Best Coffee Grinder To Prepare Your Beans

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Best Coffee Grinder To Prepare Your Beans

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Investing in a coffee grinder means you can grind whole-bean coffee at home and discover the delights of a fuller flavour and irresistible aroma. If you're discerning about coffee then you know it needs to be fresh before it goes into your coffee machine. Simply, a coffee grinder is a grinding tool that turns beans into grounds from which you can prepare coffee straight away without the need for a full-blown coffee machine.

From café au lait in a Parisian café to bottomless coffee in an American diner, once you begin discovering that there's a whole world of coffee and accoutrements it becomes a passion. In the pursuit of serving excellent coffee at home, a coffee grinder (also called a mill) and the best milk frother are indispensable assets in your home barista arsenal.

So, for coffee that's full of beans, let's take a look at the best coffee grinders. Price, quality and power are key factors to consider when purchasing a grinder. Additionally, you may want a multipurpose model that can grind spices, nuts and herbs.

Best Coffee Grinder At A Glance

Best overall coffee grinder: Sage The Dose Control Pro Coffee Grinder – View on Amazon UK
Best coffee grinder for versatility: SHARDOR Electric Coffee Grinder – View on Ebay
Best portable coffee grinder: Hario Mini Mill Plus – View on Amazon UK

For coffee purists, there are dedicated electric and hand-operated grinders and some are designed for preparing espresso. An espresso-style grinder is generally more expensive, has a more powerful motor and can be adjusted to grind at very small increments. The majority of coffee drinkers will be looking for a filter-style grinder to prepare fresh coffee beans for an aeropress, cafetière or coffee machine.

Best Coffee Grinder

Best overall coffee grinder

Make the daily grind a pleasure with The Dose Control – it's a must for coffee fans who know their beans. If you're passionate about tamping, portafilters and extraction then you're in for a treat. Sage The Dose Control Pro lets you grind directly into a portafilter, filter basket or paper filter. Additionally, the stainless steel conical burr grinder is efficiently designed to minimize grinding heat and protect the essential oils in the coffee bean. The Dose Control produces perfectly ground coffee with precision. The timer can be adjusted to grind in one second increments. This Amazon's Choice product includes two cradles so you can grind directly into your small (50/54mm) or large portafilter (58mm).

Customer review: "I should point out that I almost exclusively use this for espresso grounds with a De'Longhi espresso machine. I find with lava beans that the ideal setting is around the 15 mark - good flow through the machine and the coffee is great with good crema. Used a few times for aeropress and also French press and it has also been great there. In my opinion, it’s the best option over competitors (even DeLonghi's own) for an espresso ground.


  • Precision grinding
  • Conical burrs
  • Two cradles for small and large portafilters
  • Amazon's Choice


  • Some reviews have commented that there is a faint buzzing sound from the grinder when it is turned on

Best electric coffee grinder on a budget


Simply add your whole beans to the grinding bowl and lock it in place. Then, press the small button on the lid to start grinding. The powerful 38000r/min produces perfectly ground coffee in eight to fifteen seconds, while the metal basket will prevent static building up and coffee grounds sticking to the edges. In addition to grinding coffee, the SHARDOR Electric Coffee Grinder is a versatile kitchen tool. The two-blade fixture grinds dry ingredients, such as seeds, nuts and spices very quickly.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Grinds coffee in seconds


  • No grind settings

Best portable coffee grinder

Hario Mini Mill Plus

Rrp: $40.00

Price: $35.75

Craft the perfect cup of coffee with this simple and elegant hand-cranked coffee mill from Hario. It's ideal if you're on a tight budget and yet still want to enjoy fresh coffee. Also, the Hario Mini Mill Plus is compact and totally portable so you could pop it in your bag on your travels. Feel a connection to the drink you are making by hand-brewing from bean to cup. The ceramic burrs are adjustable and you can see the beans being ground through the transparent black hopper - so you can prepare your coffee exactly as you like.

Customer review: "This allows me to put a bit of effort into grinding beans for a single cup. It's a bit like a Japanese tea ceremony – preparation, mindfulness and enjoyment. I have the grind type set for a Moka pot and takes over a minute of turning the handle to extract. Well worth the wait and effort so please don't buy if you want something done in a jiffy."


