all the time. I now have a couple sets and they are great. Couldn't be without them."

Best food storage for your pantry
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JCPenney$53.99View offer
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Overstock$54.99View offer

These see-through containers from OXO are ideal if you're planning on having a pantry that is appealing to the eye. Pick your favourite dried foods to store and create organised heaven, they're stackable so it means you can keep things neat. From small to tall, this set covers your kitchen storage needs with sizes including one 2-litre, one 1.4-litre, one 300-millilitre and two 900-millilitre containers. The pop-up button also doubles up as a handle and the lid remains airtight.

If you're looking for something similar and cheaper, John Lewis do a great version from its ANYDAY range, available here.


Material: BPA free plastic, silicone

Size/colour: H14.7 x W29.5 x D37.6cm, 2L, 1.4L , 300ml, 900ml x 2

Dishwasher safe? Yes - top rack only

Pros: Airtight, transparent, stylish

Cons: Expensive

Customer review: "Love them, they are airtight, clear and modular. So easy to store in cupboard space. Bought some, then bought some more."

Best food storage for avocado

If you ever find yourself eating half an avocado and putting it back in the fridge and then when you go back it's gone grey – you need this avocado storage container. It's see-through so you can check for freshness at a glance and will keep your other avocado half safe. Make sure the stone intact to keep it fresher for longer.


Material: ABS plastic

Size/colour: H5.1 x W9.5 x D12.7cm

Dishwasher safe? No

Pros: Perfect for leftovers

Cons: Not always airtight, tight squeeze for larger avocadoes

Tried and tested by A Modern Kitchen: "I eat a lot of avocadoes and tend to do half a day so this container is ideal for my leftovers to pop back in the fridge and last a bit longer than it normally would. Highly recommend although bigger avocados don't fit and will mean it doesn't close."

OUR VERDICT: Which is the best food storage container?

There are plenty of options to choose from depending on exactly what it is you want to store or keep fresh. When it comes to an all-round good investment we'd recommend the Joseph Joseph Nest Lock, Leak Proof Storage Container Set and for flexible storage options the reusable Stasher bag will come in handy for all sorts.

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