Best Multicooker For Numerous Cooking Styles

Find out how one small countertop appliance can be a multifunctional marvel.

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The best multicooker is a savvy investment for any home cook that's into saving. We're talking saving space, as a multicooker can replace many separate small appliances, we're saying you'll be saving money as such a device uses less power than traditional cooking methods, and we're all about saving time as multicookers with pressure cooking functionality can cook up meals in half the time than your hob or oven can.

As the name would suggest, multicookers offer multiple functionalities. Depending on the model you opt for, you can look forward to slow cooking, pressure cooking, sautéing, air frying, sous viding, baking, steaming, keeping food warm, perfect rice making, and even creating yoghurt. All this and many of the models have cooking pots that are dishwasher-safe for quick and simple clean-ups.

Best Multicookers At A Glance:

Best overall multicooker: Instant Pot DUO 60 7-in-1 Smart Cooker - View on Amazon UK
Best multifunction multicooker: Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Multicooker - View on Amazon UK
Best multicooker for speed: Crock-Pot Turbo Express 14-in-1 Pressure Multicooker - View on Amazon UK

Considering which multicooker to invest in can be a bit daunting as they offer so much functionality. You need to consider how many programmes you'll actually use, the capacity - and therefore the size of the footprint it will take up on your kitchen counter - the usability, and of course, the cost. We'll guide you through the best multicookers currently available so you can find the perfect kitchen cooking appliance to suit you.

Best Multicooker For Your Kitchen

Best overall multicooker

Instant Pot multi cooker Instant Pot/Amazon

Instant Pot needs no introduction in the countertop cooking arena, and the DUO 60 continues the brand's success with over 18,000 4.5 star reviews. This model offers it all - slow and pressure cooking abilities, 13 useful pre-sets for commonly cooked foods like soup and rice, timer functionality, and the option to keep food warm. Instant Pot says this machine helps take the guesswork out of pressure cooking, and with a quick steam release button placed away from the valve, takes the danger out of it too.

Customer review: "As someone who loves experimenting in the kitchen but often finds myself short on time, the Instant Pot has been an absolute lifesaver. From whipping up quick weeknight dinners to indulging in leisurely weekend cooking projects, this multifunctional marvel has become my go-to appliance for virtually every culinary task imaginable."


  • Brushed stainless steel finish
  • 13 one-touch smart programmes


  • Only 5.7-litre capacity

Best multifunction multicooker

Ninja multicooker Ninja/Amazon

Ninja has made a name for itself in the high-end kitchen appliances market, creating smart-looking products that offer robust functionality. This multicooker has the rather exciting USP of offering two different lids; one for pressure cooking and slow cooking and one with the brand's "TenderCrisp" technology to give your creations some crunch. This has a six litre capacity and offers you nine functions so you can select the best option for your recipe. This comes complete with two different cooking racks to use inside the machine.

Customer review: "Works extremely well. Can replace several gadgets in one (pressure cooker, air fryer, slow cooker, dehydrator, etc.) Build quality seems very good - looks built to last."


  • Second lid with "TenderCrisp" technology
  • Up to 70% faster than traditional cooking


  • Heavyweight

Best multicooker for speed

Crockpot multicooker Crockpot/Amazon

Crock-Pot is another trusted name to look out for. This multicooker can slow cook, pressure cook, steam, and, interesting for more adventurous home cooks, can sous vide. This has a steam release dial on the side of the lid to keep your hands away from the steam when it's time to release the pressure. If speed is important to you, this boasts a "Turbo" function that cooks up to 40% faster than other Crock-Pot models. This has a capacity of 5.6 litres, a dishwasher-safe cooking pot, and comes with two cooking racks.

Customer review: "I purchased this because of the many different functions and I have not been disappointed. I use it practically every day and have bought a few as gifts because I can't recommend it enough. I mainly use the pressure cooker because you can have a very decent meal within 20-25 minutes. Everything is tender and tasty when pressure cooked. This also makes the best risotto in so little time and with little effort compared to the cooker top method. There is very little this amazing gadget can't cook."


  • Steaming and sous vide racks included
  • Easy steam release


  • Only 5.6-litre capacity

Best for programmability

CleverChef multicooker CleverChef/Amazon

This five-litre CleverChef choice is a great option for more experienced multicooker users because, as well as the 14 pre-set programmes, this has a "DIY" button on its touch control panel that lets you customise your cooking process. There is also a 24-hour delay timer so you can dump your ingredients in and set them to cook later in the day. This has CleverChef's "Flavour Lock" technology with a specially designed lid that regulates steam release. This comes complete with a free Drew&Cole companion app offering all kinds of delicious recipe suggestions.

Customer review: "Very happy with my cooker, it was easy to use and cooked things well. Looks good as well in my kitchen and is a great addition to have. You can practically cook most things in it and it's simple to use as well, took me a few minutes to get how to do it but then I was well away! Highly recommend."


