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Find a kettle that suits your kitchen and your lifestyle.


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Finding the best kettle to suit your hot drink needs, lifestyle, and kitchen can be a hard task, especially when there are so many on the market these days. Whether you're making your morning cuppa or boiling some water to assist with the cooking, the best kettles are, without a doubt, one of the most popular kitchen appliances. A proper English breakfast brew, coffee, herbal tea or water for your pasta - a kettle will do an endless amount of tasks, and you'll definitely be lost without one.

The first thing you need to decide: Electric or hob. Electric kettles are certainly the most popular option. They're quick to boil and generally more energy efficient. Hob (aka stove-top kettles) are, by contrast, typically slower to boil but have larger capacities.

Best Kettles At A Glance

• Best premium kettle: Smeg 50s Style Cream Cordless Electric Kettle
• Best temperature-controlled kettle: Russell Hobbs Attentiv Variable Temperature Controlled Kettle
• Best quiet kettle: Russell Hobbs 20460 Quiet Boil Kettle
• Best kettle for hard water areas: Russell Hobbs 22851 Brita Filter Purity Electric Kettle

Additionally, some kettles have special features such as a built-in filter to purify the water or a keep-warm function to maintain the temperature of the water for a longer period of time. You can get a matching kettle and toaster set, great for creating cohesion across your kitchen countertop. Or, you can even invest in a smart kettle that can be controlled from your phone. Start boiling your kettle from bed and never look back.

So, there is a lot to think about when it comes to seeking out the best kettle for your kitchen - from size to how quickly it boils the water, noise levels and, of course, its price. We've scoured the best kettles out there for you and provided you with the best selection out there to suit you and your lifestyle.

Best Kettles

Best Alexa-controlled kettle

On Sale

Kitchen appliances just keep on getting smarter, and with the Swan Alexa Smart Kettle, you can set it to work simply by using your voice, even from another room. Create personalised commands and routines unique to you, such as turning the kettle on, changing the temperature of the water or asking Alexa to keep the water warm. It makes 8-10 cups, and you can select the temperature between 60°C, 85°C, 90°C or 100°C.


  • Can be activated remotely to boil water
  • LED touch panel control
  • Cordless base
  • 4 temperature settings
  • Sleek and stylish design


  • Not available in a range of colour options

Best kettle for style


Price: £131

This isn’t the first time that Smeg has mastered the art of bringing retro designs firmly into the modern age. The chrome highlights and gently domed profile of this kettle evoke those classy kitchens of the 50s. The soft opening lid, water level indicator, and auto-off function make for beautifully uncomplicated operation, and you’ll be pouring up to seven cups at a time thanks to the 1.7-litre capacity. The 3kW element is concealed too, for easy cleaning. There is a range of equally authentic vintage colours available - including pastel blue and green, a silver rocket-ship look, and even pink for a fresh 1950s diner aesthetic.


  • Simple and intuitive operation for ease of use
  • Lots of water capacity and an easy-to-read water level indicator
  • Concealed 3kW element for lots of power and easy cleaning
  • Soft opening lid and 360-degree swivelling base for a touch of class
  • Washable anti-limescale filter


  • Silver handle is a fingerprint-magnet

Best connoisseur's choice

Not everybody wants a scalding cup of tea, and water that's too hot can affect the taste of certain teas. Fortunately, the Sage Smart Kettle solves that problem. With five pre-set temperature buttons, you can alter the temperature between 80–100°C. Also, there is a handy Keep Warm function that allows you to keep the water at a consistent temperature for 20 minutes (the kettle needs to remain on its power base). The Start/Cancel button is large and illuminated, so it's easy to use. Plus, to keep the limescale at bay, the kettle is fitted with a removable, washable limescale filter, concealed heating element, and a large opening for easy cleaning.


