Best Energy Efficient Fridge Freezer To Save On Your Bills

Investing in the best fridge freezers is an excellent decision in the long run.

Energy efficient fridge freezer

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An energy efficient fridge freezer is an important foundation for sustainable living. Investing in the best fridge freezers is a wise decision in the long run, as even though they can be quite an investment at the start, you will save on your energy costs over the years. These appliances, all of which have an energy rating between A and C, can help you save on your electricity bills. An A-rated fridge freezer, for instance, costs around 10p a day to run, while an F-rated one costs about 39p. This difference may seem small on a daily basis, but it adds up significantly over time, making energy-efficient models a smart investment.

Investing in energy efficient appliances cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to fridge freezers, as they are one of the home appliances that consume the most. As of 1 March 2021, energy ratings have undergone a significant change. Now, when shopping for a fridge, freezer, or other appliances, you'll notice a different rating system. Under the new system introduced in 2021, very few appliances currently achieve the top energy rating bands, and those that do are often very expensive. Fridge freezers that would have been rated A+++ would now be rated a D, so if that fits within your budget, this is the rating to look out for.

Best Energy-Efficient Fridge Freezer At A Glance

Best XL energy efficient fridge freezer: Samsung 8 Series RS68A884CSL - Buy now on Samsung
• Best energy efficient fridge freezer for internal capacity: Bosch Series 6 KGE49AWCAG - Buy now on John Lewis
• Best quiet energy efficient fridge freezer: LG GBB92MCBAP Freestanding 70/30 Fridge Freezer - Buy now on Currys

There's a perfect fit for every kitchen with a variety of models available, from the best 70/30 fridge freezers for those who need a significant amount of refrigeration space. You can also opt for a more balanced of the best 60/40 fridge freezers and expansive American-style fridge freezers. These appliances are not just about practicality; they also bring a sleek, modern aesthetic to your kitchen.

The market is filled with many types of fridge freezers, each with its unique features. Some models offer adjustable shelves, temperature controls, and frost-free technology, while others boast features like rapid chill and freeze functions for better food preservation and airflow systems for longer food life. All the appliances on this list have an A-C energy rating, making them a smart choice for the environmentally conscious consumer - so let's get into it.

Best Energy Efficient Fridge Freezer

Best XL energy efficient fridge freezer

LG Centum GBB92MCBAP 70/30 Frost Free Fridge Freezer Samsung

Samsung's commitment to innovation and design is evident in the 8 Series SpaceMax RS68A884CB1 fridge freezer. With a B energy rating and a massive 635-litre capacity, it's ideal for large families or those who love to entertain. The SpaceMax technology cleverly creates more interior space without increasing the external dimensions. The FlexZone drawer, Twin Cooling Plus system, and All-Around Cooling system work in harmony to keep your food fresh and your fridge clean and efficient. While the SmartThings app allows for remote control of your fridge freezer. It has side-by-side opening doors and a water dispenser too.

Customer review: "Moved to our first new home and got it delivered. Delivery was efficient and quick. Fitters were helpful. Just started using it and loving it ."


  • Large capacity for ample storage
  • SpaceMax technology
  • SmartThings app for remote control.


  • B energy rating is not the most efficient on this list

Best energy efficient fridge freezer for internal capacity

Bosch Series 6 KGE49AICAGJohn Lewis/Bosch

This Bosch fridge freezer, with an energy rating of C, is modern, energy-saving and is an extra large size for larger households. It boasts a generous 413-litre capacity, perfect for those who need extra storage space for their cooking needs. Its NoFrost technology eliminates the need for defrosting, and the VitaFresh crisper drawers extend the freshness of your fruits and vegetables. Not to mention the adjustable shelves offer flexibility for storing larger items, and the LED lighting ensures a clear view of your food. Stylish and energy-efficient, it's a fantastic addition to any kitchen.

Customer review: "Loving my new Bosch fridge/freezer. I wanted a freestanding one but didn't have room for an American-style ff. This certainly fits the bill and I'm impressed with the capacity without taking up such a huge space. It's also very stylish and quiet which is an added benefit. Well done Bosch, you've done it again."


  • Large capacity
  • NoFrost technology for easy maintenance
  • VitaFresh drawers


  • May be too large for smaller kitchens

Best space-saving energy efficient fridge freezer

Samsung Bespoke RL38A776ASRSamsung

With an A energy rating, the Samsung Bespoke RL38A776ASR fridge freezer showcases Samsung's dedication to using technology to promote sustainability. It offers a 387-litre capacity, providing ample space for your food storage needs. The SpaceMax technology cleverly maximises interior space without increasing the external dimensions, making it a great choice for those who need more storage to fit their compact kitchen space. Its NoFrost technology, FlexZone drawer, and All-Around Cooling system work together to keep your food fresh and your fridge clean and efficient too.

