The Best Integrated Fridge Freezer For A Seamless Finish

If you have a smaller kitchen or would like a streamlined look, an integrated fridge freezer would be a good investment. 

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If you don't want your fridge to stand out in your kitchen, picking the best, integrated fridge freezer that is tucked neatly away behind a cabinet door is a good option because it doesn't matter how it looks. Integrated fridge freezers are designed to be fitted with the same panelling or design as the rest of your kitchen. They feature all the same features as a freestanding model but help to create a seamless appearance in the kitchen.

Whether you are remodelling your kitchen or would like to upgrade your old fridge freezer, choosing the right appliance for you can take a lot of time and research. Perhaps, you're thinking: freestanding vs integrated: Which is best? After all, Choosing between a freestanding or integrated fridge will depend on your kitchen layout and space. The main benefit of a built-in fridge is its space-saving properties.

Best Integrated Fridge Freezers At A Glance:

Best overall integrated fridge freezer: BEKO Pro BCFD373 Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer - view at Currys
Best integrated 50/50 frost-free fridge freezer: Beko BCFD350 Integrated 50/50 Fridge Freezer - view at Donaghy Bros
Best budget integrated fridge freezer: LOGIK LIFF5022 Integrated 50/50 Fridge Freezer - view on Currys
Best under the counter integrated fridge: Bush BEUCFR6082 Integrated Under Counter Fridge - view at Argos

As they slot into the area where cupboards would have been used, they are a great stylistic choice and can be practical in smaller kitchens where space is limited particularly if you select an under-counter fridge. While they don't offer a sleek finish as they are hidden away behind cabinets, they have a range of benefits, such as movability, making them the ideal choice for people who like to rearrange their kitchen.

Freestanding appliances tend to be cheaper and easily accessible. However, they will stand out in your kitchen and are bigger than integrated fridges. You'll likely find the best bargain with a 50/50 fridge freezer. You can't go wrong with that. And - with all of this in mind, we've found the best, integrated fridge freezers for your hungry home.

Best integrated fridge freezer

Best overall integrated fridge freezer

The Beko Pro BCFD373 Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer combines a spacious 262-liter capacity with a slim 55 cm width. Its chrome wine rack and ice tray offer convenient storage, while the open door alarm prevents food spoilage. Frost-free technology ensures efficient cooling without manual defrosting, and the reversible door design ensures easy integration into any kitchen layout.

Customer Review: "Great additional features like the bottle rack. Spacious shelves and robust freezer drawers."


  • Spacious for a large household
  • Quiet
  • Plenty of shelf options


  • Quite tall

Best integrated 50/50 frost-free fridge freezer

This sleek integrated Beko BCFD350 Integrated 50/50 Fridge Freezer has all the features you need from a fridge freezer for under £500. If you are looking for a 50/50 split, this appliance offers plenty of space with a fridge capacity of 163L and a freezer capacity of 91L. The fridge contains four racks, a salad crisper to keep produce fresh and a wine bottle rack too. Other features include an open-door alarm, and the door is reversible. If you are looking for a reliable half fridge-half freezer, this is a fantastic choice.  

Customer Review: "It is a good-sized fridge, nice bright light, and the freezer works well. All-round so far, it's a good product."


  • Quiet running
  • Integrated ice tray shelf
  • Comes with a wine rack


  • Difficult installation instructions
  • Difficult access to levelling feet on the rear

Best integrated 50/50 fridge freezer for smaller households

If you have a small kitchen, are a couple or are a small household looking for a straightforward, no-nonsense fridge freezer, this Hisense RIB291F4AWF Integrated 50/50 Fridge Freezer is a good pick. It doesn't have all the high-tech features some high-end fridge freezers offer, but it is low maintenance and practical. The 50/50 split ratio allows for 12 bags of food shopping and has a 148-litre capacity for the fridge and 78 litres for the freezer. It comes with features such as no frost technology, a salad crisper and reversible doors to suit any kitchen layout. 

Customer Review: "It is a good-sized fridge, nice bright light, and the freezer works well. All-round so far, it's a good product."


  • Low maintenance, practical
  • It comes with a wine rack
  • Salad crisper drawer


  • Can't hold 4-pint milk in the door
  • The freezer drawer is not deep enough

Best integrated 70/30 frost-free fridge freezer

This spacious SAMSUNG BRB26600FWW Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer uses Samsung's Spacemax technology to minimise wall thickness for more space inside. The refrigerator compartment holds 195 litres, so around ten shopping bags and the slim door design means you'll get a large fridge freezer without much kitchen space. It has features such as Samsung's Total No Frost, a wine rack and the Optimal Fresh Plus box. It is also one of the quietest on the list at 35dB, so it won't be disturbing in an open-plan kitchen.

Customer Review: "Replaced a Lamona with this one. Have different installation points so beware. But I am overall happy. It cooled pretty quickly after start and good so far."


