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Small on storage, big on power: every kitchen should have one.

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Consider the best personal blender to level up your mealtimes, snacks and smoothies on the go. After all, every kitchen needs a food processor of some kind – and a personal blender is a space-saving, sauce-making, smoothie genius. Of all the small appliances around to fill your kitchen cupboards, this is something you should get regular use out of. A personal blender isn’t just smoothies and shakes. Instead, think of whipping up savoury soups, dips, and desserts.

If you’re looking for a premium model, consider our review of the Smeg Personal Blender, which gives you a chance for you to pop a stylish blender proudly on your kitchen counter. From crush-ice cocktails to smoothie bowls – maybe not at the same time, but we don’t judge – a personal blender from any brand can tackle your favourite tipples, treats and teas. There’s nothing quite like tucking into some pesto or sipping at a smoothie when you know what exactly went into it.

Best Personal Blender At A Glance

Best personal blender: Nutri Ninja Slim Bender and Smoothie Maker – £59.99
Budget personal blender: Dunelm Blend and Go Blender – £20
Premium personal blender: Smeg Retro Personal Blender – £104.45

Much like a food steamer, a personal blender will help you reach your five a day within a few minutes. For a smoothie, why not try a fruit that’s just come into season – like the unusual kumquat, for example? Pair with sweet, orange fruit, pears, cranberries or chocolate. Unlike a bulky, traditional blender or food processor, you’ll likely have space for a smaller blender on your kitchen side, helping your cupboards stay free of mess. Plus, it’ll keep your bills down.

With a blender in tow, you may set aside some time for a proper breakfast routine, spent chopping fruits and veggies, for a fibre-rich, tasty elixir to pour into your boring granola. If your kids turn their noses up at certain veggies, a good personal blender will help you hide them in a cheesy, tomato-y pasta sauce. See below, for our expertly-crafted buyer’s guide to choosing the best personal blender for your small kitchen – with FAQs uncovered and our favourites to buy.

Best Personal Blender

Best personal blender

Nutri Ninja Slim Bender and Smoothie MakerNinja

A small blender with big taste. With this number, you'll be able your way to super smooth, great-tasting drinks, desserts, soups and more in seconds. Though compact enough to fit anywhere on your kitchen sides, the Nutri Ninja Slim Bender and Smoothie Maker has a powerful motor and precise blades. Plus, with two BPA-free, dishwasher cups and lids, you can grab your smoothies to go.

One customer commented that this blender is amazing for ice cream shakes, smoothies and more. It's great for families or households as it comes with two cups with lids, which is "perfect for when the other child wants to get involved." They add that this blender is easy to clean and tucks away nicely.

For a compact, reliable and stylish option, why not consider this Ninja Blender? Ninja are renowned for their high-quality appliances - and this is no exception. It blends nuts, smoothies, ice creams, oats, vegetables and much more with no problem. Yes, it's a little noisy - but what blender isn't? Soup and pasta sauce aficionados be warned: you can't blend anything hot. Let your elixir cool down first.


  • Easily blend fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and ice
  • A compact blender is the perfect fit for any kitchen
  • With two BPA-free dishwasher-safe cups and lids


  • Hot ingredients must be cooled to room temperature before blending

Budget personal blender

Dunelm Blend and Go BlenderDunelm

Grey, but sleek and smart, this Dunelm Blend and Go Blender is our budget-friendly pick of the bunch. At only £20, this blender comes complete with everything you need to use the appliance, including durable stainless steel blades and a drinking lid for on-the-go smoothie sipping.

A customer commented that they use it every day to "make healthy drinks and smoothies." For those of us wanting to make a small change in our lives and aim to cram more fruit and veg into our diets, this is a great option. Easy to use, keep clean and wash, Dunelm's blender is a reliable option.

They add: "I don't know what I would [be] without it now!"

Any cons? Well, the motor isn't as powerful as other personal blenders we've picked out. And, it has no gimmicks, only one-speed settings and no programs to speak of. We're unsure if you can blend ice or nuts in this blender, but softer food items such as fruits and vegetables are a definite yes.

Overall, if you're looking for a cheap model for occasional use, this is the one.


  • A budget-friendly blender
  • Small, compact and easy to store
  • Sleek and suitable for any kitchen


  • The motor is lacklustre compared to other models

Premium personal blender


Smeg Retro Personal BlenderRyan Gilmore

Smeg is known for its premier fit and finish which sets it apart from other companies. From the chromed detailing to the raised lettering to the beautiful choice of colour - heaven... With the Smeg Retro Personal Blender, you can make a delicious treat, silky smooth soup and hummus to die for. With two different speeds and a Pulse function, you'll find the consistency you're looking for.

