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If you need a little help deciding which De'Longhi coffee machine to choose, then you've come to the right place. There are so many coffee machine brands out there, all offering you the chance to make your cherished cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home, but De'Longhi is one of the most authentic out there.

Founded and created in Italy, De'Longhi offers you a true coffee experience, and their machines have been applauded for being premium products that are easy to use and robust. We're here to help you figure out which of the distinguished De'Longhi coffee machine range would be the best fit for you, your budget, and your lifestyle.

If you are a frequent coffee drinker or live in a large household, you need to consider the machine's capacity. De'Longhi offers a variety of different sizes that hold varying amounts of water and attachments - some are able to make one cup of espresso, whereas some can make two and have an attachment for frothing milk.

Best De'Longhi Coffee Machine At A Glance:

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• Best De'Longhi coffee machine for espresso: De'Longhi Dedica Style Traditional Pump Espresso Machine – View on Amazon UK
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The machines also fall under manual or automatic. A manual espresso machine allows you to tweak nearly every aspect but requires a higher skill level. Automatic espresso machines can produce the same quality over and over at the push of a button, but you won't be able to customise your brew. They offer various brewing options, including espresso, cappuccino, and latte. It is a good idea to determine which type of coffee you prefer before choosing a machine. And finally, De'Longhi coffee machines range from entry-level to high-end models, so consider your budget before purchasing.

Which De'Longhi Coffee Machine To Buy: Our Top Picks

Best premium De'Longhi coffee machine

Easily the most professional and luxurious coffee machine in De'Longhi's collection is the PrimaDonna, a fully automatic bean-to-cup machine that is ideal for those who love a variety of coffee. The Primadonna Soul offers an impressive 21 'one-touch' programable black and milk-based coffee beverages from your typical espresso and americano and latte macchiato and cappuccino+ to the brand new over ice, cortado, and mug to-go beverages - you can even link it to an app that provides coffee techniques and cleaning assistance at the touch of a button. This machine really does it all.

Customer review: "Excellent coffee machine. Easy to set up and prepare drinks customising users and beverages. I love the screen touch to select a different drink. I tried with different kinds of milk, so far the oat barista milk is the best combination for the medium coffee intensities."


  • Create coffee to individual tastes
  • Great for families who all love coffee


  • Some reviews said that the coffee and milk are very hot

Best De'Longhi coffee machine for espresso

A more traditional-style coffee machine, the De'Longhi Dedica lets you control every step of the coffee-making process, from tamping your ground coffee to frothing and steaming milk - just like at your local coffee shop, just on a smaller scale. At only 15cm wide, it's the slimmest design of all the brand's machines.

Customer review: "Been looking for a coffee machine for home for a while. This one did well in a number of tests. Takes a bit to get used to how it works and thus make a nice cup of coffee. But once you work it out, it's really simple to use. Cleaning after use is fine. If you use the milk steamer, you have to do a couple of things to cool the heater, before you can make another coffee. Not a big deal, but a bit of a faff.
Overall very pleased with the coffee it makes and doesn't take up too much space on the worktop."


  • Doesn't take up too much room on the worktop
  • Easy to clean
  • You feel like a barista


  • Attaching the tamper can be a little fiddly

Best De'Longhi coffee machines for coffee bean fans

This large beast of a machine may look a little bit daunting, but it will help you create amazing and authentic coffee. The design is inspired by the traditional professional coffee machines, and the La Specialista Prestigio recreates the authentic cafe experience at home. You can personalise your options so your morning coffee is at a touch of a button, and the Sensor Grinding Technology makes sure your coffee is brewed to perfection, always ensuring the right coffee dose, thanks to the unique grinding sensors for a perfectly ground texture every time.

Customer review: "Easy to use and maintain, watching a few tutorials is a must and soon enables you to make a great coffee!"


  • Authentic coffee shop experience at home
  • Easy to use
  • Grinds the right amount of beans


  • Some reviews say it rattles when in use

Best for style

De'Longhi's coffee machines really do look the part, and in our opinion, the Stilosa is the most aesthetically pleasing. As well as looking great, the machine has room for two shots of espresso thanks to the two-tier cup holder and a flexible milk frother that allows you to manually mix steam and milk to create the ideal foam density for your lattes and cappuccinos.

Customer review: "I used to work as a barista and missed being able to make great coffee while also not having to pay up to £6 a cup. I decided to invest in a coffee machine I could use at home to get the same results. De'Longhi is a reputable brand in the industry, so I knew I was in safe hands. Not only is the machine very beautiful and elegant, but it's also extremely easy to use and delivers a fantastic cup of coffee every time."


  • Barista style coffee
  • Looks stylish
  • Available in sage green, cream and black


  • Instructions hard to follow

Best for compatibility with Nespresso pods

Making your own coffee can be a lengthy task, but the De'Longhi x Nespresso Gran Lattissima lets you create your favourite coffee at the touch of a button. Enjoy nine different one-touch coffee recipes from the comfort of your own kitchen, and enjoy the automatic milk frother that is super easy to clean. It's compatible with Nespresso pods, and the 19-bar pump ensures perfect in-cup results, delivering the correct amount of pressure and water flow according to the type of beverage selected.

