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Have a peaceful time out with the best quiet kettles.

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We have rounded up the best quiet kettles to keep the peace morning, day, and night. Whether you are a tea fanatic, coffee addict or strictly a hot chocolate drinker - a fast kettle is an absolute must. However, if having a quiet kettle is as important to you as a speedy brew, then there are plenty of excellent models on the market that are super silent so you can get your hot cuppa fix instantly.

With so many choices out there, it can be hard to figure out how quiet a kettle actually is, as everyone's tolerance to noise is different. Indeed, you might be wondering what qualifies as a quiet kettle. Whether you are looking for a kettle for an open-plan office or an energy-saving kettle to make a peaceful brew at home, there are a couple of things you will need to consider to ensure you are actually purchasing a quiet kettle.

Not all kettles on the market come with quiet technology or dB recordings, but those that do will openly share their quiet ratings. To make sure you are getting a quiet kettle, it should have the following features. A noise level of 50dB or less, noise on par with your fridge. Dual wall construction to support and insulate your kettle to reduce boiling water noise. The Quiet Mark seal of approval: This is the international approval award programme that encourages companies worldwide to prioritise noise reduction to help consumers live less stressful lives. The Quiet Mark allows consumers to make informed choices based on independent, expert assessment of sound levels across the category.

Best Quiet Kettle At A Glance:

Best quiet kettle for a classic design: Russell Hobbs Luna Quiet Boil Kettle – View on Argos
Best quiet kettle with removable tea infuser: Russell Hobbs 26200 Attentiv Electric Kettle – View on Amazon UK
Best quiet kettle for a unique design: Tower Bottega T10020 Rapid Boil Traditional Kettle – View on Amazon UK

These are our recommendations for the best quiet kettles that feature all of these aspects to ensure you can boil your water disturbed and discreetly. And for more advice on kettles, scroll to the FAQs at the end of the article.

Best Quiet Kettle

Best quiet kettle for a classic design

This Russell Hobbs Luna Quiet Boil Kettle boasts fast boiling at a volume that won't disrupt your conversations or wake up your household. You can also save up to 66 per cent energy by boiling one cup instead of one litre with the 1-3 cup markings. Available in red, grey or copper to fit your kitchen design.

Customer review: "Love this kettle, bought it to replace a very pretty kettle but couldn't hear yourself think. This is really quiet, looks good and has a fast boil. Would recommend."


  • Good value
  • Three colour options
  • Rapid boil


  • Basic design

Best quiet kettle with removable tea infuser

If you love the ritual and taste of herbal tea, this Russell Hobbs 26200 Attentiv Electric Kettle has a removable tea infuser basket in the kettle, so you can brew the perfect cup. The easy-to-clean touchscreen surface and interface give you control of the settings, and the steep timer can help you to tailor the timing and exact temperatures, which range from 40°C – to 100°C.

Our review: "As a big lover of loose-leaf tea, this kettle has been an absolute dream. It's sleek and easy to use, plus the removable infuser basket is no issue to clean, making it a convenient all-rounder. I know exactly what to expect every time I boil the kettle and am always amazed at how quickly and quietly even the most full kettle takes to boil. If you are looking to upgrade and would like more energy and time-saving, this is a great choice."


  • Touch screen controls
  • Removable tea infuser insert
  • Matching toaster available


  • Occasionally splutters hot water out at the end of a pour

Best quiet kettle for a unique design

Chic and vintage, this Tower Bottega T10020 Rapid Boil Traditional Kettle is perfect for open-plan living spaces due to its quiet boil function. It can boil up to seven cups in one and features a temperature dial on the body, adding to this kettle's distinctive look.

Customer review: "This kettle is so quiet, you barely notice it's boiling. We have an open plan kitchen and lounge, and the old kettle was so loud you'd have to pause the TV or put the volume up so much the whole street could hear."


