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The kitchen is the heart of any home, which is why we spend a lot of time researching and picking the best small appliances that help make our lives a little easier, this includes finding the best kettle and toaster set that suits your kitchen aesthetic and lifestyle.

Two essential pieces of kitchen equipment - your kettle and toaster will be pride of place on your worktop with your equally essential coffee machine. Alternatively, you might have a really full worktop with your kettle, toaster, coffee machine, and then your blender and microwave for lazy meal days. Or you might prefer a more minimal look and choose to store your small appliances in a cupboard, having a matching set by the same brand will earn you style points (and sometimes money in the long run, too).

As well as looking great and matching the design of your kitchen, it is so important that the features and functions of your kettle and toaster aren't overlooked.

Best Kettle And Toaster Sets At A Glance:

• Best kettle and toaster set for traditional style: KitchenAid Artisan Toaster and Kettle Set - View on Harts Of Stur
• Best temperature-controlled kettle and toaster set: Russell Hobbs Attentiv Kettle and Toaster Set - View on Russell Hobbs
• Best overall: Dualit Architect Stainless Steel Kettle & 4 Slice Toaster Set Oyster White - View on Amazon UK
• Best energy-efficient kettle and toaster set: Bosch Styline Collection Cordless Kettle & Stainless Steel Toaster - View on Amazon UK

Features to look out for include fast boiling, kettle capacity, browning functions and wide toasting slots. We've rounded up the best kettle and toaster sets to suit your style and budget, as well as incorporating the functionality and features of each brand.

Best Kettle And Toaster Sets 2023

Best overall

Dualit's kettles have famously been handmade in Britain since 1945 and are still a desired option when it comes to choosing a durable and well-made kettle and toaster set. As well as being one of the more durable kettles on the market, it also comes with a smooth pouring action that prevents water splashes and a limescale filter. The toaster is also the biggest on the list, coming with four wide slots and a bagel and bun warming facility.

Customer review: "Great duo and good price. Toasts are evenly done and water boils while waitig for the toasts. it also look good in the kitchen."


  • Made in Britain
  • Four slots
  • Bagel and bun warming functions
  • Great customer service if something goes wrong


  • A little noisy

Best kettle and toaster set for traditional style

Made by the iconic kitchen appliance brand KitchenAid, this almond artisan set will look fabulous on any countertop and comes in a variety of different colours. The kettle and toaster not only look the part, but they also come with a whole load of functions including double wall construction, temperature control and seven toaster shade settings. The toaster also has a bagel function which will warm the outside whilst toasting the inside of your bagel.

Customer review: "Excellent products. Stylish and reliable. Will always buy Kitchen aid products. My last Kitchen Aid toaster lasted 20 years plus. It still worked when I bought the new ones. Excellent service from Hart’s of Stur, very quick."


  • Matching appliances available
  • Toaster has a bagel setting
  • The kettle comes with temperature control


  • May not fit in with some designs

Best kettle and toaster set under £50

We can't believe this Stainless Steel Kettle and Toaster Set from Dunelm is only £50. Great for those who are after a sleek and simple set, the kettle is designed with a 360-degree cordless swivel base suitable for both left and right-handed use and the two-slice toaster comes with the usual cancel, defrost and reheat setting.


  • Great value
  • The kettle is powerful and has an automatic cut-off when boiled


  • Surfaces prone to finger marks and scratches

Best temperature-controlled kettle and toaster set

The Russell Hobbs Attentiv Kettle and Toaster set puts you in full control of your breakfast routine. The Attentiv Kettle allows you to tailor the water boiling temperature from 40°C to 100°C to get every hot drink just right. And whether you’re toasting sourdough, dark rye, bagel or day-old white, the two-slice Russell Hobbs Attentiv Toaster will get every slice browned just right for you. If you're fussy about what colour your toast is or love to drink coffee with water boiled to just the right temperature, this set is just for you.

Tried and tested by Hannah Mellin, Commercial Content Writer, "This kettle is absolutely the one for people who LOVE tea. I never knew that temperature played a difference when it came to having my trusted loose leaf, Yorkshire tea or green tea, but it really does. It even comes with a removable tea infuser insert. The touch button to set the temperature is super sensitive and easy to use and I've never had a kettle boil so fast. The water stays warm for up to 40 minutes too, so you don't have to waste energy by reboiling the same water. I particularly liked the sound it makes when it has finished boiling too, not too loud but loud enough to remember I was making a cup in the first place. It also looks so nice on my counter. I get so excited when I have friends or family round for tea now."


  • Great value for the technology
  • Water stays warm for 40 mins, therefore saving energy as you don't have to reboil


  • Both are a little bulky

Best energy-efficient kettle and toaster set

Bosch TWK8633 Styline Collection Cordless Jug Kettle, 1.5 L and Bosch TAT8613 Styline 2 Slice Toaster Bundle
Price: £289.90

Investing in an eco-friendly kettle is an easy way to make your home more efficient and Bosch's Styline Collection has received rave reviews from those who are looking to save the planet and save money on their energy bills. The kettle has a 3kW element for rapid boiling (around 1 min 20 seconds for 500ml), four temperature settings of 70ºC, 80ºC, 90ºC and 100ºC, and a 30-minute keep warm function. The two-slice toaster also features functions such as measuring the temperature inside the toasting chamber and adjusting it to ensure a consistently even toasting result.