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for one or two people


  • Small capacity

Best simple electric coffee grinder


Bodum Coffee Grinder
Price: £21.95 (was £34)

The Bodum Coffee Grinder is a simple and affordable way to grind coffee beans for various brewing methods. It features a 60g capacity, a durable stainless steel blade, and a transparent lid that allows you to see the grinding process. How the button sits - down the front of the lid - means you can operate the grinder to pulse and run continuously. It's great for grinding beans for French press, drip coffee and espresso.

While more expensive options like burr grinders will give a more consistent grind, this is a great budget pick.


  • Simple to use
  • Durable
  • Transparent lid for visibility


  • Can be noisy

Best coffee grinder for noise

Bodum Electric Coffee Grinder
Price: £68.95 (was £128)

This sleek, space-saving device has quality stainless steel conical burrs to crush beans effortlessly, rather than slicing them – this releases the aroma and flavour and produces a consistent grind. The Bodum Electric Coffee Grinder's mechanism spins slower than a wheel model, making it quieter and less messy. Easy to use dial settings - just twist to the grind setting you require and set the timer - hey presto!


  • High quality
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet


  • No customer reviews

Best coffee grinder for aroma

De'Longhi Dedica Style KG521.M Coffee Grinder
Price: $196.98
Alternative retailers
Overstock$249.95View offer

If you know your beans then you'll want to use brewing equipment like a pro and this De'Longhi Dedica Style KG521.M Coffee Grinder will unleash your inner barista. It may look like a beast of a machine, but it's actually simple to operate with adjustable dials. Choose from coarse, medium or fine settings and press the grind button. The LCD screen allows you to adjust the aroma of the coffee - a fabulous feature. This grinder is ideal if you're going to be preparing a lot of coffee (up to 14 cups) and want a powerful grinder to make espresso.

Customer review: "There is nothing like your own coffee machine, and the best compliment is grinding your own beans to make that brew. This is a good bean grinder, a tad noisy, but then your grinding beans. It literally is flawless and grinds perfectly for a portafilter of a coffee machine and has a filling cradle or pot. So far in the last two months it’s crunched up about 3kg of beans without a hitch."


  • Grind directly into a filter
  • Digital controls for precisions


  • Some reviews feel it doesn't grind fine enough for Espresso

Best value coffee grinder

Alternative retailers
Wayfair$22.95View offer

Grind from coarse to fine in seconds with this good-value coffee mill from Krups. It's safe to use, as the blades only spin when the lid is secure. Easy one-touch control, a generous capacity and versatility make this an essential purchase for any kitchen. The Krups Coffee Mill F203438 can grind spices, nuts, seeds and herbs in addition to coffee.

Customer review: "It's small and it can grind about a handful of coffee at a time which works for most people on a home scale I would say. Cleaning is not very practical as coffee can be greasy and heavy due to the oils so may need a brush to get all the coffee remains out but then again I just use it for coffee so I don't clean it often."


  • Good value
  • Versatile


  • Blade, not burr

Best multipurpose coffee grinder

Fill your home with a wonderful aroma that simply cannot be replicated with pre-ground coffee. This neat Duronic Coffee Grinder is small and powerful. It can even grind to the extremely fine consistency needed for Turkish coffee. Simple to operate with a push-down button, the Duronic coffee grinder will become indispensable in the kitchen as it grinds spices, nuts, seeds and more.

Customer review: "This is a great machine. Each steel container has its own lid to help keep powders and content in whilst using. Robust. I have a coffee grinder from same company and it's still going strong so here's hoping."


  • Cable management makes it easy to store
  • Powerful motor
  • Can grind wet and dry


  • Blade, not burr

Best manual coffee grinder

This well-designed aluminium hand-crank Timemore C2 Manual Coffee Grinder is a lightweight and a robust little coffee mill. The handle has been designed for your comfort and minimum effort is required. The casing is skid-proof for an easy grip. High-quality stainless steel burrs can be adjusted for coarseness. This is a super-quality coffee grinder for people on the go. It comes with a carry bag and cleaning brush.

