The Best Dishwasher To Make Washing Up Easy

We round up the best dishwashers to be found in 2023.

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The best dishwashers can be the saving grace of a busy household, especially if you're always on the move and need some extra help in the kitchen. We've popped together a guide to the best dishwashers available right now – so you can put your feet up and let an appliance do all the work.

If you cannot commit precious time to the arduous task of handwashing dishes, then a freestanding or integrated dishwasher may be precisely what you're looking for. Not only are they easy to use, but dishwashers are easy to maintain.

When it comes to choosing which dishwasher to suit your household, you'll need to consider if you're limited in space, then countertop and slimline dishwasher models are readily available. If you're looking for something well-designed and a reliable model, a well-known brand like Bosch dishwasher might suit you best.

Best Dishwashers At A Glance

Best overall dishwasher: Bosch Series 6 SMS6ZCW00G Full-Size Dishwasher – View on Currys
• Best integrated dishwasher: Bosch Serie 4 SMV4HCX40G Fully Integrated Dishwasher – View on Currys
• Best high-end freestanding dishwasher: Miele G5210SC Full-Size Dishwasher – View on Currys

We've covered features across a different range of dishwasher brands and all budgets and calculated the average running costs, along with the best customer ratings, to bring you the best dishwashers to buy this year.

Best Dishwasher For Your Kitchen

Best overall dishwasher

Connectable by WiFi and Bluetooth, this Bosch dishwasher is easy to control, monitor and start. Bosch has blessed us with six impressive programmes, including intensive, eco and silence. The additional features such as the Flex Baskets, PerfectDry and DosageAssist really sell this dishwasher as the best. The innovative extra features make this product special. Not only does it promise efficiency, but it promises great results.

Customer Review: "It works well, much quieter than our old one, and most stuff comes out dry or nearly dry."


  • Quiet running
  • Adjustable smart cutlery drawer
  • Cleans and dries well
  • Ability to control from anywhere


  • Instructions are a little complicated

Best budget dishwasher for a modern kitchen

Beko DVN04X20W Freestanding Dishwasher, WhiteJohn Lewis

This dishwasher is a great choice if you're saving your pennies. With a half-the-load function, quick programmes and low water and energy usage, it's perfect for any job. This Beko is a good option for larger households as it can hold up to 13 place settings in one go. Pots, pans, plates, cutlery, pop them in, there's room for all. There are even indicators that will let you know when you are low on salt and Rinse Aid.

Customer review: "If you want a dishwasher without a thousand programs this is the one for you. Four programs including a 30 minute wash is brilliant, definitely recommend it. "


  • 15 place settings in one load
  • Automatically adjusts water needed


  • Looks a bit basic

Best integrated budget dishwasher

Hisense guarantees silent noise levels with this Hisense HV643D60UK Full Size Integrated Dishwasher. With adjustable baskets, this appliance fits everything in with ease and makes every load count. That's what we love to hear. There's even a "Quick Wash" cycle that washes in 15 minutes – a life-saver when you're needing something cleaned ASAP. On the other hand, this is an integrated dishwasher, which means that you will have to be very precise with your measurements. Why? It is best suited to match your kitchen cupboards.

Customer Review: "Only had this a month but very pleased so far. Perfect to accommodate dishes from family-sized meals!"


  • Salt and rise-aid refill indicators
  • Plenty of space with 16 table places
  • Super silent with low noise


  • Installation is not included in the cost

Best integrated slimline dishwasher

Combine style and functionality with this integrated, slimline dishwasher from Neff. Perfect for smaller households with a smaller kitchen, this appliance will clean your dishes thoroughly to save you a job. Use your smartphone or tablet to control this appliance with the Home Connect app. Dishwashing has never been easier. Put your feet up – and let this clever, slimline Neff do the work.

Customer Review: "Excellent quality, easy to use in every way. Hoping it lasts over 20 years - like my previous Neff dishwasher did."


