The Best 1600 Spin Washing Machine To Help Save Time and Money

A 1600 spin washing machine will leave your loads a lot drier and easier to manage.

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Finding the best washing machine is definitely an investment and necessity for every home. We all want something that’s long-lasting, energy-efficient and, of course, that fits within our budget. If you don’t have a tumble dryer, then a 1600 spin washing machine is ideal for leaving your clothes drier, saving you time and money in the long run. If you do have one, it means they’ll need less time spent in there.

They’re also great for when it comes to washing bedding too, as these items are large and therefore take the longest to dry. Naturally, a higher spin speed does mean that your washing machine will be slightly noisier than slower spin models. However, it’s a small price to pay in our eyes, especially if it can contribute towards reducing our energy bills and being kinder to the planet.

As a washing machine isn’t an item that you can ‘try before you buy’, we’ve done all the research for you and scoured the web for the best 1600 spin washing machine deals to buy for your home. We’ve included brand favourites, such as Bosch, Samsung, AEG and many more, as well as the all-important spec info so that you know how energy efficient each model is and the programmes it features.

The Best 1600 Spin Washing Machine At A Glance:

Best overall: AEG 9000 L9FEC966R
Best smart washing machine: Miele WEI865 Freestanding Washing Machine
For plenty of programmes: SAMSUNG Series 9 QuickDrive WW90T986DSX/S1
Budget-buy: HOOVER H-Wash 300 H3W 68TME NFC
10kg washing machine: Bosch Series 8 WAX32GH4GB
Best integrated washing machine: Beko RecycledTub® WTIK86151F Washing Machine
Best design: LG V9 F6V909WTSA 9kg Washing Machine

What Do I Need To Look for In A Washing Machine?

Energy consumption: Not only is this important for the environment but your bills too. In March 2021 the energy rating scale changed from A+++ to G, to simply A to G — with A being the most energy efficient.

Load capacity: The most popular size washing machine drum on the market is 9kg, albeit the standard size for a normal household is 6kg and 7kg. If you like to do big loads at a time you may therefore want to consider a model with a bigger capacity, such as a 9kg washing machine or maybe even a 10kg washing machine. The bigger the load a washing machine can hold, the more expensive the model can get. However, as you don’t have to do as many washes with them, they will use less energy than a smaller model, which may require you to do multiple loads.

Wash modes: Nowadays, washing machines have got very smart and many come with a host of different cleaning modes. Some come with a selected stain removal function, other machines may be Woolmark-certified, or have a delicates or hand wash mode. Other models even have a steam mode to simply give your clothes a quick refresh and to help cut down on ironing time.

To find out more on what to look for in a washing machine, check out our washing machine buyer's guide.

The Best 1600 Spin Washing Machines

Best overall 

This standalone washing machine will not only look great in your home, but it has a whole host of cool features too. For starters, it comes with a salt dispenser, which helps to soften the water used for washing to keep your clothes in better condition — which is ideal if you live in a hard water area. It also has ProSense technology®, which weighs each load to provide a tailored cycle to help save on water consumption and energy. Plus, as well as being rated A for energy efficiency, the ProSteam programme gives dull clothes a quick refresh and reduces creases up to a third. After all, who enjoys ironing anyway?

Customer review: "This is a truly great machine, beautifully designed, easy to use and very efficient and effective in use. We have always used AEG machines and this is a significant improvement on our last machine which was nevertheless very good. A pleasure to do our wash."


  • Modern design
  • Great energy rating
  • Good for hard water areas
  • Woolmark certified and programmes for delicates


  • Salt dispenser won’t benefit those who have soft water
  • No add wash door

Best for programmes 

This energy A rated washing machine can not only alert your smartphone when a wash is complete (so you never forget again), but it also has a huge variety of programmes — 23 to be exact. A few of our favourites include baby care, wool, super speed and silent wash. The ‘add wash’ door allows you to pop in forgotten items, even after the wash has started, while the AI optimal wash mode determines how much detergent is needed for each wash. We also love that the buttons on this model have braille markings underneath them, so it's accessible to everyone. 

Customer review: "I love that the machine does the dosing of washing liquid and softener. Having lots of different cycles and knowing the times and temperatures and spin speeds is fabulous."


  • Huge variety of washing programmes
  • Add wash door
  • Not too noisy
  • Smartphone control
  • Available in white and graphite


  • Long tune plays at the end of wash

Best smart washing machine

If you’re keen on a smart washing machine, then this one from Miele is a great contender. With the Miele@home app, you can control when you start your wash and what programme you want, all from the comfort of your phone or tablet. Plus, you’ll receive a notification when it’s finished. It’s also got a 9kg load capacity making it the perfect size for medium-sized households, or if you like to do larger loads at a time. It’s got quiet mark certification too, is rated A for energy efficiency and is supposedly meant to last for up to 20 years.

Customer review: "It's quiet, the cleaning results are outstanding and it's economical to run. The cycles are longer but a small price to pay. Large capacity. Love the twindos system. Nothing negative to report after three months of good use."


