The Best Filter Coffee Machines

Make a perfect cup of coffee with the best filter coffee machines

Best filter coffee machines

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Our morning routines involve a cup of coffee to help us put our best foot forward – and the best filter coffee machine can help with that – especially if you need more than one coffee to wake up. Not only that, but it's versatile – so there's a way for everyone to enjoy it. No matter how you take your coffee with a filter coffee machine, the possibilities are endless.

People drink coffee together, whether it's in a bustling café, in the comfort of their home, or half-asleep at the office. If you love the taste of filter coffee, with or without milk and sugar, and are not fond of any added syrups and fancy extras, here's the best way to choose a coffee machine for you. Additionally, with a filter machine, you get all the fun of trying lots of ground coffee varieties in order to find your perfect blend.

If you have a larger household, a large-capacity filter coffee machine will be better suited. If you're the occasional coffee drinker, something smaller or a budget coffee machine will suit your needs. But, if you need a jug to last you all morning – and cater to the entire household – we recommend anything with a 1.2L capacity and above – this makes five to six cups.

Best Filter Coffee Machines At A Glance:

Best filter coffee machine overall: Sage SDC450BSS the Precision Brewer Coffee Maker – View on Sage
Best budget filter coffee machine: Morphy Richards 163006 Verve Filter Coffee Machine – View on Amazon UK
Best filter coffee machine for aesthetic: Moccamaster CD Yellow Overflow Coffee Maker – View on Amazon UK

Yes, instant coffee may be the most affordable way to get a caffeine kick, but if you appreciate real coffee taste, then a filter coffee machine is the next most economical option and provides a fresher coffee. That said, if you love luxury, invest in a Sage coffee machine, such as the Precision Brewer Coffee Maker. You can dabble in a coffee subscription or get a coffee grinder to prepare whole coffee beans for brewing. It may well be your first step into a world of coffee connoisseurship.

Best Filter Coffee Machines UK 2023

Best filter coffee machine overall

This is, without a doubt, the Sage SDC450BSS the Precision Brewer Coffee Maker, is the best filter coffee machine out there. Featuring multiple fittings for the brew basket, pre-set functions to determine the strength of the coffee, and a temperature setting so you can drink it cold or hot. What truly sets it apart from other products is the Precision brewer function, which allows you to customise brew time and bloom time, so you can achieve a fruitier or a more bitter coffee.

Customer review: "The Precision Brewer by Breville/Sage is very well built indeed, like most of their products you get that quality feel as soon as you open the box. Having the Gold standard built-in, the ability to produce a beautiful consistent supply of coffee at a high quality is a joy. Here is what really sets this coffee maker apart, the range and precise control to tweak the product to suit you is a great bonus, even to the point of allowing the coffee machine to make a cold brew using the permanent filter."


  • Thermal jug
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Steep and release
  • Dual filter baskets
  • Customisable


  • Complicated operation

Best budget filter coffee machine

This affordable and well-priced filter coffee machine from Morphy Richards does everything you need and more. The brewing system is seamless, quick and ultra-quiet, which is perfect for that early morning start. We also love that you can adjust the coffee strength, so you can get a weaker or stronger cup of joe.

Customer review: "After a few days of experimenting with water amounts and coffee amounts, along with the different programs, I got the machine to make the perfect cup of coffee. Great device and simple to use."


  • Auto shut-off
  • Cleaning programme
  • Strength selector
  • Pour over shower head


  • Needs cleaning before/in-between uses

Best filter coffee machine for aesthetic

This yellow and highly effective filter coffee machine from Moccamaster is a winner. It comes with a thermos, boasts seamless user usability and the brew system has been designed to create the optimum coffee flavour. We also love that it's additionally available in two other colours if pink isn't your cup of (coffee) tea.

Customer review: "Very happy with the design and the coffee too!"


  • Thermal jug
  • Coffee in six minutes,
  • Ideal temperature
  • Beautiful design


  • Needs size 4 papers, not size 2

Best filter coffee machine for strong coffee

An all-around excellent filter coffee machine, the Melitta Aroma Elegance Deluxe is designed to create the ideal coffee flavour at the optimum temperature. It's also ultra-easy to clean, which we love and is very straightforward to use, which means it'll be a time-saver in your daily routine.

Customer review: "An easy to use and well-built machine. The Aroma Elegance Deluxe has been impressive since I bought it. I usually set a timer to brew up for when I wake up in the morning. I'd previously done pour-over coffees but the convenience of using this has made it my go-to method. The taste is impressive and not too inferior to make a fresh coffee using a v60 dripper, for example. I prefer having an insulated jug to a hot plate as it keeps the coffee warm without spoiling it. Overall, I'm impressed and would recommend it for anyone looking to spend around £100 on a machine."


