The Best Budget Dishwashers

On a budget for your kitchen? These dishwashers won’t break the bank

Best Budget Dishwashers

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Hand-washing is a cheaper, practical alternative that we’re used to, but if you’re on a budget and want the best dishwasher there are many budget dishwashers out there that are not only inexpensive to buy but cheaper to run. If you’re busy and cannot commit much time to washing dishes, a dishwasher can help pick up the arduous chore. Though it's yet another appliance to take care of, dishwashers are simple to maintain.

When looking at how to choose a dishwasher, you want to make sure you’re investing in something that lasts and suits you and your kitchen best. Reputable brands like Bosch may be your best bet. If you are a fan of throwing dinner parties, a dishwasher would be a saving grace because you’d be able to get back to your guests without spending time at the sink.

Best budget dishwashers at a glance

Best budget full-size dishwasher: Hotpoint H2FH626 14-Place Dishwasher – View on Very
Best budget dishwasher for an eco-friendly household: Russell Hobbs RHDW3SS Wide Freestanding Dishwasher – View on Robert Dyas
Perfect budget dishwasher for a sleek, white kitchen: Samsung DW60M6050FW Freestanding Dishwasher – View on Marks Electrical

If you have children or have a larger household, sometimes a time-consuming task isn’t viable when you’ve got an abundance of housework on your to-do list. On the other hand, if you're a smaller household and are lacking space in your kitchen, you could always consider a slimline dishwasher.

Best Budget Dishwashers UK 2023

This is where the best budget dishwashers for your kitchen can help.

Best budget full-size dishwasher

Hotpoint H2FH626 14-Place Dishwasher
Price: £299 (was £369)

The Hotpoint H2FH626 14-Place Dishwasher is super value for money for a full-size dishwasher. It has the quality features that you would expect from a Hotpoint appliance, including an energy-efficient inverter motor and 3D Zone Wash Technology. The latter feature achieves 40 per cent more washing power to target stubborn, crusted-on food. There is a 9-litre cycle for an efficient way to clean your dishes, using less water. Also, there are Rapid and Half-load cycles if you're in a hurry.


  • Good range of features
  • Great price for a full-size dishwasher
  • Adjustable interior
  • Efficient washing power


  • No customer review

Best budget dishwasher for an eco-friendly household

With an A++ energy rating, you can’t go wrong with this dishwasher from Russell Hobbs. The Russell Hobbs RHDW3SS Wide Freestanding Dishwasher has room for 12 place settings and multiple functions to suit your lifestyle, including a half-wash to save water, an intensive cycle for tougher dirt and a delay function, too. With an adjustable upper basket and lower plate racks, you can fit in larger items with ease. Russell Hobbs even specifies the noise level, which is 49dB – so you don’t have to strain your voice in the kitchen.

Customer review: “Bought this dishwasher a month ago, it was well worth the money, and it looks good in the kitchen.”


  • Silent and stylish
  • Eco-friendly


  • Only 12 place settings

Perfect budget dishwasher for a sleek, white kitchen

Samsung DW60M6050FW Freestanding Dishwasher – White
Price: £549 (was £599)

With a 14-place setting capacity, this Samsung DW60M6050FW Freestanding Dishwasher is perfect for families. Boasting a guarantee of two years and an A++ energy rating, this freestanding appliance would make a great choice for a sleek and modern kitchen. This dishwasher has seven wash programmes, including a 60-minute express wash if you’re in a rush.

Customer review: “This Samsung dishwasher washes at least as well as our last model and has as many useful programmes. Among these, the “Auto” function which adapts the wash to how clean or dirty the dishes are, is my favourite. It's also reasonably quiet, and my only criticism is the layout of the Samsung baskets. I think the main problem is that this machine is designed for 14-place settings instead of the more common 12, and they have done this by stacking everything closer. That makes normal use more awkward.”


