Best Beko Dishwasher For Every Budget

From freestanding to integrated - here are the best Beko dishwashers.

Best Beko Dishwasher

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If you're in the market for the best Beko dishwasher, then here is our guide to the top integrated and freestanding appliances for your kitchen. Beko is a renowned brand in the world of home appliances, known for its quality and affordability. Among their wide range of products, Beko dishwashers stand out for their efficiency, versatility, and user-friendly design. Having the best dishwasher is a godsend for households, saving time and effort while providing sparkling clean dishes.

Dishwashers, in general, offer numerous benefits. The convenience of loading the dishwasher and letting it do the work after hosting a dinner party to sparing you from a pile of dishes after a hard day's work is truly a blessing. Several top dishwasher brands are known for their quality, durability, and innovative features. Such as the best Bosch dishwasher, Miele and Beko being one of the many top brands.

The best Beko dishwashers at a glance:

Best overall Beko dishwasher: BEKO Pro BDFN36640CX Freestanding Dishwasher - View on Currys
• Best overall integrated Beko dishwasher: BEKO Integrated BDIN36520Q Dishwasher - View on Amazon UK• Best freestanding slimline dishwasher: Beko DVS04X20 Freestanding Slimline Dishwasher - View on John Lewis

These appliances vary in efficiency - but that does not compromise their performance, as they offer a variety of wash programs to suit different needs. You can opt for the best integrated dishwasher that blends in with the kitchen. Or you can go for the best slimline dishwasher to fit into a compact kitchen.

Beko offers a range of dishwasher types to fit various kitchen sizes and styles. There's a Beko dishwasher for every need, from full-size models for larger households to slimline models perfect for smaller kitchens. So let's get into it.

Best Beko Dishwasher

Best overall Beko dishwasher

BEKO Pro BDFN36640CX Full-size Dishwasher
Price: £429 (was £449)

Our top contender is the Beko BDFN3664OCX full-size dishwasher. It comes with a C energy rating and a generous 16-place setting and is the ideal companion for larger households. Fitted with a 30-minute quick-wash programme, it is a lifesaver when you're in a rush, and the self-dry function works a charm too. The adjustable baskets and six-cycle options offer flexibility to suit your needs, while the HygieneIntense function is a standout, promising to eliminate up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria. Not to mention the bright interior light is a nice touch, letting you check the contents without pulling out the entire drawer. All in all, it's an excellent addition to your kitchen.

Customer Review: "Absolutely love this dishwasher. The extra cutlery tray is such a bonus easy to Select wash cycle."


  • High Capacity, stainless steel
  • Quick-wash programme
  • Six programmes with C energy rating


  • Not suitable for it integrated kitchens

Best overall integrated Beko dishwasher

The Beko BDIN36520Q is an integrated dishwasher with a good balance of features and performance. It's not the cheapest dishwasher on the market, but it's well-made, efficient, and slick. The salt indicator lets you know when your salt needs topping up, so your dishes will always come out sparkling clean, and it has 15 place settings and six programmes. If you're looking for a reliable dishwasher that will do a good job of cleaning your dishes, this is a good pick.

Customer review: "This dishwasher was easy to install and washes well. Shelves are easy to adjust to accommodate different size plates, glasses or pots and pans. Would recommend this model dishwasher."


  • 15 place settings
  • Six programmes
  • Stainless steel interior


  • Suitable only for integrated kitchens

Best value integrated dishwasher

Beko DIN15X20
Price: £319

Efficient and reliable - this Beko DIN15X20 Standard Dishwasher is a stylish and efficient addition to any kitchen. With 13 place settings and ten wash programs, it offers ample capacity and versatility. The half-load option, time delay function, and a child lock too. The AquaStop leak protection also provides peace of mind, so you can keep the appliance running when out and about.

Customer Review: "Quick and quiet - this machine does all the things it says it will. Easy to use and very good cleaning even on the e35 quick wash."


  • 13 place settings
  • Five wash programmes
  • Wash a full load in just 30 minutes
  • Integrated to fit your kitchen decor


  • E-energy rating

Best value freestanding dishwasher

Beko DVN04X20W Standard Dishwasher
Price: £269

With similar features to the listing above - this freestanding Beko DVN04X20W Standard Dishwasher is a handy addition to any kitchen. With 13 place settings and ten wash programs, it offers ample capacity and versatility. It contains a half-load option, a time delay function, and a child lock. Plus it comes in black, silver and white.

Customer Review: "No fuss product. Washes really well. I especially like the Eco mode to save some money and 1/2 load, which was a function I didn’t have on my last machine."


