The Best Integrated Washing Machines For A Seamless Kitchen

Keep your kitchen aesthetic on point with a hidden, integrated washing machine.

Integrated washing machine

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If you haven’t been blessed with a utility room, no doubt you’ll have your integrated washing machine in your kitchen instead. But if you don’t want this great big appliance messing with the Feng Shui of your kitchen, an integrated washing machine is the smartest way to keep your washing machine out of sight and your kitchen looking seamless. Specifically designed to be built into your kitchen unit and hidden behind a cabinet door, integrated washing machines are discreet and give the illusion they’re not even there. Choose a model that’s quiet, efficient, and full of innovative functionality, and you’ve got yourself a secret weapon come laundry day.

When looking for the right integrated washing machine for you, you need to look for most of the same features you’d look for in a freestanding model. For everything you need to know, check out our washing machine buyers guide which breaks down everything, from drum capacity to wash programmes, energy rating to spin speed.

Best Integrated Washing Machines At A Glance:

Best low-noise integrated washing machine: Bosch Serie 6 Integrated Washing Machine - View offer on Amazon
Best for energy efficiency: HOOVER H-WASH 300 Pro Integrated Washing Machine - View offer on Currys
Best budget integrated washing machine: Baumatic Integrated 8kg Washing Machine - View offer on

Besides this, we’d recommend taking note of the noise level of your integrated washing machine. Compared to a freestanding model, an integrated washing machine is likely to be much more disruptive especially if you have open-plan living or just like to socialise or watch TV while you cook. The regular noise level for a 10kg washing machine is between 74 dB and 77 dB. Anything quieter is a bonus and anything louder sounds like a jet engine. Some appliances on our list have been awarded the Quiet Mark Award, a certification that makes it easier for us as consumers to find the quietest options for our homes.

We’ve found the best integrated washing machines available to buy right now. In this list, we've included options for everyone regardless of household size and budget - from hefty 9kg washing machines to some great washer deals you'll be super pleased with.

Best Integrated Washing Machines

Best low-noise integrated washing machine

With a spin cycle volume of just 66dB, only slightly louder than a human voice, the Bosch Serie range has the quietest integrated washing machines on our list thanks to its EcoSilence Drive that reduces friction and the AntiVibration design that keeps the machine more stable.

Alongside this, the Serie 6 packs some fab time and energy-saving features, such as the ActiveWater automatic load adjustment system that’ll only use the water and electricity necessary based on your load, and the SpeedPerfect function that can reduce most of the 12 wash programme times by 65 per cent. Forgot to pop in a sock or your favourite shirt? You can load missed laundry mid-cycle. 

Customer Review: "Love my Bosch integrated washing machine. Lovely and quiet which is perfect when you have a kitchen and lounge combined. Excellent spin mode which gives you a choice and is so easy to use. This is my 2nd Bosch washing machine my other one had to stay at my previous house. I had it for 6 plus years without any problems always very reliable. I live in a hard water area so I do use Calgon with each wash and I do a monthly clean which maintains the machine."


  • Digital display easy to program
  • Efficient, clothes come out nearly dry
  • Installation option available


  • Only one 30-degree programme

Best 7kg capacity integrated washing machine

BEKO Pro RecycledTub WTIK76121 Integrated 7 kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine
Price: £409 (was £419)

The 7kg capacity of the Beko RecycledTub makes this washing machine well-suited for couples or small families and comes with a great range of programmes to support such households. There’s an Anti-Allergy cycle to flush out pesky irritants, a special sportswear cycle for cleaning sweaty sports kits or gym wear, and a Fast+ function to speed up your programmes so you don’t need to hang around.

While this washer has a C energy rating, making it slightly less energy-efficient than some alternatives on this list, we love that the tub has been made from recycled plastic bottles making it that bit kinder to the planet. 

Customer Review: “Plenty of programmes suitable for everything. Very efficient as well especially on 20 degrees washes. It's easy to use and pretty quiet as well. Would recommend. The delayed timer isn't very accurate at all.
Plus, the waste pipe and electrical cable could do with being a bit longer than standard. This is an integrated machine so waste points are often a good distance away."


  • Quiet even at 1600rpm
  • Fairly easy to install
  • Good range of programmes


  • Special features are tricky to operate

Quiet Mark awarded integrated washing machine

AEG 7000 L7FC8432BI Integrated Washing Machine
Price: £649 (was £749)

Having been awarded the Quiet Mark for its low noise 68dB spin cycle, the AEG 7000 uses an inverter motor so you can run a load day or night without causing a disturbance in your home. With ProSense technology, it automatically weighs each load to provide a tailored cycle and despite its lower energy rating, it includes many eco programmes such as TimeSave for energy-efficient washes that save you valuable time.

It’s a little more limited on programme variety but includes some great programmes such as ProSteam to help you cut down on ironing and dry-cleaning and SoftPlus to make sure the softener reaches every part of the garment.  

Customer Review: “I recently bought an AEG washing machine from John Lewis. I am really pleased with this product. The quality of the wash, the choice of programmes and the overall performance of the machine is second to none. I would highly recommend this washing machine to other customers.”


  • Quiet with no disturbances
  • Clothes come out requiring minimal ironing


  • Some reviewers had difficulties with the installation

Best integrated washing machine for programme variety

Hoover HBWS48D3ACBE Integrated 8Kg Washing Machine
Price: £499 (was £509)

Speaking of programme variety, the smart black Hoover HBWS48D3ACBE boasts 16 wash programmes to help you clean all sorts of garments and outfits with the care and precision they need. From sportswear to shirts, delicates to wool. Quick wash in just 14-minutes, wash dark colours and whites separately or together with the All-in-One programme, or opt for an Eco or Allergy Care setting. You can even customise your loads with choice of temperatures, spin speeds, and times – the options are endless! 

