Your Ultimate Guide To The Best BBQ Food Right Now

From meat-eater to vegans, we have rounded up some of the best BBQ food releases for summer.


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It's hot out, and on those summer days when the sun is shining late into the evening, there is nothing better than rustling some the best BBQ food with friends and family. Whether you love a grilled meat feast or prefer more vegetarian and plant-based options, a BBQsatisfies all. To help you decide on the best BBQ food this summer, we have put together a list of the best supermarket options for all dietary requirements so everyone in your alfresco gathering can enjoy and feel taken care of.

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Nothing quite beats the smell of a BBQ wafting through the air, but sometimes preparing for an outdoor feast can get overwhelming with so many products to choose from, both in the supermarket and online.

To save you some time, we have put together a list of bestselling products, from fancy burgers and spicy skewers to vegetarian and vegan options, to throw a crowd-pleasing party. We have picked out the best products and organised them into different categories: meats, vegan products and other BBQ essentials, so you can buy up on only the best BBQ food this season.

Featuring products from your favourite supermarkets such as Aldi, Tesco and Waitrose, let's take a look at our favourite BBQ food bestsellers that will amaze your guests every time.

The best BBQ food

Sausages and pork

Best for smoky taste

Sweet and satiating. These beautifully marinated boneless maple BBQ pork belly slices will be a hit at any outdoor summer party.

Best sausages with a twist

Dive into cured pork sausages with smoked paprika and garlic because everyone loves chorizo, right?

Best for classic hot dogs

This jumbo pack of sausages will be great for feeding hungry guests at your BBQ party. Any 2 for £8 Clubcard Price - Selected Tesco Ready To Cook & Bbq Products 180g-1120g

Best flavoured sausages

These specially selected sausages are gluten-free, high quality and will fill up a ravenous crowd.

Red meat

Best juicy burgers

These high-quality burgers will make the most succulent juicy burgers. Just grab your favourite toppings, and you are in for a treat.

Best flavoured burgers

Take your burger game to the next level. These juicy beef burgers are made with British flank meat and beautifully caramelised onions.

Best sizzling steak

This sirloin steak is from British breeds of cow that is renowned for exceptionally good meat, dry aged to melting tenderness. All Waitrose beef is high welfare, bought only from farmers they know and trust, who share our values. Marinate it in a spice rub or keep it classic.


Best for wraps and kebabs

These chopped and shaped British chicken koftas are made with lovely garlic and herb seasoning - perfect for those who have a milder palette and are not a fan of heavily spiced foods. Kids will love these too.

Best for unique flavour profile

British chicken breasts with a tropical coconut, mango and chilli marinade. A real tropical treat.

Best for marinating

These skin-on chicken wings will be perfect for marinating in your choice of marinade - spicy or bbq! M&S Oakham gold chicken is naturally slower reared with leading welfare standards.


Best easy to eat prawns

These cooked and peeled king prawns are perfect for grilling quickly on the grill. Either marinate them in a simple garlic and herb marinate or leave them plain. As they are precooked they just need a few seconds to heat up.

Best marinated prawns

These chilli, garlic and coriander marinated prawns will make beautifully juicy skewers.

Best salmon

This salmon side is excellent value and perfect for spicing up and grilling the BBQ. Perfect for seafood lovers and pescatarians.  Any 2 for £8 Clubcard Price - Selected Tesco Ready To Cook & Bbq Products 180g-1120g

Vegan and vegetarian

Best vegan burgers

A cheaper alternative to the Beyond Meat Plant-Based Burger. These soy-free spicy plant-based burgers will go down as a treat for any spice-loving vegan in the crowd. All the flavour, there is no blandness here.

Best vegan sausages

These meat-free BBQ sauce flavour sausages have the same juicy texture you know and love from Richmond but with a hint of smoky flavours.

Best Vegan steaks

These mushroom and wheat gluten steaks are made with coconut milk and natural flavourings and cook beautifully marinated with dried herbs and garlic.

Best cheese BBQ dish

Who doesn’t love squeaky salty grilled cheese? These are a perfect alternative to plant-based meats for vegetarians.


What is the most popular side dish at a BBQ?

Despite the meat being the main event, BBQ sides are still some of the most important (and tastiest) part of the BBQ. It all really depends on your family traditions and what you're planning to cook, but we'd suggest pairing your sizzling grub with:

Potatoes or sweet potatoes

Potatoe salad


Greek salad


Butter cabbage

Chargrilled vegetables

Can't forget about the buns and sauces! We'd recommend...

Turn a regular BBQ burger into a gourmet masterpiece with these brioche buns from Aldi.

Don’t miss out on gourmet brioche burger buns when you’re vegan. Aldi does a great alternative that will take your burger to the next level.

Those with a gluten intolerance can join the party with these free-from hot dog rolls. You can getFree From burger buns from Tesco too. These days no one needs to miss out.

These six sliced rolls are thick enough to load your hot dog up with all the garnishes and condiments.

This American-style mustard blend of dill and mild adds big, bold flavours to your burger. Plus, it is vegan and gluten-free, so everyone at your party can enjoy it.

Spicing up your grilled meat has never been so easy with this Just Spices BBQ seasoning set. Just sprinkle on the pre-made blend, and you are good to go.

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