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Winter is officially here. The frost is setting in and we need home comforts to keep us cosy. What better way to keep warm than with a piping hot (and soothing) bowl of homemade soup? A soup maker is an ideal appliance to help make your lunchtime special, after all, they’re hassle-free and easy to use.

Soup is a filling and cost-effective meal for winter. A similar principle to batch cooking with a slow cooker, a soup maker makes it easy to create healthy meals yourself at the fraction of the cost of a tin of Heinz. We bet there are a bunch of vegetables that you’d promised yourself that you’d eat - and they’re going off in the fridge, this way you can use them up without extra waste. Further, including an abundance of healthy ingredients will do wonders for your health and well-being.

No matter what soup you prefer – meaty, chunky or creamy – soup makers are decked out with the latest technology to make things easy and tasty. Simply, put in some stock, grab your knife sets and chop up your chosen veg, then let the soup maker do its thing. To sum up, it’ll all be ready in about 20 minutes, which gives you time to put your feet up.

Hot, hearty, homemade and hassle-free. What could be better than that?

What do I need to look for in a soup maker?

First of all, you need to be looking at reliability. How long does a soup maker last? Durability is something you should keep in mind when choosing one. Check manufacturer’s guarantees and customer reviews for some ideas. You don’t want a soup maker to pack in after one lot of tomato soup. You want something that’ll last a few winters.

Next on your radar should be functions. Luckily, soup makers come equipped with various buttons and settings. Whether you want a chunky soup, a creamy soup or just to blend, they’ve got you. Make sure to check out all the features in your search and choose what would suit you better.

Lastly, think about the size of your soup maker. If you love getting ahead with meal prep – or want to make a minestrone for the entire family, get something large and bulky. However, if you’re on your own or just want a quick lunch, consider a smaller size. It’ll take up less room.

Best Soup Maker UK 2022

Editor's Pick

Salter, EK1538AR Electric Soup Maker
Price: £59.99

This soup maker from Salter is a sturdy stainless-steel jug, that can make around 1.6 litres of your favourite soup. Perfect for healthy meal prep and although a little bulky, it makes soup in an impressive 20 minutes. Not only this, but the spout makes pouring out portions far easier.


Dimensions: 25.5 x 18 x 31 cm; 2.58 kg

Capacity: 1.3-1.6l, which makes around four to five bowls

Pros: Three automatic settings, clean function

Cons: Bulky

Tried & Tested by Commercial Content Writer, Hannah Mellin, "Thanks to its simple programmes and sturdy nature and This is definitely a coup maker you can rely on to make your life easier. You can even keep your fresh soup warm - saving a lot of time if you've got a few mouths to feed or want to go back for seconds. I also loved that you don't have to slice up your ingredients really small, it really is about throwing it all in and creating magic in twenty minutes. Twenty minutes for something that used to take all day? Yes, please. My only bug bear is that it is bulky and hard to store if you haven't got enough room in your kitchen cupboards. However, the price is great for what you get from this snazzy soup maker."

Best compact soup maker

Ideal for smaller households, why not take this Morphy Richards soup maker on the go? It's compact and totally up for the journey to work. The innovative top-down blade makes it easy to clean and the design makes it easier to store. With four different settings: smooth, chunky, drinks and manual, you're spoilt for choice.


Dimensions: 8.66 x 5.83 x 8.66 cm; 1.8kg

Capacity: 1 litre, which is around 2-3 portions of soup

Pros: Compact, drinks function

Cons: Not great for larger households or meal prep

Customer Review: "Love the fact that you can put in all ingredients with seasoning and water and in 20 minutes your soup is ready. Good texture and an amble amount for a compact soup maker. Bought another one for my sister-in-law. She loves it too."

Best auto clean soup maker

Doesn't this Drew & Cole soup maker look great? We love its sleek design which has an attractive chrome finish. One of its highlighted features is the Auto-Clean function, which gets your soup maker clean in no time. There will be no more fiddling with blades, just pop in some washing-up liquid and water. Soup has never been easier.


Dimensions: 31.5 x 24.1 x 16.9 cm; 2.09kg

Capacity: 1.6l – around five bowls

Pros: Easy to use, Auto clean function

Cons: No recipe book included, Noisy

Customer Review: "This has a compact design and the soup consistency was excellent."

