Best Scoville Pans For Supreme Non-Stick Performance

Consider Scoville’s extensive non-stick range for dinnertime.

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Non-stick has never been better – which is why we’ve handpicked the best Scoville pans for your kitchen. After all, choosing the best pans for your kitchen will likely involve a deal of thought. And, choosing a reputable brand such as Scoville, known for its supremely good, industry-leading non-stick, is a great choice to make for any kitchen owner: from culinary novices to experts.

Anytime we need to cook up a storm in the kitchen, a pan is probably in use. Whether sat on the hob or in the oven broiling, a half-decent pan set will see you through many years and a great deal of dishes. As for Scoville, it's reimagined frying pans, saucepans, stock pots, baking trays and many more in its superb non-sick, eliminating the need for any oil, butter or fat when cooking.

Best Scoville Pans At A Glance

Best Scoville pan set: Scoville Neverstick 5-Piece Pan Set – View Offer at Dunelm
Best Scoville pan for Sunday Roasts: Scoville Neverstick Roaster – View Off at Argos
Best Scoville frying pan set: Scoville Neverstick 2-Piece Frying Pan Set – View Offer on Amazon UK
Best Scoville Baking Tray: Scoville Neverstick 35cm Baking Tray – View Offer at Argos

With this comes a few things to think about. After all, non-stick needs to be looked after properly to remain reliable and safe to use. Perhaps you’re wondering: are Scoville pans any good? Well, its induction-friendly cookware collections are versatile, with the ability to be cleaned hassle-free in the dishwasher. All of this is backed by an incredible lifetime guarantee, which we can’t ignore.

Whether Expert Neverstick+ or Ultra Lift, a Scoville Collection leaves plenty of room for culinary creativity, empowering you to effortlessly come up with delicious meals for everyone in your life. And – you likely won’t hours at the sink scrubbing away at burnt-on food on your favourite frying pan. Enjoy the convenience of cooking without food sticking and wave goodbye to tiresome clean-ups.

Best Scoville Pans UK 2023

Best Scoville pan for sauteing

The Scoville Neverstick 26cm Sauté Pan is an incredibly versatile addition to any kitchen. With its deep straight sides and spacious base, it simplifies the preparation of delicious and healthy meals. Whether you're sautéing new potatoes, frying off fragrant onions, or crafting delectable sauces, this pan does it all with ease. Scoville's Neverstick range boasts an exclusive toughened non-stick system that will provide reliable durability and innovative cooking.

Customer Review: "I needed a new saute pan and after looking around a few websites I decided to look at Dunelm. I liked the look of this pan as the handle is raised above the glass lid with enough space not to burn yourself. So far this pan is more than living up to expectations with the usual Dunelm quality."


  • Lifetime guarantee, strong PFOA-free non-stick
  • Suitable with all hob types, including induction
  • Dishwasher safe, hand washing recommended


  • This pan is not oven-safe

Best Scoville saucepan set

Next, we recommend the Scoville Neverstick 3-Piece Saucepan Set. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, these non-stick pans are engineered with an advanced toughening system, ideal if you're known to burn a few pasta sauces in your time. The surface also facilitates healthier cooking, requiring minimal to no oil for everyday dishes. Crafted from high-quality forged aluminium, these pans ensure superior heat distribution, and durable and reliable cookware for years.

Customer Review: "This saucepan set is great. Nice and sturdy with solid handles and lids. Really pleased with them and they are definitely non-stick. They look good, too."


  • Compatible with all types of hobs, including induction
  • Useful saucepan set, 5X stronger than other non-sticks
  • Complete with an easy clean-up; dishwasher-safe


  • A customer had an issue with the handles getting hot

Best Scoville frying pan

Neverstick 20cm Frying Pan
Price: £14.99 (was £29.99)

Elevating your frying game to new heights, the Scoville Neverstick 20cm Frying Pan incorporates an innovative non-stick surface, delivering a finish that remains intact and boasts a remarkable strength compared to other frying pans. While enabling healthier everyday cooking with minimal oil, this aluminium wonder guarantees superior heat distribution for culinary excellence. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe for effortless cleaning. Perfect for breakfast.

Customer Review: "Lovely frying pan. I can do anything with it. Omelettes, pancakes and even fry chops! I love the versatility of this Scoville frying pan. Looking to get the next sizes also!!"


  • Durable and 5x stronger than normal non-stick
  • Superior heat distribution for even, reliable cooking
  • Complete with an easy-to-hold, stay-cool handle


  • Prefers to stay on medium heat

Best Scoville pan set

This Scoville Neverstick 5-Piece Pan Set is perfect if you’re just starting out in a new kitchen or need a fresh start. With a 16cm milkpan, 18cm and 20cm saucepans, 26cm frying pan and a huge 28cm wok this set combines all the essentials for any home cook and is great value. For culinary experts or for those of us who need a few lessons, this five-piece kit is made from high-grade aluminium (yes - induction-friendly) and features Scoville's strengthened, reliable non-stick.