  • Easy pre-set temperature selection via the base
  • Effective – does produce better-tasting tea and coffee
  • Useful Keep Warm button
  • Boils efficiently


  • Exterior will get hot as it doesn't have double-wall technology

The best premium small kettle


Only Smeg could make the standard kettle look like a work of Atomic Age art. Available in several different colours that range from tones to bright pastels, one of these is sure to add a touch of class to any kitchen. Underneath all this style and grace, however, are several useful features that make this such a joy to use. The concealed heating element makes cleaning the kettle out a quick and fuss-free affair, while the spout is developed to deliver smooth water flow. It may have a tiny 0.8-litre capacity, but for smaller households, it'll prove to be durable and worth every penny.


  • Beautiful construction
  • Efficient boiling
  • Hidden heating element makes descaling a dream
  • Oozes style


  • Smaller capacity

Retro-inspired kettle


Next, A Modern Kitchen has tested the Dunelm Retro Pink Jug Kettle, which looks very groovy and will look great in any retro-inspired kitchen. With a 360-degree swivel base, you can't go wrong with this appliance. It has a removable lid for refilling the water supply and a washable water filter to keep it in tip-top condition. Plus, the integrated temperature and water level gauge make it easy to figure out how many cups of tea you can make with what's left. We love the style - and it even comes with a matching toaster and microwave. Why not grab the whole set?


  • Unique, charming design
  • Removable, washable filter
  • 360-degree swivel baser
  • Matching toaster and microwave


  • A little tricky to take off the lid

Best multipurpose kettle

Combining a kettle and a hot water dispenser, this Italian kettle is a striking alternative to traditional kettles and an interesting choice for smaller households. This LAICA Dual Flo Electric Kettle can boil only a single cup's worth at a time, saving you cash and spending up the boil time. When needed, it can switch to a kettle and boil 1.5 litres of water quickly and quietly.


  • Quick and efficient boil
  • Lightweight design
  • Water dispenser is useful


  • Built quality is inconsistent

Best quiet kettle

On Sale

If you have an open living space, then a quiet kettle is a must. This Quiet Kettle from Russell Hobbs has been designed with quiet technology, so it won't disrupt the peace. It also has dual water windows on each side, making it perfect for left or right-handed users. With a concealed heating element and washable limescale filter, you'll also benefit from a brew without rogue limescale flakes.

Customer review: "This is a nice compact-looking kettle that is easy to use. I like the blue light that glows when the kettle is boiling and the double-sided water gauge. It is not too noisy and has useful markers showing one, two and three cups."


  • Can boil one cup in 45 seconds
  • Designed to boil quietly
  • Stainless steel is easy to clean


  • Stainless steel will get very hot to touch

Best eco-friendly kettle

This ultra modern-looking kettle from Philips has been created from 100 per cent Bio-based plastics, reducing its CO2 footprint during its production process by 25 per cent. Its 2200W power also ensures a powerful boil quickly, while its water level indicator helps you use the required amount of water needed, contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Customer review: "As a house of addicted tea drinkers, we boil the kettle a LOT. We've been through expensive kettles and the cheapest ones so this time wanted a middle of the road kettle that was more eco friendly and looked good too. This is the best kettle we've ever had. You can boil just one cup super quick, it's super lightweight and looks great too. Really delighted with this purchase."


  • Stylish design
  • Sustainably made
  • Easy to read water level and cup indicator
  • Automatic switch-off function
  • Good size


  • Not available in a range of colour options
  • A little lower wattage than competitor kettles

Best temperature-controlled kettle

On Sale

Russell Hobbs Attentiv Variable Temperature Kettle 40-100°C With Touch Screen Controls
Price: £63.99 (was £67.86)

Temperature-controlled kettles can look really fancy, but they can be worth investing in, especially if you're a coffee drinker or into your fruit teas. This Russell Hobbs Attentiv allows you to choose to heat water from 40°C to 100°C, you get the optimum temperature for your perfect brew. There's even a removable tea infuser basket, allowing you and your family to enjoy a variety of tea types. We love the touchscreen control, making cleaning super easy, and the stay warm (for 40 minutes) function saves on electricity as you never have to reboil the kettle again.