  • Timer
  • Programmable warmer
  • Drip-stop filter
  • Easy-clean
  • Auto-off


  • Fiddly to operate

Best filter coffee machine for customising programmes

With this Brazen Coffee Maker, you will have full control over the brew time and temperature of the coffee. The jug is also a Thermos, meaning it'll keep your coffee warm for longer. However, this does have a smaller capacity than we usually recommend.

Customer review: "Love this coffee machine. I can start it from my cell phone and my coffee is ready by the time I get to the kitchen. Took a few times to get it connected to the internet but once it is connected it's easy to use. Just follow the prompts on the app that you will need to ldevice your phone or whatever device you have. Makes good-tasting coffee and I've tried a couple of brands. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes a good coffee maker."


  • Programmable brew start time
  • Showerhead
  • Adjustable settings
  • Keep thermal carafe


  • Takes a while to set-up

Best filter coffee machine for small kitchens

De'Longhi is a well-established brand in the coffee world, and this product reinforces why. With simple-to-use controls, a sleek aesthetic and two brewing functions, this filter coffee machine is ideal for your everyday coffee needs. It also has an added feature: a heating mat underneath the jug, this keeps your coffee warm for an additional 40 minutes, which is excellent for busy mornings.

Customer review: "A very easy-to-use coffee maker. Makes small or large quantities quickly and the flavour is very good (of course this will depend on the coffee bought)."


  • Easy-to-use
  • Attractive design
  • 10 cup capacity
  • Simple controls


  • Frequent spillages

Best filter coffee machine for fast brew

If you're in a rush, this Morphy Richards Evoke coffee machine is the one for you. It's ultra-compact, very quick and seamless to use thanks to its Fast Brew function. It's also super affordable, so it's within most people's budgets and can make 12 cups at once, which we think will be perfect for your dinner party guests. 

Customer review: "Smart looking and very efficient coffee machine, which does not seem to use as much filter coffee as our previous one. May have something to do with the "strength" setting which I have not seen on other machines, and which we have turned to maximum. Can't fault the machine itself, but would just point out one thing - It states that the jug holds sufficient coffee for 10 cups, which must be very small as we get three decent-sized mugs from an 8 cup setting. Not complaining at all as it is just perfect for our needs. Would highly recommend to anyone."


  • Fast brewing
  • Programmable timer
  • Pour over/shower head
  • Adjustable strength


  • Challenging to use

OUR VERDICT: What Is The Best Filter Coffee Machine?

This is, without a shadow of a doubt the Sage SDC450BSS Precision Brewer Coffee Maker. It's seamless to use, has a myriad of functions to adjust and control the coffee flavour, strength and temperature, and has a sleek, compact design.


What features to consider when buying a filter coffee machine

First, look at the way it operates and how long it takes to brew the coffee. If you're particular about the way that your coffee tastes, ensure that this can be adjusted. With most filter coffee machines, you can adjust the strength of your coffee.

Next, look for any additional features. For example, some people like different temperatures of coffee in the morning. Some people prefer something iced, others a piping hot coffee from a pod machine. It's super important that your coffee machine reflects your taste – bean to cup if you're going rich - and is adjustable for your preference, but that doesn't burn the flavour.

Lastly, many filter coffee machines include a jug that doubles as a thermos. If you're making coffee for one and on the go, a filter coffee machine with this feature would be ideal. It'll keep your coffee warm after it's been made, perfect for sipping on your morning commute - just don't forget the milk.

What is ground coffee?

For the filter coffee machines included above, they require ground coffee. They will break if you feed them a pod or some instant coffee. Unlike instant, ground coffee is a crushed version of a coffee bean. But ground coffee is not designed to dissolve in hot water. So, it needs to be filtered. Hence, these filter coffee machines do this job nicely – just so we can enjoy a cup of morning coffee.

Is coffee good for me?

Unexpectedly, there are some health benefits that come with drinking coffee. For example, BBC Good Food explains how it may help you live longer as "help protect against neurodegenerative diseases and therefore maintain brain health". However, coffee is not ideal for everyone. According to many healthcare professionals, including the NHS, pregnant people should limit their caffeine consumption to 200mg per day. It's also recommended that no one should ideally consume more than 400mg of caffeine a day.

What is the best material for a filter coffee machine?

A filter coffee machine should usually be made from steel or metal, specifically aluminium, as this helps conduct heat better and will ensure the coffee is nice and hot.

Is filter coffee any good?

Filter coffee tends to be less acidic than other types of coffee. This is because it must be poured and filtered through, which allows for more delicate coffee flavours to shine through.

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