Customer Review: “What I particularly like about Hoover machines is the quick wash option. You can choose the time from 14/30/44 min and the temperature from 20/30/40 degrees. This is so useful as mostly our clothes only need a freshen up and you can put a few loads on within a short space of time. The black colour of this machine also looks smart when the door is open and fits in with our decor. Overall, very impressed and satisfied.”


  • Great range of settings
  • Quiet and easy to use
  • Reasonable price


  • The detergent drawer can be tricky to open is close to the cabinet door

Best for energy-efficiency

At the top efficiency in A-class, the Hoover H-Wash 300 Pro reduces consumption starting from 51% compared to a G-rated washer, saving energy, and money, and protecting the environment. With a 9kg capacity making it great for busy households, KG mode will take care of the hard work for you by weighing your load and automatically determining the right amount of water, time, and wash needed for your fabrics.

With the All-in-One programme, you can wash any piece of clothing in just 59 minutes or use the Rapid Cycle programmes to wash a small load in as little as 14-minutes, all programmes manageable via the Hoover app. 

Customer Review: “It has a very large drum and door so it is easy to load (as this is an integrated appliance, the door is not on view all the time, had it been a freestanding model, I wouldn't have liked it). Lots of cycle options. I have no need for the Wi-Fi facility so I cannot comment on that feature. I like the 18-minute fast wash too - ideal for freshening things up that haven't been worn for a while.”


  • Energy-efficient
  • Large drum capacity and spin speed for an integrated machine
  • Quiet with a great range of cycles


  • Some had issues with WiFi connectivity to use the Hoover app

Best budget integrated washing machine

Baumatic BWI148D4E Integrated 8Kg Washing Machine
Price: £349

Integrated washing machines are typically more expensive than freestanding models, but this budget option from Logik is wallet-friendly and has great features. With a D-class energy rating (that would have been A+++ on the old scale), and an array of standard wash programmes, it's a little basic but great value. It comes with options for 14-minute quick wash cycles, silk, and eco settings to name a few and a delay timer of up to 24 hours so you can fit your laundry schedule around your busy day.

Customer Review: “Great product, excellent value for money. Great range of programs with the rapid program options being particularly useful."


  • Good value and simple to use
  • Great size for a medium-sized household
  • Quiet spin


  • Not as energy-efficient as others on our list

Best integrated black washing machine

HOOVER H-WASH 300 Pro HBWOS 69TAMCBET Integrated 9kg Washing Machine
Price: £569 (was £579)

This HOOVER H-WASH 300 Pro HBWOS 69TAMCBET Integrated 9kg Washing Machine is a sleek black model. There a several rapid cycles, including at 14 minute wash for up to a 1.5kg load. KG Mode weighs your load at the beginning of the cycle and calculates the exact time and water needed. It can factor in whether it's cotton or synthetic fabric. The Hoover H-WASH 300 Pro connects using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to your smart speaker and smartphone. The All-in-One programme means you can mix whites and colours in one wash. Importantly, this model has an inverter motor, so it's quieter (72db spin) and produces less vibration than an older appliance – crucial as this will be encased in a cabinet.

Customer review: "Great handy programmes, especially for quick washes, very quiet and spin programme really helps get those clothes pretty dry before hanging on the line which is amazing as the clothes from my last washing machine were always quite damp."


  • Sensor washing
  • Control via smart speaker or smart device
  • Quiet


  • Tedious changing the settings using the digital display

OUR VERDICT: Which Is The Best Integrated Washing Machine?

For the best integrated washing machine, we have to recommend the Hoover H-Wash 300 Pro HBWOS 69TAMCET Integrated WiFi-Enabled 9kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine. It's a fantastic choice with A-class energy efficiency, a great 9kg capacity, higher than average maximum spin speed, and smart connectivity that can only help to make washing and machine management easier for us everyday users.


How Do I Know If An Integrated Washing Machine Will Fit My Kitchen?

Unlike a freestanding washing machine, you’ll also be fitting your integrated washing machine into your kitchen unit, so make sure to check the dimensions of your chosen washer against your allocated space before you buy to save a headache when it arrives.

The standard size for integrated washing machines is H82 x W60 x D54cm so they can fit neatly under a kitchen worktop. According to, you should allow an extra 3cm in depth between the back of your machine and the wall for pipework.

If you’re worried about getting it installed, fortunately, most retailers offer installation and old washer recycling for an extra cost.

Why Are Integrated Washing Machines So Expensive?

Integrated washing machines are more expensive than freestanding models, but this is largely due to the cost of installation. While you may think you could save some money by fitting it yourself, unless you are a DIY expert, it is highly recommended to get it done by a professional to save any mishaps. Getting an expert to fit your washing machine, including the refitting of cabinet doors, connecting to your existing water and electrical supply, and disconnecting the old washer, will make sure everything goes plain sailing.

Can You Put A Normal Washing Machine In An Integrated Space?

Technically you can, but it’s worth keeping in mind that freestanding washing machines have not been designed to be integrated and can therefore be a little trickier to fit. Their standard size will fit them beneath your kitchen countertop in an alcove, but the added depth of freestanding models compared to integrated washers will likely make them too deep for a cabinet door in the front to be an option.

freestanding washing machine under kitchen counter
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The easiest way to get the measurements for a replacement freestanding washer to sit beneath a kitchen countertop is to get the measurement for your old machine and find one that matches. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll need to size up your space, measure the depth from in front of any plugs and pipes, and then add 7cm onto the depth of the appliance you want to allow for a pipe connection.

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