Best 7kg Washing Machines That Are Easy To Use

Take the faff out of new-fangled with small washing machines that are uncomplicated.

Best 7kg Washing Machine

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For simplicity, the best 7kg washing machines are intuitive to use and get the job done. So, if your old twin tub has finally packed up and it's time to invest in a new appliance, you'll be pleased to know that there are some super models that'll take a load off your laundry. If you're a smaller household, the only real requirement is that the washing machine is compelling (even better if it can save you money on your bills).

Without being blinded by smart features, here's our guide to the best 7kg washing machines. Easy to use and great value for those not looking to bust the budget. Whether you're buying a washing machine for yourself, a first home, or an older relative, there are some points to consider.

First, is the drum size right for you? A 7kg drum capacity is the standard drum size and is ideal for small households of two to three people - the capacity equates to 35 T-shirts or one double duvet. For the same size footprint, a 9kg washing machine might give you the extra capacity you need if you have guests always staying over, for example. You'll also want to look at the spin speed, with higher speeds generally resulting in cleaner and less damp clothes on retrieval. The ideal spin speed is 1400rpm, with anything below 1200rpm classed as poor.

Best 7kg Washing Machine At A Glance:

Best overall 7kg washing machine: Bosch Series 2 WAJ28001GB Washing Machine, 7kg - View offer on
Best Samsung 7kg washing machine: Samsung Series 5 ecobubble 7kg - View offer on Currys
Best 7kg integrated washing machine: Beko RecycledTub™ Integrated Washing Machine - View offer on
Best for easy-to-use functions: Montpellier MW7141W Washing Machine, 7kg - View offer on eBay

If you're considering a 7kg washing machine, then you also have the option of a freestanding or integrated washing machine. Most integrated models are 7kg capacity and blend seamlessly into your kitchen behind a cupboard door. For a small kitchen or studio, an integrated appliance is a good space-saving option, but it will cost more money. For more guidance on what to consider when buying a new washing machine, scroll to the FAQs at the end of this article. Without further ado, let's take a look at the best 7kg washing machines and discover why laundry needn't be a chore.

Best 7kg Washing Machine

Best overall 7kg washing machine

Bosch Series 2 WAJ28008GB
Price: £419

The Bosch Series 2 WAJ28001GB Washing Machine cleans and cares. With the AntiVibration and EcoSilence Drive, this appliance will be a lot quieter than any previous generation model. Additionally, the Speed Perfect feature gets laundry clean in up to 65 per cent less time. Water consumption is managed by the Active Water function, so you save on water usage. Also, the Reload function allows you to pause a cycle and add or remove an item as long as the drum temperature is below 50 degrees. There are lots of washing programs to choose from - take some time to figure out what's right for your washing needs. But rest assured, this Bosch Series 2 will get the laundry done a little bit faster and with minimal fuss.

Customer review: "Good quality washes by an inexpensive machine. Two service engineers recommended Bosch because they're amongst the easiest and cheapest to repair."


  • Several quick wash options
  • Quiet
  • Easy to use


  • Take some time to get familiar with all the programs - some are a lot longer than others

Best Samsung 7kg washing machine

The Series 5 WW70TA046TE/EU ecobubble Washing Machine has Hygiene Steam, ecobubble, Quick Wash, Stay Clean and Drum Clean features. Its 7kg capacity makes it ideal for small households of one or two people. However, it does not have smart connectivity or some of the higher-spec features that you generally find on Samsung models. It's a great appliance if you want simple and effective functionality.

Customer review: "This washing machine is so easy to use, the display shows how long each wash takes and how long is left. It is very quiet even on the spin cycle and although some people have said the music is quite loud this can be switched off."


  • Ideal for a one or two person household
  • Effective and efficient cleaning
  • Energy efficient


  • Lacks the range of features of higher-spec models

Best 7kg integrated washing machine

Beko RecycledTub™ WTIK76151F Integrated 7kg Washing Machine
Price: £379

The 7kg capacity of the Beko RecycledTub makes this washing machine well-suited for couples or small families and comes with a great range of programmes to support such households. There's an Anti-Allergy cycle to flush out pesky irritants, a special sportswear cycle for cleaning sweaty sports kits or gym wear, and a Fast+ function to speed up your programmes so you don't need to hang around. While this washer has a C energy rating, making it slightly less energy-efficient than some alternatives on this list, we love that the tub has been made from recycled plastic bottles, making it that bit kinder to the planet.

