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A great option for cooking meats, the best grill pans for your kitchen will set your meals alight with succulence and the ultimate flavour experience. With the help of Katie Maxwell, Trading Director at Salter, we’ve found the best pans for achieving that ideal texture and flavour. If you’re a fan of a cheeky BBQ and are missing out due to the miserable winter weather, this could be the next best thing. For authenticity and fabulously characteristic flavour, why not consider a grill pan?

Perhaps, you’re wondering: How does a grill pan work – and what do you use it for? Thanks to Katie at Salter, we’re more than happy to be grilled by your questions. A grill pan design sets it apart from a frying pan. A frying pan is flat-bottomed with low sides for quick heating, whereas grill pans feature ridges within the pan, designed to maximise flavour. They “allow fat to flow off the meat just like it would drip between the grates of a grill, so that food does not sit and boil in its own juices.”

Best Grill Pan At A Glance

Best grill pan for induction hob: ANYDAY Cast Aluminium Non-Stick Square Grill Pan – View on John Lewis
Best cast iron grill pan: Le Creuset Cast Iron Square Grillit – View on John Lewis
Best griddle pan for gas stove: Salter Earth Forged Grill Pan – View on Salter

Plus, these deep ridges have those desirable “deep grill marks which add an extra crunch to your meal as well as an authentic barbecue grilled look,” says Katie, making them a great option for meat eaters. Though you won’t find grill pans often in a pan set, they’re a great choice for those of us who want to inject a little summer in our wintertime menu. There’s no denying that they look groovy – and due to the many designs out there, there is certainly a grilling pan that’ll suit your style and aesthetic.

Whether you require a pan for an induction hob, or a piece of cookware on the sustainable side, A Modern Kitchen has reached far and wide to source out the best grill pans for your home. Often thought to be a healthier alternative to frying, they may just be the cookware you’ve been looking for. Versatile, they’re not just for meat, as we can see aubergines thriving, too. We wouldn’t recommend using a grill pan on Shrove Tuesday, though. Let’s leave that to the pancake pans.

Best Grill Pans and Griddles

Best grill pan for induction hob

The ANYDAY Cast Aluminium Non-Stick Square Grill Pan features a dual-layer non-stick interior for even cooking and effortless cleaning. Though lightweight aluminium isn't naturally induction-compatible, John Lewis incorporates a stainless steel base plate for induction use. These cookware pieces are suitable for all hob types and are dishwasher-safe. With classic grill pan ridges and pouring lips on both sides, this grill pan ensures versatile cooking options.

Customer review: "It is a good weight and size. The non-stick is a bonus as it makes it easy to clean. Not had it long but as it has a 5-year guarantee, I don't expect to have any problems."


  • Made from durable, lightweight aluminium
  • Non-stick with pouring lips on each side
  • For use on all hobs, including induction


  • Dishwasher safe, but hand wash recommended

Best cast iron grill pan

Le Creuset Cast Iron Square Grillit®
Price: $149
Alternative retailers
Wayfair$224.95View offer

Elevate your cooking with the Le Creuset Cast Iron Square Grillit - a versatile cooking essential. Crafted from efficient cast iron, it excels at searing meats, fish, veggies, and fruits with minimal fat, creating enticing grill marks while draining excess grease. From the leading brand, its hygienic black enamel interior handles high heat effortlessly and develops a patina over time. Equipped with ergonomic handles and drip-free pouring spouts, it's compatible with all heat sources, including induction hobs, ovens and grills. Choose from various colours to complement your kitchen, too.

Customer review: "Very pleased with the Grillit pan. Sturdy, well finished and cooks steaks wonderfully! Highly recommend."


  • Cast iron for superior heat retention
  • For use on all heat sources, including induction
  • Durable and available in a choice of colours


  • A customer says it was smaller than expected

Best griddle pan for gas stove

Salter Sustainable 28cm Grill Pan
Price: £22.99

Introducing the Salter Sustainable Grill Pan, perfect for family meals in any home. Its high-performance non-stick surface ensures confident cooking without sticking hassles. Built to endure, the pan boasts a soft-touch Bakelite handle, suitable for all hob types, including induction. Crafted from forged aluminium, it combines style with functionality, featuring a fresh, natural appearance that complements any kitchen decor. This is a kitchen essential.


