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Make a barista style beverage with the best coffee pod machines.

Best coffee pod machines

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When it comes to the best coffee machines, we love coffee pod models because they take away the multiple steps of other coffee-style machines, like a bean-to-cup coffee or filter coffee machine.

If you're short on countertop space and short on time in the morning, a coffee pod machine will also suit your lifestyle. The pre-measured flavoured pods are slotted in and brewed at the click of a button using water from a small tank in a couple of minutes.

This means you'll always get the perfect cup. But bear in mind the coffee will not be as strong or pure as a filter or bean-to-cup machine. They are not interchangeable between brands, so you're limited to capsules or pods that match your chosen coffee pod machine. This can prove to be costly in the long run with coffee subscription offers.

Best Coffee Pod Machine At A Glance:

Best coffee pod machine for flavour variety: Lavazza A Modo, Mio Deséa Espresso Coffee Machine – View on Amazon
Best compact coffee machine for convenience: Nespresso Vertuo Pop – View on Amazon UK
Best coffee pod machine for large mug-size: Vertuo Next Coffee Machine – View on Amazon UK

Scroll to the FAQs for more coffee pod machine know-how, including what to consider when buying a new machine.

Best Coffee Pod Machine 2023

Best coffee pod machine for flavour variety

A seamless and sleek coffee pod machine, the Lavazza A Modo Mia Deséa Espresso Coffee Machine is definitely the cream of the crop. We love that it has no pouring or splashes, so if you want to create a frothy cappuccino or latte, you can put the milk in the cup and then add the coffee pod to the machine.

Compatibility: Lavazza Pods

Customer review: "I did a fair amount of research before making this purchase. This machine received best buy reviews from several places as the best mid-range coffee pod machine currently available. It's stylish, has a relatively compact footprint on a kitchen worktop and feels well put together. It has a unique milk whisk frother in a separate stylish glass mug/jug. There's also a range of drink size options and the ability to increase the temperature of the coffee.

"The milk drinks are fascinating to watch being made. The washing up is just the jug and the milk frother, so easy low maintenance. The coffee produced tastes great. And being able to boost the temperature to get a nice hot coffee is great, an option we use most of the time. The good news is that Lavazza has made these pods Eco Capsules that are compostable, so guilt free and a greener option than counterparts. But not on a home compost heap, only via a local authority food caddy, so going in the right direction, but not perfect. The other issue I was aware of beforehand is that the capsules are not as readily available in smaller supermarkets, like our small town Co-op. So you have to order directly from the manufacturer, online, or go to a bigger supermarket."


  • Eco Capsules
  • Quiet
  • Wide pod flavour variety


  • Pod doesn't always drop in the container when it's finished

Best compact coffee machine for convenience

The Vertuo Pop retails at a very reasonable price for a high-end coffee experience. In terms of taste, it produces more flavoursome coffee because of the high-pressure technology (Centrifusion) used in the brewing process. This compact coffee machine is available in a range of vibrant colours, and it's small enough to fit between appliances on a kitchen counter or on a pedestal in the office. It's incredibly energy efficient and produces excellent coffee at the press of a button with no mess.

Compatibility: Vertuo capsules

Our review: I call the Vertuo Pop the "Crema of the Cup". The thick frothy top you get on these decadent coffees is incredible. If you are a coffee lover, I highly recommend trying coffee from the Nespresso Vertuo range. Other benefits that the machine offers include: speed, ease of use, no mess and compact size. Nespresso offers a premium customer journey in every way. I greatly enjoy having my coffee experience curated and get to feel like a connoisseur. There are nods to Italian café culture in the names of the blends and language used to describe the preparation and cup size. The provenance of the beans and the tasting notes is akin to characterising fine wine. From the brilliant simplicity of colour-coded capsules, beautiful graphics and evocative language, Nespresso's attention to detail makes every step of the coffee experience feel like a luxurious treat.


  • No mess
  • Quality coffee in less than one minute
  • Excellent crema


  • Could not find a Podback recycling station for capsules

Best coffee pod machine for large mug-size

Made from 54 per cent recycled plastic, this brilliant coffee pod machine can make five different coffee drinks. This is due to the bespoke barcode on each machine, simply scan it, pop the pod in and enjoy. Currently, you can get a free gift set worth £50 and £150 off coffee* when you subscribe to Nespresso Plus through the Nespresso site.