Customer review: "Love this coffee machine, the milk frother is great as I can use my oat milk without the expense of having to buy oat milk pods. I also like the fact the milk frother detaches so I can just put it in the fridge between uses! The only reason for the star deduction is sometimes it can be a bit messy... but nothing extreme."


  • Easy to clean
  • Automatic system
  • Less mess


  • Makes only one cup at a time

Best for small kitchens

As well as looking snazzy on your worktop, you can create all your coffee shop drinks with the De'Longhi ECZ Scultura traditional pump machine. It will deliver a real barista experience at home, and you can enjoy your favourite coffee, whether that is a strong espresso or frothy cappuccino, thanks to the manual milk frother. It's available in a choice of colours and is thankfully easy to clean too, with the removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray.

Customer review: "I have used different coffee machines but nothing compares with a DeLonghi machine. Once you try it, you will never go back to other brands. The only machine better than this, is DeLonghi beans to cup, if you can afford. But if you're looking for something that uses ground coffee, buy it now, you cannot find better."


  • Looks great
  • The frother is easy to use and can make rich foam or micro foam with practice


  • Some reviews say the chrome scratches easily

Best for filter coffee

Delonghi Brillante Filter Coffee
Price: £44.99


Some coffee fans prefer to drink filter coffee that is made by pouring hot water over coffee grounds and letting the resulting brew drip through a filter into a jug below. Some believe that filter coffee results in much stronger coffee than espresso, which is created by pressure, even though it takes a lot longer to brew. This Delonghi Brillante Filter Coffee machine is way more than just a jug, as it has auto shut-off and a 40-minute keep-warm function. The 10 cup capacity carafe is topped off by a stylish faceted jet black finish.

Customer review: N/A


  • Durable
  • Keep warm function
  • Simple to use


  • No customer review

Best for creating latte art

De’Longhi Dedica Arte Manual Espresso Machine
Price: £199 (was £249)


The Dedica Arte is an updated version of the Dedica Style. The main difference between the two manual espresso makers is the steam wand. The Style wand is called the Adjustable Cappuccino System, and the Arte has had a slimmer redesign called My Latte Art to help with the creation of, yes, you guessed it, your own latte art. The Dedica Arte, which is super compact, comes with three different filter sizes, a single or double espresso using ground coffee, plus a filter that fits ESE pods. The espresso maker has a double spout which makes it straightforward to make two espressos at once or to make a longer coffee ready for the addition of your steamed milk.

Our review: "What delighted me at first sight of the Dedica Arte is just how compact and slimline the machine is. I tested the stainless-steel version, and it is sleek and unimposing when placed on my kitchen countertop. It fits snugly on my small kitchen counter with room to spare. The traditional design is exactly like I picture on the counter of a café and so immediately felt like I had a mini coffee shop in my home. The manual handle doesn't take up much space when it's fixed in place, however, there is no real place to balance it when you remove it from the machine and isn't in use."

Read our full De'Longhi Dedica Arte Espresso Machine Review


  • Compact for small kitchens
  • Thick crema
  • Easy-to-use steam wand


  • No in-built grinder
  • Can be very stiff to turn the filter handle in place 

Our Verdict: Which De'Longhi Machine Is Best?

It was so incredibly hard to choose, but A Modern Kitchen has ruled in favour of the De'Longhi Dedica Style Traditional Pump Espresso Machine. Sleek and efficient, the machine is a great introduction to the world of ground coffee machines and is affordable but durable enough to last years of coffee making. The simple design makes it so user-friendly (there are only a few buttons to get your head around), and will look the part in any kitchen.


What sets De'Longhi apart from the rest?

Reputation: Coffee grown worldwide can trace its heritage back centuries to the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau, with Yemen the first country thought to drink coffee. These days, coffee is drunk and loved all around the world, especially in Italy, where you're considered out of place if you don't have a morning espresso. Italy is where De'Longhi was founded, and some of the machines are still made there.

Espresso: A shot of coffee drank all in one go. Espresso was actually invented in Venice, Italy, back in the early 20th Century. The drink was created by businessman Luigi Bezzera who was experimenting with coffee to see how he could make his brew faster. Even though De'Longhi specialises in all sorts of home appliances, they definitely have a great reputation when it comes to coffee machines.

Versatility: De'Longhi has covered all bases when it comes to coffee machines, from the more professional bean-to-cup machines and filter coffee machines to a collaboration with Nespresso.

How do I descale my De'Longhi coffee machine?

All De'Longhi coffee machines will come with instructions on how to descale and will differ according to the machine. Some machines will alert you when they need to be descaled, whereas others will depend on you to look out for some telltale signs. De'Longhi recommends using their own descale solution that is designed specifically for their machines.

Best descaler for De'Longhi coffee machines

De’Longhi EcoDecalk Descaler for Coffee Machines

Rrp: $19.95

Price: $15.34

This De'Longhi EcoDecalk Descaler for Coffee Machines extends the life of the machine, preserving energy efficiency and guaranteeing the best coffee flavour and crema. De’Longhi EcoDecalk is a natural composition and the packaging is 100 per cent recyclable too. Care does need to be taken when using it as it is a chemical substance, but this will help keep limescale at bay in a hard water area.


  • Good value
  • Effective
  • All-natural


  • Some find the instrucrtion not very clear

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