  • 14 place settings
  • Seven programmes


  • Basket layouts

Best budget dishwasher with hygienic technology

Beko HygieneShield BDEN38640FG Standard Dishwasher
Price: £429 (was £469)

Not a fan of doing the washing-up? Beko has got you covered with its Beko HygieneShield BDEN38640FG Standard Dishwasher which is perfect for large households and it fits everything with 16-place settings. There’s even high-tech jet technology known as AquaIntense which helps get all that food off your Pyrex dishes. No hassle. With a HygieneIntense programme and ProSmart motor, it’s efficient, hygienic and quiet, too.

Customer Review: “Great dishwasher, good variety of cycle times from 45 mins for a quick wash to two and a half hours. Pretty quiet and looks sleek. Only knocking a star off as there are two regular dishwasher drawers, but then an extra cutlery drawer at the top which means fitting in tall glasses is a bit of a pain. I had to fiddle about trying to get the upper drawer low enough, so glasses didn't hit the top cutlery tray, but high enough that plates fitted in the bottom drawer.”


  • 16 place settings
  • Efficient and energy-saving


  • Some complicated settings

Best budget Samsung dishwasher

SAMSUNG DW60M5050FS/EU Full-size Dishwasher
Price: £449 (was £609)

The SAMSUNG DW60M5050FS/EU Full-size Dishwasher is ideal for medium-sized households and can accommodate 13 place settings. Oversize plates are no problem with this appliance's flexible interior space; wash platters and steamer baskets by adjusting the racking. In addition, this stainless steel tub offers Hygienic Rinsing: an extra hot cycle, ideal for sterilising chopping boards, baby bottles and jars. It's super quiet at 48dB and has a good variety of programmes, including Intensive, Eco 195 minutes, Express and Delicate.

Customer review: "We thought it wouldn’t fit normal size plates, but the top basket is adjustable... you move the top basket by squeezing the two blue handles on either side.


  • Quiet
  • Good variety of programmes
  • Adjustable racking


  • Not the most energy efficient

Best budget dishwasher awarded Quiet Mark

The Hotpoint HFC3C32FWUK Full Size Dishwasher has inverter motor technology which means it runs more efficiently and is quieter, at just 43dB. It's been awarded Quiet Mark accreditation, making it a good choice for open plan living. It has a stainless steel tub for better hygiene and a Four Stage Filtration System keeps dirt away from dishes. Thanks to FlexiLoad — alter the height of the internal cavity, with colour-coding for larger pans. 3D Zone Wash Technology means you can choose between 40 per cent more energy efficiency or 40 per cent more washing power. There are also Rapid and Half-Load cycles for fast and efficient washing up.

Customer review: "I was swayed to the above dishwasher in particular the ‘tray’ cutlery feature — baskets have always frustrated me taking up valuable space but this Hotpoint dishwasher is outstanding never have I seen my glassware gleam and sparkle so bright, the cutlery tray is the phenomenal superbly clean instead of cluttered up in a basket."


  • Quiet
  • Hygienic
  • Targeted sprays for more efficient washing


  • Cutlery tray has mixed reviews

Best full size integrated dishwasher

BEKO DIN15X20 Full-size Fully Integrated Dishwasher
Price: £259 (was £279)

The BEKO DIN15X20 Full-size Fully Integrated Dishwasher is a popular choice for medium-size households. It can accommodate 13 place settings and has a half load function to save time and energy. Also, there is a Mini 30 Quick Wash and 55 minute Quick & Shine cycle that makes for a quick and effective wash.

Customer review: "Delighted with my dishwasher, cleans and dries very well, really quiet, great choice of cycles, good price point."


  • Quiet
  • Value for money
  • Good fitters and customer support


  • Customers comment that it's not effective at cleaning glasses

Best budget table-top dishwasher

The electriQ 6 Place Settings Table Top Dishwasher sits neatly on a countertop as offers a convenient washing up solution for smaller households. It can accommodate dinner plates that are up to 25.8cm in diameter. A glass stand supports drinkware from moving around during the wash cycle. Programmes include Intensive, Eco, Glass among six options. Six place settings means it can fit up to 66 pieces. It's ideal for a one or two-person household. A full load, washed, rinsed and dried is done in 90-minutes.

