Best Samsung Microwave To Cook Smarter

These high-tech microwaves will make cooking and heating a breeze.

Best Samsung Microwave To Cook Smarter

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The best Samsung microwave will depend on your cooking requirements. If you're looking for a standard microwave that's simple to use, their Solo range is perfect. Or, you might be looking for an appliance that combines the functionality of a grill and convection oven. We're only just getting cooking; Samsung microwaves boast some very particular features, including deodorising, air frying and fermentation.

But before getting dazzled by all the possibilities, think about your needs. You might be looking for a basic appliance that can reheat with no further ado. Alternatively, you might prefer a versatile microwave with a grill and oven. These multifunctional ovens are about 50 litres in capacity. This is a great option for a compact cooker in a flat or a second oven in a large kitchen. Controls are important too; dial-operated or touch screens are going to have different benefits and drawbacks depending on mobility issues and eyesight.

The Best Samsung Microwave At A Glance:

Best for programme variety: Samsung Easy View MC28M6055CK Combination Microwave Oven – View on AO
Best microwave air fryer: Samsung MC32J7055CT 32L 3200W Freestanding Microwave – View on Currys
Best for ease of use: Samsung MS23F301TFK/EU Solo Microwave – View on Currys

When it comes to Samsung, you know you'll get a stylish appliance with sleek curves, generally in black. Samsung offers Solo, Combination and Grill microwaves as freestanding or built-in models. The interior turntable can be turned off to accommodate rectangular dishes, and there are also some flatbed microwaves in their range. Features like Eco Mode and the antibacterial Ceramic Enamel interior are as standard across all Samsung microwaves. Look out for special features - such as Slim Fry™, HotBlast™ and Easy View™, which set some models apart from others. Amazingly, you can even make bread and yoghurt. And finally, for lovers of Smart tech, you can sync up some Samsung microwaves to your SmartThings app.

Samsung is a familiar brand for phones, TVs and domestic appliances, but their products do come with techy jargon. If you want to know the difference between Slim Fry™ and HotBlast™, scroll to the FAQs. Now, let's take a look at the power, size and style, heating method, and controls of the best Samsung microwaves.

Best Samsung Microwave

Best for programme variety

Samsung Easy View MC28M6055CK Combination Microwave Oven
Price: £249

If you're a proper foodie and love to explore in the kitchen, the Samsung Easy View Combination Microwave Oven boasts all the programmes you could need - clocking in at 39. Alongside this, the combi boasts HotBlast™ Technology that heats up your food quickly with hot air, so you needn't wait long for a delicious oven-cooked meal. And with SlimFry™ Technology, you can get fried food with less oil for crispy and healthy results. Keep a close eye on your cooking, thanks to the Easy View™ glass door, giving you peace of mind if you're more used to being hands-on in the kitchen.

Customer review: "We have two of these at two separate workplaces. They make the best sausage butties. They are perfect in places where you are not able to have a full oven (like the workplace), convenient, and easy to use. We usually use them for microwave meals, grilling sausages/bacon for breakfasts and cooking pizza or chicken thighs/drumsticks. So we've used all the different functions. It's very flexible, for a wide range of cooking methods."


  • Excellent range of programmes and functions
  • Easy to clean
  • Eco-option
  • Stylish
  • Easy to monitor cooking


  • Most reviewers found the instructions provided inadequate, so you'll need to go online for the full manual

Best microwave air fryer

Samsung MC32J7055CT 32L 3200W Freestanding Microwave
Price: £274 (was £349)

Judging by the reviews, this combination Samsung microwave is pretty decent, boasting an air fryer and a grill. So handy when you haven't got time for the oven. Samsung guarantees healthy cooking with its SlimFry™ programme. The Wide Grill feature ensures evenly cooked food with improved heat coverage. With a drop-down door and glass turntable, you can't go wrong. And with 42 programmes, this microwave is impressive. It's also antibacterial, helping to reduce odours inside the microwave.

Customer review: "I always purchase combination microwaves, and this is the best one ever. The drop-front door design is so handy when removing dishes from the oven. The design is brilliant. Looks really smart and high-tech in my kitchen. Easy, user-friendly controls and instructions are very clear to understand. Extremely easy to clean and great value with the additional tray and metal stands in various heights. Grilling bacon was even and crispy, just how I love it."


