Our Place, Always Pan Review: The Pan To End All Pans?

Is this really worth the hype? Writer, and foodie, Piper investigates.

Always Pan review

by Piper Huxley |
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If you’ve been on the internet at any time this year, there is a fair chance you’ve come across the Always Pan from Our Place. For us, proper ‘foodies’ who spend most of our time watching as many food-related videos as we can, we’ve been seeing this trendy pan a fair amount. And, it's on sale right now.

It’s been appearing on the new-fangled favourite TikTok and Instagram – which seem to be the hubs for recipe content, as well as other food content. It’s perfect for mealtime inspiration if you never know what to make - or if you love learning about how different cultures experience food.

And – yes, you may be thinking. A viral pan? Surely, not. Believe us, we’re being deadly serious. Even celebs such as Cameron Diaz and Selena Gomez seem to be digging this piece of kit. So, what's the Our Place Always Pan about?

At A Modern Kitchen, we advocate for home-cooked meals. Though home cooking and meal prep may take up a decent amount of time and energy, eating well is vital to our health. With the Always Pan, you’re promised a ceramic, toxin-free all-in-one pan, which is compatible with all hob types. We’re looking at you, induction. Why is it so hard to find induction-friendly pans?

Well, this cookware piqued the curiosity of our writer, Piper Huxley, you decided to put the cult sell-out Always Pan through rigorous testing. Could this really be the pan to end all pans?

What is The Always Pan?

Woman and immigrant-owned cookware company, Our Place, says the Always Pan is the gold standard for versatility, doing the job of ten pieces of traditional cookware. Allegedly, the Always Pan can replace your frying pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula and spoon rest. That’s a lot, and we are impressed.

With the updated 2.0 version, the stylish Always Pan can even double as a roasting or baking dish. Fancy that. We admire the – frankly – limitless potential that this smart piece of cookware can offer, whether you want to steam some veggies, fry some eggs or whip a cooking sauce up. You can tackle any recipe with ease. Plus, it comes in quite a few colours.

Is it time to throw away your trusty pan set for good?


  • Integrated all-in-one design
  • Chemical-free non-stick
  • Innovative extras to impress


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • It might be too bulky to store for some

Always Pan: Summary

The Always Pan is an all-in-one non-stick pan that comes in attractive colours Sage, Steam, Char, Blue Salt, Spice, Lavender, Azul and Rosa. Such fancy names, too. I picked the Sage Green – which is very on-brand for A Modern Kitchen, too, and looks great on my gas hob. If this large pan isn’t your thing, no worries: Our Place stocks a mini version of this pan - as well as a Cast Iron Always Pan.

You can steam, broil, simmer and much more with this mighty piece of cookware – which impressed me. It comes with a steaming basket and spatula, which rests gently on the handle. It’s chemical and toxin-free, non-stick and lightweight. The new (and improved) 2.0 model can even handle the oven.

As for use, it may be a little heavy for some. I was expecting it to be much heavier than it looked. So, that’s a plus for me, especially when I’m serving direct from pan to plate. If anything, the whole experience of cooking with this pan is… easy. Not only does it heat up well, but your food finds it hard to catch on the bottom if you’re known to leave sauces bubbling away unattended, no fear.

Price Analysis

At the time of writing, the premium Always Pan 2.0 retails at £130, which is quite a hefty price tag. So, it’s safe to assume that this pricey pan is big on quality, right? Although, as this is 'the pan to end all pans', it makes sense that it costs a pretty penny. After all, it promises a lifetime guarantee – if you look after it correctly. It reminds me of Le Creuset – the European cookware brand. Born in 1925, this kitchenware institution is known for its iconic casserole dishes in bold and bright colours. Le Creuset cookware may be pricey, but they’re reliable.

Special Features

This Always Pan arrives with an exclusive non-stick, ceramic coating on a sturdy, aluminium body for fast, even heat. Plus, it’s complete with a fitted, stainless steel steamer basket, with two pouring spouts for mess-free pouring. The iconic, domed modular lid is impressive and locks in steam like nobody’s business. As for the spatula, it’s crafted from attractive beechwood and fits perfectly in the pan’s integrated spoon rest, which is located on the inner handle.

Rating: 4/5

Testing The Always Pan

I use the Always Pan at least once a week – for various dishes. When making a one-pot meal, this pan comes in with full marks. Get this: It can even handle a metal utensil. How cool is that? It’s perfect for a person like me who adores home-cooked comforts. Whether curry, pancakes or sautéing a veggie burger, this pan impressed me.

It’s a large model, with a decent depth and a somewhat comfy handle. It should be a little more ergonomic, to be honest. I did forget (more than once) that the adjacent (smaller) handle can get super hot when in use - so, invest in an oven mitt to avoid any burns. Apart from that, I didn't face any problems. It's super straightforward to use.

