Best American Style Fridge Freezer For Your Dream Kitchen

Here is our pick of the best American fridge freezers and what you can expect before going supersize on your fridge space.

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The main difference between your regular fridge freezer to an American style fridge freezer that you typically get in the UK is, as you can imagine, the size. The phrase "everything is bigger in America" is very literal here.

If you have a big family, like to stock up or have a spacious kitchen that calls out for a large fridge freezer, then American-style fridge freezers offer you twice the space and are an attractive feature too. Or - perhaps you're in the wrong place and do not have much space to play with, why not check out our guide to under-counter fridges?

These appliances are sleek and modern and will undoubtedly be a focal point in your kitchen. So, if you and your household find yourself constantly gravitating towards a built-in (and seamless) look for your kitchen, your new integrated fridge freezer will go down a treat.

Best American style fridge freezer at a glance

Best overall American style fridge freezer: Samsung RS68A8830S9 Freestanding 65/35 American Fridge Freezer - View on John Lewis
Best American style fridge freezer with extra features: Hisense RS741N4WC11 Side By Side American Fridge Freezer - View on
Best value American style fridge freezer: Fridgemaster MS91518FBS American Fridge Freezer - Black - View on

Researching for a new appliance can be very time-consuming, so we have done the work for you and picked out the best American style fridge freezers for every budget and household size.

Best American style fridge freezers 2023

Best overall American style fridge freezer

This Samsung RS68A8830S9 Freestanding 65/35 American Fridge Freezer is an excellent choice if you want an appliance with all the latest technology, including a water dispenser and ice maker. It is perfect for large households as it can hold an enormous 39 bags of shopping or 634L worth of food and drink. The SpaceMax design means that the fridge freezer is thinner with sleeker doors to provide space for more items inside.  

Customer Review: "Lovely looking item, very quiet compared to my previous model. Holds so much in both the fridge and freezer. So far so good, highly recommended."


  • Quiet run
  • Large capacity
  • Sleek design


  • No drip tray for the water dispenser

Best American style fridge freezer with extra features

Hisense RS741N4WC11 Non-Plumbed American Fridge Freezer
Price: £699 (was £869)

Boasting a substantial 562-litre capacity, the Hisense RS741N4WC11 Side By Side American Fridge Freezer has all you need in terms of style and space. It comes in black or stainless steel and has side-by-side doors and a water dispenser. This unit contains many innovative features, such as clever cooling technologies that eliminate the need to defrost your freezer manually. Plus, the Super Cool and Super Freeze options offer instant rapid cooling. The unit also includes an advanced inverter compressor that delivers more power, better energy efficiency, and less noise.  

Customer Review: "Bought this last month, and it has been an excellent purchase. My wife loves it and loves to show it off to others. Many visitors to our home have commented on it favourably. Lots of room inside and easy clear view of contents."


  • Quiet
  • Digital temperature display
  • Large water tank


  • Scratches easily

Best value American style fridge freezer

Fridgemaster MS91518FBS American Fridge Freezer
Price: £629 (RRP £769)

Keep your shopping fresh with this Fridgemaster MS91518FBS American Fridge Freezer. It will be hard to run out of room in this fridge freezer as it can hold up to 28 shopping bags with an enormous 516-litre capacity. It contains clever tech that stops ice build-ups in the fridge freezer and a super-fast freezing feature. Plus, a handy salad crisper drawer where you have more than enough space to keep your fruits and vegetables organised. 

Customer Review: "Love my new fridge freezer; it is modern and looks lovely in my kitchen. Loads of space on both sides. You will not be disappointed with this purchase at all."


  • Spacious interior
  • Quiet
  • Frost-free


  • Doors are fingerprint magnets

Best fridge freezer with French doors

If you are looking for a fridge freezer with French doors, this Hoover HSF818FXK American Fridge Freezer is an affordable option. Appliances with French doors are a great way to organise your produce, with a double door to the fridge and a drawer-style door for your freezer underneath. Not only does this fridge freezer look great, but it also holds 24 bags of food shopping or 436L worth of food and drink. Inside the fridge, there are two special drawers to keep fruit and veg organised, plus the smart tech that stops ice build-ups in the fridge and freezer.

Customer Review: "Love this fridge freezer. It’s the perfect size for my home; modern looking, and I love the drawers as they hold more than I expected. The fridge part is really spacious, plenty of room for all your fresh stuff; overall, I would highly recommend this product."