Deputy Editor, Ryan Gilmore reviewed this Smeg Blender and had plenty to say: good and bad. Not only is the style and design really lovely to look at, but the "ergonomics too are also second to none with the Smeg." That's not all! Set up straightforward and the blender is user-friendly, claims Ryan - with little to no vibration or movement to contend with. Neat, smart - all good. What about bad?

Upon making a smoothie, Ryan is led to believe that the blender could be "overpowered by tougher foods like nuts" and wouldn't "be much use making soups or pesto". Why is that? Well, the motor sits at a below-average 300W, which, for a premium appliance, isn't entirely high. Plus, Ryan found the dial hard to operate and the concave bottle hard to clean by hand, so suggested the dishwasher instead.

The Smeg was introduced into Ryan Gilmore's kitchen for a couple of weeks and, in that time, was used to create a variety of smoothies. With retro 1950s-inspired styling, this small appliance features that unmistakable Smeg look. But with a 300W motor, can the appliance cut it against powerful competitors? We're not entirely convinced. But, for stylish smoothie-making, Smeg is a good choice.

Ryan's Verdict: "Oozing style and quality, and with perfectly acceptable performance."


  • With a compact design for easy storage
  • Retro, yet stylish for modern kitchens
  • Clever ergonomic touches for comfy use


  • Slightly lacklustre motor

Best personal blender for speed

With a powerful performance, the Tower Cavaletto Personal Blender is another pick from A Modern Kitchen. Offering two-speed settings and a Pulse function, this stylish Barbie-coloured blender comes equipped to make your smoothies in style. A soft-touch, non-slip coating provides ultimate comfort and control to ensure reliable performance - which is what we love to hear. What do reviews say?

A customer commented that it was a "decent quality personal blender". Though basic in function, it works perfectly and as expected. Plus, the "sleek and modern style" fits in with any home. Many reviews on Amazon agree that this is a stylish option for any kitchen, with a few colourways to choose from. The size isn't bad; plus, there are four options on the speed dial for complete control over your chosen drink, dessert or soup. For fruit and veg, this stylish pick packs some power. Any negatives?

There are a few gripes that customers have with this Tower Personal Blender. Firstly, after blending your chosen concoction, you're expected to tip the blender upside down to free the cup from the base without making any mess, which many find "fiddly" - but it's down to how well you can handle small appliances. Some customers wish for an extra bottle and lid, too - for pairs and couples.

The bottle with lid is ideal for taking drinks on the go with a reliable Tritan material which is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. Result. Even if the use is a little fiddly, at least the cleaning is easy. Simply rinse the ultra-long-lasting, durable stainless steel blades - and you're golden... well, silver. Complete with a three-year guarantee, this budget blender is perfect for stylish, smaller kitchens.


  • Long-lasting stainless steel blades for strength and durability
  • Tritan smoothie bottle is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free
  • Effortlessly blends fruit, vegetables and ice for healthy drinks


  • Some customers found taking the cup off the blender stand fiddly

Best larger capacity personal blender

Breville Blend Active Personal Blender and Smoothie MakerBreville / Amazon

For healthy delicious smoothies, frozen juices, protein drinks and more, this Breville Blend Active Personal Blender and Smoothie Maker is ideal for work, school, days out and the gym. A versatile tool to have in your kitchen, the Breville blender delivers perfect results in seconds - a quick and easy way to get you five or a day (or is it ten, now?). What did the reviewers on Amazon have to say about it?

A customer commented that it's "a powerful little machine", performing well - even with ice. The customer, in particular, liked that there were no speed settings, just a Pulse function to find the right consistency - but, we can see how this can be frustrating when you're rushing around, busy. Plus, the small and compact nature means it "takes less space on the kitchen counter", ideal for smaller spaces.

As for negatives, the customer says the bottle design is not the sturdiest and is worried that it may eventually crack. Another customer said the flimsy designed lid broke altogether. However, for the small price, the blender is powerful, and the bottles come with a larger capacity than most.

One-touch blending action may seem straightforward and good for those of us who like a certain consistency, but it may not be the most convenient feature. However, the motor is ready to handle ice, juice and other liquids - just nothing hot. Let your soups cool down first, or blend cold. With a carry strap and two bottles with lids, it's equipped to help you make the most of your new gadget.