  • Can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet
  • Great noise and energy rating
  • Programmes for wool, silk and even curtains
  • Pre-ironing option


  • Premium price for premium quality

Best budget buy

HOOVER H-Wash 300 H3W 68TME NFC washing machine
Price: £299 (was £349)

For couples, or those living alone, this smaller 8kg washing machine will do nicely. It has one of the lowest energy ratings in our round-up — B — but all in all, this is still very good. The KG mode also adjusts the cycle based on the weight of your wash load, which helps save time, energy and water consumption with your smaller loads. It’s also got an impressive 15 wash programmes, including delicates, allergy care and quick mode. 

Customer review: "A reliable, all-round washing machine. It has a 59 minute general wash which you can customise for temperature and spin speed which is really useful."


  • 15 washing programmes
  • Can be controlled from your smartphone
  • Anti-allergy programme, ideal for allergy sufferers


  • Smart app feature not compatible with iPhone, just Android
  • Noisier than other products in our round-up

Best 10kg washing machine

This slick-looking washing machine from Bosch is perfect for big families, larger loads and bedding with its 10kg drum capacity. There are lots of great things about this model, from its 14 different programmes (including a wool wash and AllergyPlus), 16 stain selections, smart control from your smartphone or tablet, as well as the option to control it from your smartphone or tablet.

Customer review: "We all know this manufacturer makes excellent machines but this one just smashes the ball out of the park. Its Wi-Fi adaptability with all the additional program controls make it a real winner."


  • Nice design
  • Ideal for larger loads and bigger households
  • 16 stain selections
  • Smart connectivity


  • One of the lowest energy ratings in our round-up (C)

Best integrated washing machine

Becko washing machine
Price: £449 (was £479)

With an easy-turn dial, this integrated washing machine is super simple to use. It doesn’t have any extra frills, like a water softener, but it does have everything you need with its 15 programmes, including a delicates, anti-allergy and super quick mode. Its energy rating is a C, so it’s not bad either and it’s been made from recycled plastic bottles. We also love the ‘Fast+’ function, which can shorten the cycle of any chosen wash programme and with a spin at 71 dB and a normal wash at 50 dB, this machine is pretty quiet too.

Customer review: "Lots of different wash options and easy to select the one you require. The options I really like are the Fast+ button as it reduces the wash time by 50%. The eco wash selection automatically changes the time and water consumption for smaller loads and a drum clean option which will help to prolong the life of the machine."


  • Sustainable — made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Easy to use
  • 15 programmes, including anti-allergy and Fast+ function
  • Quiet spin and wash


  • Doesn’t have a wool programme 
  • Not as energy efficient as some of the other models listed, but still good

Best design

Aesthetically pleasing and described by one reviewer as ‘whisper quiet’, this washing machine is quite arguably the dream and is rated A for energy efficiency. It has 14 programmes, including an allergy, wool wash and TurboWash™360°, which washes your clothes in just 39 minutes without compromising on quality. You can also control your washing machine and check your energy consumption with the LG ThinQ™ app. It even has voice assistance too. All of this for under £800, we don’t think it’s bad going at all.

Customer review: "Great quality, super quiet, great choice of programmes and very energy efficient. Looks good too."


  • Look great and very quiet (quiet mark certified)
  • Very energy efficient
  • Good value
  • Smart connectivity


  • Not as many programmes as some competitor models, but everything you need

OUR VERDICT: Which Is The Best 1600 Spin Washing Machine?

Taking into account price, energy rating and what the washing machine actually has to offer, in terms of programmes/functions, the LG V9 F6V909WTSA is our top pick. Although it has six programmes less than the SAMSUNG Series 9 QuickDrive WW90T986DSX/S1, it really does have everything you need. Also, let’s be honest, how many of us actually use every single programme anyway?

The fact that it’s energy rated A is a big tick for us too, to help keep bills down. It’s super quiet too, a welcome feature as 1600 spin washing machines are noisier than lower spin models. Having smart connectivity is also a fab extra, especially as it allows you to keep an eye on your energy consumption. All of this for under £800 is very decent value, especially as it has more features and a better energy rating than some other expensive models listed.


How To Maintain A Washing Machine?

To ensure your washing machine delivers the best results you’ll need to do a cycle wash every month. This will help to get rid of a build-up of bacteria, keep it smelling fresh, and extend its life span by preventing issues from decay or limescale. It’s very easy to do and simply requires a washing machine cleaner, which is very inexpensive.

What Size Drum Do I Need?

Drum size is dictated by load capacity - how much you can fit into your machine to wash at one time.

Washing machines can vary in capacity from 6kg drums all the way up to 14kg in some cases. If you’re not sure which load capacity to go for, here’s a general guideline:

6kg: Small drum – Best for single households.

7kg: Standard drum – Best for small households of two to three.

8kg-9kg: Large drum – Best for small families.

10kg+: Extra-large drum – Best for large, active families.

A 9kg washing machine is the most commonly available along with a 1400 spin speed.

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