The Best Pots And Pans For Your Induction Hob

Need to know more about what pans are compatible with your induction hob? Look no further.

The Best Pots And Pans For Your Induction Hob

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Cook faster, retain the goodness and flavour of food with the best induction pans. Every kitchen needs a trusted set of pots and pans. Anytime you need to make a pasta sauce, steam some vegetables, or fry up some eggs for breakfast, we are using a pan of some kind. When deciding what to get for your kitchen, whether newly renovated or not, choosing the right cookware for your oven can be a hassle. Especially when there are a few different types of hobs, you want to make sure you’re getting compatible cookware. Don’t go wasting your money.

Working similarly to an electric hob, an induction hob has coils beneath its surface that induce an electrical current to generate heat in the pan. Though induction hobs use less power and are more energy-efficient, not all pans are compatible with them – clay pots for example. So, when looking for the right cookware, you need to find what works for you, what you cook and your kitchen.

Best Induction Pans At A Glance

Best induction saucepans: Salter BW02986G 3 Piece Pan Set – View on Amazon UK
Best non-stick wok for stir-fries: Tefal Titanium Excellence 28cm Non-Stick Induction Wok – View on Argos
Best stockpot to make family dinners: Prestige Stockpot Non-Stick 24cm – View on Amazon UK

Much like best pans for a gas stove, you pay for the quality and durability. So, if you aren’t big on an English breakfast, then get something on the cheaper side when you’re getting a frying pan. Vice versa, if you’re a fan of doing big family dinners (like a casserole), it’s worth looking into pricier stockpots. But this doesn’t mean you have to spend all your budget. You can find good quality pots and pan sets at an affordable price.

Best Induction Pans

Best induction saucepans

Salter BW02986G Collection Forged Aluminium Non Stick 3 Piece Saucepan Set
Price: $174.32

Suitable for all kitchens, these non-stick saucepans from Salter are forged from strong aluminium, making them durable and long-lasting. We’re loving the marble coating, which adds the non-stick. The handles are ergonomic and lightweight – so there’s no hassle moving them around. Dishwasher safe, these snazzy saucepans, with their matching lids, are the perfect pans to cook your pasta. 

Customer review: “I was on a fixed budget and took a long time to decide which brand to buy. I took a chance on these and am glad I did. They’re lightweight but sturdy and non-stick, even when using very little or no oil.”


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight


  • Sizes may not match induction rings

Best non-stick wok for stir-fries

We love this wok because Tefal Titanium Excellence has the UK’s longest-lasting non-stick coating. Not only this, but the new Thermo-Signal is Tefal’s best yet, indicating that the pan is at the correct temperature to start cooking. Looking for a durable wok? This pan is compatible with all hobs including induction and is made to a great standard. A solid choice. 

Customer review: “This is a really good wok. Strong but not too heavy to handle. Food didn’t stick at all and it was super easy to clean after. Would recommend it.”


  • Thermo Signal indicator
  • Easy to clean


  • Heavy base

Best stockpot to make family dinners

Prestige Stoclpot
Price: $70.82

Durable, this stockpot from Prestige has a glass lid and is induction-suitable. The non-stick added to this stockpot is scratch-resistant and ultra-durable. Prestige claims that this stockpot is of such great quality that you wouldn’t need another pot for years. Perfect for big family dinners, stews and soup, this stockpot is a winner. It’s also dishwasher safe – so you don’t have to worry about washing it up. 

Customer review: “Absolutely delighted with the stockpot. I’ve made numerous dishes including curry, beef stew, homemade soup and general vegetables. It has a well-fitting lid with good handle grips for easy lifting. Cleaning the pot is so simple, a quick dip and any food debris clean straight off. Also, the bonus is that it can also stand low temperatures in the oven. This is by far the best pot I have used and would continue to buy other sets.”


  • Good handle grips
  • Easy to clean
  • Oven compatible


  • Heavy

Best frying pans for an induction hob

Circulon Total Hard Anodised Non-stick Induction Frying Pan Twin Pack
Price: £48.60 (was £60)

This twin pack of frying pans are made with a harsh anodised non-stick system. The pans and their handles are oven-safe up to 180 degrees, having been designed with comfortable and secure heat-resistant handles. Not only that, but they’re also dishwasher safe and suitable for all hob types. Circulon has given this set a lifetime guarantee due to the heavy-gauge and durable material. 

Customer review: “I am really pleased with my new purchase. The frying pans are a good depth with excellent non-stick inside and out. The sizes are fine for me, but a large household would need a bigger pan. Cleans beautifully although the write-up states suitable for metal utensils I would replace any metal objects with plastic as soon as possible.”


  • Lightweight
  • Oven compatible


  • Bigger size needed for family

Best induction-friendly steamer pan set

Professional Stainless Steel Steamer Set
Price: £79 (was £99)

Are you a fan of your vegetables? Then, this steamer set is for you. A professional-level stockpot and 2-tier steamer set with a toughened, heat-resistant lid, you can’t go wrong with this top-quality product. Not only that, it retails at an excellent price. Made from stainless steel, these pans ensure even heat distribution, therefore great cooking results. Using a steamer is a much healthier alternative to frying, boiling or roasting vegetables as it retains all the healthy vitamins and minerals. Washing up is easy, too, as the set is dishwasher-safe. 