  • Effortlessly crushes ice, nuts, seeds and frozen fruit
  • Quick and easy - simply, just blend and go!
  • Durable, shatterproof and BPA-free bottles


  • Not suitable for hot liquids

Best personal blender for power

Morphy Richards Compact Personal BlenderMorphy Richards / Amazon

This Morphy Richards Compact Personal Blender "blends" the power of the conventional countertop appliance but in a smart, compact form. With powerful blades and an impressive 1000W motor, this pick can chop through nearly enough anything - from nuts to ice to fruits and veggies. With no speed settings, instead, this appliance offers three programmes start/stop, auto-blend and pulse for control.

A customer commented that's sleek, yet powerful and even silent, which is unusual for a blender. Customers have tested frozen fruit, ice and nuts and it blends them to perfection in a "short time". Another says that it makes their life "so much easier", using it every day for smoothies, bending greens into their delicious drinks with ease. They were also surprised by how easy it is to clean.

Any negatives? Well, some customers found it too large - and preferred a portable blender over this one. But, this was down to preference. On the other hand, a customer or two found it a little overpriced - which we're inclined to partially disagree with, as we feel the Morphy Richards option offers premium results at a mid-range budget. You're getting a bargain here, we feel.

Made from top-quality materials and dishwasher-safe parts, the compact blender is designed to last, and cleanup is a breeze. This is what we love to hear - after all, you don't want to spend all afternoon cleaning up appliances. The stainless steel blades are durable, and consistent and deliver well-blended drinks. Some customers found they had trouble with frozen fruit; a mix with a spoon seemed to do the trick. Overall, this blender is powerful, safe to use and easy to clean. What's not to love?


  • Blend with the power of a standard blender but in a compact design
  • Three pre-settings for start, auto, and pulse keep things simple
  • Choose between the 500 or 700ml for your smoothie, sauce or soup


  • Some customers found this is a little too large than other models

Best cordless personal blender

Cuisinart Silver Cordless On-The-Go BlenderCuisinart

Smoothies made on the go - how cool is that? With the Cuisinart Silver Cordless On-The-Go Blender, you can stretch the possibilities of blending with its portable, cordless design. Cuisinart says that it "does it all" - blending frozen fruit, ice, veggies and even breadcrumbs. Colour us impressed. It comes equipped with a USB charger and a blade protection cap to avoid any accidents and drinking lids.

A customer at Lakeland commented: "Family-friendly, on-the-go blender", which has piqued our interest, as it's designed for single-serve shakes and small sauces. However, they praise the blender on its size - not too much room taken up in the kitchen; plus, it's perfect for taking to work. Multipurpose and powerful, it makes everything from crushed iced cocktails to shakes for the kids. Any negatives?

At Lakeland, it has an overall approval rating of 5/5 stars, which is lovely to see. On Cuisinart's official website, the reviews are a little more diverse, with lower-star reviews having problems with set-up, disappointments with the battery life after charging and its overall power. We can't compare the power to others on this list, as it's not listed its wattage (down to being cordless) - so we're not sure how powerful it is... But, the brand insists it's up to scratch to blitz ice and even breadcrumbs.

Overall, this is a handy pick if you need to grab a smoothie at the office with no time for yourself at home. Customers across the board praise this cordless blender for its quick, easy and efficient use, finding the design well-thought-out and convenient for their busy lives. This could be a great option if you're trying to have healthy shakes and smoothies on the go - from the gym to the office.


  • Portable, this pick is ideal for home, the gym and at the office
  • A blade protector makes it safe and easy to store when not in use
  • Battery level indicator will let you know when it’s time to recharge


  • Unsure about hw powerful it is, compsred ot other models

Best personal blender for durability

With a powerful 40W motor, you can prepare fresh, fine smoothies effortlessly thanks to the high-quality ProPerformance system of this Bosch VitaPower Serie 2 Mini Blender. Easily attached to the blender unit, the BPA-free To Go bottle can be taken away with a drinking lid for a drink on the go. Even cleaning is guaranteed to be easy with dishwasher-safe parts in this personal blender.

A customer commented that after looking at Ninja and Nutribullet smoothie makers, they settled for the Bosch model - and they're very glad. They add: "I’ve been using it for over a month now and can’t fault it." Not only is it sleek, smart and easy to clean, but quick to use. It blends up fruit, veggies, ice and nuts in around 10 seconds, perfect for single-serve drinks and sauces.

Any negatives? Though functional, powerful and versatile, some older customers found this Bosch Personal Blender a little fiddly to open and claimed it's not easy to open with one hand. Overall, this is a great little blender, small but powerful with the ability to make everything from smoothies to sauces. It contains durable, stainless steel ProEdge blades which have been reinforced to last.


  • Shatterproof Tritan To-Go bottle with easy twist mechanism
  • With one touch on-off button for easy, straightforward use
  • Equipped with ProPerformance system and durable blades


  • Not the easiest to install by hand

Verdict: Which Is The Best?