Customer Review: "Really happy with these pans. Easy to clean, non-stick surface, great value for money. My only criticism is the handles get quite hot."


  • Neverstick allows for easier, healthier cooking
  • High-grade aluminium and induction-friendly
  • Easy to clean, just pop in the dishwasher


  • A few customers say the handles get a little hot

Best Scoville pan for casseroles

The Scoville Shallow Casserole Dish is a great choice for preparing delicious and hearty casseroles. Think hearty autumnal stews, creamy risottos and a herby sausage casserole. Sounds great, right? Well, with this Scoville pan, the way you cook changes for the better. Featuring a PFOA-free non-stick, Neverstick, which is 5x stronger than other non-sticks. Impressive! Suitable for all cookers including induction. Plus, it's cleaned hassle-free in the dishwasher.

Customer Review: "It really does not stick, wow !!!! absolutely brilliant, very pleased and would recommend without hesitation."


  • A stylish pan to make hearty autumnal stews
  • Equipped with industry-leading non-stick
  • Dishwasher and induction cooker-friendly


  • Would be better if it was oven-friendly

Best Scoville pan for grilling

Neverstick 28cm Square Grill Pan
Price: £19.99 (was £39.99)

Say goodbye to the hassle of scraping off burnt meats or sauces with the 28cm Non-Stick Grill Pan from Scoville. This pan features the exclusive Neverstick, a technology that outlasts conventional non-stick by five times, ensuring consistently great cooking results. You'll enjoy superb cooking, with the grill pans' ridged surface that allows for healthier cooking, promoting a better lifestyle, and effortless post-cooking cleanup. We can't think of any negatives.

Customer Review: "This is one of several Scoville pans we have bought and we have been pleased with all of them. The oldest is now four years old and the non-stick effect is still as good as new. The first time in my experience of buying non-stick pans that this is the case. This is a good sized pan for four steaks or fish fillets and the cooking effect is as good as our smaller but very heavy cast iron grill pan. Although I believe it says dishwasher safe, we don't use it for these pans, in fact, a quick wipe is usually good enough."


  • Crafted from high-grade aluminium for heat distribution
  • Combined with non-stick, this grill pan allows for healthier cooking
  • You can wash this pan easily by popping it in your dishwasher


  • Scoville recommends handwashing

Best Scoville pan for flatbread

We love this versatile Scoville Neverstick 30cm Chapati Pan. It is perfect for cooking up tasty chapatis, naan, and rotis. Plus, it's also well suited for making delicious homemade pancakes and other foods that need a flat cooking surface. Made from Scoville's high-grade aluminium and 5x strong non-stick, this is a great option for flatbreads and beyond. Though it can't be used on an induction hob (rubbish, we know), it's dishwasher-safe for a quick clean.

Customer Review: "Does the job - but takes ages to heat up on the hob, but once it's hot, it works great."


  • The flat design is ideal for chapati, naan, roti and more
  • 100% PFOA-free, incredibly strong non-stick
  • Easy to clean by hand or popped in the dishwasher


  • This chapati pan is not induction-friendly
  • Some customers say it takes a little while to heat up

Best Scoville wok pan

Whether it’s a delicious chicken stir-fry or a homemade vegetable curry, this Scoville Neverstick 28cm Wok is the perfect tool for frying up delicious Asian-inspired dishes. With the high-grade material and strong non-stick, you're well looked after. Your food will never stick to the bottom of the pan and your meal will be tasty - and healthy, too, if you choose to add no cooking oil. If you've had a long day, pop it in the dishwasher for a clean or wash by hand.

Customer Review: "This pan can take a lot of punishment and still looks brand new. Must be using some sort of alien technology… Highly recommend this."


  • Perfect for throwing together stir-fries and beyond
  • Complete with Neverstick, a strong PFOA-free coating
  • Compatible with all types of hobs, including induction


  • Some customers have complained about the packaging

Best Scoville frying pan set

For everyday frying tasks, this Scoville Neverstick 2-Piece Frying Pan Set is the perfect choice. Featuring a Neverstick 24cm and Neverstick 28cm frying pan, this PFOA-free non-stick set boasts Scoville's signature night sky design and each pan is equipped with a comfortable cool-touch plastic handle. Suitable for all hobs and the dishwasher, this frying pan set offers versatility. Frying is now a breeze! This is a durable set boasting an ingenuous design.

Customer Review: "These pans are quite heavy but they cook food evenly and without sticking, if some do it just takes a quick wipe and it's gone, also l wash them properly once used and they are brand new again very happy with this range. I have a few now and will be adding more soon I'm sure. They are more expensive than some but so much more worth it these will last for years."