  • Easy to install
  • It comes with a wine rack
  • Runs quiet


  • Needs more configuration options
  • Tricky to fit 4-pint of milk

Best versatile integrated fridge freezer

The winning feature of the SAMSUNG Cooling Plus BRB26705DWW/EU Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer is that it offers a flexible zone that can be used as a fridge or freezer space. So, if you need to stock up on more frozen goods for one week, you can use the extra section, which can switch between being a fridge or freezer. Plus, with 264 litres, you can fit around 14 bags worth of groceries inside. It also has clever features that stop ice build-ups in the fridge and freezer, a salad crisper drawer and a wine rack.

Customer Review: "Love my new Samsung integrated fridge freezer. Easy to install once you get your head around it. Compared to my old Samsung freestanding fridge freezer, my new appliance looked small, but I fitted everything in it and more. The design has been updated and really looks great. Love the wine rack."


  • Runs quiet
  • It comes with a wine rack
  • Spacious


  • Not much door space for tall items
  • Plastic extras are not eco-friendly

Best budget integrated fridge freezer

If you are looking for a simple, standard no-frills model on a budget, this appliance would be a good choice. The LOGIK LIFF5022 Integrated 50/50 Fridge Freezer offers a half split with a generous freezer to stock up on groceries and all the classic features you can expect from this appliance. It's got plenty of space in the fridge, and the adjustable shelves make it easier to store larger items too. Plus, the door is reversible if that makes things easier in your space.

Customer Review: "Good value for the money, works well, quiet running etc. The main issue is getting ready to play Fridge Jenga! Small fridge space but the most annoying part is that the fridge door trays are fixed and not moveable and will not take a 2 Ltr bottle in the position they are fixed in so no cold drinks for you, unless you can manage to lay them on the side inside the fridge but this takes all the space up."


  • Bright lighting
  • Good value for money
  • Quiet-running


  • Not enough door space for tall bottles

Best under the counter integrated fridge

The Bush BEUCFR6082 Integrated Under Counter Fridge offers practicality with an icebox. Boasting 133 litres capacity, including two shelves and a spacious salad drawer, it's versatile for any kitchen. The fully reversible door enhances flexibility, fitting into various spaces. Crafted with durable safety glass, its removable shelves and drawers ensure easy cleaning. A practical and versatile addition to any kitchen.

Customer Review: "I bought this for a static caravan and have to say it chilled very fast and has plenty of room."


  • Spacious
  • Better for single households


  • May be best used as a drinks fridge

OUR VERDICT: What is the best integrated fridge?

The BEKO Pro BCFD373 Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer is our top pick. It is excellent value, has frost-free technology, adjustable shelves and all the necessary standard features you require for a reasonable price.

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What to consider when choosing an integrated fridge freezer

Design: You can get side-by-side doors, bottom mount freezer units, so your fridge is at eye level or French doors with a double door for the refrigerator with a drawer-style door for your freezer underneath. Some fridge freezers will arrive with a built-in wine rack, perfect for your weekly tipple. Or, consider a separate wine fridge for your bottles...

Size: It is crucial to consider measurements when purchasing a new integrated fridge. You will need to check what dimensions fit into your kitchen space and how tall, wide and deep it will need to be. As built-in fridges need to fit perfectly into the space you've selected for them, you will need to be sure that you measure the place properly before purchasing the appliance. You could also consider getting custom installation; however, that will cost you more and make the process easier.

Capacity: The capacity of your fridge freezer implies how much food will fit inside. The volume is measured in litres and is listed as the total capacity for both sections. For reference, 18 litres is around one shopping bag, so a 150-litre fridge will hold just over eight bags of shopping.

Ratio: Depending on your kitchen habits, you will need to consider the fridge-to-freezer ratio split. If you like to freeze leftovers or stock up, consider an even split at 50/50 appliance; however, a top-heavy 60/40 or 70/30 will work well if you use the fridge more.

Let's talk about energy efficiency...

For a clear indicator of how energy-efficient your fridge freezer is, look for its energy rating. The higher the better. The energy ratings were revised in 2021 to ensure there was space left on the scale for improvement. On the old energy efficiency scale, appliances were rated between A+++ to D. But with modern technology, most appliances were maxing out the scale. The new energy ratings now go from A to G and are much less confusing.

You’ll find now that there are much fewer A and B-rated appliances. Those that were previously A+++ may now be an F. This is to allow higher ratings in the future and encourage manufacturers to make their machines even more sustainable.

Are all integrated fridge freezers the same size?

Generally speaking, you should always measure carefully and double-check dimensions before buying a new fridge freezer. Different models vary by as much as a few centimetres, so you can't always guarantee that your new one will fit the space you have.

Can I integrate a normal fridge?

Not really. Freestanding fridge freezers come in different dimensions, so the doors won't open properly with your cupboard doors. Of course, if the appliance does fit, you can always install it in the cupboard but not use the door feature.

Are integrated fridges and a built-in fridge the same?

Yes, these two terms mean the same thing. Integrated or built into the kitchen means the fridge is installed in cupboard space with the cabinets already in the kitchen.

What is the difference between an integrated fridge freezer and an American-style fridge freezer?

An American-style fridge freezer is much larger in size and capacity than a standard fridge freezer. These models tend to have a side-by-side design and are open by a double-door arrangement.

You will often find ones that have water dispensers and are typically more expensive to buy but worth it if you have a large household or lots of kitchen space.

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