  • Vintage design
  • Rapid and quiet boiling


  • The lid is quite hard to pull off/push in 

Best quiet kettle for a retro style kitchen

The Russell Hobbs 21888 Legacy Quiet Boil Electric Kettle contains all the latest technology and a statement design. It has a quiet boil feature, so you will barely notice that the kettle is on. Plus, you can save up to 66 per cent energy by boiling one cup instead of one litre with the 1-3 cup markings. This model is available in cream, black, and red.

Customer review: "Great kettle, very low noise, looks lovely in my kitchen, I would highly recommend, nothing to dislike."


  • It can also come as part of a matching toaster set
  • Three colours


  • It does not switch off immediately after it boils

Best mid-range quiet kettle

Practical yet stylish, this stainless-steel finished Russell Hobbs Buckingham Quiet Boil Kettle is excellent for left or right-handed users with dual water windows on each side. You can make a quick cuppa ready to enjoy, whether it's just for you or a catch-up with friends. Pair this kettle with the matching microwave and coffee maker for an effortless breakfast time every day.

Customer review: "Bought for open plan office area, really pleased with how quiet it is and fast boil."


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Matching set available


  • Not as quiet as others

Best quiet kettle for a sleek finish

This Dualit Classic Kettle guarantees a quiet boil with its Quiet Mark stamp of approval. This device will work quietly without disrupting the tranquillity of your home. Available in copper, brass and polished stainless steel. It also features a two-year accidental damage cover.

Customer review: "This kettle is the best we have ever had. No question about buying another the same because it is perfect for practicality, style, speed, noise level, durability and the amount of water it holds."


  • Sleek design
  • Three finish options
  • 2-year guarantee included


  • Some reviews comment about faulty switch on their kettle

Our Verdict: Best Quiet Kettle

We recommend the Russell Hobbs Luna Quiet Boil Kettle. It's a great price and has received thousands of positive reviews for being quiet, stylish and a pleasure to use. Coordinate with a matching toaster for a very elegant kitchen. Plus, it has all the features you would expect from a high-end kettle, including rapid boil and a gorgeous blue illumination whe it's boiling.

Quiet Kettle FAQs

Why does a tea kettle scream?

If you are tired of the rumbling and whistling of your kettle, then quiet kettles are the way to go. The reason behind a loud kettle is the air inside the neck, which bounces up and down. The air in the main body of the bottle is compressed and released each time like a spring. So, for the kettle, the spring is the air inside the whistle, while the air within the whistle opening reverberates like the air in the neck of a bottle.

Why are some kettles so loud?

When limescale builds up, it slows down the transfer of heat, so the kettle takes longer to boil and is noisier while it boils. The quiet kettles on the market often claim to produce about 50dB. However, they still develop limescale, which will increase the volume over time, so cleaning your kettle is necessary for maintenance.

Pouring Boiling Water

How can I tell if I live in a hard water area?

The hardness of water is defined by the amount of calcium and magnesium it contains. Higher levels of these and other minerals make water hard.

Essentially, hard water is just water – but it is full of extra minerals. Though this sounds good in theory, hard water actually has downsides. Though you can't tell by appearance, there are some signs that you live in a hard water area:

Stains – show up on clothes when they come out of the washing machine. Plus, clothes may not last as long in the harshness of hard water.

Lower water pressure – can be caused by hard water. This is because mineral deposits can form in piping and shrink the interior. Therefore, this can reduce water flow.

A film on your hands – can occur after washing them due to the soap reacting with the minerals. When you live in a hard water area, you may need to rinse your hands for longer.

Spots can show up on glassware and cutlery coming out of the dishwasher – of calcium origins.

You can find out how hard your water is with this resource from Aqua Cure.

If you want to know more about softening water in a hard water area, check out our guide here.

Can you leave water in an electric kettle?

Leaving water in the kettle after use will encourage limescale to build up, so we recommend you empty the kettle out once you're done if you've got hard water.

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