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Best Vented Tumble Dryer

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Choosing the next white good for your laundry room may be in our round-up of the best vented tumble dryers. Our laundry appliance expertise doesn’t just stop at washing machines. After all, cleaning your clothes is only the first step – and in busy and chaotic households, multiple loads must go on – in a well-oiled laundry cycle. This is where a tumble dryer can save your schedule. But what is a vented tumble dryer – and how’s it different? All of your questions have been answered.

But, finding a tumble dryer that is good value and meets your needs can be tricky to come by – especially since there seems to be too much choice out there. There are plenty of decent tumble dryers under £500, but they may not be able to cater to large households. If your budget is a little higher, a premium model can offer a quieter run, a longer guarantee and smart features. Also, more innovative models tend to have better energy ratings – which can help lower your bills.

Best Vented Tumble Dryer At A Glance

Best vented tumble dryer: Candy CSE V9LF-80 Vented Dryer in White – View Offer at Argos
Best budget vented tumble dryer: Bush DHB7VTDW Vented Dryer in White – View Offer at Argos
Best 9kg vented tumble dryer: Hoover H-DRY 300 HLEV9DG Vented Dryer in White – View Offer at

Perhaps you’re wondering: what are vented tumble dryers – and how do they work? Well, with a bit of help from appliance experts at, we have some answers. Condenser dryers, as well as vented, remove moisture from your clothes. In the latter variation, the moisture is fed outside through a vent, arriving with a “long hose to help you do this.” We’d recommend getting a professional in for installation, especially if you want the moisture to vent through a wall. As a result, most vented models are freestanding dryers, but they can come as integrated, too.

Vented tumble dryers can be reliable but may be more tricky to position in the home because of ventilation. Though vented tumbler dryers are generally the cheapest to buy up-front, they are often the least energy-efficient – so keep an eye on your bills. Whether a freestanding or integrated model, the best vented tumble dryers are budget-friendly and primed for occasional use – when you need bedsheets ready for guests or any last-minute outfit emergencies. We’ve all been there.

Best Vented Tumble Dryer UK

Best Vented Tumble Dryer

Our top pick is the Candy CSE V9LF Vented Dryer in White, which comes with a 9kg load capacity and 14 programs, including SensorDry and timed drying. Catering to medium-sized families, this dryer combines style and practicality by saving time, avoiding over-drying, and being energy-efficient. Smart Touch tech connects to your phone for additional programs, cycle monitoring, and diagnostics.

Customer Review: "Really pleased with my new dryer, easy to use and clothes dry really quick. It even stops automatically once the clothes are dry meaning they don't over-dry and go wrinkly."


  • Practical design - perfect for a medium-sized family
  • Features Sensor Dry for an energy-efficient process
  • Comes with Smart Touch Tech for ease of use


  • Smart Touch is for Android phones only

Best Small Vented Tumble Dryer

Tumble dryers are known for coming in a universal size to fit nicely into kitchen designs (mainly around 60cm wide). Still, this Russell Hobbs RH3VTD800B Vented Dryer in Black offers a more compact version - perfect for small homes and student accommodation. Although small and mighty, it will fit seamlessly almost anywhere, even on worktops. Be careful not to overfill, as you only have 2.5kg of room.

Customer Review: "Very good little tumble dryer, much bigger drum than I was expecting! Very quiet when it's running, very easy to use (just don't overload it!!) Comes with a vent hose that you can put out a window or door (whichever is convenient for you), dries clothes very well."


  • Designed with space-saving in mind
  • Choose the program easily with the dial
  • AirDry Function for preventing creases


  • May not suit all households

Best budget Vented Tumble Dryer

As for a budget pick, we've chosen the Bush DHB7VTDW Vented Dryer in White. Though simple, it can be great for households needing the occasional duvet sets, towels or clothes drying. Thanks to the hose, you won't need to empty a water reservoir - and a 7kg capacity is more than enough for a small to medium-sized family. With a dial control, you can easily tweak the drying type and time.

Customer Review; "My review is simple. The tumble dry is a good size and fits perfectly under the work surface - nice and easy to use; plus, to clean the filter inside the drum, just give it a little pull to remove, then it just clicks back."


  • 7kg means it is ideal for a small family
  • No need to empty a water reservoir
  • With a colour-coded dial control for time


  • No SensorDry to save energy bills
  • Simple - only one program to run

Best 9kg Vented Tumble Dryer

Hoover H-DRY 300 HLEV9DG Vented Dryer in White
Price: £299

Get more 'me' time with the Hoover H-DRY 300 HLEV9DG Vented Dryer in White. Control it through your smartphone with NFC connectivity and enjoy Sensor Dry tech for energy-efficient, perfect results. With a 9kg drum and 16 drying programs, it's ideal for any load, making laundry a breeze. It's bound to be the star of the show - if the show was about a utility room. Did we mention it had a delay timer?

Customer Review: "Great tumble dryer, various settings and very quiet. Excellent value for money!"


  • Features Sensor Dry for an energy-efficient process
  • With 16 drying programmes to suit any laundry load
  • With a generous 9kg capacity and smartphone connectivity


  • Some customers found programming overly complicated

Best Quiet Vented Tumble Dryer

The LOGIK LVD7W18 7 kg Vented Dryer in White simplifies your laundry routine. With a 7kg capacity and vented design, it efficiently dries clothes with Sensor Dry - to reduce your energy bills. Practical and reliable, it's a convenient addition to any home, ensuring your laundry is effortlessly taken care of in style - with four programs. Plus, it has a delay timer to fit around your life. How cool is that?