  • Great value and quality
  • Eco-friendly non-stick
  • On-trend sage green


  • Not dishwasher or oven-safe

Best grill pan with sections

Cooking for the family tonight? Simplify meal prep with this super-smart MasterClass Aluminium 3-Section Grill Pan, allowing you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously without flavours mingling. Its non-stick surface ensures effortless cooking and easy cleanup. Compatible with all hobs, this pan offers versatility for every kitchen. Impressive.


  • Essential multi-griddle pan for families
  • Non-stick for an easy cook and clean
  • Works on all hobs, including induction


  • Weight and oven suitability are unspecified



Or, consider this fabulous Habitat Large Cast Iron Grill Pan. Great for grilling meat, seafood and veg, it's good to go on any hob and in the oven. With a non-stick coating and grooves for fat collection, it's a healthy option for a night-in and cleans easily. Stylish, functional and easy to clean. Result.

Our review: "This heavy and attractive Habitat Large Cast Iron Grill Pan worked perfectly on the Flexi Space on my induction hob. The griddle pan conducts heat and actually made the surface of the hob hot. It's so much fun to slowly chargrill vegetables, steak, kebabs and more.

I even made a batch of griddled potato cakes for breakfast. This pan's outstanding features are its value for money, quality and superb heat conduction. I recommend it; just be sure to oil it liberally, otherwise, the food will stick. Plus, the cast iron will season so don't expect it to be pristine clean when washing it up and using avoid detergent."


  • Made from strong cast iron, enamel-coated
  • With oil collection channels for a healthy meal
  • Oven and induction hob compatible


  • You may need to nurture it a little before it becomes non-stick

Best sustainable pick

Prestige Earth Pan Non-Stick Grill Pan
Price: $150.91

Next, the Prestige Earth Pan Non-Stick Grill Pan is designed for optimal performance and minimal environmental impact. This 28cm non-stick grill pan lets you cook delicious meals swiftly while reducing your carbon footprint. Crafted from recycled aluminium with handles made from repurposed plastic bags, it's suitable for all hob types, including induction, and is dishwasher safe. Choose the Earth Pan for naturally great performance that's planet-friendly.

Customer review: "This pan is amazing. Bought one as I needed one for the induction hob and this one fitted the bill. No need for oil food just slides off the surface. Would recommend."


  • Suitable for all hob types, including induction
  • Recycled aluminium body and plastic handles
  • Toxic-free non-stick, and dishwasher-safe


  • Some customers were unsure about the size

Best budget-friendly grill pan

Designed to sear and cook your food without having to use loads of oils and fats, this Habitat Griddle Pan in Orange unleashes your inner chef. Whether used indoors or outdoors, this cookware is made from cast iron with a tough enamel coating free from lead and cadmium - and is, bonus, suitable for most hobs, including gas and induction. Though it's not dishwasher-safe, it can be popped into the oven for up to 240 degrees. Just handwash in warm water.


  • For all hob types, including induction
  • Oven safe up to 240 degrees
  • Tough, enamel coating free grill pan


  • Handwash only

Best grill pan for ceramic cooktop

ProCook Granite Stone Non-Stick Griddle Pan
Price: £29 (was £56)

Boasting a triple layer of stone-reinforced, Granite PFOA-free non-stick coating, the ProCook Granite Stone Non-Stick Griddle Pan guarantees superior release, facilitating both healthy cooking and effortless pan clean-up. From grilling meats to sautéing vegetables, this griddle pan delivers perfection and impeccable heat distribution. It's a breeze to clean, safe for dishwashers, and can withstand oven temperatures up to 180 degrees. We're impressed.

Customer review: "Absolutely delighted with this griddle, large enough and not too heavy."


  • Suitable for all hob types, including induction
  • Dishwasher and oven safe up to 180 degrees
  • Complete with triple layer PFOA free non-stick coating


  • A customer said the handle is a little flimsy

Best grill pan for a BBQ

ProCook Cast Iron Square Griddle
Price: £39 (RRP £79)

Built for a lifetime, the ProCook Cast Iron Square Griddle can be used on the stovetop or BBQ. With this grill pan, you can remediate the coveted BBQ flavour indoors. Featuring a ridged base for perfect searing, this griddle ensures flawless food presentation with its matte black enamelled interior, which comes in handy for cleaning and rust-free maintenance. Crafted from solid, durable cast iron, it is equipped with an additional helper handle for easy lifting and pour-spouts for a mess-free pour. Suitable for all hob types, including induction, and oven-safe up to 260C.