Customer review: "Look no further then this grinder, it does exactly what you need it to do. You can choose various grind settings and the bearings make it extremely easy to grind. It has a very high quality finish, definitely not a budget feel."


  • Lightweight for travel
  • Stylish
  • Ergonomic


  • Small capacity

Best coffee grinder for ease of use

For a coffee grinder with a retro style look no further than the Melitta Molino. It's incredibly simple to operate the dial settings and this coffee grinder produces up to 14 cups of ground coffee. The Melitta Molino Coffee Grinder super little countertop grinder for your home coffee bar.

Customer review: "I really like the simplicity and functionality of the grinder. Easy to clean and makes a good tasting brew."


  • Easy to use
  • Works best for grinding larger quantities of coffee
  • Energy efficient


  • Some reviews have commented that it can be messy

Our Verdict: Best Coffee Grinder

If you love exploring coffee variety, roast, brewing process and accessories then you'll be delighted by the Sage The Dose Control Pro Coffee Grinder. This powerful grinder is only the beginning of your coffee adventure as Sage offers a range of complementary products - such as Sage the Bambino coffee machine. Just as with wine, a big part of the pleasure of coffee drinking comes from its aroma. Now 'brewtime' will become a ritual to savour and you'll benefit from drinking more flavourful and aromatic coffee without the cost.

FAQs: Best Coffee Grinder

What are the features of a coffee grinder?

Coffee grinders can be hand-cranked or electric. Both are perfectly fine, however, do look for a grinder that has conical burrs rather than flat burrs or blades.

The reason is that conical burrs crush the beans into a uniform size that allows for even extraction. Having the correct texture of coffee grounds is essential for brewing and most coffee grinders have adjustable settings. The distance between the burrs determines how fine or coarse the grounds will be. If you're preparing coffee beans for espresso you will need to grind on the finest setting for a fine sand-like texture. In contrast, if you are preparing coffee for a French Press cafetière, the grounds will need to be coarse like sea salt. Naturally, a coarse grind takes less time to grind than a fine grind of coffee of the same quantity.

Not only will a decent coffee grinder improve the quality of your coffee and ensure the correct texture for brewing, but it will also save you a lot of money.

Comparing the cost per cup against that of a shop-bought coffee or a coffee pod machine, it is vastly cheaper to brew fresh coffee in a French press, aeropress or Moka pot. The money you will save by investing in the best brewing equipment means that a coffee grinder practically pays for itself. Also, they needn't be expensive; we've included coffee grinders at a range of price points in this guide. On that note, whole coffee beans last longer than ground so you can save even more by buying in bulk.

What are the different grind sizes?

Choose the right grind size for your coffee in order to extract the perfect amount of flavour. If the grounds are too coarse it could result in under extraction - and you won't get so much flavour out of the coffee. If the grounds are too fine this can result in over-extraction and the taste becomes overpowering and too bitter.

Extra coarse is the consistency of ground peppercorns. It's used in cold brew coffee and cowboy coffee. A coarse grind is the size of sea salt and is used in cafetières. Medium-coarse has the texture of rough sand and is used in a variety of brewing methods, including drip brewing.

A medium to medium-fine grind is like sand and is used in cone-shaped coffee filters, pour-over, drip, siphon and aeropress coffee makers. Finely ground coffee is used for preparing espresso or making coffee in a Moka pot or aeropress. And finally, extra fine ground coffee is used to prepare Turkish coffee. It is the consistency of powder or flour.

Should I choose a blade or burr coffee grinder?

Move away from blade grinders as these will not grind the beans evenly. The resulting coffee grounds will be inconsistent with sizes and will be either over or under-extracted. The aim is to achieve a uniform grind. Additionally, look for grinders that work fast. Subjecting the coffee beans to prolonged heat and friction starts to cook them; this impacts the flavour by destroying the natural oils. Burr-based grinders can achieve even pressure and rotation at low speeds and less heat by friction. Hand or electric are fine as long as they have a conical burr-based grinding mechanism.

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