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Up close with Haier's new small appliances.

The Haier small appliance line up in a modern kitchen

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Haier, a leading manufacturer of premium kitchen appliances, has unveiled a range of small kitchen appliances, a first for the company. From the kitchen stalwarts of kettles and toasters to increasingly popular air fryers and benders, A Modern Kitchen previewed these appliances before their official launches in 2023.

The seven products included in the KSDA collection unveiled are not an exercise in badge engineering, each small appliance has been built from the ground up by Haier. Each is designed to look every bit as stylish as the large appliances the brand is renowned for.

With sharp lines, a matte black finish and the promise of excellent performance, each Hair product will make an interesting addition to your kitchen. Join us as we break down each of the products.

Haier's new KSDA small appliances in detail

Haier Multi Air FryerHaier UK

The most exciting product of the collection, Haier's nine-function air fryer can serve as a slow cooker, yoghurt maker and more alongside its usual air frying capabilities. The single-drawer air fryer offers 5.5 litres of capacity and features a dishwasher-safe removable internal tray for easier cleaning.

An exciting innovation can be found in the large viewing window above the drawer. This provides a top-down look at any cooking food, a decision Haier made to avoid interrupting the cooking process to check progress. The brushed metal and matte finish also make this one of the more stylish air fryers.

We're obsessed with good drink makers and the Haier Multi-Beverage could prove to be a strong contender. This appliance is best used for making luxuriously thick hot chocolates and frothing up milk for the perfect cappuccino, but Haier also recommends the Multi-Beverage for teas, coffees and even cold foams.

It's a compact design, with a drink capacity of just 350ml and a small footprint, making it perfect for smaller kitchens. The magnetic cleaning brush and dosing spoon stick to the side in a very clever manner, and it boasts the sleek matte black and brushed steel finish of the other Haier small appliances.

It won't be much use for making espresso, but for just about any other hot drink this could prove to be a kitchen essential, especially for hot chocolate-filled winter months.

Launches: November 2023

The first of three blending devices, the table top blender is the most powerful and the one that's best suited to heavier duty tasks. There are five speed settings and a pulse function that's well-suited for chopping ice and power is delivered by a 1200W motor. The 1.7 glass litre jug features six blades for even blending and a clever lid to keep everything contained.

Also included is a 0.6-litre Triton plastic personal cup complete with lid for transforming this into a personal blender, and a spatula for extracting the final few millilitres of smoothie safely. An Auto-clean function will also be welcome news to anyone who's had to clear out a blender before.

Launches: October 2023

Arguably the most versatile appliance in this line up is the Haier Hand Blender. With 1000W of power it'll mash up most foods without breaking a sweat, and the stick design means it'll also be a compact device to store, even in smaller kitchens.

The standout features here are the dual whisk, potato masher and chopping attachment, all of which will come in handy when cooking. While this isn't the first hand blender to offer whisking, chopping and potato mashing, it is the first blender we've seen that includes all three attachments as standard.

Launches: October 2023

The smallest and most affordable item in the entire range, the Haier Chopper should prove to be a neat little gadget to make food preparation easier. Four rotating blades should evenly dice up vegetables ready to be added to a stir fry. With 550W of power it won't be able to make nut butter or anything beyond the basics, but it should save you time and effort when it comes to chopping up food for dinner. The glass bowl is an clever option, not only does it contribute to the overall feeling of quality, the glass won't absorb odours like some plastics will.

Launches: October 2023

The bread and butter of small appliances, it's hard to innovate a toaster meaningfully. Haier has kept this toaster fairly simple, but there are still some features worth looking into. The two-slot design has extra deep slots that can accommodate 15cm of bread, perfect for sliced baguettes.

Haier offers seven different browning levels and three functions for different bread types. The Crispy Side function will only heat the element on one side, perfect for toasted bagels with soft insides. There's even a programmable Favourite mode so you always get your toast perfectly browned.

Another clever touch is a removable dust cover. This keeps the elements clear and contributes to a nice sleek look when the toaster isn't in use.

Launches: October 2023

The final product in the Haier lineup, Haier's kettle is a fairly interesting option, especially if you're concerned with energy bills. While this kettle may boast a generous 1.7 litre capacity, it can safely boil as little as one cup (250ml) which can make a big difference in energy consumption.

Beyond the cash-saving abilities, this kettle is also full of clever tech and ergonomic touches. The seven temperature options range from 40-100°C meaning you can have your drinks at the perfect temperature. The lid has a 13cm opening which makes filling and cleaning a doddle and there's a filter that should remove even the hardest of water residue from your cuppa.

Launches: October 2023

At the IFA 2023 trade show in Berlin this summer, along with the concept of 'Connect to Extraordinary', Haier Europe showcased its newest innovative solutions.

With the release of these small appliances, Haier entered a new sector of home appliances. A brand already well-established for ovens, fridge freezers and washing machines, along with the acquisition of Candy and Hoover, Haier demonstrated this new collection much to the delight of A Modern Kitchen.

Haier Multi Beverage Maker on a wooden surface

With a particular obsession for hot drinks, our Commercial Content Editor, Natalie Corner, was impressed with the Multi-Beverage maker which offers a lot more than its main competitor, Hotel Chocolat's Velvetiser.

Not only can you froth to your heart's content for a hot chocolate, but you can also pop on a pot of drip coffee if you're feeling like you need a caffeine pick-me-up, it's an investment at £149.99, so something to take into consideration, but it covers a lot of ground in one compact appliance - a space-saver for small kitchens.

Another stand-out product A Modern Kitchen set eyes on in Berlin was the 9-in-1 air fryer. But simply calling it an air fryer, almost does the Haier product a disservice. We set eyes on the air fryer producing yoghurt let in the handy vieiwing pane window, that made the appliance stand out from the likes of other brands.

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