Customer review: "We wanted an integrated machine with a 1600 spin and there's not a lot of choice. The Beko is good value, has excellent programmable features, is very quiet (important for open plan) and the reliability record was as good as more premium brands. Watch your measurements though as the unit is wider to the rear than the front fascia."


  • Fast
  • Powerful spin speed
  • Anti-allergy program
  • Delicate wash for fragile fabrics


  • Slightly less energy-efficient than some models

Best for easy-to-use functions

Make laundry a breeze with the Montpellier MW7141W Washing Machine. With a smaller 7kg drum, the Montpellier is ideal for small households of one to two looking to save money. It has an impressive range of 15 programmes, including Cotton, Eco, Hand Wash, Rapid, Wool, and even Allergy Safe for those sensitive to allergens. We especially love the Time Delay function, so you can start at a time that's convenient to you, and the Rapid 15 program allows you to wash 2kg in just 15 minutes. The buttons and dials are clear and easy to use. Perfect for young professionals or busy socialites looking to get the washing done pronto.

Customer review: "Use the Fast 60 each time for normal washes. Reduce temperature to 30/40. Very pleased with it."


  • Easy to use
  • Adjust programmes even mid-cycle
  • Fast wash options
  • Variable temperatures


  • Not the quietest

Best value 7kg freestanding washer dryer

The Beko WDL742431W Washer Dryer can wash a full load in just 28 minutes. This small and mighty machine has a low price and high-quality build and features, making it one of the best value washer-dryers on this list. With 15 programmes, including special washing selections for cotton, and shirts, a handwashing programme for your delicates, and a range of drying programmes, this Beko washer dryer will make light work of your laundry pile. The only potential downside is that the 7kg wash capacity is not suitable for large families, but if you are only doing laundry for two or three, this would be a great fit. Also, it is not the most energy-efficient machine with an E-rating as a condenser dryer powers it. The appliance comes with handy features such as a child lock, a 4-hour delay timer, prewash and a drum clean function. Plus it comes in two colours: black or white.

Customer review: "This washer dryer is awesome. The black version is better since the door is black in both colour options. It's also so quiet. Sensor dry is also good as it senses when your clothes are all dry and ready. A great purchase.


  • Affordable
  • Fast
  • Two colour options
  • Large range of programmes


  • It's noisy

Best high-end 7kg washing machine

Bosch Serie 4 Freestanding Washing Machine
Price: £399 (was £659)

The Bosch Serie 4 WAN28081GB Washing Machine does everything you need and more, keeping noise to a minimum. We especially love the smart features; it has an AllergyPlus programme which takes care of anyone with sensitive skin or hayfever allergies. It's important to note, however, that it's not as energy efficient as some others on the list. But with its 1400rpm spin speed and fast drying time, you'll get the laundry over and done with. Designed to make life easier with a simple LED display and touch controls.

Customer review: "This excellent washing machine has been trouble free, and washed our clothes perfectly. The programmes are ideal - the fifteen and thirty minute quick washes in particular arer so useful for those light and delicate items that need only a freshen. Heavy staining on football and rugby clothing doesn't stand a chance either! I have always had Bosch appliances as they are so reliable."


  • AntiVibration and EcoSilence features
  • Smart touchscreen and dial
  • Reload function to add missed items


  • Some found the instructions a little complicated

Best space-saving 7kg washing machine

If you are looking for a brilliant integrated washing machine, look no further. This Indesit Integrated Washing Machine should easily fit under your kitchen worktop, making it the perfect space-saving device. It has plenty of different washing settings, too, including eco, mixed, coloured, and even sport. The Push and Go feature allows you to simply press and hold the dedicated button for two seconds - the machine will automatically start a 45-minute 30-degree cycle that's perfect for cottons and synthetics. 

