Nespresso Vertuo Next Review: For Supersize Coffee

Go big at home with the Nespresso Vertuo Next.

Nespresso Vertuo Next Review

by Natalie Knowles |
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Sometimes mugs are just too tall to fit under the spout of a coffee machine, so we were thrilled to discover that the Nespresso Vertuo Next coffee machine stands taller than its compact counterparts. When making that second coffee of the day it's time to bust out the 'comfort' mug – a heavy and tactile stoneware vessel with a mighty 500ml capacity. Not only is it comforting, but it can deliver that burst of caffeine energy to carry you through the rest of the working day.

Nespresso's Vertuo range makes a hearty, mug-sized drink. This USP gives them a competitive edge, as most other coffee pod machines offer espresso-size (40ml–80ml) and Lungo size (150ml) options only.

Having tested the Nespresso Pop and found it couldn't accommodate her 20cm tall, chimney stack mug, our coffee connoisseur, Natalie Knowles, put the Vertuo Next through its paces.

Oat milk latte made with a Bianco capsule in the Vertuo Next.
©Photo credit: Natalie Knowles


  • Large size coffees
  • Nespresso quality
  • Delicious crema
  • No Mess
  • Easy to use
  • Sustainable
  • Recyclable


  • Wish more capsules were compatible with it

Nespresso Vertuo Next: Summary

Whether you choose the Vertuo Next or the Vertuo Pop, these compact machines easily fit between an air fryer and a microwave on a worktop. With a footprint of just 13.97cm and the ability to brew up to 535ml coffee - the Vertuo Next is just as compact as the Pop, albeit taller - the bonus is that it can brew more.

You can make five different size drinks at the touch of a button: Espresso (40ml), Double Espresso (80ml), Gran Lungo (150ml), Mug (230ml) and Carafe (535ml). The size of the capsules varies depending on the drink size and one capsule makes one drink only (more on that in a bit). The unique barcode on the capsule tells the machine how much water to add. It's energy efficient as it heats to an exact temperature and uses only the quantity of water it requires (goodbye kettle). From capsule to cup in about a minute, the coffee is instantly in your hand at a perfectly drinkable temperature.

In terms of recycling, the machine is 54 per cent recyclable and the packaging is 99 per cent recyclable. Also, the 80 per cent recycled aluminium capsules get remade when they are recycled via Podback.

Finally, for lovers of one-touch tech, Vertuo coffee machines are so easy to use; one button does everything. Additionally, you can enhance your coffee experience by pairing the machine with the Nespresso app using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Just to say, the machine works perfectly fine without pairing too.

I've always appreciated the clean information design that's consistent across all of Nespresso's communication. From the colour-coded capsules, to the clarity of information presented on their website, and their luxurious lifestyle-led reels on socials. Icon-based representation gets across the key USPs of the Vertuo system. You may pay more, but for user experience, style and quality coffee, no one does it better than Nespresso.

Nespresso Vertuo Next and Coffee+ capsules
©Photo credit: Natalie Knowles


At the time of writing, the Vertuo Next has an RRP of £150. A similar compact coffee pod machine, the L'OR Barista Sublime, currently retails at around the £100 price point. The L'OR is a slightly shorter machine and can produce drinks up to 220ml in size. However, if you purchase L’OR Barista XXL capsules you can make larger drinks. The key point is that 50 XXL capsules are £25 which is 20p per drink and capsules are widely available.

Vertuo capsules are bigger than standard coffee pods and feature a unique circular barcode on the rim of each capsule. The design is nearly impossible for third parties to replicate. So, Nespresso retains exclusivity over selling capsules for its Vertuo machines. This makes it a more expensive option, for a coffee pod machine, as there are no cheaper compatible pods.

The Coffee+ range (Vivida B12, Stormio Boost and Melozio Boost) is exclusively sold on Nespresso's website. One sleeve costs £7.90 for 10 capsules. Therefore one coffee costs 79p. However, to be fair, the Coffee+ range is brand new and has an exclusive limited edition selection of capsules. Nespresso offer capsules from 45p+.