Compatibility: Nespresso Vertuo

Our review: "Unlike the Vertuo Pop, I can fit my really big mug under the spout - I mean, that thing is like a small chimney pot! So, if you are looking for supersize coffee, definitely pay a little extra and opt for the Vertuo Next. Also, I'm really appreciating the joy of drinking Nespresso coffee with milk. I've tried both warm and cold oat milk and both mix beautifully with the coffee and crema to give a sumptuous smooth mouth feel - it's utterly delicious. Finally, all credit to Nespresso for delivering a sustainable, energy-efficient and luxurious coffee experience."

Read our full review on the Nespresso Vertuo Next.


  • Slimline
  • Strong coffee taste
  • Easy to use


  • Fault reported after long-term use

Best value for money coffee pod machine

This powerful yet quiet coffee pod machine from Lavazza is just what you need to make an excellent espresso. It's quick, so it won't slow you down during those busy mornings, and the bar pressure is quite high, so it'll extract the best flavours from the coffee pods, which in turn produces some delicious aromatic and flavoursome coffees.

Compatibility: Lavazza Pods

Customer review: "We love this machine, having a really tiny kitchen it takes no space at all, in fact, was so surprised how small it is upon unpacking. We've had it for two months now and it works perfectly. It's a doddle to clean, just open and empty the compartment the pods stay once used (I clean after every four pods as there isn't space for more). To use it, put the pod in and press the button. The variety of flavours available is great and the prices here on Amazon are decent, so no complaints. Very happy."


  • Slimline
  • Fast heat-up
  • Pods are compostable
  • Authentic coffee taste


  • Milk frother sold separately

Best budget coffee pod machine

If you're in the market for a new coffee pod machine but have a stricter budget, this Tassimo coffee machine might just be the one for you. It's ultra-simple to use, just press one button, and that's it. We also love how it automatically cleans between each coffee, so there will be no mixing, this coffee pod machine is also ideal for a smaller kitchen area as it's sleek and compact.

CompatibilityTassimo T Discs - more than 40 hot drinks from famous brands including Costa, Cadburys and Twinings

Review: "I purchased this initially as I wanted a coffee machine to match my cream kitchen. I did a bit of research to make sure that I could find enough pods that I liked and once I did I bought this machine. Firstly it's very nice looking. Not too bulky and in a pretty deep cream colour. The instructions are simple and well written and the whole design is pretty idiot-proof. The added bonus of no buttons to press is ideal for those who stagger blearily in search of coffee in the morning. Just pop in a pod and shove your cup under the spout et voila.

My only slight gripe would be that the coffee could do with coming out a tiny bit hotter, especially if you take milk in yours as I do. I have to microwave mine for a few seconds after brewing, but I like my coffee really hot so it could just be my preference. All in all, I love this and would happily recommend it to anyone looking for a machine."


  • Wide variety of flavour pods
  • Cheap
  • No buttons


  • Barcode reader needs to be kept dry

Best luxury coffee pod machine

This coffee pod machine, with a high-end chrome finish, deep cleaning technology and fast coffee dispensing, is nothing short of luxurious. We were impressed by the Centrifusion technology, meaning the water is infused with the capsule, helping achieve the most aromatic and rich coffees possible. You can currently get 20 per cent off all Nespresso accessories with a Nespresso Plus Subscription through the Nespresso site.

Compatibility: Nespresso Vertuo

Our review: "Very pleased with this coffee machine. Easy and quick to use and neat looking. The coffee is delicious and if you have a milk frother, makes a decent cappuccino. Depending on how many cups of coffee you have a day it could work out expensive."


  • Quick brewing
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to use
  • Produces high-quality coffee
  • Convenient


  • Exclusively uses Nespresso Vertuo pods only

Best coffee pod machine for custom drinks

This Tassimo coffee pod machine is nothing short of a coffee fan's dream. It offers three different temperatures, volumes and strengths, so you can fully customise your coffee. It can additionally make hot chocolates and teas, making it ideal for a busy household with varying drink orders. 