  • Easy to use
  • Super silent
  • Varied cleaning options


  • The shortest wash cycle is approx. 90 minutes
  • Best for smaller households

Best freestanding slimline dishwasher

We love this freestanding slimline dishwasher from INDESIT. Judging by the reviews, it's super easy to use, and customers love the range of wash settings (nine)! These include 'Baby' – for tackling bacteria, 'Eco' – for saving water and the favourite 'Push & Go' – which is self-explanatory. With this dishwasher, you will have top results with minimal fuss.

Customer Review: "It is a dream to use - really easy to load with numerous options (collapsible racks and varied shelf height), a great range of wash settings and so quiet."


  • Super silent, quiet use
  • Countdown to the end of the cycle
  • Varied shelf height


  • Not the best at drying

Best table-top dishwasher

Save some space in your kitchen with this table-top dishwasher. Whether you plan to use it regularly or take it out for special occasions, it's guaranteed to give your dishes a deep clean without taking up too much room. It's great for small kitchens and flats. With six wash programmes, this electriQ appliance is versatile and claims to use less water than washing up in a sink.

Customer Review: "Compact managed to fit in the cupboard below the sink. Ideal for a two-person household."


  • Compact - good for smaller kitchens
  • Easy to use and super quiet when in use
  • No need to bend to access - easily-accessible


  • Some reviews have commented that it would benefit from being an inch taller to fit bigger dinner plates

Best integrated dishwasher

Need a reliable brand with solid reviews? Bosch is a solid company who have a range of dishwashers covering all budgets. They are constantly inventing and innovating their range, coming up with new technology every year to make your kitchen run efficiently. With their dishwashers, A Modern Kitchen is always impressed by the number of positive reviews and happy customers. Not only that, but Bosch is also a perfect choice for those who like plenty of programmes and features.

Customer Review: "This dishwasher is quiet and efficient."


  • Has a unique drawer specifically for cutlery
  • Quiet run with voice-control
  • Clear light to indicate when it's on


  • The cutlery holder is tedious to use

Best high-end freestanding dishwasher

This Miele dishwasher helps you tackle your dishes with efficiency. With a respectable energy rating of C, this appliance is environmentally friendly and will help you save on bills. Our favourite features of this appliance include the delay option – which will start your dishwasher automatically – and a 3D cutlery tray – making it easy to make room for more items.

Customer Review: "What can I say, it's a Miele. I have just replaced our equivalent old Miele dishwasher after 20 years of flawless service. Not a single issue in that time. You get what you pay for. Hope this one lasts as long."


  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet
  • Spacious


  • Large plates have to be stacked carefully for the washer to spin round

Best high-end integrated dishwasher

With an energy rating of A, this Miele integrated dishwasher is a good choice if you're looking for an appliance that is friendlier to the environment, as well as your energy bills. This Miele model is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can turn it on via your smartphone. Handy! With its eight different programmes to clean your dishes and 14 place settings, this Miele dishwasher is a great option for a range of cookware. Plus, it's super quiet at 42dB, perfect for open-plan living or running during the night.

Customer Review: "I know it's expensive, but it cleans perfectly, is quiet, it's easy to use and should last me twenty years. Outstanding machine. Very happy with my purchase."


  • Easy to use and quiet
  • Smart cutlery tray
  • Very energy-efficient
  • Wide range of programmes


  • Some people did not use the Wi-Fi features

OUR VERDICT: Which Is The Best Dishwasher?

A Modern Kitchen has chosen the Bosch Serie 6 Freestanding and Series 4 Integrated Dishwasher as the best dishwashers you can buy. Both are great all-rounders with a fab range of programmes, innovative features, and promising reviews from existing buyers. At under £710 each, they're both reasonably priced and promise value for money with a two-year guarantee. Need more guidance? We have a fabulous dishwasher buyer's guide.

Types Of Dishwashers:

Full-size dishwashers

Full-size dishwashers are about 60cm wide. They are spacious and typically hold approximately 12 place settings, which is around 150 items. This is the best option for large households as it will mean that you don't have to run your machine multiple times a day.