Customer review: "This kettle is arguably the best I've ever owned. Looks good, it's quiet, sturdy, fast boiling and keeps it at the desired temperature for up to 30 mins which is perfect for me while I'm working and regularly get distracted."


  • Energy efficient
  • Stay warm function
  • Good value if bought together


  • Bulky for the capacity

Best textured kettle and toaster set

Transform your worktop with a patterned kettle and toaster set like this one from Russell Hobbs. If you drink a lot of hot drinks, the Structure kettle will be perfect as it holds 1.7 litres, which is a lot more than others on this list. The four-slice toaster not only has room for four slices of bread but comes with Lift and Look and Dual Browning Controls so you can enjoy your toast the way you like it. 

Customer review: "Bought these over two months ago, glad I did. They match my kitchen well and really stand out so lovely, and shiny and the pattern on the outside is lovely. There's one thing I don't really like is that the lid you have to keep taking it off and back on again, would prefer a press and flip up but no problem. Love them."


  • Great value
  • Looks great
  • Good for larger families


  • Some reviews say the toaster is slow

Best traditional kettle and toaster set

Delonghi Argento Flora Kettle and Toaster Set
Price: £94.56 (was £103)

The De'Longhi Argento Flora kettle and toaster will look incredible if you're after a more retro or traditional feel to your kitchen. The kettle holds up to seven cups and comes complete with boil dry protection, meaning your kettle will automatically switch off when it is empty for your protection and a washable limescale filter. Available in three colours, pale blue, pale pink and cream.


  • Good capacity
  • Different colours available
  • Great price


  • Some reviews say the kettle is noisy

Best designer toaster and kettle set

We're all familiar with Emma Bridgewater's iconic designs, and this collaboration with Russell Hobbs showcases her polka-dot one. If you want a kettle and toaster that stands out from the crowds, this is a great pick and comes at an affordable price and yes, you can still get matching mugs.

Customer review: "I'm writing this 2.5 years after purchase - both items are still going strong and I love them as much now as I did then. The only thing I recommend is keeping on top of any limescale (even a tiny amount) that accumulates around the spout or lid as it seems to chip away at the metal, but it's not obvious. I've found it easy to descale and it's handy that the kettle keeps boiling without switching off if the filter pops out of position - you know what's wrong and can remedy it immediately. Wipe over the stainless steel bits on both with a damp cloth and buff with a dry one to keep sparkly."


  • Fab for Emma Bridgewater fans
  • Something different
  • Durable design
  • Matching items available


  • Might not work in some kitchen designs
  • Some reviews say it takes a while to toast bread

OUR VERDICT: Which is the best kettle and toaster set?

Buying a matching kettle and toaster set will not only get two jobs done in one, but some of them will save you money thanks to offers and discounts. As well as saving money when you buy your new set, and considering energy efficiency, our pick is Bosch's Styline Collection Cordless Bundle. Waiting around 1 min 20 seconds for 500ml for the kettle to boil does seem like a fair sacrifice in the long run compared to quicker versions on the list. The black, simple design will also look incredible in any kitchen design.


How much do kettles and toasters cost to run?

It’s not news that we’re heading for some tough times, so it’s great to be on top of your energy usage – so you can take control of your bills. It totally depends on your household and how much you use a toaster or kettles and how powerful they are. For example, if you have a kettle that is high power so it can boil quicker, you may want to switch to one with lower power with a slower boil. Find out the best energy-saving kettles here.

Always remember that you should only fill your kettle with only the amount of water you will be using. So if you're only making one cup, don't fill it all the way to the top. You should always remember to use a limescale filter or clean your kettle regularly as that can affect how it performs.

How do you clean a kettle?

There are many kettle descalers on the market, but one of the easiest ways is to use lemons. Yep, fill your kettle half full with lemon juice (which you can buy in most supermarkets) and then fill the other half with water. Boil the water and let it sit for 30 minutes until you see the limescale start to dislodge. Pour out the lemon and water and rinse thoroughly.

Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch revealed on Instagram that she uses Oust's All Purpose Descaler to keep her kettle up to scratch. The product dissolves limescale and keeps appliances functioning efficiently.

What makes a good kettle?

There are some things that you should look out for when shopping around for a kettle. These can include:

Design: What kind of colour are you after? Textured or patterned? Or more traditional? Would you like a handle at the top or at the side?

Quiet Mark: Kettles do make some noise for a short amount of time, and some even bleep when it is boiled to alert you to start filling your mug. However, there are some kettles out there that have a Quiet Mark or Quiet Boil, which means they measure lower in terms of decibels. Your usual kettle will make a noise between 71 and 76 decibels.

Capacity: The bigger your household, the more mugs of hot drinks you make, so it is important to look at how much water your kettle will hold. However, bear in mind the larger it is the heavier it is to carry.

What makes a good toaster?

There are some things that you should look out for when shopping around for a toaster. These can include:

• How many slices of bread can it hold? Most toasters come with two or four slots. If you're after a four-slot toaster, you may need to compromise on space.

• Does it have a defrost setting? If you keep your bread in the freezer, some toasters will defrost your bread before toasting it.

• Does it have different browning settings? Everyone likes their toast a different shade of 'burnt'.

High lift function? Because no one likes burnt fingers.

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