Customer review: " Bought for my elderly mother and she loves it. She copes just fine with the level of technology."


  • Neat and effective
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet


  • Would benefit from being a bit taller to fit plates

VERDICT: What Is The Best Budget Dishwasher?

A Modern Kitchen has chosen the Hotpoint H2FH626 14-Place Dishwasher. Why? It's superb value for money at less than £300 from a trusted brand. With 14 place settings and a decent range of features for quiet and efficient washing, this dishwasher is intuitive to use. The interior cavity has well-designed (adjustable) racking and a cutlery tray that's logical and easy to stack.


What To Look For In The Best Budget Dishwasher For Your Kitchen

If you’re on a budget, the priority is going to be the price you pay for a dishwasher. Prices of dishwashers vary; some can be around £300 – others can climb up to £1,000 and prices differ also if they are integrated dishwashers or freestanding. In our product selection below, we’ve only chosen dishwashers that are under £500.

Quality is a good thing to keep in mind. When researching for budget dishwashers, make sure to keep your eye out for the manufacturer’s guarantee and consider how long they last. Generally, it might be worthwhile to pay £100 more for a dishwasher that has a longer guarantee.

Lastly, in order to make your dishwasher purchase cost-effective, you need to be looking at energy efficiency. Companies are manufacturing appliances that use less energy, and are generally less wasteful; therefore, they keep the costs of your household bills down. With energy prices going up in the UK, we need to be saving our pennies. So, look for energy ratings.

What Is Dishwasher Salt – And Do I Need It?

According to manufacturers, dishwashers require very soft water to achieve good cleaning results. If you live in an area of hard water, dishwasher salt is essential to keep your appliance running. The salt compartment of your dishwasher is normally at the bottom of the machine, near the filter. Make sure to keep it full. Most appliances will let you know if there’s a shortage.

Some All-in-One dishwasher tablets will contain some salt for cleaning, but it is recommended to top up the dishwasher for the best results, especially in hard water areas. Also, Rinse-Aid is recommended for use in dishwashers as it prevents water spots and helps with faster drying.

Want to see how hard your water is? Aqua Cure will have the answer based on your postcode. How hard is my water?

High Angle View Of Human Hand Holding A Dishwasher Tablet
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How Much Do Dishwashers Cost To Run?

Energy ratings can have a big impact on how much energy is used each time you use your dishwasher. The energy ratings were revised in 2021 to ensure there was space left on the scale for improvement. On the old energy efficiency scale, appliances were rated between A+++ to D. But with modern technology, most appliances were maxing out the scale. The new energy ratings now go from A to G and are much less confusing.

You’ll find now that there are much fewer A and B-rated appliances. Those that were previously A+++ may now be an F. This is to give the opportunity for higher ratings in the future and encourage manufacturers to make their machines even more sustainable.

However, if you came for some numbers and figures, we’ve done a little maths for you.

Dishwashers run on electricity and can use around 1.8kW per cycle. According to official figures, the unit cost of electricity will be 28p per kW. This means it’ll cost around 50p to run for a cycle. If a household switched on the dishwasher for a cycle, one day a week, the bill would be around £3.50.

Are Dishwashers Bad For The Environment?

Of course, like everything else, they do contribute to carbon gas emissions and use about four gallons of water and around 1.8kW. However, dishwashers have good energy ratings, often boasting eco-cycles and maximising cleanliness while using the smallest amount of energy.

Further, biodegradable dishwasher pods are the way to go. Make sure to check the label.

Here are some tips, courtesy of Blueland for keeping your dishwasher runs eco-friendly:

Run the dishwasher only when fully loaded, and don’t use settings like half loads and pots and pans (they waste two more gallons of water on average).

Scrape your plates into the compost before washing or loading them into a machine (compost is better than trash since food that breaks down in landfills can release methane gas).

Choose an eco-setting or lower temperature, if available.

When it comes to buying a new dishwasher, check for energy efficiency, running costs, and CO2 emissions, and consider the longevity of a machine.

Try Blueland’s Dishwasher Tablets, which come naked, with no PVA (plastic).

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