  • Complete with an enamelled coating on the interior and exterior
  • Suitable for all hobs including induction and oven safe to 260C
  • With pouring lips on both sides and an extra helper handle


  • Handwash only

Best grill pan for electric stove

Last - but certainly not least - we present the M&S Collection Stainless Steel Large Non-Stick Griddle Pan, which adds a professional touch even for novice chefs. Crafted for durability and peak performance, this stainless steel griddle pan boasts an angled, riveted handle for comfortable use and even heat distribution for exceptional results. Dishwasher-safe, cleaning is hassle-free. Plus, it's supported by a 25-year guarantee. Grill your way to success.

Customer review: "Very impressed with this pan. I’ve been looking for one that is light enough and works on my induction hob. This is perfect, looks good and works perfectly. Very good value."


  • Makes cleaning easy and reduces the need for oil
  • Suitable for all hob types, including induction
  • Designed for durable wear and high-performance


  • A few customers found it a little heavy

Best Tefal grill pan

Achieve perfect searing results with the Tefal Titanium Excellence Induction Grill Pan. Boasting the UK's longest lasting Titanium non-stick coating, this Tefal grill pan is versatile and can be used on any type of hob. We recommend using wood or silicone utensils with non-stick cookware to preserve the coating.

Customer review: "It is a great product, cooks well with great heat distribution and superior non stick quality means its very easy to clean. Do not overheat and it should last many years."


  • Thermo-Signal indicates when the pan has reached optimal cooking temperature
  • Good value
  • Great non-stick coating
  • No PFOA, cadmium or lead


  • Not induction compatible

Our Verdict: Best Grill Pan

The ANYDAY Cast Aluminium Non-Stick Square Grill Pan is our top pan pick. It's versatile, efficient and works on any hob.

Buyers Guide

If you’re serious about a grill pan, there are a few things you need to consider first. Luckily, Katie from Salter has given us some pointers when picking a sizzling pan and helped us put this guide together:

Surface Area

This is an important factor to consider, as more room for cooking makes things so much easier. Katie comments on this: “When buying a grill pan, consider looking for one with a larger surface area to allow you to grill more food at once.” As for Salter, their pans are 28cm in diameter which is ideal.


If you’re looking for the best grill pan material, it should depend on your lifestyle.

To keep clean-up easy and to make sure no food gets left behind, we would consider a non-stick pan. Unless you’re up for the challenge to look after a demanding cast iron grill pan, stick with an aluminium material, with a strong, PFOA-free coating. Plus, as Katie says: “It is also important to find a pan that has a non-stick coating as this allows you to cook healthier meals using little to no oil.”

Ease of Use

Ease of use can range from the handles being comfortable and heat resistant to the weight being manageable. After all, cast iron pans can be on the heavy side, which may not work for you. When choosing the best grill pan for your kitchen, it’s best to weigh up all of the specifications and read up on customer reviews when you buy. After all, you don’t want to be disappointed down the line.

Compatibility and Maintenance

First, ensure the grill pan is compatible with your stovetop. Most grill pans work on gas and electric stoves, but not all are suitable for induction cooktops. So, make sure to read up before you buy. As for maintenance, cast iron grill pans have longevity, but require seasoning to maintain their non-stick properties. Non-stick grill pans are budget-friendly and easier to clean but may wear out over time.


How To Use A Grill Pan

With the help of Johnny Marsh and Le Creuset, there is an easy-to-follow guide on how to master a grill pan, which is known for creating exceptional flavours. For the perfect sear, see below…

Use the Right Heat Setting – comes first, as this will help you unlock that delicious flavour, without damaging the pan, or even burning food. Johnny recommends a medium heat for your grill pan and brushing on oil with a high-smoke point, as they can withstand high heat and ensure deliciousness.