Customer review: "It is clearly stated in the main listing and in the specifications this product has energy rating of A++
Upon delivery I discover the actual energy rating is E."


  • Very energy efficient
  • Large capacity
  • Push and Go function
  • Efficient water consumption


  • Not the most stylish

Best Hotpoint 7kg washing machine

Price: £279 (was £369)

You can wash a full 7kg load of laundry in just 45 minutes with this Hotpoint NSWR 743U GK UK N washing machine.
No more need to pre-treat stains, the one-hour Anti-Stain program makes sure your clothes look their best. With a one-touch button, the Steam Hygiene function injects steam into the drum at the end of the washing cycle, removing up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria. With dial-operated controls and an LED screen, this Hotpoint feels relatable yet has some nifty features too.

Customer review: "It's a simple machine and dimensions are slightly smaller than most machines which is great for tight spaces. Really quiet spin & very stable on full spin speed. Looks good and there are a lot of wash options."


  • Saves time, water and energy
  • 30-minute option for a half load 
  • Removes allergens at the touch of a button


  • A little noisy

Best 7kg washing machine for water consumption

This Indesit Spin Washing Machine is ideal for a household that uses a lot of water and wants to cut back. This model's Water Balance Plus sensor optimises water consumption, so it uses just the right amount for each load. It's Rapid 20 mode washes a 1.5 kg load in just 20 minutes. And the Extra Rinse function removes excess detergent, so the rinse is more effective, and it protects fabrics. Additionally, you can wash whites and colours together in one load - easy peasy.

Customer review: "Good machine. Spin a little noisy but that might be cause we had to take cupboard door off for it. No problem so far, wash's great."


  • Easy to use
  • Good 30-degree variety
  • Controlled water consumption


  • Slightly noisier than other machines

Our Verdict: Best 7kg Washing Machine

Getting the washing done can be a chore, but not with the Bosch Series 2 WAJ28001GB Washing Machine. This is an all-round good value, high spec, efficient and easy-to-use machine from a trusted brand. Savour a quieter laundry experience and features such as Active Water and Speed Wash that make cleaning powerful and efficient. Sensor technology measures the weight of the washing and the level of soiling to know how much water to add. The long and short of it is that you'll save money on your water usage, and your washing will be done quicker. Laundry's a chore no more, thanks to Bosch.


What To Consider In A 7kg Washing Machine

There are some features we'd recommend looking for in your washing machine. Check that it has a good energy efficiency rating, and the addition of sensor technology can help to manage your water consumption. Check the available washing programmes and that the machine has what your household needs. Among the usual delicate wash and mixed colour options, there is a newish anti-allergy feature that eliminates bacteria using steam.

Depending on the user, it's always useful to have a machine that's easy to operate. Both manual dial-based operation and digital control panels have their pros and cons. Try and view some washing machines in a showroom so you can see how legible the controls are and if they're easy to use for you.

The price range of 7kg washing machines can be anything from £200 to £450. We'd also recommend choosing a trusted brand in case the machine needs new parts and maintenance - fortunately, the majority of machines come with a guarantee.

For more in-depth information, read our buyer's guide to help you decide how to choose a washing machine.

What Size Washing Machine Should I Get?

Washing machine drum sizes usually range from 6kg to 12kg. This measurement refers to the maximum dry weight of washing it can hold. And, of course, overloading the drum can result in drainage issues and potential long-term damage. So, what drum size do you actually need? This will come down to the amount and type of loads you're going to wash.

You can't stick a massive duvet in a 6kg machine, and buying a 12kg machine for a small household will be a waste of money and energy. For single people or couples, a 6kg or 7kg machine should be fine. An 8-10kg machine is best for small families, and larger families would benefit from washing machines over 10kg.

What's The Best Way To Save Money With A Washing Machine?

If you want to continue to save money, you want to look for washing machines with good energy efficiency. These are the cheapest to run and most environmentally friendly, ticking all the best boxes. Washers rated A-C are usually the most energy-efficient.

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