The Best 9kg Washing Machines For Every Household

Futureproof your laundry pile for years to come with these 9kg washers.

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Take your pick of the best 9kg washing machines, the most popular capacity size on the market. With some washers rocking a lifespan of up to 10 years, a 9kg drum is the optimal size for large-sized families, frequent washers, young families and couples.

Unlike smaller washing machines, a 9kg will be able to keep up with the growing demands of family life. They have the capacity to wash a huge 45 shirts in one wash or even a king-size duvet without overloading.

Best 9kg Washing Machines At A Glance:

• Best value 9kg washing machine: Beko WTL94151B 9kg Washing Machine - View offer on Argos
Best for hygiene wash: Samsung Series 5 WW90TA046AX 9kg Washing Machine - View offer on
Best integrated 9kg washing machine: Haier Series 4 Integrated 9kg Washing Machine - View offer on Currys

With 9kg being typically smaller in size than 10kg machines with a slimmer depth. They're much more likely to fit comfortably in your kitchen under a countertop without jutting out too far. Although they won't hide behind a door panel like an integrated washing machine, they still tend to smartly slot in place. Thankfully, there are plenty of good-looking, stylish machines that we think are worth showing off in your kitchen.

For more guidance on shopping for a washing machine, check out our washing machine buyers guide. This breaks down everything you need to know - from spin speeds to energy ratings - as well as the different programmes and smart features. But with so many models on the market, which are the best? We've found the best 9kg washing machines with impressive specs, great energy efficiency, and a range of programmes. These top picks are guaranteed to give your clothes the intense clean with the care they deserve.

The Best 9kg Washing Machines

Best value 9kg washing machine

With a sleek black exterior, the Beko WTL94151B 9kg Washing Machine has 15 programmes, including a quick 28-minute cycle, a sports programme, delicates, and the Fast+ function that'll shorten the length of your chosen programme by up to 70%. Thanks to the ProSmart Inverter Motor, this machine is nice and quiet. It's great for open-plan living, with a super quiet 75dB noise output on a spin. If you want to wash a half load or happen to be a smaller household, you can select the Half Load function to thoroughly clean your clothes whilst saving on water and energy. 

Our review: "I know a good-looking washing machine isn't super important but this Beko 9kg is seriously nice to look at and sits alongside my matching Beko fridge freezer. What I noticed immediately about using a brand-new washing machine is how quiet it is compared to the old one I have been so used to, even when it's completing a spin cycle. The menu settings are simple to decipher after a quick read of the instruction manual. And as I am a one-person household I can still be eco-friendly and efficient with my smaller loads by making sure to click the 'Fast+' button to half the time and everything is still perfectly clean. I particularly like the 'Sports' setting for all my gym gear, which puts it on a gentle spin without worrying I will damage the delicate fabrics."


  • Quiet
  • Good value for money
  • Good variety of programmes


  • You can't select 1400rpm on shorter cycles

Best 9kg washing machine for hygiene wash

Samsung Series 5 ecobubble™ WW90TA046AX
Price: £429

For a washing machine that'll blitz your clothes with care, the Samsung Series 5 WW90TA046AX 9kg Washing Machine will make sure stains don't stand a chance. Whether it's cotton, synthetics, or baby clothes, the Bubble Soak feature will loosen dirt for an extra thorough clean. Or - you could use the Hygiene Steam cycle to remove up to 99.9% of common bacteria, all while the ecobubble generator gets detergent right to the fibres without the need for higher temperatures. Not only that, but this machine has A-class energy efficiency and a quiet spin cycle.

Customer review: "A large capacity washing machine that cleans brilliantly, with a good rinse, a superb spin, is easy to use and is reasonably economical. There's a good range of programs with the useful option to vary temperature, number of rinses and spin speed independently, for full flexibility. The ecobubble and intense cleaning options are available to remove lingering stains. But the general wash cycles are so effective that I haven't needed to use them, so far."


  • Quiet
  • Easy-to-use control panels
  • Lots of settings including efficient short cycles


  • Two-year warranty, not five years as advertised

Best 9kg washing machine for energy efficiency

Best Black Friday Deal

LG AI DD V3 F4V309SNE 9kg
Price: £399 (WAS £579)

The mid-range LG AI DD V3 F4V309SNE 9kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine is a worthy contender for our list with its built-in technology designed to protect your clothes and your wallet. LG's DirectDrive technology helps you to save energy while still delivering great washing results, with the AI analysing each load and adjusting the setting to suit. It'll minimise noise and vibration, optimise the washing motion, and offer your clothes intelligent care with reportedly 18 per cent more fabric protection. Alongside this, the washer has 14 specific programmes, including baby care.

Customer review: "I had an LG washing machine before this one and it was great. It was quiet and lasted over 11 years. So when the door went on my old washing machine, the obvious choice was another LG. This new one has the added benefit of being able to add things during the cycle, which has been very handy. The capacity is larger than my old machine. It is still extremely quiet. It also plays a cute little tune when the cycle has ended. I love this machine."


