Best Built-In Or Integrated Microwave

Make these next gen microwaves an integral part of your kitchen.

Best Built-In Or Integrated Microwave

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Choosing the best microwave can be tricky, but opting for a built-in or integrated microwave will free up worktop space and create a uniform look in your kitchen. If you're a fan of high-tech interiors that seamlessly integrate into the room, this type of microwave could be just your vibe. The shiny black rectangle creates a slick look in your modern kitchen... and it makes a satisfying ping, just like a droid.

Going integrated gives you the freedom to install a microwave at eye level so the controls are easier to see. It means goodbye to bending too. Plus, no more shrinking crisp packets in the microwave - it keeps the appliance safety out of reach of little fingers (although most microwaves do have child locks). It's worth noting that an integrated appliance is more expensive than a freestanding one, but if your worktops are jam-packed, it's a space-saving option. You can even find smaller microwave models, which are perfect for smaller kitchens - or if you're fighting for counter space.

Best Built-In Or Integrated Microwave At A Glance:

Best for cooking programmes: Bosch Series 4 BFL523MS0B Built-In Microwave - View on Amazon UK
Best integrated microwave and grill: Hisense HB25MOBX7GUK Integrated Microwave - View on Amazon UK
Best for a sleek look: electriQ 25L 900W Built-in Digital Microwave - View on Appliances Direct

For an appliance that sneaks its way into your fitted kitchen... measure, measure and measure again. You may need to enlist the help of a kitchen fitter to incorporate your integrated microwave into a cupboard space. It's essential to factor in a cavity for ventilation at the back of the cupboard. Double-check the measurements of your unit before buying to be certain that the microwave will fit in terms of depth, width and height whilst allowing a 20mm gap for a vent. In addition, you need to factor in proximity to a plug socket and how long the power cable is.

Built-in microwaves tend to have a smaller capacity, so do take note of the product dimensions. Measure the diameter of the turntable and ensure your largest dinner plate will fit. This probably isn't going to be an option if you're renting or need a microwave on a budget. So, for more microwave options, scroll to the FAQs for advice about these clever kitchen bots whose cooking method is the stuff of science fiction.

Best Built-In Or Integrated Microwave

Best for cooking programmes

Bosch Series 4 BFL523MS0B Built In MicrowaveAmazon/Bosch

With a 20L capacity, this Bosch Series 4 BFL523MS0B Built In Microwave will beautifully integrate into a modern kitchen. Equipped with the latest functions to make everyday cooking easy, its sleek, high-quality glass front is impact-resistant and easy to look after. Plus, you can get some grilling done with its 800W grill. We love how sleek it looks, with touch control and a simple LED display. Cook every meal perfectly with AutoPilot 7 - seven pre-set automatic programmes, simply select the weight of the dish, and away you go.

Customer review: "Although there are much cheaper microwaves on the market, we choose Bosch appliances for their quality, reliability, warranty and customer service. It was easy to install, plug it in and you are ready to go. It is touch control and you have to set the clock etc. Compared to our last microwave the inside is much smaller. It also seems quieter and functions perfectly. Since using it we have just one issue with it and that opening icon for the door is not easy to identify if it's dark."


  • Great for integrated kitchens,
  • A large variety of cooking options


  • Difficult instructions

Best integrated microwave and grill

Hisense HB25MOBX7GUK Integrated MicrowaveAmazon/Hisense

Best for a powerful pick, this Hisense HB25MOBX7GUK Integrated Microwave has an integrated grill and eight automatic cooking programmes – ideal if you want pizza in a hurry. Also, we like the touch controls for easy selection, 900W power for cooking faster times and a decent-sized capacity. This is the one for you if you're looking for a microwave that's sleek, easy to use and has the added bonus of a grill.

Customer review: "This is the first integrated microwave I have had. It works perfectly, easy to use, looks great. I'm glad I bought it."


  • Easy to use
  • Integrated grill


  • Interior light stays on if you leave the door open

Best for a sleek look

electriQ 25L 900W Built-in Digital MicrowaveAppliances Direct/electriQ

Also available in stainless steel, this electriQ 25L 900W Built-in Digital Microwave is an unbranded look, so it blends into any kitchen. The 25-litre capacity is great for medium-sized households, and the turntable accommodates a large 30cm dinner plate. The easy-to-use one-touch auto control lets you quickly reheat your meals at full power in 30-second blasts. Additionally, take the guesswork out of reheating meat, fish, potatoes and hot beverages with pre-set programmes. It's a reasonable price for an integrated appliance and has a generous capacity.

Customer review: "Looks good, easy to use, works well, fits well and the knob recesses when not in use. It is also a really good price and a powerful microwave cooker."