Customer review: "A substantial, robust tall stock pot with steamer baskets. Much bigger than high street or superstore offerings so inevitably needs a bit more fuel to get going, but the capacity is huge."


  • Even heat distribution
  • Suitable for professional use


  • Some reviews have commented that the set can get tarnished

Best induction-friendly grill pan

Make meal prep a doddle with this MasterClass Aluminium 3-Section Grill Pan and cook multiple dishes simultaneously without flavours mingling. The non-stick surface ensures effortless cooking and easy clean-up. Compatible with all hobs, this pan offers versatility and portion control. In addition, it comes with a 25-year guarantee.


  • Reinforced non-stick, anti-scratch interior
  • Heats up fast
  • Long guarantee


  • No reviews

Best skillet induction pan

Nuovva Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan 32cm
Price: $108.92

Despite being renowned for the preparation and care that you must put into them, skillets are a great piece of cookware. Why invest in a skillet? It combines the convenience of a frying pan with the absence of chemicals that are used in regular, non-stick pans. Pre-seasoned with natural oil, making it 100 per cent non-stick, this cast-iron skillet is very versatile and impressive. Compatible with ovens, grills, stoves and camping fires, this sturdy iron pan is not dishwasher safe.

Customer review: “To get a truly deep and fine patination across the pan – to the point it almost behaves like non-stick, takes several months of repeated use and careful, soap-free, cleaning. As with most cast iron cookware, if you take the time to develop the patina, and then care for it, you will end up with an excellent and highly versatile piece of cookware.”


  • Affordable cast iron pan
  • Pre-seasoned


  • Takes time to develop natural non-stick

Best quality induction frying pan

Professional Anodised Frying Pan with Lid
Price: £50 (was £79)

Frying pans with lids are few and far between, so it's a boon to get one that's induction compatible too. The Professional Anodised Frying Pan with Lid also has a Cooltouch® handle, so you won’t accidentally burn yourself when lifting the lid, but you’ve still got to be careful of any steam. Made of aluminium for fast and efficient heating, this quality frying pan is a super investment, with a 25-year guarantee.

Customer review: “I love using my new pan. So nice to get a stylish product with matching lid. Excellent easy to follow care instructions."


  • Premium quality
  • Tight-fitting lid
  • Even heat distribution


  • Largest diameter available is 28cm

Best Eco induction pan

If you’re willing to pay more for something that lasts a little while longer and is better for the environment, we recommend Prestige’s Eco range. In an unusual green marble, this pan is made from recycled materials – including the aluminium itself. Easy to clean and scratch-proof, this pan has a soft grip stay-cool handle and boasts perfectly even heat distribution for great results. It also has a five-year guarantee, and Prestige plants a tree for every pan sold.

Customer review: “I have the 20cm fry pan which is excellent but only works on one ring of my induction hob. So, when I needed a 28cm pan replaced, I was hesitant but went ahead and I'm delighted with this pan. It works well on my hob, has a great non-stick surface and is so light weight! The wok next!”


  • Made from recycled materials
  • Heats evenly


  • Surface discolouration

Our Verdict: Best Induction Pans

We recommend the Salter BW02986G 3 Piece Pan Set. This induction-friendly cookware ticks all the boxes in terms of being lightweight, non-stick and durable. In addition, the ergonomic Bakelite handle makes them comfortable to use and they're dishwasher safe. All-in-all, a great mid-range induction pan set.

FAQs: Best Induction Pans

How to choose the best pans for your induction hob

Firstly, look at the compatibility of the pans you’re interested in. Aluminium, glass and copper pans don’t work on induction stoves unless they are sauce pans with a magnetic material on the bottom. To be compatible with induction cookers, pans need to be magnetic.

Next, have a gander at different designs. Sometimes, a pan with plain colours and ordinary designs can be a bit boring. If you’re looking to find something unique or funky, some brands make good, non-stick and inductor-friendly cookware that suits different aesthetics, colours and concepts. We recommend these Scoville pan sets for cookware with a difference.

Finally, quality is a must. Often, when looking at bits for your kitchen, spending a few extra pounds can go a long way – and inductor pans are no exception. If you’re on a budget, by all means, look at places like Argos and Amazon Basics for cheaper deals. However, we’d recommend looking at middle-range brands for an extra guarantee.

How do induction hobs work?

Induction hobs are much faster and safer than traditional gas or electric hobs. Induction cooking works by heating the pot (or pan) directly rather than heating the hob. As a result, your pans heat up and simmer a lot quicker. In fact, a pan of water tends to boil in nearly half the time on an induction hob than it does on a normal gas hob.

Can you talk me through compatibility with induction pans?

You can cook with most induction-friendly pans on any type of stove: gas, electrical, ceramic etc. However, when you are looking to find cookware for your induction hob, make sure it’s induction-friendly. Ferrous metal (magnetic) pans are required for an induction hob.

Find out more information from CDA Appliances manufacturers.

Are induction pans dishwasher safe?

This depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations. But generally, it is recommended that you hand wash induction pans rather than using the dishwasher because sometimes the non-stick can wear down. However, make sure to read whatever information is given to you by the manufacturer.

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