Test the Temperature – is next – by using the water droplet test, as Johnny and Le Creuset recommend doing with their cast iron grill pan. To make sure the temperature is just right for cooking your ingredients, test it: “If cold water droplets evaporate instantly, the grill is ready.”

Start Grilling – which is the fun part. Whatever you’ve got to hand, add the ingredients to the pan “and cook on both sides, without turning them too quickly,” says Johnny, which will prevent any oil splatters and potential burns. Here, your cooking chops can flourish with tongs in hand.

Time to Enjoy – comes before the clean-up. Your delicious BBQ-inspired meal awaits…

We love this grilled Corn Ribs recipe from Le Creuset, which is served with Pico de Gallo.

Griddle vs. Grill Pan

Grill pans and griddles are kitchen essentials, each with its unique attributes.

Grill pans feature raised ridges that mimic outdoor grilling, creating sear marks and allowing fat drainage for healthier cooking. They excel at grilling meats, veggies, and fruits, providing a grilled taste without the need for an outdoor grill. However, their smaller size and uneven heat distribution due to ridges make them more suitable for single servings.

On the other hand, griddles sport a flat, expansive cooking surface that evenly disperses heat, making them versatile tools for preparing a wide range of foods, including pancakes, eggs, bacon, and grilled sandwiches. Their larger size and uniform heating make them perfect for cooking multiple servings or larger items.

Grill pans are your go-to for grill-like aesthetics and flavours, while griddles are all about even, versatile cooking.

Is Using A Grill Pan Healthy?

Katie from Salter gave us an insight into how healthy this cookware can be.

“A grill pan is considered a healthier option than a frying pan when cooking meats and other fattier foods. The characteristic ridges hold food above the base of the pan so that fat and juices flow off into the base of the pan and the food is not cooked in them. This means that you are able to make lower-fat meals.”

How Do You Clean A Grill Pan?

If you don’t fancy firing up your outdoor grill in the pouring rain, we get it. You can achieve that charred flavour indoors with a fabulous grill pan. However, with a grill pan, comes a lot of fat run-off, which means two things: grease and grime. We have a few methods for tackling grill clean-up.


Below, is a step-by-step solution to cleaning gunky non-stick pans, such as the Always Pan.

Pour Away Grease – to make the whole job much easier. Don’t pour grease down the drain, unless you want the pipes to clog up. You have been warned. Or, you could keep it to use another time.

Scrub – the pan with baking powder and hot water for a natural, gentle wash. Avoid using anything harsh or abrasive as it could cost you the non-stick. Sprinkle the baking powder, then get it wet. For scrubbing, use a nylon brush, which will help remove grease and grime from your cookware.

Restore – the surface with oil. If you’re serious about keeping the non-stick, you can always preserve the layer and enhance the flavour with olive oil. Use a cloth to wipe it all over and mop up any excess with a paper towel. Before storage, ensure your pan is completely dry – to prevent rusting.

Cast Iron

Perhaps, you’re wondering how to clean a cast iron grill pan… Thanks to cast iron experts at Le Creuset, we have a fabulous guide on de-greasing your grill pans.

Before you get scrubbing, there are a few things to point out. Firstly, a cast iron grill pan will likely develop a “patina (brownish-black film) over time that should not be scrubbed off, as it enhances flavour and assists with food release.”

As a disclaimer, Le Creuset’s grill pans feature a black satin enamel interior that is easy to clean and requires no pre-seasoning. So, their method may be a little different to others out there. Our advice is to always consult with the manufacturer before use. But, if this iconic brand tickles your fancy…

Before first use – remove all labels and packaging from the grill.

Washing your grill – should involve handwashing with warm, soapy water and a grill brush.

Keep it dry – after each wash, which will prevent any issues later on.

Safely stored – with a pan protector is the way to go. Find a comfy, safe place for your new pan.

Can Grill Pans Be Used On Electric Stoves?

Yes - cast iron skillets and grills will very likely work on electric stovetops.

Can Grill Pans Go In The Oven?

Sometimes – this will depend on the pan itself. Its eligibility for the oven will be decided by the pan’s construction material. Plus, it will have to be heat-resistant to be placed into the heat. In our round-up, we’ve clarified whether our picks are oven-friendly or not.

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