  • A useful frying pan set for all times of day
  • Supremely non-stick, 5x stronger than others
  • Easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher


  • Some customers have experienced some staining

Best Scoville pan for family-style meals

Finally, we recommend the Scoville Neverstick 32cm Stock Pot, your go-to tool for crafting impeccable stews, hearty autumnal soups or preparing nutritious meals for the entire week. We love the Scoville Neverstick collection as it boasts an exclusive toughened non-stick coating, enabling you to cook without the necessity of butter, fats, or oil, while guaranteeing that no food adheres to the pan. This simplifies the washing-up process, too.

Customer Review: "Pick up this pot a few weeks ago, absolutely fab to cook a curry in. Really good size non-stick; the handles are really good. Will be getting other sizes but this is great if you want to cook for a large group of people."


  • Compatible with all types of hobs, including induction
  • Perfect pot for casseroles, stews, soups and family-style dinners
  • Washing up is easier and meals are healthier with non-stick


  • May be too large to store for some

Best Scoville baking tray


The Scoville Neverstick 35cm Baking Tray is perfectly sized for creating delicious roasted vegetables, crispy chips, or batches of mouthwatering cookies to satisfy the entire family. Its innovative construction excels at heat retention, ensuring efficient energy usage. Clean it hassle-free in the dishwasher or by hand, this supremely reliable non-stick is here for the long haul. Oven safe up to 230 degrees, this is a great piece of kit, promoting a healthier lifestyle.


  • Oven-safe up to 230°c for roasting
  • Supremely strong non-stick coating
  • Cleans easily in the dishwasher


  • May benefit from a taller lip/edge

Best Scoville pan for Sunday Roasts

Elevate your roasting prowess with the Scoville Neverstick Roaster, the ultimate tool for showcasing your culinary skills. Meticulously designed to be versatile, this roaster seamlessly transitions from stovetop to oven. With a remarkable durability that surpasses conventional non-stick coatings, it ensures a cooking experience free from flaking, peeling, and the harmful chemical PFOA. Step up your Sunday Lunch game with this mighty roaster, which we love.

Customer Review: "Decided I was going to buy a good roasting pan, it was at the top end price-wise, but well worth it! Everything just washes straight off, no more scrubbing and then flakes of black from the non-stick coming off. It is not too heavy empty, a very good solid roaster hoping it lasts for a few years."


  • Ideal for roasted chicken, vegetables and more
  • Plenty of room in this durable, aluminium roaster
  • Reliable, strong non-stick and dishwasher-safe


  • Some customers would like it to be larger

Best Scoville tray for cupcakes

Perfect for cupcakes, muffins and Yorkshire puddings, the Scoville Neverstick 6 Cup Cupcake Tray is second to none. Thanks to the new construction, this tray retains heat incredibly well and saves energy, cooking your fresh bakes well. This time next year, you could be on Bake Off. Made from reinforced aluminium, this high-quality tray showcases a stylish speckled interior and a sleek matte grey exterior, which effortlessly helps your baked goods cook evenly.

Customer Review: "I have not been disappointed with any Scoville products I have bought. This is the same. Easy to clean, food doesn't stick. Very happy."


  • Ideal for baking muffins and Yorkshire puddings
  • Retains heat incredibly well and cooks evenly
  • Superbly durable aluminium and strong non-stick


  • A little shallow for decent size Yorkshire puddings

Verdict: Which Are The Best Scoville Pans?

For the best experience with Scoville, we recommend the Scoville Neverstick 5-Piece Pan Set.


What Do I Need To Consider Before Use?

Scoville has put together some care and use guides to help you take good care of your new pans. Below, we have summarised the relevant tips from Scoville. Look after your Scoville cookware, and it will surely look after you:

Use oven gloves when necessary as cookware can get very hot when in use.

Never slide the pan off your cooking hob, as this can damage the pan base, as well as the cooker.

Never use the maximum heat settings - and keep to medium settings when cooking.

Never plunge into cold water - after use; instead, allow your cookware to cool down after use.

Do not use metal or sharp utensils as they will likely damage the non-stick coating.

Handwash is preferred by the manufacturer to prolong the non-sticking.

Refrain from leaving food in the Scoville pan for too long after cooking is finished.

Can Scoville Pans Go In The Oven?

Some Scoville products are oven-safe, however, not all will be able to cope with the high temperatures. Luckily for you, we've listed hob, oven and dishwasher compatibility in the specifications of our round-up. So, rest assured, you're able to find the right Scoville pan for your lifestyle - and the way you prefer to cook.

In the meantime, why not read our Always Pan review? The 2.0 is now oven-friendly.

Do Scoville Pans Work On Induction Hobs?

Though pans for gas hobs are very common, induction hobs have a hard time of it, due to its compatible cookware requiring an electromagnetic metal base. However, the Neverstick range is made from high-grade aluminium, paired with a base that is perfect for all cookers, including pesky induction. Your wok, skillet or grill pan will be good to go.

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