Our review: "This kettle is absolutely the one for people who LOVE tea. I never knew that temperature played a difference when it came to having my trusted loose leaf, Yorkshire tea or green tea, but it really does. It even comes with a removable tea infuser insert. The touch button to set the temperature is super sensitive and easy to use and I've never had a kettle boil so fast. The water stays warm for up to 40 minutes too, so you don't have to waste energy by reboiling the same water. I particularly liked the sound it makes when it has finished boiling too, not too loud but loud enough to remember I was making a cup in the first place. It also looks so nice on my counter. I get so excited when I have friends or family round for tea now."


  • Removable tea infuser basket
  • Stay warm function is great for saving electricity
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes noise when boiled


  • Be careful of limescale build-up
  • Lots of functions that can be confusing and may not be utilised

Best energy-efficient kettle

On Sale

 Breville Edge Electric Kettle | 1.7 Litre
Price: £40 (was £44.99)

This clever kettle from Breville saves you time and energy and will prevent you from constantly reboiling water. The water level indicator changes from white to red when the kettle reaches boiling, and it will stay red until the temperature falls below 80 degrees Celcius, so you'll know if the water is hot enough for another cuppa.

Customer review: "Great kettle. It's quick to boil, fairly quiet but the red light feature, where it stays red to indicate the water is still at boiling temperature is PERFECT. I have a lodger who often makes a cuppa before me, but I always fill and boil before I make mine. Several mornings now, the kettle is red, so I just pour what's left in the cup and a perfect brew is made without having to re-boil! Obviously saving me a bit of electric at the same time!"


  • Still hot illumination light prevents unnecessary reboiling
  • Non-fussy, modern design


  • No cup indicator level

Best kettle for hard water areas

On Sale

 Russell Hobbs 22851 Brita Filter Purity Electric Kettle,
Price: £30 (was £43.99)

This Russell Hobb's kettle with BRITA Filtration built-in is one of the best kettles for hard water areas and will ensure you get the best-tasting brew with zero limescale. The filter cartridge reduces limescale, metals, and chlorine, filtering your water slowly to remove impurities. On top of that, it also has a built-in indicator that lets you know when the cartridge needs changing and a rapid boil function too.

Customer review: "We had the same before, lasted us 5 years. On the hunt for a new one and ended up with the same again; just had to. Looks great in the kitchen, with blue light. Boils to high heat, love the Brita filter use. Beverages taste awesome. We have used other filter brands, and they've fitted, I.E., Sainsburys. Decent kettle would buy again."


  • Filters and boils simultaneously
  • Quiet
  • Delivers great-tasting water
  • Attractive blue light to indicate when boiling


  • Can take a while to filter water through

Best kettle and toaster set

 Dualit Architect Stainless Steel Kettle & 4 Slice Toaster Set Oyster White
Price: £219.99

Dualit's kettles have famously been handmade in Britain since 1945 and are still a desired option when it comes to choosing a durable and well-made kettle and toaster set. As well as being one of the more durable kettles on the market, it also comes with a smooth pouring action that prevents water splashes and a limescale filter. The toaster is also the biggest on the list, coming with four wide slots and a bagel and bun warming facility.

Customer review: "Great looks, nicely weighted and feels like it will last the test of time. Interchangeable panels are a nice idea (not included). Water level is a bit tricky to view under the handle and a bit on the pricey side. Overall very satisfied with the kettle and looks great next to the Dualit toaster."


  • Made in Britain
  • Four slots
  • Bagel and bun warming functions
  • Great customer service if something goes wrong


  • A little noisy

Best for a speedy boil

De'Longhi KBLA3001.W Active Line Kettle - White
Price: £59.99

If you like your brew sharpish, then look no further, as this kettle from De'Longhi can boil one cup in just 45 seconds. It's lightweight, too, weighing 850g when emptied; is pretty quiet when boiling and has a sleek design that will suit many kitchen interiors.

Customer review: "Love this product. It boils quickly and fairly quietly, it's lightweight and is so easy to handle. It switches itself off as soon as you take it off the base."