  • Large capacity
  • Drop front door opening


  • Complicated to use

Best for ease of use

With a Ceramic Enamel interior, you can be assured that this Samsung Solo Microwave is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. And if you are being conscientious about what you eat, there are a few helpful, healthy cooking modes, as well as a memory function that stores the time and power required to cook your favourite dishes, which is super handy. This is a great basic Samsung microwave with 20 programmes, 800W power and a 23-litre capacity - ideal for a one or two-person household.

Customer review: "I love this microwave, it has a very exclusive way of saving energy by being able to turn off the time so you are saving energy. It looks lovely and with a blue ceramic interior which is easy to clean. It's quiet and not as annoying as other microwaves. The only downfall if you can call it that; is that the light inside is very dull, but that's just me being picky. I'm pleased with this purchase."


  • Clear LED display
  • Deodorisation to prevent lingering smells
  • Memory function


  • The window isn't very see-through

Best for defrosting

Featuring simple-to-operate controls, this Samsung Solo Microwave MS23K3513AK is a compact appliance that packs a whole lot of features in. Quick Defrost automatically calculates the defrosting time for meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and bread - with no need to program in weight. Also, it has a durable and long-lasting Ceramic Enamel interior that's easy to wipe clean and can be scrubbed without scratching. This model also has Eco Mode, Deodorisation and Auto Cook. A smaller microwave that's got the quality you would expect from Samsung.

Customer review: "Stylish, sleek all black exterior, like the interior surface, looks as if it will last much longer than interior of my old microwave. A bit more info on instruction sheet would be helpful, had to download manual to sort defrost."


  • Simple but with a premium aesthetic and features
  • Soften feature is great for melting butter


  • Door window is opaque, so it's difficult to see food cooking inside

Best for Smart Sensor Technology

For elegance and a premium feel, this Samsung Convection Microwave with SensorCook is a delight. The sleek transparent black Crystal Gloss™ handle and dial make this an elegant addition to any modern kitchen. In addition, you get a whole host of features, including Smart Moisture Sensor for perfectly cooked vegetables every time. There are 15 programmed recipe settings, including perfect options for cooked brown rice and grilled salmon. There's even a button for "Healthy Cooking". The Samsung MC28A5125AK can make dough and yoghurt with its fermentation technology. Additionally, in this model, you can disable the turntable, ideal if you want to heat through a rectangular lasagne dish. With a generous 28-litre capacity, it's the ideal family-sized microwave and so much more.

Customer review: "I am still discovering uses but have used it for cooking whole chicken… succulent. Baked potatoes… crispy and fluffy."


  • Packed with features
  • Healthy cooking
  • Fermentation
  • Ideal family-size appliance


  • Some reviews have commented the appliance is inconsistent in its performance

Best Samsung microwave with HotBlast™

 Samsung Easy View™ MC28M6075CS 28 Litre Combination Microwave Oven
Price: £199

This Samsung Easy View™ MC28M6075CS 28 Litre Combination Microwave Oven is packed with features. Sensor Cooking prevents food from being undercooked and overcooked. HotBlast™ reduces the cooking time and blows directly onto food, so it develops a deliciously crisp outside whilst staying succulent. It gets the basics right too, with a large 31.8cm diameter turntable and easy-to-clean antibacterial Ceramic Enamel interior. Additionally, the convection oven can reach 200 degrees Celsius, and with the Easy View ™ glass door so you can see your chicken roasting to perfection in this compact yet powerful appliance.

Customer review: "This actually has a grill that works, and I love the Hot Blast feature, cooks really well, and faster than a normal convection oven. The microwave + grill is great for baked potatoes, come out really nice. Well pleased."


  • An all-in-one cooking appliance
  • Large turntable
  • Roast with the convection oven function


  • Some reviews have found the instructions for use complicated

Best for dough and yoghurt feature

 Samsung MW5000H MC28H5013AS 28 Litre Combination Microwave Oven
Price: £199

The features on the Samsung 28 Litre Combination Microwave have a thoughtful synergy, with the hygienic Ceramic Enamel Interior and Deodorisation being essential for proving dough and fermenting yoghurt. This appliance can maintain the exact temperature for fermentation to take place - amazing if you love making bread at home. In addition, the turntable can be disabled so that every corner of the internal cavity can be utilised. Just to say the turntable is 31.8cm, so it's ideal for large dinner plates.

Customer review: "Excellent combi microwave, really happy with it's functions especially in the price range. Convection oven great for baking a smaller tray of brownies or whatever you would use an oven for but smaller portions. Grill works well. Also works well for basic microwaving, reheating, defrosting etc."