  • Great for large households
  • Spacious freezer drawers


  • Doors don't automatically close

Best American fridge freezer for smart home tech

LG InstaView™ ThinQ™ GSXV91MCAE wifi Connected American Fridge Freezer
Price: £1799 (RRP £2399)

Although the priciest option on this list, this LG GSXV91MCAE Freestanding American Fridge Freezer is loaded with incredible technology that will please smart home lovers. The main attraction is InstaView. Just knock twice on the door, and the black glass becomes transparent to allow you to see what's in the top half of the fridge—a tech lover's dream. Naturally, this LG fridge freezer comes with all the features needed in a modern kitchen with clever tech. What's more, the sleek matte black design will look fantastic in any kitchen.  

Customer Review: "We bought this to replace our old American fridge freezer and after lots of research, chose this one in matt black to match our new kitchen. One week in, and we all love this fridge freezer - it feels and looks so high tech, the InstaView light up, the see-through door is much more than a gimmick, and we are all used to reaching for the milk, juice, ketchup now without opening the main door.

The fridge is also massive inside and holds more than our last one. Note: it's deeper than many other models, so we're glad we measured before buying. We also love the electronic water and ice dispenser with two kinds of ice and the UV light feature on the water supply means we can put it anywhere in the kitchen without worrying about plumbing it in. We are really happy with our fridge freezer choice, and it looks fantastic too."


  • No plumbing needed
  • Low height


  • Poor energy rating

OUR VERDICT: What is the best American fridge freezer?

Our top choice is the Samsung Freestanding American Fridge Freezer; if you want to invest in a fridge freezer that will last you a lifetime, this one has all you need. From an ice dispenser, 541 litres of space and a wine rack for that extra luxury. In terms of price, it is middle of the range but has first-class qualities, making this an excellent investment.

Speaking of wine... wine fridges are perfect for storing all those cheeky bottles of Sauvignon Blanc that are clogging up your precious fridge space... They're the ultimate opulent kitchen appliance.


What features to consider when buying an American fridge freezer


With American fridge freezers, you can choose the style of fridge freezer you like, so you're not limited to opening your fridge a certain way.

For example, you can get side-by-side doors - perfect if you struggle with bending or would prefer to keep certain frozen foods like ice cream higher up and out of reach of little hands.

You can also get a unit with four side-by-side doors - great for organising your food into compartments and saving money on energy. French doors are another option, with a double door to the fridge and a drawer-style door for your freezer underneath.

Another aspect to consider is what fridge freezer ratio split you would like, such as a top-heavy 60/40 style or a 70/30 split to a 50/50 divide. There are plenty of options available.


Size is a vital aspect to research when purchasing a new fridge freezer. Check what dimensions you require to fit into your kitchen space and how tall, wide and deep you would like it to be. We have selected fridge freezers that fit up to 39 shopping bags to suit every household's needs and kitchen size.


American-style fridge freezers are a statement piece in your kitchen, not only due to them being much bigger than your average appliance but their stylish and sleek finish. You can get your American fridge freezer in shiny stainless steel or black for an elegant touch.


Most modern fridge freezers come with frost-free technology, so you don't need to defrost your freezer manually. This will save you time and effort and preserve the longevity of your appliance.

Energy efficiency

For a clear indicator of how energy-efficient your fridge freezer is, look for its energy rating. The higher, the better. The energy ratings were revised in 2021 to ensure there was space left on the scale for improvement. On the old energy efficiency scale, appliances were rated between A+++ to D. But with modern technology, most appliances were maxing out the scale. The new energy ratings now go from A to G and are much less confusing.

You’ll find now that there are much fewer A and B-rated appliances. Those that were previously A+++ may now be an F. This is to give the opportunity for higher ratings in the future and encourage manufacturers to make their machines even more sustainable.


If you are looking for a water and ice dispenser, many fridge freezers now come with this exciting feature. This helpful addition is a welcome treat for the British summer and will help you to fulfil your daily water intake.

Additional factors to consider when buying an American-style fridge freezer


Investing in a new fridge is never going to be cheap. But, an American fridge freezer is on the higher end of the fridge freezer price scale. Often ranging from £500 up to £2,000 depending on the size and features.

However, you can find more affordable American-style fridge freezers on the market. These include the Fridgemaster MS91518FBS on this list, which is priced under £750.

Delivery and installation

There is no denying that these fridge freezers are heavy. Getting this fridge freezer in your kitchen is one thing, but you'll also need to consider bringing it through the door first. Before you decide to invest, it is crucial to accurately measure the space where you will position the unit to make sure it can fit into the kitchen. Plus, it is vital to check if the fridge can pass through any steps, doors or obstacles on the way.

American fridge freezers will often only be delivered to your door, so you might need to consider getting another adult or professional to help carry it the rest of the way.


If you're looking for an American fridge freezer with all the features, you may need to plumb it in. This could restrict where you can place it as it will need to be near a water source.


Due to the size of American fridge freezers, you will need to look for a unit that allows you to open the doors fully to make the most of your purchase. This might not be the most practical idea if you have a smaller kitchen.

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