Key Features

Capacity: 1.1L
Dimensions: D42.9 x W14.2 x H31.4cm
Milk frother: No
Special features: Centrifusion™, made from 54 per cent recycled plastic, automatic switch off after 2 minutes, connectivity, 30 second heat up, sustainable coffee, adjustable cup holder
Guarantee: Two-year warranty

Rating: 4.5/5

Nespresso Coffee+ Vertuo capsules
©Photo credit: Natalie Knowles

Testing The Nepresso Vertuo Next Coffee Machine

What Was The Product Tested For?

I used the Vertuo Next daily, over the course of a month, in both a home and office environment. Additionally, I sampled the innovative Coffee+ range of Vivida, Melozio Boost and Stormio Boost capsules. Nespresso writes: "this latest launch caters to those wanting to proactively bolster their wellbeing and make the most out of their day."

Firstly, I was keen to see if the Vertuo Next brews coffee with an enormous crema like the Vertuo Pop did. Also, Nespresso has an innovative range of Coffee+ capsules that are available with the Vertuo Next. I've tested those capsules to the max, to see if I can get a supersize coffee out of them by brewing the capsule more than once. Also, I've tried a capsule or two with milk to see what happens to the crema when it's mixed with warm and cold milk.

In addition to coffee preparation, I tested the ease of rinsing the machine and how straightforward it is to pair with the Nespresso app. Finally, with Nespresso's impressive sustainability initiative, I was keen to test if I could find an easy way to recycle the Vertuo capsules (Podback let me down last time).

Crema on a Nespresso coffee
©Photo credit: Natalie Knowles

Nespresso Vertuo Next Review: What Were The Results?


When I unboxed the Vertuo Next, I was struck by the emphasis on recycling. The texture and finish of the box is bare cardboard. It ties in with Nespresso's Sustainability Commitment and that it recently announced the launch of paper-based compostable pods in Europe. Also on the box is a message about the packaging being 95 per cent recycled and 99 per cent recyclable.

The machine was well packed in robust paper-pulp moulding. There were three booklets (instructions, safety and warranty). I was struck by how minimal the plastic was - just a clear bag to keep dust and moisture off the machine.

Just to add, I reviewed the Vertuo Pop four months ago and I can see a marked new emphasis on sustainability. It's great that Nespresso is putting the environment and ethical farming at the top of its strategies. That's not to overlook the gorgeous bronze hues of the photography. The Vertuo Next machine, drinkware and capsules have sexy curves. And the thick crema is still the star of the show.


On first inspection, my machine has Kylo Ren vibes. There are a few standout differences from the Vertuo Pop. Firstly, it's taller, so that it can accommodate a carafe. Secondly, the drip tray is designed to slot into the machine at three heights. Additionally, it has a larger capacity pod catcher. It's ideal for my office, sleek and stylish, and where I'm most likely to forget to empty it.

The instructions are the same for the Vertuo Next, Vertuo Pop and Vertuo Plus. So, if you've used one of these machines before, it'll be instinctive to operate.

Vertuo Next and Coffee+ capsules
©Photo credit: Natalie Knowles


Rinsing a Nespresso is a doddle. Simply, fill the water tank, open and close the lock, then press the power button three times within two seconds. I loved the fact that my Le Creuset cafetiere (21.8cm tall) fit perfectly under the spout to catch the water. The rinsing program tasks around seven minutes during which the machine whirs quite loudly. Just to add, the capsule container is removable so I washed it in warm water too. It was easy to dry with a soft, clean towel.

Brewing the Columbia capsule twice
©Photo credit: Natalie Knowles


Recently, I saw a friend make coffee in her Nespresso Original machine and I was intrigued that she pressed the power button three times to make one mug-sized coffee. That is to say, she did the brewing process three times with one coffee pod. My understanding was that the pod is single use and should only be brewed once for the perfect tasting coffee. With that in mind, I was curious to try this with one of the large Vertuo capsules in the sample pack. I opted for the gorgeous mauve Columbia capsule (535ml).

Brewing a capsule twice

I'm doing this experiment with the full understanding that I may dilute the intended flavours of the coffee. On first brew, delicious coffee aromas were released and there was a wonderful crema. I pressed the button again and I could see a marked difference in the colour of the coffee coming out of the spout. The coffee was weak, clear towards the end of the brew, and the crema had almost dissipated. So, that's a lesson: You can brew the capsule twice for a longer drink, but you lose the crema and judging by the colour of the coffee, anymore would make it too weak.