  • Accommodates a large dinner plate
  • Non-branded so stylishly blends in
  • Easy to use


  • Basic programmes

Best built-in microwave with app

Samsung Series 5 Built-In Combination Microwave OvenAppliances Direct/Samsung

Do it all with the Samsung Series 5 Built-In Combination Microwave Oven. It's a large 50-litre multifunctional appliance that works with SmartThings. The app guides you through cooking procedures, crafts weekly meal schedules and more. Plus, indulge in guilt-free, crispy fried dishes using Air Fry. Experience swift cooking with dual fan functionality. Steam cleaning effortlessly dislodges food residues for fast and detergent-free clean-ups. With five auto-defrost programmes and combined cooking functions, culinary convenience is at your fingertips.

Customer review: "This is a great oven with lots of features. I always think that a standalone microwave is a waste of kitchen space and this works well as an extra oven. It has air fryer and steam settings as well as conventional fan oven."


  • App compatible
  • Air fry function
  • Works as a second oven
  • Steam cooking


  • Buttons are difficult to see

Best for ease of use

Neff HLAWD23N0B Built-In MicrowaveJohn Lewis/Neff

The Neff HLAWD23N0B Built-In Microwave fits seamlessly into a 38cm wall cabinet. Featuring seven intuitive programmes and a generous 20L capacity, it simplifies everyday cooking tasks. With five power levels reaching up to 800W, alongside default programmes like auto-cook and a memory function, meal preparation is convenient. Enhanced by defrost functionality, electronic controls, retractable dials and a side-opening hinged door, this microwave exudes contemporary elegance. Moreover, its glass viewing window and bright internal LED light facilitate easy monitoring of food.

Customer review: "I love my NEFF microwave. The touch button door opening is a game changer, and the controls are so easy to use."


  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Bright internal LED light
  • Automatic programmes


  • Maximum power is 800W

Best for evenly cooked food

Indesit Aria 22L 750W Built-in Microwave with Grill - Stainless SteelAppliances Direct/Indesit

The Indesit Aria 22L 750W Built-in Microwave with Grill has a Double Power Wave system which results in evenly-cooked food and no burnt bits. By utilising the plate cover, you can stack dishes to reheat two meals at once and prevent messy meals from spattering. This microwave is more expensive, but it does have a quartz grill which gives you more cooking functionality. Also, the grill carbonises food residue to make for an effective self-cleaning feature. With a 22-litre capacity and 25cm turntable diameter, it's on the smaller side - which could be ideal for compact kitchens and a one-person household.

Customer review: "1) Fits nicely in the built in wall unit. 2) Blends in with the rest of the new Indesit appliances very well. 3) Easy to use."


  • Easy to use
  • Self-cleaning
  • Multifunctional grill


  • Some customers have said the door catch is a bit flimsy

Best built-in microwave for crisping function

Hotpoint Built-In Microwave with GrillAppliances Direct/Hotpoint

The Hotpoint Built-In Microwave with Grill has a 22-litre cooking capacity and is a sleek-looking appliance for a modern kitchen. Combining microwave and 800W grill functionalities, it allows for the creation of various dishes, from starters to desserts, all in one appliance. With its user-friendly interface, this microwave is an appealing appliance. Its Quartz Grill reheats and cooks food fast while being energy-efficient. The Dynamic Crisp Technology facilitates cooking a range of foods like pizza, ensuring a golden and crispy finish, even underneath.

Customer review: "Easy to fit. Looks great and easy to use."


  • Good range of features
  • Stylish
  • Crisping function
  • Grill


  • Some comments about the turntable being jerky

Best built-in microwave for power

Neff N50 Built-In Combination Microwave OvenAppliances Direct/Neff

The Neff N50 Built-In Combination Microwave Oven is a sleek integrated microwave that's perfect for defrosting, reheating or even baking. Elevate your cooking experience with Hotair technology, ensuring even heat distribution for delectable dishes. With the LED/LCD Display, simplicity meets clarity, with clear characters for easy reading. Explore the ease of cooking with automatic programmes, providing precise cooking times for various dishes at the touch of a button. Bright LED lights illuminate your cooking space precisely where needed.

Customer review: "A good quality combination oven. Simple controls and does the job."


  • Powerful
  • 15 automatic programmes
  • Baking functions
  • Retractable dial controls for a sleek look


  • Requires professional fitting

Best for large capacity

Zanussi Built in CombiQuick Compact Microwave
Price: £579 (was £629)

More than just a microwave, the Zanussi Built-in CombiQuick Compact Microwave Oven combines the power of fan cooking with the speed of a microwave. With a 43-litre capacity and powerful cooking range, this could make a superb second oven for a large family or be your all-in-one solution in a smaller household. It features 40 per cent quicker warming with Fast heat-up, so you get delicious results in up to half the time.

