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Find a cookware set made to last with these saucepan sets.

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If you're thinking of replacing your current saucepan set or need a fresh start in your new kitchen, buying the best pan set can help your kitchen feel coordinated and whole. One of the reasons behind this is that you're not buying anything individually – everything matches. Often, getting a set is better value for money, anyway. When deciding on which set of pots and pans you want for your kitchen, you need to be looking at the design, too, not just the price. Luckily, we've put together a guide to the best pan sets for your kitchen.

Whichever meals you like to prepare, whether it's pasta sauce in a saucepan, a veggie stir-fry in a frying pan, or some steaks on a grill pan, you need to ensure that your new cookware set reflects the lifestyle and the way you cook. If you're a smaller household, there's no reason to be getting an eight-piece set – and vice versa. Not only that, but you also need to find pans suited to your hob. There are certain types of pans for induction hobs or ceramic hobs, either. So, make sure you scroll down for our information on compatibility.

Best Pan Sets At A Glance

Best premium pan set: ProCook, Professional Anodised Cookware Set – View on ProCook
Best budget pan set: Argos Home, Aluminium Pan Set – View on Argos
Best large budget pan set on Amazon: Amazon Basics, Non-Stick Cookware Set, Aluminium – View on Amazon UK

In this line-up, we've chosen the best pan sets from across the internet. From eco options to pans suited to a budget, to a professional, high-end set, or even if you're a fan of retro and vintage cast iron pots, A Modern Kitchen has picked a real variety of pan sets to get you back in the kitchen. There are even sets that are suitable to go in the dishwasher.

Best Pan Sets

Best premium pan set

ProCook, Professional Anodised Cookware Set (10 Piece)
Price: £379 (was £629)

Firstly, made from anodised aluminium for strength and durability, this sensational non-stick set is the ultimate treat for your kitchen. Suitable for all hob types, including induction, the ProCook, Professional Anodised Cookware Set (10 Piece) is all oven and dishwasher-safe. Each saucepan comes with a lid, and all pieces have ergonomic CoolTouch® handles for comfort and safety. Though on the more expensive side, ProCook guarantees 25 happy years with their professional set.

Customer review: "Light, universal and easy to care for, all qualities I expect from my cookware: it's compatible with my induction cooker hob, ok with dishwasher, and has handles which don't get hot, plus doesn't burn food on slow-cooking, whilst perfect for a quick boil. Really love it."


  • Professional Quality
  • Non-stick
  • Induction compatible


  • Best to hand wash

Best budget pan set

Dishwasher safe, this Argos Home, Aluminium Pan Set (5 Piece) is made in the UK with an effective non-stick. Each saucepan has steam vent lids to prevent liquids from boiling over. Suitable for gas and electric hobs, these pans from Argos have handles that can withstand high temperatures. They're solid if you're on a budget.

Customer review: "I am very pleased that I bought this product which is giving good value for money. Would definitely recommend it to anyone on a tight budget, especially at this time of year."


  • Great Value
  • Suitable for all hobs


  • Basic

Best large budget pan set on Amazon

Amazon Basics, Non-Stick Cookware Set, Aluminium (15-Piece)
Price: $72.80

With comfortable soft-touch handles and vented glass lids, this Amazon Basics, Non-Stick Cookware Set, Aluminium (15 Piece) is made for easy cooking and cleaning. Dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up, this set is compatible with most heating sources, excluding induction hobs. For the price, this set is packed full of cookware – including serving spoons! It's an absolute bargain.

Customer review: "Wow! These are amazing quality. Lovely looking too. Totally non-stick. They wash really well too. Amazing value. These are the best pots and pans I have ever used. Excellent! They are light and the handles do not conduct heat whatsoever. Perfect."


  • Great variety
  • Great value
  • Utensils as well as pans


  • Flimsy handles

Best stainless steel pan set


Easy to handle and clean, this brilliant stainless-steel Salter Timeless Collection Pan Set (5 Piece) will help you enjoy cooking. Made with a satin finish, these lightweight pans have easy-grip handles and accompanying glass lids. The stainless steel is high quality and durable, so the saucepans will resist any wear and tear. Further, they have a non-stick coating and are compatible with all hob types and the dishwasher.