The Nutri Ninja Slim Bender and Smoothie Maker is by far our favourite. It's smart, sleek and not badly priced either. Ninja Kitchen is unrivalled in its ability to provide innovative, powerful food appliances.

Buyers Guide

We’ve got some advice to help you choose the best personal blender:

Blade – is the most important factor, as it influences what you can make in your appliance. Stainless steel blades are your best bet, efficient enough to pulverise the ingredients into your very own one-portion soup, smoothie or sauce – and durable enough to stick around for a fair bit.

Capacity – doesn’t vary greatly between personal blenders, with models ranging between 500 to 700ml. These appliances are designed to make single-serve smoothies and soups.

Portability – comes with this type of blender. If you’re a person who is always on the go and likes to take a smoothie to work or the gym, this is for you. Many come with a drink lid to pop on.

Size – doesn’t differ from model to model. Some may be a little bulkier than others, but all still are destined to take a spot on your kitchen side. It just depends on what you have space for.

Speed and programs – may not be as plentiful as an ordinary blender, but some models come with different speeds and a “Pulse” function can help you control the consistency of your food.

Style – may be one of your factors when buying kitchen gear. Sage green cookware is by far our favourite colour for your kitchen. When going for style, make sure the blender works well, too.

Budget – can be important. For this, we suggest setting a budget, after considering all of our advice. Browse customer reviews and evaluate if a model is of good value for your needs.

Delish simple food, semolina pasta with basil nuts pesto
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Can Personal Blenders Crush Ice?

Yes, it should be fine to crush ice cubes in a personal blender. If it is high in power, you have nothing to worry about at all. If it was a budget buy, check the manual to see if the blade is strong enough.

How To Clean A Personal Blender

Keeping your blender clean ensures it will stay in good condition and stay ready to blend delicious sauces, smoothies and dips. Thanks to Kitchen Aid, we have a simple guide on how to clean a blender:

You'll need a washcloth, warm water, dish soap, vinegar/baking soda (optional)

Step One - Make sure your blender is unplugged and separate the removable parts. Remove the lid from the blender jar and empty the contents into the sink. Set it aside.

Step Two - Wipe the blender base with a warm, damp cloth. Ensure spills and splatters are removed and all the "food residue is not left on the base itself or the buttons or knobs."

Step Three - Next, fill with warm water and add a few drops of washing-up liquid. Place the jar back on the blender base, pop the lid back on and plug the blender into the wall. Now, blend on a high speed for around 15-20 seconds. Some blenders have a cleaning program - we'd recommend using it.

Step Four - After cleaning, empty the soapy water and rinse. Make sure to get all the soap out of your blender - so, your next smoothie, shake or sauce doesn't taste like washing-up liquid.

How To Make A Smoothie In A Personal Blender

To make the best smoothies in a blender, there is a formula. With the following three elements, you’ll find the winning balance for a smoothie, giving you a chance to branch out and experiment:

Fruit and vegetables – should be the main aspect.

Liquid – like milk, coconut water, fruit juice.

Thickeners – such as yoghurt or cream.

Strawberry smoothie bowl topped with superfoods. Table top view
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Piper's Favourite Blender Recipes

Matt's Berry & Orange Smoothie

Taken from Deliciously Ella with Friends, Piper's go-to plant-based and gluten-free cookbook, she recommends this simple smoothie. This nut-free drink can be paired with a zesty granola bowl.

Makes one large glass

Two oranges, halved and juiced, 150g frozen mixed berries, 100ml milk of your choice, 1/2 teaspoon honey

Sunny Tomato Pesto

Straight from the pages of Calum Harris' debut The 20-Minute Vegan, which came out last year, is a Sunny Tomato Pesto Linguine recipe to die for. A Modern Kitchen loves Calum's easy plant-based recipes from his cookbook and Instagram. Calum recommends whipping the pesto up in a personal blender.

Serves three (with pasta)

140g sundried tomatoes, 40g unsalted cashews, 25g fresh basil, 10g fresh mint, 5 tbsp nutritional yeast, a garlic clove, 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 25ml ice-cold water, salt and pepper - to taste, lemon juice - to taste

Banana & Mango Frozen Dessert

Lastly, we have a dessert from another of A Modern Kitchen's favourite recipe books, Keep it Vegan by Áine Carlin. In this book, Carlin enlightens us with delicious recipes and straightforward tips. Recipes like the frozen dessert below are easy-to-follow and the ingredients can be found at your supermarket.

Serves one to two

One banana and mango, chopped and frozen overnight, 100ml coconut milk, a handful of frozen berries to serve

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