Customer review: "The fridge is silent, has enough space and seems to be of good quality. The special compartment for storing vegetables and/ or meat is a very useful addition."


  • A energy rating for efficiency
  • SpaceMax technology for interior optimization
  • FlexZone drawer for versatility.


  • May be too large for some kitchens

Best quiet energy-efficient fridge freezer

LG GBB92MCBAP Freestanding 7030 Fridge Freezer, Matte BlackCurrys/LG

The LG Centum GBB92MCBAP fridge freezer shows off LG's advanced technology and sleek design with an A energy. Offering a spacious 413-litre capacity, it caters to those who need plenty of storage space to whip up a storm. The InstaView Door-in-Door feature allows you to peek inside the fridge without opening the door, conserving energy. While the DoorCooling+ system ensures even cooling throughout the fridge. With the Smart Diagnosis feature, you can troubleshoot problems using your smartphone, adding a layer of convenience and making this a perfect addition to smart homes. Perhaps the most attractive feature is it's uber-quiet function at only 25dB - so if this is a feature you are after, this would be an excellent pick.

Customer review: "I bought this fridge freezer less than a week ago and it is fantastic. It looks sleek and is quiet to run. I love the wine rack which I use to store my water so there is more room in my fridge for other foods. I love features to adjust temp on drawers from fruit to veg etc. Really pleased with A star rating."


  • A energy rating for efficiency
  • InstaView Door-in-Door feature for energy conservation
  • Smart Diagnosis feature


  • May not be big enough for some household

Best energy-efficient fridge freezer under £1000

LG 340 Litre 7030 Freestanding Fridge FreezerSonic Direct/LG
Price: £699 (was £1,049)

This LG fridge freezer, although it has a C energy rating - is still much more efficient than many others on the market. It has 384 litres and offers generous space for your food storage needs. Plus, it features NatureFRESH technology that uses a combination of sensors, fans, and filters to keep food fresher for longer. Additionally, the LinearCooling technology uses a linear compressor that is more efficient and quieter than traditional compressors. Not to mention the Smart Diagnosis feature allows you to troubleshoot problems using your smartphone, making it perfect for the tech-savvy consumer looking for a fridge freezer under £1000.

Customer review: "Each compartment is spacious, very quiet and very fast at freezing items."


  • Includes NatureFRESH™ technology for extended freshness, LinearCooling™ technology for efficient and quiet operation and DoorCooling+™ system for even cooling
  • Smart Diagnosis feature for easy troubleshooting


  • C energy rating is not the most efficient compared

Best designed energy-efficient fridge freezer
Price: £1,725

This Liebherr fridge freezer, with an A energy rating, is a testament to its efficiency. It offers a 409-litre capacity and features BioFresh technology, which uses two separate drawers with humidity control to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for up to twice as long as in a conventional fridge. The NoFrost technology prevents ice build-up, saving energy and simplifying cleaning. Whereas the EasyFresh drawer provides optimal storage conditions for fresh produce, and the SmartFrost system ensures even frost distribution in the freezer. We love that the Holiday mode saves energy when you're away too.

Customer review: "Excellent product; lots of room and drawers conveniently placed to make maximum usage of the space inside the fridge. Very quiet. Loving the Biofresh storage. Would highly recommend."


  • A energy rating for high efficiency
  • BioFresh technology for extended freshness
  • NoFrost and SmartFrost systems for easy maintenance.


  • Smaller capacity

Best energy efficient fridge freezer for optimal cooling

Bosch Series 4 363 Litre 70/30 Freestanding Fridge FreezerAppliances Direct/Bosch

Experience top-of-the-range refrigeration with the Bosch Series 4 363 Litre 70/30 Freestanding Fridge Freezer. Designed with both style and functionality in mind, it has a reversible door hinge for adaptable kitchen layouts and an integrated vertical handle for a sleek finish. Take control with Smart Cooling Control settings while saving on costs and energy with its Class A Energy Efficiency rating. Preserve salad for longer with VitaFresh technology. In addition, enjoy rapid cooling with Fast Freeze and Fast Cool features. The fridge has five spacious shelves, and the freezer has three deep drawers that are ideal for stocking up.