  • Good size
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Three-level safety protection (turns off when water has finished its boil when lifted off base and has a thermal cut-off)


  • No cup indicator level

Best stovetop kettle

On Sale

We all know that Le Creuset are the crème de la crème of kitchen appliance design. This traditional 2.1-litre kettle is a timeless piece which, thanks to its robust design and manufacture, will last a lifetime. Suitable for all hob types, including induction, ceramic, electric, gas and AGA stoves.

Customer review: "Although this kettle was at the higher price point, it is much more substantial than other cheaper ones I looked at. I have several Le Creuset items and all of them are strong and last well. It is really easy to keep clean both inside and out. It looks fabulous sitting on my hob . The whistle is loud enough to hear wherever we are in the house. We decided to go with a stovetop kettle due to the exorbitant and ever increasing energy costs as although it takes slightly longer to boil than our electric kettle, in the long run it will work out cheaper to use
I also fill it up to maximum in the morning and fill a large flask which saves on boiling the kettle again for the rest of the day."


  • Will last years
  • Suitable for all hob types
  • Sturdy


  • Heavy

Best whistling stovetop kettle

On sale

 Alessi 9093 B Kettle Stainless Steel with Handle and Bird-Shaped Whistle Polyamide Black
Price: $147.88

This sharp yet playful hob kettle from Alessi is a design classic that's been in production since 1985. It has a one-litre capacity, and if the classic bird whistle doesn't quite do it for you, there is the option of purchasing a little dragon whistle instead. This kettle is suitable for all hob types.

Customer review: "Functional a good kettle but what really stands out is the fantastic design. This kettle would make a great addition to any kitchen."


  • Suitable for all hob types
  • Attractive and stylish
  • Quick boil


  • Low capacity

Best one-cup kettle

On Sale

This product from Breville is designed for anyone who likes a cup of tea in a hurry. At the push of a button, the dispenser will boil a cup of water in under one minute. There's a variable selector on the top, so you can set the water flow to be suitable for nine different cup sizes.

Customer review: "Got this because my Mother is losing her eyesight. Didn't want her having problems with a kettle so looked for alternatives. Came across this and its great. She can fill it up using a jug and the dispenser is set as she uses only one size of cup so its perfect for her. also you walk away and do other things then come back to your brewed cuppa. Worth it."


  • Safe way to boil water
  • Ideal for those who can't pick up a full, heavy kettle
  • Only boils water that you need


  •  The maximum setting dispenses only 3/4 of a mug of water, so if you like big mugs of tea, you may have to boil it again, which takes time

OUR VERDICT: Which Kettle Is The Best?

Taking into account price, functions, capacity and positive customer reviews, if we had to choose our favourite, it would have to be the De'Longhi KBLA3001.W Active Line Kettle, as it not only looks sleek and stylish, but it can boil one cup in just 45 seconds, meaning you don't have to wait around for your morning cup of tea or coffee. We love the sleek design that will fit in an array of different kitchens, no matter the size.


What makes a good kettle?

There are some things that you should look out for when shopping around for a kettle. These can include:

Design: What kind of colour are you after? Textured or patterned? Or more traditional? Would you like a handle at the top or at the side?

Quiet Mark: Kettles do make some noise for a short amount of time, and some even bleep when it is boiled to alert you to start filling your mug. However, there are some kettles out there that have a Quiet Mark or Quiet Boil, which means they measure lower in terms of decibels. Your usual kettle will make a noise between 71 and 76 decibels. Check out our pick of the best quiet kettles.

Capacity: The bigger your household, the more mugs of hot drinks you make, so it is important to look at how much water your kettle will hold. However, bear in mind the larger it is, the heavier it is to carry.

How do you clean a kettle?

There are many kettle descalers on the market, but one of the easiest ways is to use lemons. Yep, fill your kettle half full with lemon juice (which you can buy in most supermarkets) and then fill the other half with water. Boil the water and let it sit for 30 minutes until you see the limescale start to dislodge. Pour out the lemon and water and rinse thoroughly.

Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch revealed on Instagram that she uses Oust's All Purpose Descaler to keep her kettle up to scratch. The product dissolves limescale and keeps appliances functioning efficiently.

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