Slimline models

Slimline dishwasher models should fit into a 45cm-wide space. These are perfect for smaller kitchens. Although you may be thinking it will not hold much, many of the slimline dishwashers on the market can still fit in a lot. However, if you have a large household, you might find that a slimline may not suit your needs. Always check the specifications for the capacity.


If you like your kitchen to look sleek and uniform, then you may want to opt for an integrated dishwasher. These machines are installed within a kitchen unit and have a door that matches your cupboards.

Countertop dishwashers

As the name suggests, these dishwashers go on top of your counter. This is great for people who do not have the space for an under-counter machine. However, they will take up some of your kitchen side space. Typically they are the smallest type of dishwasher.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Dishwasher

It's best to keep in mind the dishwasher for you, your lifestyle, and your kitchen. Dishwashers have upped their game in recent years, boasting a whole host of programmes and features. All of this is designed to make your life that much easier. If you're focused on getting a dishwasher with the latest tech, keep an eye on "Programmes" in our round-up.

Secondly, quality is something to look out for. How long does your chosen dishwasher tend to last? Keep up with customer reviews and make sure to get a guarantee. It goes without saying that it's worthwhile paying an extra £100 to get a few more years out of your dishwasher. Often, cheaper models don't last long, but you can still find a budget dishwasher to suit your home.

If you're on a budget, the priority is going to be the price you pay for a dishwasher. The prices of dishwashers vary; some can be around £300, and premium models can climb up to £1,000. We've included dishwashers of all price ranges to help you find the best for your hard-earned money.

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How Much Do Dishwashers Cost Us To Run?

It's no secret that the UK is heading for a recession. So, we all need to be tightening our belts. In light of this, we've put together a little no-nonsense guide to running costs.

Energy ratings have an impact on how much energy is used each time you use an appliance in your home. As for ratings, they range from A to G, with those ranging from A-C being the most energy-efficient.

But, if you came for some numbers and figures, we've done a little maths for you.

Dishwashers run on electricity and can use around 1.8kW per cycle. According to official figures, the unit cost of electricity will be, on average: 34p per kW. But this depends on your supplier.

Therefore, this means it'll cost around 50p to run for a cycle. If a household switched on the dishwasher for a cycle, one day a week, the bill would be around £3.50.

For more information, we'd recommend this article from NimbleFins on the 'Average Cost of Electricity per kWh in the UK 2023'.


Do I Need Salt For My Dishwasher?

To achieve good results, manufacturers tell us that dishwashers require very soft water. So, if you live in an area of hard water, dishwasher salt is very important to keep your dishwasher running. Don't know where it goes? The salt compartment is usually at the bottom of the machine, near the filter. Make sure to keep it topped up. Luckily, most appliances will let you know if you're short.

All-in-one dishwasher tablets may contain some dishwasher salt for cleaning, but it is recommended to use the real thing for the best results, especially in an area of very hard water. Rinse-Aid is great to have on hand; it prevents water spots and helps the drying process.

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Are Dishwashers Bad For The Environment?

Of course, like everything else, dishwashers contribute to carbon gas emissions. They use about four gallons of water and around 1.8kW per cycle. But, you can find dishwashers with good energy ratings and eco-cycles to make sure to maximise cleanliness - all whilst using the smallest amount of energy.

We'd also recommend using eco-friendly and biodegradable dishwasher pods if you're looking to be as kind to the environment as possible. Here is some advice, courtesy of Blueland, for keeping your dishwasher cycles eco:

Run the dishwasher only when fully loaded, and don't use settings like half loads and pots and pans (they waste two more gallons of water on average).

Scrape your plates into the compost before washing or loading them into a machine (compost is better than trash since food that breaks down in landfills can release methane gas).

Choose an eco-setting or lower temperature, if available.

When it comes to buying a new dishwasher, check for energy efficiency, running costs, and CO2 emissions, and consider the longevity of a machine.

Why not try Blueland's Dishwasher Tablets, which come naked, with no PVA (plastic)?

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