Customer Review: "Great little dryer. No time setting; it stops when your clothes are dry."


  • SensorDry function saves you time, energy and money
  • Quiet Mark Certified means it is ideal for open-plan living
  • Take advantage of the Delay Timer for convenience


  • Comes with only four programs - but may still cater to your needs

Best 8kg Vented Tumble Dryer

The INDESIT I1 D80W UK Vented Dryer in White offers effortless laundry care with its 8kg drum and Turn&Go technology for quick and straightforward drying cycles. The white design complements any kitchen, while the Purse Filter ensures optimal performance by keeping the filter fluff-free. It's a great choice.

Customer Review: "Brilliant because it has reverse tumble which doesn't leave all the washing in a ball and damp in the middle. Although, it may cost more per hour to run it is on for a lot less time than the condenser or heat pump dryers. Our washing is dry enough to put away in just under an hour."


  • 8kg capacity is perfect for a medium to large family
  • Use the Turn&Go dial for easy programming
  • Complete with a quality lint filter for fluff-free clothes


  • Only comes with the hinge on the right and can't be converted to the other side

Best Black Vented Tumble Dryer

Hoover H-Dry 300 9kg Vented Tumble Dryer - Black
Price: £304.97 (was £329.97)

The Hoover H-Dry 300 9kg Dryer combines style and efficiency - to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen's colour scheme. Its vented design offers a 9kg capacity, four sensor dry options, and a quick dry cycle. The Eco cycle is environmentally friendly, and the Woolmark-approved Wool Cycle cares for delicate items. Its C Energy rating ensures both performance and eco-consciousness.


  • A 9kg capacity is perfect for large households
  • With SensorDry and an EcoCycle for lower bills
  • Start Delay allows you to postpone a cycle for up to 23 hours


  • No customer reviews yet

Best 7kg Vented Tumble Dryer

Elevate your laundry routine with the electriQ EIQTD7G Vented Dryer in White. With 15 drying programs, you can customise each cycle for ideal dryness. The Quick Function cuts drying time by five minutes, while the Anti-Crease mode reduces wrinkles. The Delicate Function ensures gentle care for cherished garments. Enjoy efficiency without compromise. This is a great choice.


  • Super efficient with 15 programmes to choose from
  • Equipped with a 30-minute Quick Cycle for emergencies
  • SensorDry adjusts drying based on moisture level


  • No customer reviews yet

Verdict: Which Vented Tumble Dryer Is Best?

Our top pick is the Candy CSE V9LF-80 Vented Dryer in White. It's budget-friendly and comes with 15 programs to look after your garments. Plus, it has SensorDry to make sure your bills aren't sky-high.

Need some more guidance? Take our detailed tumble dryer buyers guide for a spin. Written by our previous editor Ellie Weaver, it contains extensive detail on types, features and more.

Vented Tumble Dryer FAQs

Do vented tumble dryers need plumbing?

Yes - but there are things to consider first...

If you’re replacing an existing tumble dryer, this should be much more straightforward than if you’re installing one for the first time, says Appliance City. They add that if your utility room or kitchen has an existing ventilation hole or the appliance will be placed by a window, this is a simple procedure.

"Simply attach the hose and place the tumble dryer in position", says the appliance retailer.

However, here comes the issue. Installing a vented tumble dryer is not for a DIY beginner. Drilling holes into your wall may seem straightforward, but seeking the help of a professional is a much better choice. After all, you have "peace of mind that the job will be done correctly", adds Appliance City.

Appliance City's guide to installing a vented tumble dryer is fantastic for those of you feeling confident.

Are vented tumble dryers cheaper to run?

No - though cheaper to buy, they are the least energy-efficient type of the bunch. Therefore, your energy bills will be a little higher than if you grabbed a condenser or heat pump tumble dryer. However, newer models may be a little better at handling your clothes - with smart features such as drying sensors, which can reduce the amount of electricity your vented tumble dryer uses in a cycle.

Are vented tumble dryers safe?

Yes - having a tumble dryer in your home is safe. However, it can become a hazard when used incorrectly. Luckily, thanks to comparison website Which?, we have some tips on how to use a tumble dryer safely:

Avoid overfilling - as air needs to "circulate around the drum to safely and effectively dry clothes." If a drum is too full, the cycle takes longer - with higher energy bills, and there could be unsafe heat build-up.

Avoid stopping mid-cycle - because your dryer will not have reached the end of the drying cycle, in which "cool air is blown through the load to bring everything inside the machine down to a safe temperature." With your clothes at an unsafe temperature, your hands could be at risk of burns. So, always let the program run to its end - or leave the clothes to cool off, if you cancel mid-dry.

Clean the lint filter - as much as possible, suggests Which? They add that it will actually save you money. After all, a clean filter means hot air can "circulate freely so the dryer doesn’t have to work as hard." Not only that, but lint can occasionally catch light on the dryer's element. We're not expecting you to dry it after every cycle - but, add it to your weekly chore list.

Never sleep when running your dryer - as the risk of fire (though small) is something you should keep in mind. Which? recommends only using your tumble dryer "when you’re at home and awake." Unplug your vented tumble dryer if you "smell burning or see smoke coming from your dryer."

Never dry anything with oil on it - as, even in stain form, is extremely flammable, says Which? The heat can cause combustion, leading to a potential fire within the drum. They add that oil spills need to be washed on high heat in your washing machine before being given a chance in your beloved tumble dryer.

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