CompatibilityTassimo T Discs - more than 40 hot drinks from famous brands, including Costa, Cadburys and Twinings

Review: "I initially bought this first for my parents for Christmas to give them the opportunity of coffee shop coffee at home. I was so impressed with the machine when I set it up for them that on the way home I bought myself one to upgrade our existing pod machine. Haven't looked back - this machine is so much better than the standard entry model not sure how we lived without it! Would recommend it to any coffee lover."


  • Temperature settings
  • Drink variety
  • Water filter


  • Barcode reader temperamental

Best coffee pod machine for milk-based drinks

If you love lattes or cappuccinos, then this Creatista Uno coffee pod machine will be your most valuable product in the kitchen. With an automatic steam wand and three different milk textures and milk temperatures, you'll be able to fully customise your latte or cappuccino to your taste. The user interface is also straightforward and seamless to use.

CompatibilityNespresso Pods

Customer review: "This is by far the best Nespresso machine I have ever owned and I've owned a few. Unless you desperately want the chrome finish or LCD screen save yourself some money and buy the Uno because all the other features are absolutely identical to the Creatrista standard and the plus. It heats up in three seconds, no joke. The auto steaming for milk is a doddle to use and clean. Variable milk temperature and foam amount and density put it head and shoulders above other Nespresso and milk machines. The looks and build quality of the machine are just fantastic and the quality of the coffee this machine produces is on par with machines ten times the price. If you're undecided honestly just buy it, it's that blooming good.

"Also for anyone on the fence about this style or a separate Nespresso machine and an Aeroccino. Having previously owned one let me tell you it's a no-brainer."


  • Quick heat-up
  • Dense milk froth
  • Easy to clean


  • Need to dismantle steam wand to properly clean

Best for making stronger coffees

The L'OR Barista Sublime is available in three colours; white, red and black. It is compatible with L'OR Espresso single shot capsules and the L'OR Barista XXL capsules and allows customers to use a wide range of alternative branded coffee capsules on the market, providing maximum flexibility and choice. Made in partnership with Philip, the L'OR coffee machine is complete with dual capsule recognition technology, which automatically detects the capsule size and 19 bar brewing pressure for true barista quality.

CompatibilityL'OR Barista, Nespresso Pods and other compatible brands

Our review: "After enjoying a bean-to-cup machine I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the coffee in L'OR's exclusive XXL capsules and think the dual chamber it's an impressive offering from a pod machine, especially when other pod machines on the market are not as flexible."

Read our full review on the L'OR Barista Sublime Coffee Machine.


  • Can make two drinks at once
  • Dual coffee pod compatibility
  • Compatible with other pod brands
  • Affordable


  • XXL pod exclusive to L’OR

OUR VERDICT: Which Is The Best Coffee Pod Machine?

The Tassimo by Bosch TAS6502GB MY WAY 2 Pod Coffee Machine comes out on top among coffee pod machines. The sheer variety of drink options and custom profiles make this ideal for any coffee lover, and at under £100, it's an affordable option.

FAQs: Best Coffee Pod Machine

What To Consider When Buying A Coffee Pod Machine

Capacity/tank size - If you have a busier household, or you want to make enough to last you throughout your commute and back, you'll probably need a machine with a larger tank/capacity. We would recommend anything with at least a 1.2L capacity, as this makes approximately five to six cups of coffee. But if you're a smaller household, then anything around 1L will suffice.

Milk frother – There are two different ways for the milk frother to create lattes or cappuccinos: the first is by using a milk pod, and the second is with an actual milk frother. Consider the extra cost if a milk frother is sold separately.

Pod compatibility - As previously mentioned, a pod machine may be on the lower end of the budget for coffee machines, but the cost for pods can be costly and add up over time.

Do All Coffee Machines Take The Same Pods?

Essentially no, different coffee machines will take different pods**.** Some coffee machines can take different pod brands than the machine's brand, but plenty out there have only specific pods that they are compatible with. Ensure to check what coffee pods your machine is compatible with and purchase accordingly so.

Is A Coffee Pod Machine Worth It?

If you find yourself purchasing coffee every day or having a specific coffee order that can only be made through a pod machine, then absolutely. They allow you to make rich and indulgent coffees from the comfort of your own home.

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