Tasting it - yes, for my taste the coffee is slightly too weak. I can get the hint of woody flavours and complex tasting notes - toffee, metal, bitterness and a smooth mouthfeel. For some people, this may be perfect and it's reminiscent of French press coffee. It also gives you two mugfuls to savour. If we take into account the cost per cup (between 45p and 79p) this gives you some value for money. Personally, I will probably stick to brewing that particular capsule once as I like the crema.

Brewing the Il Caffe capsule twice
©Photo credit: Natalie Knowles

Now, there are some mornings when espresso is necessary. And on a particular Monday morning, I was keen to sample the Il Caffe which is an astonishing 11 on the intensity scale. The capsule is a steely dark green colour. I inserted the drip tray into the slot that was nearest the spout. The adjustable drip tray height is a handy feature, allowing for a wider range of drink sizes than the Vertuo Pop.

The aroma was wonderful and nutty. It was an intensely strong, bitter-tasting espresso, so much so, I pressed the power button again to do the brew process a second time and make it a longer drink. In effect, it became the perfect double espresso and I did retain a wonderful crema with the second brew. I was genuinely surprised, the second brew released more tasting notes: fruity and chocolatey. My enjoyment of Il Caffe was enhanced by brewing it twice. Understandably, taste is subjective but I'd recommend experimenting with brewing, for me that super strong espresso had a much more enjoyable palette of flavours from the second brew.

Making Homemade Oak Milk Latte

I used the Bianco Doppio capsule that is marked specifically for use with milk and has vanilla custard pie flavours. Rich, velvety, creamy mouthfeel - it paired stunningly well with the fresh homemade oat milk that I made in my Salter Plant M!lk Maker. I warmed the milk in the microwave for added comfort. It needed the addition of sugar to pull all the flavours together and, my goodness, it was yummy. The coffee was a pale gold that matches the colour of the capsule. This was a decadent mugful, and as someone who doesn't normally drink coffee with milk, I was very glad I tried this. It might just convert me to asking for café au lait in future. Also, I'm chuffed that I can now make a significantly cheaper version of the ever-so-trendy oat milk latte.

Homemade oat milk latte
©Photo credit: Natalie Knowles


Nespresso gives LEGO a run for its money with clear and succinct visual instructions. Therefore, I have had no trouble whatsoever using the one-touch power button to brew and program the machine. Additionally, I paired my Vertuo Next with the Nespresso app. I can receive alerts for when I need to descale my machine, when the capsule container is full and if the water tank is empty. Also, I can order coffee capsules via the app. I switched on Bluetooth, and Location and provided my Wi-Fi password. Then, I registered my account. It took about five minutes to go through these stages. I immediately got an email to welcome me to the Nespresso Club - a "passionate, global community of coffee lovers".

All I'd advise is that you don't let your machine auto shutdown, which it can do after two minutes of inactivity - that's too energy efficient if you ask me.

Recycling the capsules

Podback and I have a history. The last time I tried to find a recycling station in my city - I failed. Even though it looks like there are at least two city centre drop-off points when I went to both places there was nothing there. But digging a little deeper I got a very handy tip-off from a customer assistant at John Lewis who told me that Premier newsagents will take used Nespresso capsules. Also, I was able to take a complementary recycling bag from John Lewis. Upon enquiry, the newsagents told me that I needed to have a label so that when the Yodel collection came they would know where to send the used aluminium pods to. This all turned out to be very straightforward, I found the Yodel returns page via the Podback website and opted to print the label in-store. I feel better about Podback now.

How Does The Nepresso Vertuo Next Coffee Machine Compare To Rival Products?

Yes, it's more expensive than the L'OR Barista Sublime, but the crema and quality coffee from a Nespresso Vertuo machine is incomparable. If you're like the previous version of myself, blithely spending £3.50 a day on high street coffee, then you are going to earn your money back by investing in this appliance. I found through testing it that I found ways to make longer drinks by brewing capsules more than once or adding homemade oat milk (3p per litre!) to make a wholesome latte than knocks the socks off anything you can buy from a chain.