  • Awarded Quiet Mark
  • NoFrost technology – never defrost again


  • No specific customer review

Best energy efficient fridge freezer with Wi-Fi

Haier HDPW5620ANPD Wifi Connected Total No Frost Fridge
Price: £1,299

This Haier HDPW5620ANPD Wifi Connected Total No Frost Fridge Freezer offers a large capacity of 409 litres which equates to 22 bags of groceries. Featuring Total No Frost technology, the appliance maintains even temperatures to prevent icy build-ups, eliminating the need for manual defrosting. The MyZone drawer allows temperature adjustment between -3°C and +5°C, ideal for efficient optimisation between summer and winter. Additionally, Multi Air Flow ensures consistent fridge temperature. With the hOn app, you can control the appliance from your smartphone.


  • hOn app compatible
  • Quiet
  • Low running cost


  • No review

Our Verdict: Best Energy Efficient Fridge Freezer

For those who can afford to splurge, the Samsung RF65A977FSR Freestanding 60/40 American Fridge Freezer is the ultimate choice. For its massive 637-litre capacity - the energy rating is at an impressive C. Plus it is perfect for large families or those who love to entertain. The SpaceMax technology maximizes the interior space without increasing the external dimensions, and the Twin Cooling Plus system ensures your food stays fresher for longer. Plus, the sleek silver appliance is a stylish addition to any modern kitchen.

On the other hand, if you're working with a tighter budget, the Bosch Series 6 KGE49AWCAG Freestanding 70/30 Fridge Freezer is a fantastic option. This fridge freezer offers an A-energy rating, generous capacity, frost-free operation and is excellent value for money without compromising on quality. Both these models are energy-efficient, making them great investments for the long run.

What To Consider When Buying An Energy-Efficient Fridge Freezer

Size and Capacity: It is good to ensure the fridge freezer fits in your kitchen and has the capacity to accommodate your food storage needs for a large family or if you require a compact appliance for a smaller kitchen.

Energy Efficiency: Prioritise models with high energy efficiency ratings to save on your electricity bills. Remember, an A-rated fridge freezer costs around 10p a day to run, while an F-rated one costs about 39p. Also, consider the type of fridge freezer, as this can impact energy usage. For instance, a small F-rated fridge freezer might be more efficient than a large E-rated one, especially if the full capacity of the larger model isn’t used.

Features: Look for features that can help save energy. For instance, some models include a door within-door access to the fridge, which means you’ll lose less cold air if you only need to reach for the milk or juice. Inverter compressors, compared to the start-stop regular type, do this more efficiently, running more consistently and at a controlled speed to use less energy.

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FAQs: Best Energy-Efficient Fridge Freezer

What should I consider for energy efficiency?

When buying a new fridge freezer, prioritize energy efficiency as it's constantly in use. Calculate annual energy consumption by multiplying the kWh by the unit cost of electricity (1kWh = 28p).

What features should I look out for in a fridge freezer?

Consider the capacity to accommodate your household's needs and the appliance's dimensions for fitting purposes. Look for features like frost-free operation, rapid chill and freeze functions for better food preservation, and airflow systems for longer food life. LED lighting is a common feature in new models, offering cost-effectiveness and longevity.

Your choice of freezer size may be influenced by your lifestyle and cooking habits. Stocking up on frozen food can lead to significant savings. In this instance, a 50/50 fridge freezer is an optimal choice for storing both chilled and frozen food.

Why is having an energy efficient fridge freezer so important?

You'll find now that there are much fewer A and B-rated appliances. Those that were previously A+++ may now be an F. This is to give the opportunity for higher ratings in the future. Plus, it encourages manufacturers to make their machines even more sustainable.

A fridge freezer is switched on all of the time. It is constantly consuming electricity. So, it's important to get the most efficient model. The energy-efficient rating that came into effect in 2021 means that appliances that were previously rated A have been reclassified and rated D on an A-G scale. So do not be horrified if the appliance is rated D–F, these are efficient models.

Mira Yordanova from London End of Tenancy Cleaning company shares some compelling findings the cost of running a fridge: "depending on the energy rating, these can cost between £70 and £138.72 per year to run". If you have an older appliance Mira suggests giving your fridge freezer a thorough clean can help it to run more efficiently, therefore saving money.

"Cleaning the coil in your refrigerator can be done in as little as 15 minutes. This will increase energy efficiency because too much dust can sometimes make your refrigerator work harder to maintain a temperature that is safe for food without releasing heat.

“Remove the rear panel, then thoroughly hoover off all the dust. Use baking soda or white vinegar and warm water to clean the inside of the refrigerator. Rub the interior with a soft cloth and then rinse for the best results.”

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