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Samsung Dishwasher

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The best Samsung dishwashers are sleek, stainless steel appliances with icy blue LED displays. As you'd expect from this industry leader in home tech, most Samsung dishwasher models can be controlled by the SmartThings app. They are some of the best dishwashers on the market because of their powerful cleaning features, including Waterjet Clean and a powerful Hygiene wash. Additionally, these appliances have an inverter motor that provides quiet and energy-saving torque. What's great about Samsung appliances is that intuitive simplicity is front-of-mind. You benefit from clear control panels and adjustable tines in the racking to make room for larger utensils or for lots of small items to fit.

In comparison to a Miele dishwasher a Samsung isn't quite up there with A-rated energy efficiency. Also, the average water consumption per wash is around 12 litres, whereas Miele has developed a cycle that uses just six litres of water – that's less than a sink full of water. These energy-saving refinements are reflected in the price point. There are budget dishwashers in the Samsung range that are available for less than £400. For a high-end Samsung dishwasher expect to pay £1,000. Be in no doubt, 12-litre water consumption is still great and half what an older appliance would use.

Best Samsung Dishwashers At A Glance

Best overall Samsung dishwasher: Samsung Series 11 DW60A8060FS/EU Dishwasher – View on Samsung
Best app-controlled Samsung dishwasher: Samsung Series 11 DW60A8050U1/EU Dishwasher – View on
Best Samsung dishwasher for ease of use: Samsung DW60M6050FS/EU Dishwasher – View on Marks Electrical

In any shared kitchen there's always someone who's clueless about how to stack a dishwasher. They don't scrape their plate. The debris from cornflakes crusts onto a bowl, and a plate daubed in spaghetti lays horizontal across a rack that's intended for four plates. It defeats the point; the racks are designed so the water jets from the rotating spray arms hit the surface of plates and the underside of bowls. At the bottom of the tub there's a filter to catch food debris. This saves blocking your drain and splattering the load with food waste. Long story short, every dishwasher works the same way but it is worth investing some time learning how the adjustable racking works. We recommend visiting a showroom and getting a feel for the appliance before you buy.

If you're a Samsung completist and want a dishwasher to match your TV and vacuum cleaner, then you're in for a treat. With a Samsung dishwasher, you can choose from a range of premium freestanding or integrated dishwashers. Say goodbye to drying up with features like Auto Door Open. How many hours are wasted in a lifetime scouring tea stains out of tea cups? Potentially one could persuade their loved one to put milk in their tea to reduce the tannin residue. Alternatively, get them to buy you a dishwasher before being chained to the kitchen sink really takes the biscuit. Always bear in mind that dishwasher cleaning results will vary depending on whether you live in a hard or soft water area. In hard water areas you may need to use more dishwasher tablets or liquid to soften the water. More on that in the FAQs below....

Best Samsung Dishwashers

Best overall Samsung dishwasher

Samsung Series 11 DW60A8060FSEU Freestanding Dishwasher Samsung

The configuration of this dishwasher’s interior is adjustable with flexible vertical space as well as racking with the Flex Load System. Also, the Samsung Series 11 DW60A8060FS/EU Freestanding Dishwasher has Smart Control+ has the clever Info Light on the floor to indicate it's on. In addition, it's packed with premium features, such as Auto Door, Extra Silence and Hygiene Rinsing. Benefit from Express wash and the delay timer plus the SmartThings app allows you to control your appliance from anywhere, ideal if you're on the go. Do take time to read the manual that's available online which gives instructions on how to correctly load the racking. It's worth taking the time to avoid incorrect stacking and disappointment.

Customer review: "My partner loves the top drawer, and easy efficient draw moving levers, its very quiet and consuming a lot less energy than the predecessor. It takes a bit of getting used to the open drawer dry method, but that is where the true energy saving comes from I do think the budget is a bit high in comparison, but hey I'm not washing the dishes."


  • Operate via SmartThings app
  • Flexible racking
  • Range of premium features
  • Good energy rating


  • Some found the flexible racking difficult to understand

Best app-controlled Samsung dishwasher

Samsung Series 11 DW60A8050U1EU
Price: £649

The Samsung Series 11 DW60A8050U1/EU Dishwasher is jam-packed with features. Firstly, know that this is a high-spec model that can be controlled via the SmartThings app through your phone or voice assistant. Furthermore, this appliance has Auto Door open which allows steam to escape and items to be cupboard dry by the end of the cycle. The Express 60-minute wash includes washing, rinsing and drying all within the hour — ideal for items that are not overly soiled. In addition, take advantage of the Half Load feature and save on time and energy. Also, it's worth noting the flexible interior space; there are little switches on the racking that allow you to set the tines to different heights to accommodate a range of cutlery, crockery and utensils. Extra Silence means the wash can be as quiet as 40dB, which is ideal for an open-plan living space. Finally, this model consumes just 9.8 litres of water per cycle.