Best soup maker with flask

With an impressive 1.6 litre capacity, this Tower model blends up to six portions of tasty soups and smoothies for everyone to enjoy. It features a premium stainless steel jug and blade added durability - increasing lifespan and maintaining maximum performance. Plus, it includes an intelligent control system and a 500ml flask.


Dimensions: 36.4 x 22.7 x 22.3 cm; 2.4kg

Capacity: 1.6l – around five bowls

Pros: Easy to clean, flask included

Cons: Clean carefully

Customer Review: "I'm so glad I decided to buy myself a soup maker. This one from Tower does exactly as it says, making soup just got so easy, so quickly and with so little effort. I can recommend this without any hesitation!"

Best soup maker with transparent jug

With a clear Tritan body, this Morphy Richards promises consistency to create the perfect soup for your taste buds. Your soup will be made in as little as 21 minutes. With two settings and a blending function, you have all you need for your wholesome and cosy bowl of soup. Plus, it comes with a Keep Warm function ready for when you want to eat it.


Dimensions: ‎6.57 x 9.21 x 10.75 cm; 2.28kg

Capacity: 1.6l – around five bowls

Pros: Clear, Keep Warm function

Cons: Fiddly to clean

Customer Review: "Once you know the number of ingredients to use, it’s great. We tried one of the soups in the manual which was good. But, then, you start to experiment with your own ingredients. The first few times we used it, we tried to put too much in. It’s really easy to operate but you have to be careful when it comes to cleaning. The self cleaning function works but could be better. We found you still have to give it a little wash, but be careful not to get the electrical terminals wet."

Best soup maker for blending

Daewoo promises that its super soup maker will blend to perfection every time. You can choose to make either smooth or chunky soup, or even try making a smoothie in it. Designed with convenience in mind - with overfill sensors, you won't have to worry about the mess when you use this soup maker. Plus, the in-built indicator light is handy - so that you can easily see what the status is on the control panel of your soup maker. This Daewoo model is decked out.


Dimensions: 26 x 18.5 x 36 cm; 2.54kg

Capacity: 1.6l – around five bowls

Pros: Dry burning prevention, overfill sensors

Cons: No dedicated cleaning function

Customer Review: “What's not to love about this soup maker? The price was excellent value for money, its sturdy yet strong. Even a little recipe booklet to help you on your way! Cleans easily which is a good thing, no messing around with trying to clean it It looks nice too so it doesn't have to live in a cupboard!"

Best premium soup maker

Create smooth and chunky soups, jams, sauces and more with Ninja's Hot and Cold Blender. Easily crushing ice, enjoy cool smoothies, frozen drinks and desserts. You can cook soup in 20 minutes. Plus, you can blend and cook other delicious hot and cold creations with this versatile 2-in-1 appliance. With 10 Auto iQ programmes, it's impressive.



Capacity: 1.75l - around five to six bowls.

Pros: Multi-functional, precise temperature control

Cons: Jug is heavy

Customer Review: "I bought this as I love making soup. It is perfect for this but comes with the added bonus of being able to do so much more. This is a very versatile piece of equipment and well worth the money."

VERDICT: What is the best soup maker?

We've chosen the Daewoo Soup & Smoothie Maker as our top pick.

For under £50, you get a decent appliance decked out with all the latest features and several programmes.


How do I clean a soup maker?

Typically, the manufacturer will provide strict instructions on how to clean your soup maker. Most of the above products have their own self-cleaning functions or programmes. But, if there isn't one included: simply, use washing up liquid with warm water and scrub. Just make sure not to get the electrical terminals wet because this causes problems.

A Modern Kitchen's favourite tomato soup recipe

We recommend Liana Greens’ Soup Maker Recipe book. However, Commercial Content Writer and soup aficionado, Piper, has provided the recipe for her tasty tomato soup.

Piper's "Good Soup": Tomato Edition

Serves 4


650g of Baby Plum Tomatoes

One Can of Chopped Tomatoes, Drained

One Can of Light Coconut Milk (Or 300ml of Single Cream)

Tsp of Minced Garlic

One Onion, Chopped Roughly

300ml of Vegetable Stock

Tsp Basil (Dried or Fresh)

Tsp of Paprika

Salt and Pepper to taste

Tbsp of Soy Sauce (Or Worcestershire Sauce - if you prefer)


1. Put all the ingredients into the soup maker. Make sure not to overfill.

2. 20 minutes later, serve with bread, toast or a grilled cheese. Enjoy!

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