As I’m easily distracted, the Always Pan comes in handy when I leave my pan unattended for a bit longer than I plan. It doesn’t start to stick at the bottom. Because of this, clean-up is minimal. It's a simple wipe job with warm, soapy water and a fresh towel. After all, the ceramic coating is more susceptible to bacteria than other pans. Oh - and the lid is a great help - as it traps in all that goodness. My food has never tasted so good.

What Were The Results?


What do you make with a pan designed to make practically anything? After much deliberation, I narrowed it down to a hearty vegetable curry. I had absolutely no issues with the performance of the pan – even when faced with sautéing onions. It heated up quickly and efficiently. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything more. As for the boiling and simmering, the pan also handled this very well: the lid kept the heat in and it was easy to pour with the spouts.

Plus, I applaud Our Place for ensuring that the Always Pan is compatible with ceramic, gas, electric and induction hobs, so that's a win for all households. As mentioned previously, nothing gets stuck to the bottom and, in fact, you can't even tell if the pan has been used – that's how well it cleans.

It’s easy to use, non-stick, sturdy and looks like it will last a long time. It’s innovative, too, with the core attributes being perfectly well-designed – and the extras making it stand out. The integrated spoon rest and pour spouts come to mind. For me, it’s lightweight and easy to handle. As for its capacity, it's excellent for making a meal for up to four people.


When it arrived, the Always Pan was packed safely in recyclable packaging. When I took it out of the box, there was no damage to the cookware – and came complete with a steamer basket – or colander, nifty nesting beechwood spatula, modular steam-releasing lid, natural scourer – for damage-free scrubbing and a handy little booklet. I was super happy when I found it on my doorstep. I was a little alarmed by its weight initially – but, I’ve gotten used to handling it now.

Opening the box, you don’t have the worry about anything – as the pan arrived assembled and ready to use. The design of the pan is a big plus. It’s made from ultra-conductive post-consumer recycled aluminium. Aluminium is much faster at heating than stainless steel. So, the Always Pan guarantees fast, easy cooking – and it is just a matter of turning on your stove.


This pan has come to the right person. While I’m not Delia Smith, I am proficient in the kitchen and can whip up a tasty sauce in no time. With the Always Pan, I am in safe hands to experiment and leisurely enjoy cooking. If anything, I get some time back – and it doesn’t feel like a chore. Generally, my go-to meal would be a pasta sauce of some kind – with plenty of veggies. Though I don’t eat meat or dairy, I’m sure the Always Pan can easily handle these.

You can also buy some excellent add-ons from Our Place to make the cooking process even easier, like Hot Grips, a Fry Deck and – my favourite – a marbled clay Tagine to transform your pan in an instant.

VERDICT: Is The Our Place Always Pan Worth It?

I’m a proper foodie, so I am always enthusiastic about cookware. But it's safe to say I have now joined the many people on social media who are obsessed with this Always Pan.

When the Always Pan launched in July last year, I was intrigued by the claims of 'replacing your cookware.' Now, I’m a firm believer in this possibility. The Always Pan is unrivalled in its originality, innovation and practicality. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it has the makings to revolutionise cookware. If you grab a mini version and a Perfect Pot, then I think that's certainly all you need.

Apart from the fact that it's a little bulky so tricky to store if you're very short on space, I can confidently say that I have no real complaints. It might be worth noting that some customers have reported a loss of effectiveness in the non-stick feature after six months of regular use, which certainly gives me food for thought.

It’s an attractive piece of cookware, ethically conscious and multi-functional. If you look after it, it'll serve you well and give you some luxury. This item has all the makings of becoming a signature household staple, like, dare we say, a Le Creuset casserole dish...


How do I keep the non-stick?

Our Place has responded with a few pointers on how to keep that non-stick: "We recommend cooking on low to medium-low heat as high heat over a long period of time can degrade the quality of the non-stick. That said, the occasional sear is totally fine."

Are Always Pans dishwasher safe?

Though Always Pans are renowned for their convenience and compatibility, they cannot be put in the dishwasher. When it comes to cleaning, handwashing is recommended. After all, you want to keep that non-stick coating. Just remember to be hygienic and gentle to make it last.

Are Always Pans oven safe?

High heat can affect the longevity of the non-stick. With the Always Pan 2.0, you can roast and bake to your heart’s content – up to 230°c. There's nothing quite like a pasta bake, is there? We like this oven-friendly improvement from the original model, which couldn’t face the oven. Having said that, Our Place also has a nifty bakeware bundle and their Perfect Pot is safe in the oven up to 215 degrees.

Piper Huxley is a Homes, Gardens and Wellness Product Writer for A Modern Kitchen, specialising in cookware. When she’s not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Piper is re-watching a TV show or listening to a podcast.

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