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‘Tis the season to be cheese-y

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We’ve got a solution for all the cheese lovers out there – the best cheese advent calendars. They're ideal if you’re a big fan of the festive period, counting down the days is a great way to celebrate. Alternative advent calendars have taken the market by storm for the past few years. From beauty to alcohol calendars, you’ve got many advent calendars to choose from. Why not indulge in cheese or coffee advent calendars to count down the days?

Best Cheese Advent Calendars At A Glance

Premium cheese advent calendar: Artisan Cheese Advent Calendar 2023 – View on Paxton and Whitfield
Editor's favourite: GIANT Welsh Cheese Advent Calendar – View on Welsh Cheese Company
Budget cheese advent calendar: Ilchester, Cheese Advent Calendar – View on Amazon UK

No matter what type of cheese you like, you’ll be sure to find a calendar that suits you. Or – if you’re gifting for a loved one, give them the treat of a non-traditional calendar this Christmas.

It doesn’t get cheddar than this!

Best Cheese Advent Calendars for Christmas

Premium cheese advent calendar 2023

Paxton and Whitfield have been making artisan cheese for over 225 years. Their advent calendar is full of the latest and well-matured cheeses. In December, recipients will receive three fresh deliveries of eight hand-cut and hand-wrapped, advent artisan cheese boxes. Plus, they’re packed in a carbon-neutral delivery. Impressive, this curated cheese advent calendar will feature festive classics and unusual cheeses.

Treat yourself - or your loved one - to cheese heaven.

Customer review: “An absolute delight to come down every morning to open another box of cheese and read the descriptions and paring advice. Thoroughly enjoyable and also educational. We loved it!!"


  • Exceptional cheeses


  • Limited supply – get yours ASAP

Editor's favourite

We’ve scoured the internet for the best cheese advent calendars – and this has to be the largest cheese advent calendar on the market. With a total of over 4.2 kilograms of cheese and measuring over a metre in width, the Giant Welsh Cheese Advent Calendar is the thing of cheese super-fans dreams. Full of great cheese, these top Welsh picks are punchy and sure to please anyone.

Customer Review: “A lovely selection of Welsh cheeses. The box and hamper selections make great gifts for special occasions. Delivery is on time and well packaged. Highly recommended.”


  • Perfect for a cheese-loving family


  • Will likely take up a lot of space in the fridge

Budget cheese advent calendar

Behind each door of the Ilchester calendar is an individually wrapped cheese. From Applewood to Mexicana to Wensleydale, there’s a good variety of cheeses: nine to be exact. Plus, each door comes with a cheesy joke – which we’re all used to around Christmas when it’s time to pull some crackers.

Customer Review: “The cheeses are the size of a Babybel, really good idea The only criticism is there could be more variety, but - other than that - great.”


  • Good price


  • Needs more variety

Best small cheese advent calendar

Mouse-size treats from the Welsh Cheese Company, this advent calendar a bit more practical than some of the larger products, unless you have an American style fridge. This ‘mini’ version of their advent calendar has six windows and six delicious individual Welsh cheeses to enjoy throughout December. 

Customer review: “Once again a beautiful selection of cheeses. Always something different to try as well as regular favourites. Delivery is efficient and we have never been disappointed.”


  • Another great cheese advent calendar


  • Smaller selection of six windows

Top pick for foodies

Cheesegeek calls their calendar the World's Greatest Cheese Advent Calendar. It only takes a taste to find out… Behind each window, is an artisan cheese handpicked by the team. Like the Paxton calendar, the cheese will arrive in three deliveries – to ensure tip-top condition. Not only that, but each delivery also contains a pack of Peter's Yard crackers, honey and a condiment. Result.

Customer review: “Consistently high-quality cheeses that never fail to satisfy. Very educational too as I never knew there are so many amazing cheeses produced in the country!”


  • Compact – fits in your fridge


  • Set a reminder for the three delivery dates!

Best supermarket cheese advent calendar

Good selection of Ilchester cheeses, including Red Leicester, Applewood, Double Gloucester and Mexicana. Delicious British cheese that demands a selection box of crackers to go with it.

Customer review: "Great gift for the non sugar eater and someone who doesn't need more stuff in their house or life. Nice presentation. Good selection so far."


  • Appealing variety
  • Value for money


  • May not be enough for cheese gourmets

Best DIY advent cheese selection

TOPLINE Luxury Selection
Price: £20.35 (was £27.95)

If you still haven't had your fill of fromage this brie-lliant selection of 24 individually wrapped Ilchester cheeses and luxury chutneys may well be a gouda choice. Get creative and use a slate to create a cheese board and mark the days of Advent on it with chalk.

Customer review: "Well packaged. Was bought as a gift for a friend who was absolutely thrilled when it was received. Perfect gift for a cheese lover."


  • Great selection
  • Individual portions
  • Get creative and make an advent calendar with the cheeses


  • Short shelf life

Best for all the cheese trimmings

We just couldn't resist including this indulgent advent calendar meets hamper. 24 sliding drawers contain Cheddar Cheese Crumbles, chutneys, cheese biscuits plus lots of sweet treats too.


  • Everything you need to enjoy with cheese
  • Beautifully presented


  • No reviews

FAQs: Best Cheese Advent Calendar

Do cheese advent calendars need to be kept in the fridge?

Unless you have a cheese cave or a designated cheese storage area with controlled temperature and humidity, in most cases, it's a good idea to keep cheese in the fridge to preserve its freshness and prevent spoiling.

Hard cheeses, such as cheddar need to kept airtight, either in their existing packaging or wrapped in foil to prevent them from drying out and absorbing other odours from the fridge. The same goes for pungent blue cheeses.

Harder cheeses, such as Parmesan can be stored at room temperature as long as they are sealed, the room is cool and there's no excess moisture.

Soft cheese, such as Camembert, and fresh cheese, like Mozzarella, are best stored in a sealed container in the fridge. Fresh cheeses come in brine, and they need to remain submerged in their liquid to maintain their moisture.

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