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If you consider yourself a coffee lover and a lover of a good deal, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift to buy your espresso-obsessed loved one or have been hunting around for the right bean-to-cup coffee machine so you can stop your daily trip to a coffee shop, we’re here to showcase the best coffee machine deals around right now.

Deals on coffee machines often pop up throughout the year, during Spring and Summer Sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and then the post-Christmas sales. Black Friday occurs in late November after originating in America, with tech and electronic goods such as smart TVs going on sale right after Thanksgiving to entice customers to begin their Christmas shopping. However, many brands and stockists often plan their own deals throughout the year, hoping to entice you to snap up a bargain.

Keep an eye on this page as we keep it updated with the best new deals that pop up throughout the year.

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Pod coffee machine deals

If you love the idea of effortlessly creating coffee-shop drinks in your own kitchen, then we recommend buying a coffee pod machine. Ideal for those on the go or who live busy lifestyles, pod machines are able to make all kinds of different coffees, from flat whites to simple americano. Nespresso coffee machines fit into this category, as do Nescafe Dolce Gusto and Tassimo.

Bosch Finesse Coffee Machine - White
Price: £49 (was £119)

Whether you want to enjoy a latte, cappuccino, or hot chocolate; the unique Tassimo intelligence will make sure your hot drink is made to perfection every time - and just in one three-second push of a button. The sleek and stylish machine only heats only the required amount of water and uses auto-clean between each drink to ensure no flavour is mixed between cups.

Customer review: "I bought the Tassimo a week ago and now wouldn't be without it, it makes coffee making a breeze, and not only us it quick and easy but your drinks stay warmer for longer than if made using the kettle."

Nescafe Dolce GustoInfinissima coffee machine - Black
Price: £39 (was £104)

The NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Infinissima Black and White manual pod coffee machine by De'Longhi is slim and uniquely designed, with a 1.2L water tank that will help create deliciously stylish coffee.

Customer review: "I like this machine a lot it would have got 5 stars but it is rather noisy and that’s the only reason. I would definitely recommend it."

Nespresso Vertuo Pop Coffee Pod Machine by Krups, Coconut White
Price: £49.99 (save £50 price includes saving)

Join the Nespresso family with this Vertuo Pop by Krups, with four different cup sizes. The machine reads the code in each capsule for bespoke creations, from aroma to crema. Each machine comes with a starter kit, and you can buy capsules from Nespresso and subscriptions are also available.

Customer review: "This machine is very to use, it takes 2 minutes after unpacking to enjoy your first coffee. Just connect, pour the water, pop the capsule, one click of the button and the coffee is ready in 20 seconds. Size wise is very compact so will fit even into small kitchens. Quality of coffee is comparable to barista & bean to cup machines which is surprising. Only disadvantage: sustainability and waste created after each use."

Bean to cup coffee machine deals

Bean-to-cup machines have internal grinders so they grind the beans and then hot water is forced through the ground coffee at high pressure resulting in a perfect cup of coffee. They can be either automatic or manual, so you can either have coffee at a touch of a button or go to a little bit of effort yourself (using a milk frother to froth your desired milk). Bean-to-cup coffee machines are an investment piece for any coffee lover.

The Siemens EQ 7 fully automatic coffee machine is a clever bit of kit, to put it lightly. It can remember the coffee preferences of up to 11 users and easily prepares a beautiful cup of coffee at just a touch of a button. Unlike many machines, it will foam the milk in your cup for perfect cappuccinos and lattes.

Customer review: "I was on the fence on this one, as this is quite an expensive machine, but I do love them so I decided to give this one a try, and it's absolutely fantastic. Perfect coffee every time, outstanding precision. The display is gorgeous, the lighting on the coffee cup when it's pouring is really nice touch, and I love the ability to remotely dispense a coffee. Sounds stupid, I know, but it's actually useful for me. The one criticism I have is the fact I cannot disable the automatic rinse on startup. It auto-rinses both on startup and shutdown, but that hurts the purpose of the remote dispensing ability. I can't pour my morning cup from my bed using the app, because it would throw dirty water in the cup prior to the coffee. Siemens, please fix that!"

DeLonghiMagnifica Evo, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Price: £349 (was £419)

The De'Longhi Magnifica is specifically designed for entry-level customers to the automatic coffee machine world, looking for a one touch experience, making it the perfect first bean-to-cup coffee machine. It has 13 coffee bean grind settings, personalisation settings and so much more.

Sage the Barista Touch™ Coffee Machine, Black Truffle
Price: £895 (Save £154 price includes saving)

If you fancy yourself as the barista of your own kitchen, the luxurious Sage Touch machine brings you professional quality with ease. It has an easy-to-use touchscreen display with a pre-programmed coffee menu, integrated grinder, automatic milk texturing, and a 3-second heat-up time.

Filter coffee machine deals

Filter coffee machines are essentially larger versions of a cafetière, where you pour hot water on coffee grounds that are placed on a metal or paper filter. Over time, the hot water is allowed to percolate through the grounds and collected in a pot.

This large coffee machine filters your much-loved coffee to a perfect temperature of 85 degrees as well as keeping it warm for up to 40 minutes. The design is sleek and stylish and will slot into any kitchen worktop setup.

Breville VCF139 Flow Collection 12-Cup Filter Coffee Machine - Grey and Chrome
Price: £34.99 (was £49.99)

This impressive Breville coffee machine has a 12–cup capacity (making it perfect for busy families) and aims to create great-tasting coffee every time. It also keeps the brewed coffee at the perfect drinking temperature, so you can always go back for more.


Things to look out for when buying a coffee machine

Ask yourself what coffee do you prefer to drink, as this will decide what coffee machine is the right one for you. Do you like it black and strong? A filter coffee machine is probably more for you. If you want a stronger flavour, you might want to consider something with ground coffee or whole bean. Whole bean is great if you have time to grind your coffee down. Luckily, some machines do that for you. Like a latte? Maybe something with a milk frother would be better. Don't have much time in the morning but are desperate for a caffeine hit? A pod machine will likely be your saviour.

How much are you willing to pay? Pod machines are generally a lot cheaper but are often made of plastic and don't last as long. You should also think about the environmental impact of the pods you're using. Some brands like Nespresso offer schemes for you to send your old pods off to be recycled, but it is something you need to keep on top of. Buying pods can also be a little costly, too. Bean-to-cup machines are more expensive, but coffee beans last longer, so it may be cheaper to run as time goes by.

How much coffee do you drink? Maybe you should take into consideration the amount of coffee you consume on a weekly basis. if you only like to treat yourself to a coffee a couple of times every two weeks, you may be better off sticking to buying them when you're out and about.

How can you dispose of your old coffee machine?

All household waste and recycling centres have drop-off points for electricals including old coffee machines.

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