  • Digital display
  • Fully adjustable DIY function


  • Large footprint

Best budget multicooker

Russell Hobbs multicooker Russell Hobbs/Amazon

We like this Russell Hobbs multicooker for its pocket-friendly price. It doesn't offer pressure cooking functionality, but it does offer an upgrade from a standard slow cooker. This upgrade includes the ability to sear, roast, steam, keep warm, and even sous vide. Unlike pressure cookers, this has a glass lid so you can easily check the progress of your meal. We like this multicooker's clever "Good-to-Go" design that has a removable control panel so you can easily take the cooking pot to the table for a simple serving solution that saves on the washing up.

Customer review: "I have used this cooker every single day since I bought it in 2022 and have never used my hob or oven since. So much cleaner frying eggs, bacon, etc as the deep pan prevents any splatter. Rice, barley, all grains cook super quick, and everything else cooks perfectly. Furthermore, with its non stick coating, after a wipe around with a sheet of kitchen paper it barely needs a quick rinse. If like me you abhor cleaning ovens, hobs, roasting tins, frying pans, or any pans for that matter, then I highly recommend this multicooker."


  • Glass lid
  • Detachable pot for tabletop serving


  • No pressure cooking functionality

Best compact multicooker

Tefal multicooker Tefal/Amazon
Price: $450.49

Tefal's capable "All-in-One" multicooker boasts a whopping 25 different programmes and a six-litre capacity but manages to keep its footprint relatively compact compared to rival products. Those programmes include brown, bake, and baby food. There is a 24-hour delay timer and a "DIY Chef" mode that allows you to create your own programmes. This cooker has a handy hinged lid to protect your countertops and a steam release button well away from the valve to protect you.

Customer review: "A week on and I haven't done any main meal cooking on the hob because this thing is so efficient, convenient and a pleasure to use. As a pressure cooker it is large and reassuringly well built and fitted with solid safety features but in addition it will do basic things like maintain constant temperatures for scorch-free idiot-proof browning, sautéing, simmering etc, as well as baking and steaming And with its easy-to-use on/off timers I suspect it will prove to be quite life-changing - its a pressure cooker and oven with all the advantages of the old skool slow cooker."


  • 24-hour delay timer 
  • Handy hinged lid


  • Small timer display

Best mini multicooker

Lakeland multicooker Lakeland/Amazon

If you want to enjoy the convenience of a multicooker but have limited kitchen counter and cupboard space, consider Lakeland's cute "Mini" option. This ultra-compact cooker has a 1.4-litre capacity, so is ideal for cooking one to two portions. The settings are more limited than larger multicookers, but still gives you the ability to slow cook and quick cook, and there are pre-sets for rice, oatmeal, cake, yoghurt, and quinoa. This is simple to use, has a useful handle for moving it around your kitchen space, and a clear LED display.

Customer review: "It's a useful little machine if cooking for one or two… I've made some lovely stews and pasta sauces. Its also wonderful for cooking rice or grains, and I've given yoghurt and porridge a go successfully. So it's earning its little footprint in my small kitchen."


  • Measurement markings inside pot
  • Non-stick pot


  • Not dishwasher-safe


Do I Need A Slow Cooker, A Pressure Cooker, Or A Multicooker?

A slow cooker does one thing well - simmer your food gently for hours at a time. A standalone pressure cooker is worth considering if you use this cooking method often, but they are bulky bits of kit to have hanging around your kitchen countertop or cupboards. Most of the best multicookers we're featuring offer both slow cooking and pressure cooking abilities, making them a seriously space-saving choice.

What Capacity Multicooker Do I Need?

Obviously, the Lakeland mini multicooker we've featured is only suited to manage up to two portions, but all the others - from 5.6 litres and up - should offer enough capacity for four portions. To give you a rough idea, six-litre capacity cookers are big enough to manage a whole chicken.

What Appliances Can A Multicooker Replace?

Depending on the model, a multicooker can replace your oven, slow cooker, pressure cooker, food steamer, rice cooker, air fryer, food warmer, sous vide wand, dehydrator, and even your pots and pans if they offer sear and sauté functionality. Some multicookers can also be used as sterilisers, perfect for baby bottles.

Are Multicookers Energy-efficient?

Yes. Again, depending on the model, the best multicookers with pressure cooking abilities can cook your food up to 70% faster than traditional methods, and some models can use up to 80% less energy than using your hob or oven.

What Can I Cook In A Multicooker?

We'll let Instant Brands, the company behind Instant Pot, take this one: "A wide range of meals can be effortlessly prepared and cooked in a multi-cooker, from hearty stews and soups to tasty roasts, flavourful curries, rice dishes, chilli, steamed veggies, creamy porridge, pasta, stir-fries, homemade yoghurt, delicious meat and fish dishes, and even desserts and bread! You can prepare all these dishes with just the push of a button."

Where Should I Place My Multicooker?

On a clear kitchen countertop with plenty of space around it. If your multicooker offers pressure cooking abilities, it's not recommended to place it under a kitchen cupboard as the steam release could damage the unit.

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