  • 13 place settings
  • Great for medium-sized households
  • 30-minute quick wash 


  • Not very energy efficient

Best energy-saving freestanding dishwasher

The Beko BDFN15430W Freestanding Dishwasher is eco-friendly and economical. It's 14-place settings capacity and quiet 44 dB operation make it ideal for medium-sized households needing help with the washing up. This dishwasher features ten wash programs, including a Quick and Shine programme for a full clean in 58 minutes. Other features include a half-load option, time delay function, child lock, and AquaStop leak protection. Plus, there is a fully flexible upper basket and foldable plate support offering easy loading and unloading.

Customer Review: "Dishwasher works fine and is easy to use. The eco cycle is quite long but not a problem. The drying function may be less effective than expected, only a minor point, though."


  • Energy-efficient
  • Flexible and hygienic cleaning
  • 14 place settings


  • Maybe too big for some kitchens

Best freestanding slimline dishwasher

The BEKO DVS04X20W Slimline Dishwasher is a versatile and surprisingly spacious appliance. With ten place settings, it's perfect for smaller households. The 30-minute quick-wash setting and half-load function. There is a removable cutlery basket, and folding cup racks offer flexibility for larger dishes and pans. Also, the four-cycle options and delayed timer make it a cost-saving and efficient choice - that saves space in your kitchen.

Customer Review: "My first dishwasher, and I wanted something small enough for 2 of us. I'm really pleased with this device as it holds enough to warrant only switching on every third day. My dishes sparkle, and it's an end to tea-stained cups. My only negatives are that I can't clip my stemmed glasses to the machine properly, and I have to lift the cutlery basket for the rack wheels to run smoothly. I am, however, very pleased with my Beko purchase."


  • Compact design
  • 10 Place settings
  • A removable cutlery basket


  • E-energy rating

Best slimline integrated dishwasher

The Beko DVS04X20 is a freestanding slimline dishwasher that comes with four programmes, including a Mini 30' programme which washes a full load in just 30 minutes. It also features a half-load function, saving you time and energy. It also has a removable cutlery basket gives you extra room for larger dishes when needed. The dishwasher is great value for money for compact kitchens.

Customer Review: "It's a low cost slimline dishwasher but it works great."


  • Slimline design
  • Four programmes
  • Removable cutlery basket


  • Not as many programmes as others on this list

OUR VERDICT: Best Beko Dishwasher

The Beko BDFN36640CX Freestanding Dishwasher stands out as a top choice. This model combines the best of Beko's innovative technology, offering a blend of efficiency, capacity, energy efficient and advanced features that make it a standout choice.

Dishwasher FAQS

What to consider when choosing a dishwasher:

Full-size Dishwashers: Full-size dishwashers, approximately 60cm wide, offer ample space with around 12 place settings or 150 items. They are perfect for large households, reducing the need for multiple daily cycles.

Slimline Models: Slimline dishwashers fit into a 45cm-wide space, making them ideal for smaller kitchens. Despite their compact size, many models still offer substantial capacity. However, for larger households, a full-size model may be more suitable.

Integrated Dishwashers: For a seamless look in your kitchen, consider an integrated dishwasher. These appliances are installed within a kitchen unit, with a door that matches your cabinetry.

Freestanding Dishwashers: They are an ideal solution for those lacking space for an under-counter model, although they do occupy some countertop space.

Programmes: You can also look at the wash programmes available. A quick cycle might prove to be a blessing in busy households where time is of the essence, whilst more intensive programmes will ensure even the dirtiest crockery comes out sparkling.

Cutlery: Most dishwashers come with a cutlery basket. However, you may want to consider a cutlery tray instead. Usually built into the top of the machine, you can spread out your cutlery to ensure it gets cleaned in every spot. It will also free up dishwasher space for more plates and pots, and pans.

Energy: Dishwashers' running costs are influenced by their energy ratings, which range from A to G, with A-C being the most energy-efficient. On average, dishwashers use about 1.8kW per cycle, costing around 50p per cycle based on average electricity costs. This equates to about £3.50 per week for a household running a dishwasher cycle daily.

Woman putting dishes in dishwasher. View from inside dishwasher.

Is Beko a British brand?

No, Beko is part of Arçelik, a Turkish company that is one of Europe's largest household appliance manufacturers.

Do I need salt for my dishwasher?

Dishwashers require soft water for optimal results. If you live in a hard water area, dishwasher salt is essential. It is usually added to a compartment near the filter at the bottom of the machine.

Are dishwashers bad for the environment?

While dishwashers do contribute to carbon gas emissions, models with good energy ratings and eco-cycles can minimise this impact. Using eco-friendly and biodegradable dishwasher pods can further reduce environmental impact.

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