  • Deodorisation feature
  • Fermentation
  • Flatbed or turntable


  • Increasing and decreasing quantities is a bit of a faff with the control arrows

Best sleek and stylish Samsung microwave

The USP of this Samsung Glass Front Microwave is the simple design of the glass front control panel. Six buttons cover all the main features at the touch of your finger. If you love a minimalist look, this Samsung microwave is going to look right at home. Also, it's available in a range of colours, including Clean Mint, Clean Pink and Clean Grey - so you can match it with your décor. It has small exterior dimensions yet boasts a generous 23-litre capacity and a powerful 1,150 wattage.

Customer review: "Had this for week didn't even bother looking at the manual. The enamel interior was a big draw. Used it several times wiped the interior dry with paper towel afterwards. Massive upgrade on previous microwave that rusted to death."


  • Sleek glass front design
  • Easy-to-operate controls


  • Smaller turntable than other models

Our Verdict: Best Samsung Microwave

For the whole kit and caboodle, opt for the Samsung Easy View MC28M6055CK Combination Microwave Oven. With 39 programmes and features, such as HotBlast™ and SlimFry™, you can ditch your oven because this microwave does it all. For small to medium-sized households, the Samsung MC28M6055CK could save you money on energy bills. For larger households, it's an invaluable secondary cooking appliance. Techy features aside, one of its best assets is the semi-see-through door so you can see if your food is ready.


What Are The Main Features Of Samsung Microwaves?

Some microwaves should come with a glossary; never fear, we've compiled a guide to the features of Samsung microwaves, so you can level up your cooking know-how. For more advice on what to look for in microwaves in general, check out our microwave buyer's guide.

Quick Defrost: An algorithm calculates the defrosting time for meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and bread so you don't have the faff of weighing ingredients and guesstimating.

Ceramic Enamel Interior or Ceramic Inside™: All Samsung microwaves have this antibacterial, scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean surface. Long-lasting and rusting-resistant, it's a defining feature of the quality materials used in Samsung appliances.

Local Recipe: Choose from a variety of pre-programmed recipes. Save time on prepping meals and create traditional homecooked meals with perfect results at the touch of a button.

Eco Mode: Another feature that comes as standard on Samsung microwaves. Boasting the lowest energy consumption in the industry, Samsung microwaves use less electricity when they're on standby.

Deodorisation: This function dissipates odours by forcing air out of the interior cavity. Meaning each and every meal tastes fresh and clean.

Healthy Steam: Lock moisture in and cook meat, fish and vegetables perfectly to retain their nutrition and succulence. Use this function with a glass steamer. Simply select the food type and size, and the microwave automatically calculates the cooking time.

Keep Warm: This is ideal if you have several dishes on the go and need to keep one warm. Using the grill, keep food at a constant temperature so you can serve it as if it was freshly cooked.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Enjoy SmartThings cook with the Samsung app that allows you to control your microwave oven from your phone. This includes selecting pre-programmed settings, adjusting the cooking temperature and pre-heating the oven.

Steam Cleaning: Steam loosens caked-on stains inside the microwave so that they can be wiped away with ease.

Triple Distribution System: Microwaves are distributed in three directions to reach every corner and ensure food is cooked thoroughly.

Autocook: Choose from commonly cooked meals, including pasta, fish and poultry. Select the weight, and the microwave will automatically choose the optimum cooking time.

HotBlast™: Bursts of hot air, blown through multiple holes, create perfectly crisp chicken skin while the meat is juicy inside.

Easy View™: This semi-transparent glass door allows you to see how your food is progressing. This is a much better way of monitoring cooking rather than frequently opening the door.

SlimFry™: This gives air fryer functionality in a microwave. Hot air circulates oil droplets to crisp and fry food with minimal fat.

Sensor Cook: The Smart Moisture Sensor detects humidity and cooks vegetables, pasta and fish al dente, retaining flavour and nutrients.

Premium Touch: A sleek black finish with a Crystal Gloss™ transparent handle and dial. In addition, the LED display is a bright ice blue that's clear and easy to read.

Fermentation: Make homemade sourdough or yoghurt in a microwave set at a constant temperature that enables fermentation to take place.

Use Every Corner: Turns the appliance into a flatbed microwave. Disabling the turntable and allowing for larger, rectangular dishes to be cooked as the whole interior cavity is utilised.

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