  • Stylish design
  • Flexible racking
  • App-controlled
  • Packed with features
  • Quiet


  • No product review

Best Samsung dishwasher for ease of use

Samsung DW60M6050FS/EU DishwasherMarks Electrical/Samsung
Price: £499 (was £649)

What's attractive about this Samsung DW60M6050FS/EU Dishwasher is the wide and clear control panel that's mounted on the front of the appliance. So often on dishwashers the controls are concealed, making it difficult to know if the machine is on, as modern dishwashers are whisper quiet. With a 14-place setting capacity, this freestanding dishwasher is perfect for families. It has a flexible interior space that lets you fit large items easily and has seven programs for versatile washing, including a Hygiene programme. Run smaller loads without waste with the Half Load setting and a full load Express Wash is just 60 minutes. It uses 10.5 litres of water per wash. All-in-all a solid and easy-to-use appliance with an intuitive cutlery drawer and ergonomic handle and racking.

Customer review: "Great dishwasher, only downside is having to learn again how to load with the added cutlery drawer, have to make sure plates etc. are in right place or it hits the arms."


  • Easy to use
  • Clear display
  • Flexible racking
  • Hygiene wash
  • Express wash


  • Not the most energy efficient

Best budget Samsung dishwasher

SAMSUNG DW60M5050FSEU Full-size DishwasherCurrys/Samsung

If you're on a tighter budget but still want to invest in the sleek form of a Samsung dishwasher, this SAMSUNG DW60M5050FS/EU Full-size Dishwasher is a good option. Oversize plates are no problem with this appliance's Flexible Interior Space and 13-place settings mean it's ample size for a medium-sized household. It is slightly louder and has an F energy rating, also water consumption per cycle is 12 litres. But you do benefit from a 55-minute Quick program and a Fast 60-minute full wash, rinse and dry cycle. Also, there's Hygienic Rinsing, an extra hot cycle that's ideal for sterilising chopping boards, baby bottles and jars. Adjust the interior racking to easily accommodate platters and steamer baskets, and the lower rack pulls out for easy loading.

Customer review: "We thought it wouldn’t fit normal size plates, but the top basket is adjustable. Lots of comments about this and you move the top basket by squeezing the two blue handles on either side."


  • Adjustable racking
  • Four wash temperatures
  • Budget Samsung option


  • Reviews comment that the cutlery drawer is not well designed

Best Samsung dishwasher for busy lives

SAMSUNG DW60BG750FSLEU Full-size WiFi-enabled DishwasherCurrys/Samsung
Price: £799 (was £949)

Get the quietest clean from this SAMSUNG DW60BG750FSLEU Full-size WiFi-enabled Dishwasher thanks to the Extra Silent program. The inverter motor runs a little slower so the machine is quieter overall, at a whisper, just 40dB. That's not all, this sleek silver appliance has all the premium features, including WaterJet Clean, Auto Door Open and the extra-hot Hygiene Rinsing function. In addition, this model has a Speed Booster if you need your plates in a hurry and you can use the Express Wash cycle too. Importantly, if you're looking for a dishwasher that syncs up to your smart home, for its range of features this model is recommended.


  • Quiet
  • Speed boost
  • Powerful cleaning
  • Hygiene
  • Perfect for open-plan living


  • No customer review

Best Samsung with cutlery basket

Samsung Series 11 DW60BG730FSL Freestanding DishwasherJohn Lewis/Samsung

If the frittata's left a frightful mess behind in the sauté pan you can rest assured this slightly smaller freestanding dishwasher will make short work of cleaning it. The Samsung Series 11 DW60BG730FSL Freestanding Dishwasher has a 13-place setting capacity and crucially it has a cutlery basket. Some people prefer the cutlery basket to the third shelf concept that a lot of new models have. But that's about the only old-school feature in this appliance as this Wi-Fi enabled machine boasts Waterjet Clean and a super light on the floor feature that indicates the machine is on. There's Express Wash and a quiet programme too. All the powerful performance from Samsung with the older racking layout that's preferred by some.


  • Cutlery basket for easy loading
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Floor info light
  • Express wash


  • No customer review

Best black Samsung dishwasher

Samsung Series 11 DW60A8050UB Semi Integrated DishwasherMarks Electrical/Samsung
Price: £349 (was £429)

Remove starchy and crusted-on food with powerful jet action, especially if you use the intensive cycle. This stylish Samsung Series 11 DW60A8050UB Semi Integrated Dishwasher has a visible LED display on the front of the door so you can check the status of the wash. With the Wi-Fi connection you can download extra programs through the SmartThings app, such as Extra Silence, Baby Care and Plastic cycles. Expect all the usual features, such as Auto Door Open and an Eco cycle. This sleek, semi-integrated dishwasher could be the perfect fit in your contemporary kitchen.