Pairing the Vertuo Next with the app
©Photo credit: Natalie Knowles

Our Verdict: Nepresso Vertuo Next Coffee Machine

Rating: 4.5/5

Unlike the Vertuo Pop, I can fit my really big mug under the spout - I mean, that thing is like a small chimney pot! So, if you are looking for supersize coffee, definitely pay a little extra and opt for the Vertuo Next. Also, I'm really appreciating the joy of drinking Nespresso coffee with milk. I've tried both warm and cold oat milk and both mix beautifully with the coffee and crema to give a sumptuous smooth mouth feel - it's utterly delicious. Finally, all credit to Nespresso for delivering a sustainable, energy-efficient and luxurious coffee experience.

Why not 5 out of 5? Vertuo capsules cost more than competitors and the range is limited. But there are still over 30 to choose from so I'm not crying over spilt milk at all.

Incredible crema on a Nespresso coffee
©Photo credit: Natalie Knowles

Full Product Specifications

Automatic or manual: Automatic
Type of drinks: Espresso (40ml), Double Espresso (80ml), Gran Lungo (150ml), Mug (230ml), Carafe-Pour-Over-Style (535ml)
Coffee options: Nespresso Vertuo capsules
Power supply: Mains electric
Brewing system: Centrifusion™
Water Container Capacity: 1.1L
Dimensions: D42.9 x W14.2 x H31.4cm
Milk frother: No
Material: ‎Aluminium
Weight: 5.76kg
Power: 1,500W
Heat-up time: 30 sec
Colour: Matt black, dark grey, white, light grey, cherry red, black, rich brown, dark chrome, pure chrome, glossy black, dark navy, jade, silver, titanium
Guarantee: Nespresso two-year warranty


What Is Nespresso's Coffee+ Range?

Nespresso announced these new capsules earlier this year in response to an increased focus and interest in the benefits of functional food and drinks on immunity. The Melozio Boost and Stormio Boost coffees (x10 capsules for £7.90) offer coffee lovers 200mg of caffeine per cup. That is 20 per cent more caffeine than the original blends, making them the coffee lover’s go-to choice to jump-start the day.

Nespresso’s Vivida B12 coffee has taken this one step further and has been crafted for coffee lovers who want to enrich their daily coffee experience with vitamin B12 which helps contribute to the normal function of the immune system. These capsules are perfect for those coffee drinks who want to proactively bolster their well-being and make the most of their day providing 25 per cent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin B12 in just one cup. The blend’s Bourbon variety beans offer a luxurious sweet cereal note alongside the smooth-tasting Latin American Arabicas, making Vivida the perfect wellbeing coffee ritual.

Nespresso Coffee+ Vivida capsules
©Photo credit: Natalie Knowles

Mia Challiner, content creator and Nespresso ambassador, says “Over the past few months, Nespresso's Boost Coffee has become my go to drink because of the added benefit it offers whilst still tasting so great.

“Now with the Vivida capsule, the Coffee+ Range integrates into my daily routine and gives me something to look forward to every day. It’s a moment for me to step away from the madness of life and enjoy the moment whilst I unwind with my cup of coffee. Whether it be alone or with friends and family, enjoyed warm or cold, it brings me happiness and a sense of comfort, helping me to look after my wellbeing.”

The capsules are available to purchase from in sleeves of 10 for £7.60.

How Can I Recycle My Nespresso Coffee Pods?

Nespresso pods are recyclable aluminium. A bag is provided to collect your used pods. Return this in the post, using Nespresso's doorstep recycling service. Alternatively, with Podback you can drop them off at one of the 7,000 Collect+ locations (delivered by Yodel). Also, you can pop into a Nespresso Boutique and drop used pods off there.

How Do I Order Nespresso Coffee Pods?

It is very easy to order pods online, via the Nespresso app or by phone for next-day delivery. Alternatively, collect your order from your nearest Nespresso Boutique just one hour after placing the order. Nespresso wants to build a relationship with its customers, offering exclusive new coffees and private sales to Connoisseur, Expert and Ambassador members. It rewards long-term subscribers: for example, if you're a customer for over ten years you will be an Ambassador member where you receive VIP rewards and an anniversary gift.

Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never allow this to influence product selections - read why you should trust us