Customer review: "Setting for cooking pizza is amazing, the combi oven also really speeds up the cook time. Also has a setting which makes bacon taste amazing."


  • Complete cooking in one appliance
  • Large capacity


  • Have to remove oven shelves to use it as a microwave

Best high-end integrated microwave

Siemens CM585AGS0B Built-In Combination Microwave Oven with
Price: £599 (was £749)

It's a beast, with a 44-litre capacity. The Siemens CM585AGS0B Built-In Combination Microwave Oven with Grill does it all. This microwave features a full-width grill, hot air grilling and 15 automatic microwave cooking programmes to choose from. The lightControl knob illuminates the heating setting you've selected, making it easier to see. Also, touchControl allows you to set the temperature directly or use the slider. More like an oven than a microwave, this integrated appliance doesn't have a turntable and features a drop-down oven door - great for larger and heavier dishes. Additionally, this appliance has a 180cm cable, making it convenient to extend it to the nearest plug socket. It is expensive, but this multifunctional microwave oven can literally replace all the other cooking appliances in your kitchen.

Customer review: "Perfect microwave and mini oven. Highly recommended and replaces the air fryer in house. Does almost everything from air frying to dough raising and microwave of course."


  • Multifunctional and high-quality
  • Easy to operate
  • Long power cable


  • Shelf is too far away from the grill to be fully effective

Our Verdict: Best Built-In Or Integrated Microwave

For a high-end integrated microwave that does it all (and then some), we recommend Siemens CM585AGS0B Built-In Combination Microwave Oven with Grill. This is a next-level microwave that combines the functionality of a grill, air fryer and oven. It's a large appliance, so you need the cupboard space to accommodate it. It's ideal if you have a large family-sized kitchen. Additionally, this model will be covered by the John Lewis guarantee and customer care, so you're in good hands.

Alternatively, if you are on a budget and short of space, opt for Bosch Series 4 BFL523MS0B Built In Microwave. This compact 20-litre appliance is packed with next-gen cooking features, as you would expect from Bosch. It means you don't need to compromise on space in order to get the benefit of an energy-efficient microwave that's packed with automatic cooking programs.


What features should I consider when buying a microwave?

Think about your lifestyle and how often you use this appliance. If you're reheating a variety of foods for multiple people, we recommend something sturdy with a range of programs to heat up meat, vegetables, fish and baked goods. So, we've put a small guide together for choosing an integrated or built-in microwave for your kitchen.

Features to consider

If you have a small kitchen, consider a compact microwave to sit on your countertop or an integrated appliance. Alternatively, if you have the space, a larger capacity microwave will provide you with more room for bigger plates. Check if the height will provide adequate room around it for ventilation.

The internal space in a microwave is measured in litres. Naturally, you can't expect a microwave to be small and compact on the outside and super spacious inside, so be ready to compromise on how much food you can heat up at once. Small compact microwaves can be between 15L to 20L, which is big enough for a standard-size dinner plate.

A compact microwave can fit dinner plates up to 10 inches in diameter. Medium-sized microwaves, 14-inch plates and large microwaves can sometimes fit multiple dishes at once. A small microwave will not reheat large quantities of food very fast, so it is best to heat smaller portions. Have you heard of a flatbed microwave?

Microwave power levels are measured in watts, and inevitably, the higher the wattage, the quicker your food will heat up. Most compact microwaves have around 700 – 800W.

The type of controls comes down to personal preference. If you are looking for the most straightforward option, opt for dials. Microwaves with one dial for time and another to select the power level are the easiest to use. If you want functions that offer more accurate heating times and have auto-cook programmes, you'll need a microwave with digital controls and a display screen, though these can be more complicated to use.

Keep your eye out for essential features like a child lock, timers and cooking modes. The more modes and functions, the higher the price tag. You can find out more about this and other features in our microwave buyer's guide.

What are the benefits of a combination microwave?

Combination microwaves use microwave energy but literally 'combine' it with fanned hot air so you can achieve multiple cooking techniques. It can vary with different models, but you could bag a combination microwave that can do all of the following:

Low-fat or air fry
Defrost and reheat

As a result, it's great for saving space in your kitchen; instead of having to accommodate multiple cooking appliances, a combi has it all covered.

Another benefit is that a combination microwave oven is an economical choice. It uses significantly less energy compared to an oven whilst still boasting many of the same capabilities. Instead of using energy and waiting hours for the perfect bake, you can achieve the same results much quicker.

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