Our review: "I never saw myself opting for stainless steel as it reminds me of terrible university house shares. But this set by Salter is lightweight yet very sturdy and I've had no problems whipping up my favourite meals and cleaning them up afterwards. It's pretty handy that they all come with lids, including the frying pan, as that's not always the case!"


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for all hobs


  • Handles can get hot

Best pan set for induction hobs

The Tefal C556S554 Prograde Induction Cookware Set (5 Piece) is made for everyday cooking, thanks to its extra-resistant Titanium non-stick coating. Durable as ever, the pans won't scratch, come with lids, and they're dishwasher safe, too. The unique Thermo-Spot heat indicator on frying pans turns solid red to tell you when the pan is at the optimum cooking temperature to guarantee great food. They're compatible with any hob – even induction.

Customer review: "These lightweight pans are, after about a month, still amazingly non-stick. They are therefore very easy to clean. My only very minor criticism is the sides of the frying pan don't seem quite as non-stick as the base, so when you fry an egg, it sticks a little onto those sides. Not a big deal and the pan still cleans up nicely."


  • Top quality
  • Non-stick
  • Thermo-Spot


  • Some reviews comment that the non-stick coating scrapes off

Best eco-friendly pan set

Eco Non-stick Pan Set (5 Piece)
Price: £107.90 (was £166)

If you're searching for a pan set that's a little better for the environment, Prestige is the way to go. This Prestige Eco Non-stick Pan Set (5 Piece) includes pans forged from recycled materials and a clever plant-based non-stick – which guarantees no scratches and great food. Easy to clean, these pans have stay-cool handles and close-fitting glass lids that ensure comfortable and safe use. Plus, for every product sold, Prestige will plant a tree. Isn't that great?

Customer review: "Cooks evenly, easy to clean, and non-toxic materials. Cooks very fast too! Love the colour and texture. It is so much quicker, and the food turns out well done compared to everything I've used before. Absolutely love the set! Added bonus that they plant a tree with every purchase and the packaging was entirely planet-friendly."


  • Ethical
  • Durable
  • Non-stick


  • Can be tricky with induction

Best non-stick aluminium pan set

Tefal Origins Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set
Price: $64.99 (was £78)

Perfect for a new home, this Tefal Origins Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set (5 Piece) has a distinctive, black stone effect that will look so stylish. Non-stick and with a durable design, these pans are easy to hand wash. Tefal guarantees perfect results every time. If you're looking for a smaller set with saucepans and frying pans, this is it. With Bakelite handles and Thermo-Spot technology, you can't go wrong.

Customer review: "I brought these pans as our first set in our new house, and I cannot fault them. We use them every night when cooking plus breakfast too - they clean up great and are totally non-stick! I would definitely recommend these; they suit us perfectly for what we need."


  • Fast
  • Non-stick
  • Thermo-Spot


  • Small frying pan

Best non-stick pan set

We're thoroughly impressed with the Scoville Neverstick Pan Set (5 Piece). If you're looking to start fresh with your cookware or searching for the perfect gift, Scoville is a reliable brand at great value. This range has Neverstick, which is a toughened non-stick system – apparently, it's five times stronger than other non-sticks. Made from high-grade aluminium, this pan is perfect for all cooks.

Customer review: "We moved house and our new kitchen has an induction hob, none of our pans worked so we looked online and ordered click and collect. Thought the price would be a reasonable price to get us started. We'll never need to upgrade, great quality, very sturdy, nothing sticks, easy to wash and look really nice! Would buy all over again!"


  • All cookers
  • Phenolic handles
  • Non-stick


  • Takes a little longer to heat up on an induction hob

Best saucepan set

Easy to clean, this Russell Hobbs Red Stone Aluminium Pan Set (3 Piece) has a stone finish. The saucepans, in sizes 16cm, 18cm and 20cm, all include tempered glass lids with steam vents with a great non-stick coating. The handles are riveted for comfortable use, and hand wash is advised.