Customer review: "Really good product, and fits nicely into our kitchen, The adjustable legs make installing under a counter convenient and the additional attachments to add a kickboard mean the dishwasher feels like it’s integrated into the kitchen. In terms of functionality the cycles seem substantially longer than our previous dishwasher (standard 1hr cycle) and this product has cycles ranging from 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours for energy efficient, it also opens the door towards the end of the cycle meaning everything dries very nicely."


  • Flexible racks
  • Black integrated appliance to coordinate with the look of your kitchen
  • Self clean
  • Speed Boost


  • Integrated appliances don't have as much capacity as full-size

Our Verdict: Best Samsung Dishwasher

We recommend the Samsung Series 11 DW60A8060FS/EU Freestanding Dishwasher. This appliance has a B energy rating, which post-2021 is an excellent rating for a large appliance. Also, it has the whole gamut of premium features, including the light on the floor power indicator which we absolutely love. It's such a simple solution to knowing whether an appliance is on, and saves accidentally opening the door and stopping the cycle. Additionally, there is Smart Control+ so you can operate your dishwasher via the SmartThings app. If you're looking to level up your smart home with a Samsung dishwasher, this is the appliance to go for.


What should I avoid putting in the dishwasher?

Never put aluminium in a dishwasher because it will damage it. Also, copper, brass and tin are not dishwasher safe. Nor are non-heat resistant plastics, craft items, such as delicate crystal glass, pottery and glazed items. Unusual and fragile materials, such as antiques, ivory and items with adhesive cannot go in the dishwasher.

Always look for dishwasher safe on the manufacturer's product spec for your glassware, porcelain, cutlery, utensils and cookware.

Also, do not attempt to wash items that are covered in loose material such as ash, sand, motor grease, wax or paint as particles from these will spread around the appliance and damage it.

Finally, always scrape your plates. Bones, napkins, fruit peel, seeds and toothpicks can cause the dishwasher to malfunction, make noise and damage your crockery.

How do I adjust the racking in my new Samsung dishwasher?

Loading dishes in the lower rack

Place larger items on the lower rack. Position serving platters and lids at the sides of the rack so the upper spray arm can freely rotate. Place bowls, pots and pans face down so the lower spray arm aims water jets directly into them. Slant deep pots so that water can flow out.

The lower rack has folding tines so it's easy to position larger pots.

How to load the upper rack

First, you can adjust the height position of the upper rack to make more vertical space between it and the lower rack. This allows you to wash extra large pans and plates.

Adjust the rack before you load the dishes to avoid any potential breakages.

There are adjustable handles on the left and right sides of the upper rack; pull upwards until they latch. Similarly, hold both handles and press evenly down to lower the upper rack.

The upper rack is for smaller glassware, coffee cups, small bowls, saucers etc. Always place cups and bowls face down and securely on the prongs so they won't get dislodged by the water jets.

The tines can be reconfigured to accommodate different size cups and glasses. There's a switch with three icons of glasses and cups, this changes the height of the tines.

How to load the cutlery rack

This rack is a departure from the cutlery baskets of old and it allows for flatware to get a more thorough and hygienic clean. This rack is removable if you need extra height in the upper rack.

The "3rd Rack Tray" in the cutlery tray is removable for longer items, such as chopsticks, spatulas and long-handled spoons.

Finally, there is a glass support that's specially designed for wine glasses and it can be folded away when not in use.

What does rinse aid do?

Rinse aid in liquid form is used to make the water silky and improves the drying process, resulting in streak-free glassware.

What does dishwasher salt do?

In the dishwasher door, there's a slot for dishwasher salt and rinse aid. Dishwasher salt softens the water and is particularly important if you live in a hard water area. Fill the dishwasher salt reservoir to its maximum capacity of one kilogram. An indicator will alert you when this needs topping up again.

Samsung Dishwasher Glossary

Waterjet Clean produces intensive cleaning from every angle. The two spray arms rotate in opposite directions and the powerful water jets can thoroughly clean heavily soiled dishes.

Flex Load System is adjustable racking that has three different settings, giving you more options when stacking glassware and pots and pans of all sizes.

Half Load means you don't have to wait to run a full load, this economical cycle uses less energy and water.

Hygiene Rinsing kills 99.99 per cent of bacteria with this extra hot cycle. Great for sterilising baby bottles and chopping boards.

Extra Quiet is 40dB cycle that washes a little slower so the inverter motor makes less noise.

Auto Door Open means the dishwasher door automatically opens at the end of the cycle, allowing steam to escape and items to air dry.

Machine Care cleans the tub at the touch of a button without the need for harsh detergents. It keeps the dishwasher hygienic and removes dirt and odours using only water.

Aqua Stop prevents unexpected water damage by shutting off the water and electricity connection if water is unexpectedly detected accumulating in the tub.

SmartThings App allows you to remotely monitor and control your dishwasher using your smartphone.

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