  • Melody alert when finished
  • Quiet and easy to use
  • Quick wash cleans well and efficiently


  • With the AI, the machine doesn't display a cycle time until the drum has begun to spin to gauge weight

Best integrated 9kg washing machine

SAVE £70

Haier Series 4 HWQ90B416FWB-UK
Price: £549 (was £619)

If you want to keep your washing machine neatly hidden away behind a cabinet door in your kitchen, the Haier Series 4 Integrated 9kg Washing Machine is the best 9kg washing machine for the job. Energy-efficient and with a maximum spin speed of 1600rpm, you can expect dryer clothes when unloading. It's great for a quick laundry turnaround. Despite the fast spin, this machine is still quiet, with a max noise level of 76dB, making it just slightly louder than the Beko. Available programmes include a 14-minute quick wash, a sports programme and a steam programme.

Customer review: "It is quiet through the majority of the cycle apart from when it lets water in and the spin. It vibrates quite a lot during the spin cycle but it isn't too noisy. I have an open-plan kitchen/living room and watch TV through most of the cycle without the machine bothering me. It seems pretty economical with regard to electricity and I like the size of the drum. Great for a family of four."


  • Energy-efficient
  • Variable temperature options
  • 14 minutes cycle for a quick refresh of clothes


  • Vibrates quite a lot during a spin cycle

Best 9kg washing machine under the kitchen counter

SAVE £100

Price: £349 (was £449)

While the Hoover H-Wash 500 9kg Washing Machine isn't designed to be integrated, for a 9kg washing machine it has a very slim depth. So, it can neatly slot under your kitchen counter without jutting out from beneath. Some great features include the Eco-Power Motor that's durable, long-lasting, and quiet, the All-in-One programme to wash your whites and colours together, the ActiveCare setting to remove stubborn everyday stains, and the energy-efficient KG mode that'll weigh your load at the start of the cycle to adjust the cycle time, water, and energy consumption. 

Customer review: "I love using my app to tailor the washing cycles. When I first saw all of the washing cycles, I laughed thinking I wouldn't use them, but I find myself using quite a few of them."


  • Super quiet
  • Very energy-efficient
  • Great choice of programmes


  • Long cycle times

Best 9kg washing machine for programme variety

SAVE £20

SAMSUNG Series 5+ AddWash
Price: £459 (was £479)

With the Samsung Series 5+ AddWash WW90T554DAW 9kg Washing Machine, we really have been spoilt for choice. Not only does it have a nifty door where you can add extra items during the cycle, but it comes with a whopping 22 programmes, more than any other on our list. Programmes include a 15-minute quick wash, delicates, economy wash, extra rinse, and wool, to name a few. Designed to work around you, the accompanying SmartThings app will recommend settings based on what you're washing. And - it lets you choose the time you want your wash to end. 

Customer review: "This is the first Samsung laundry product I've purchased, and I'm really pleased with it. It appears to be solidly constructed, it's very quiet during washing programmes, and is easy to program. I like at the end of the wash program it omits an alarm to let you know that it's finished, and it also switches itself off - so no wasted energy. I find that the washes and particularly the rinses are performed well. The wash dispenser drawer is also kept clean by the machine jet-rinsing it out on every wash - so no having to wash the residue out every so often. All-in-all I'm more than pleased with my purchase, and it's not every day you can say that. Well done Samsung and electricals."


  • Varied and helpful features that you can't find in other machines
  • Easy to use
  • Very energy-efficient


  • The buttons are very sensitive

Best quiet 9kg washing machine

Bosch's EcoSilence Drive motor uses magnets instead of brushes for less wear and tear over time and a quieter machine. The Bosch Series 6's spin cycle is just a mere 71dB. Quiet and reliable, the BOSCH Series 6 WGG24409GB 9 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine is fitted with ActiveWater Plus, which will calculate how much water is needed for each load to save you energy and money. Some of its fantastic functions include SpeedPerfect to reduce wash cycles by 65 per cent and Reload to add missed clothing into a cycle. Plus, there is DrumClean, which will remove bacteria.

Customer review: "Very pleased with new machine. It's quiet too which is always a bonus!"


  • Option to half the time of long-wash programmes
  • Quiet
  • Easy-to-clean detergent drawer


  • Not the most energy-efficient

Best 9kg washing machine under £350

On Sale

Beko WTL92151W 9kg Washing Machine with 1200 rpm 
Price: £259 (was £279)

If you're looking for an affordable machine that won't compromise on programmes and features, the Beko WTL92151W 9kg Washing Machine is the best 9kg choice available for under £350. It has a super-quiet 72dB spin cycle, powerful jets to give your clothes a deep clean, and plenty of useful programmes for all families. There's the Super Short cycle that can tackle a smaller load in just 14 minutes. Plus, if you suffer from itchy skin, the Anti-Allergy uses higher temperatures and extra rinses to make sure every speck of detergent is flushed out.