Customer review: "Not the most expensive saucepans but such good value for money. The clean-up is so easy. No need to worry about putting them in a dishwasher, just put them in hot soapy water and they are clean."


  • Cool design
  • Light
  • Non-stick


  • Thin pans

Best pan set with detachable handles

Tower Freedom T800200 13 Piece Cookware Set with Ceramic Coating
Price: $89.95 (was £149.99)

Haven't got a lot of storage space? Pans with detachable handles may be the solution. With saucepans, frying pans, a wok, a sauté pan, three glass lids, two silicone lids and two handles, you can't ask for more. Tower is here to update your kitchen with a new and innovative design that features an impressive marble finish. The non-stick coating makes it easier than ever to cook with Tower Freedom T800200 13 Piece Cookware Set with Ceramic Coating using little-to-no oil and is conveniently suitable for the oven.

Customer review: "Loved everything about them; they take up so little storage space, and the food glides around the non-stick surfaces."


  • Easy to store and clean
  • Space-saving pans
  • Non-stick


  • Clip handle design can be fiddly

Our Verdict: Best Pan Set

If you're in search of a high-quality cookware set that looks great and delivers exceptional cooking performance, we recommend ProCook's Professional Anodised Cookware Set. This premium pan set ensures you have all the cookware necessary for preparing your favourite stove-top dishes. The pans are crafted from robust 4mm aluminium and treated with anodisation for added strength. This ensures even heat distribution, eliminating any uneven hot spots.

Each pan has a domed, self-basting glass lid with a stainless-steel rim, designed to seal in the natural juices and flavours during cooking. In addition, all pieces feature ergonomic CoolTouch® handles for your comfort and safety.

The set is suitable for use on the stovetop and in the oven, with a high-temperature tolerance of up to 260°C. It's compatible with all hob types, including induction. Each pan is equipped with our premium 5-star ProCook Ultra Plus triple-layer PFOA-free non-stick coating, allowing for low-fat, non-stick cooking. Finally, clean-up is a breeze as the entire collection is dishwasher safe.

FAQs: Best Pan Set

What materials are saucepans made from?



Stainless Steel

Cast Iron

What to look for when choosing the best pan sets for your kitchen

Firstly, look at the design. Is it something that you want in your kitchen? Have you chosen a modern or retro theme for your kitchenware? Not only is outward appearance important, but the material of your chosen pan set is important as it influences durability and hob compatibility.

Next, look at the variety in the pan sets. What are you looking for? If you're just looking for trusty saucepans, then it's not worth paying for a frying pan. Some sets come with utensils, too. Would that be useful for you? Is there a better alternative? If you're looking for a diverse set to kickstart your set, it might be worth paying a little extra.

Lastly, look at prices. As we've said before, the price of cookware is often an indicator of quality and overall longevity. If you're looking for something to last, it'd be best to pay a little bit extra for your pots and pans. However, if you're on a budget, there's no problem in going for something more affordable.

Which pans can I use on which hob?

Looking out for the right features in your pan set will make your search worthwhile. Choosing the wrong pan for your hob can cause problems with your kitchen – as well as with your food. Different pans are suited to specific hob types. With these different types, you should consider things like the weight, material and base of the pan. When choosing the right pan for your hob, refer to this guide.

As a rule of thumb, any pans will work on gas hobs due to their versatile design. So, if you've lucked out and have a gas stove, you won't have much problem finding a gas hob-friendly pan. They're very flexible when it comes to cookware – and we're big fans of them here.

Similarly, electric hobs are compatible with any material. However, they do require a flat-surfaced pan to cook successfully, as the pan will need to have full contact with the hob.

As for ceramic hobs, they require flat-bottomed pans, too; this is to ensure maximum contact between the heat source and the base. Stone, glass and ceramic pans are not suitable to use on a ceramic hob. Why? Only conductive metal pans are compatible (i.e. aluminium, stainless steel).

When it comes to induction hob pans, you need to find special pans that are fitted with a magnetic material at the base to ensure effective heat transfer. Copper and aluminium will not work unless they are fitted with a special layer at the base.

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