  • High energy rating
  • Simple to use


  • Stock not hugely available

Best premium 9kg washing machine


Miele WEG365 Freestanding Washing Machine,
Price: £1,078 (was £1,299)

If you're looking for the best of the best and have the budget to accommodate, the Miele WEG365 Freestanding Washing Machine has it all. Awarded the Quiet Mark, the Miele's noise levels max out at 68dB. This is only just louder than a human voice. Plus, it has an extensive range of 17 programmes, including delicates, wool and quick wash. Compatible with the Miele@home app, you can access and control this washing machine from your Smartphone, and the machine comes equipped with a honeycomb drum that creates a cushioned effect to protect your clothes.

Customer review: "We had our last Miele washing machine for 18 years! It was reliable, well-built and sturdy. When the time came for a new one, we were concerned that Miele may have compromised on the quality of their products. We are delighted to find they haven't. The machine is quiet, efficient and spins well. It has a 9kg drum, holds a lot of washing, which is great for the weekly bedding wash - everything fits in. Highly recommend."


  • Fantastic quality and 1uiet
  • Clothes come out drier than with similar spec machine
  • Good range of programmes


  • Not clear if an installation service is offered

Best washing machine for stain removal


The Hotpoint ActiveCare NM11946BCAUKN 9kg Washing Machine is one of Hotpoint's new range of appliances and offers superlative stain removal and steam hygiene. We love Hotpoint as a trusted, affordable and reliable brand for over 110 years. Its latest washing machines and dryers with ActiveCare have PRO-Inverter motor technology, resulting in quiet, efficient and durable appliances. These machines look good too; take this sleek and stylish black washing machine as a case in point. Ideal for a family, the 9kg capacity comfortably takes a 55-litre basket of laundry with room for more. Outstanding features include Active Care, 30-minute Rapid Wash, Eco 40-60, Anti Stain Removal and Steam Hygiene.

Read our full Hotpoint ActiveCare 9kg Washing Machine Review.


  • Stain removal
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet
  • Hygiene feature


  • Pay close attention to the Wash Cycle table in the instructions, as some cycles are intended for half or quarter loads

OUR VERDICT: Which Is The Best 9kg Washing Machine?

The Samsung Series 5+ WW90T554DAW 9kg Washing Machine takes the top spot for the best 9kg washing machine.

It's a machine that has it all! These include an amazing programme variety to meet your household's needs, a stylish design available in white and graphite, and unique technology to give your clothes a careful, thorough clean. All the while being energy efficient! It's quiet, and with the SmartThings app, you can keep track of your cycle and make sure it fits around you, your time, and your lifestyle.

We're all for a kitchen appliance that makes your life easier.

And - the Samsung Series 5+ AddWash should help to make laundry day less of a chore.


Is A 9kg Washing Machine Enough?

If you have a large family or busy household and worry 9kg might not quite cut it, there are 10kg washing machines available with enough capacity to wash a whopping 50 shirts at once. Otherwise, a 9kg appliance is perfectly sized for most households.

As well as saving you energy and money by being able to run larger loads and fewer washes, most come with a range of features. These include automatic load adjustments that adjust the cycle time and energy consumption based on the load size. So, whether you're a small household, need to do an emergency wash of your favourite outfit, or plan to wash half-loads instead of filling the full drum, you won't be wasting money, water, energy or your washing powder.

Is A Bigger Washing Machine Better?

If you have a smaller household, you could always look at a washing machine under £350. But if you are still unsure whether it's worth investing in a 9kg machine at this time, here are the pros and cons of a larger washer to help you decide:


Larger washing machines tend to be more energy-efficient compared to smaller machines.

You can wash more at once, saving you valuable time and reducing running costs over time.

Expect a faster spin speed with larger washing machines tending to have a maximum spin speed of 1400rpm or 1600rpm.

Washing less frequently, thanks to the larger capacity, will reduce machine wear and tear.


A larger washing machine typically has a more expensive initial cost, but this can depend on the features available.

Larger machines tend to be deeper than smaller machines. They can still fit beneath your kitchen counter, but the larger the washer, the more likely it is to protrude.

Larger machines' wash cycles tend to last longer than smaller machines. Although, some machines have quick wash programmes and cycle-shortening rapid options to help combat this.

Open washing machine
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Which Spin Speed Is Best For A Washing Machine?

The range of maximum spin speeds in the UK varies between 1000rpm (rotations per minute) and 1600rpm. An increased spin speed will give you dryer clothes at the end of your cycle, less residual water trapped in your garments, and reduce the number of times clothes need to be in the washer with quicker cycles.

However, a faster spin could result in a louder machine due to the vibrations and could impact the amount of energy used to achieve quick rotations. It's also worth checking your wardrobe materials. Synthetics and cotton can handle a fast speed, but wool and delicates will require more specialised care.

The ideal maximum spin speed for a washing machine is 1400rpm. It balances performance, time and cost. However, if you can find a machine that pairs a 1600rpm with an A-class energy rating and low noise, and you have a cotton or synthetic-heavy wardrobe, you're onto a winner.

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