The Best Combined Washer Dryer For Your Laundry Needs

Two-in-one washer dryers are the ultimate space saving appliances - here are the best.

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When you live in a flat or house that doesn't have extra room for a separate washing machine and tumble dryer, a combined washer dryer is the next best thing. Plus, the convenience of being able to push one button and have all your laundry washed and dried in the same process can't be overlooked. Whether you have a family with never-ending piles of laundry, are an outdoorsy household with lots of muddy clothes or just love the pure convenience of a washer-dryer, here is our pick of the best 2-in-1 washer-dryers to make light work of your dirty laundry.

But is a combined washer-dryer as effective as using a separate washing machine and freestanding tumble dryer, we hear you ask? In short, no. However, if you have a small kitchen area and can only opt for one machine, then washer-dryers work just as well as freestanding washing machines, but the quality of the drying performance is sacrificed. This is due to the washing capacity being much larger than the drying capacity in the two-in-one models.

Best Combined Washer Dryer At A Glance

Best washer dryer for laundry care: Hotpoint ActiveCare NDD8636BDAUK 8+6KG Black Freestanding Washer Dryer – View on Hotpoint
Best value freestanding washer dryer: Beko WDL742431W Washer Dryer – View on Argos
Best freestanding washer dryer for smaller households: John Lewis JLWD1614 Freestanding Washer Dryer – View on John Lewis
Best integrated washer dryer for small households: AEG 7000 Series L7WE7631BI Integrated 7kg Washer Dryer – View on Currys

If you are looking for an option that offers more flexibility or there is the potential that you may move in the future, then a freestanding washer-dryer is your best bet. They are usually designed with standard dimensions and should fit comfortably under most kitchen worktops.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more sleek and stylish that will seamlessly fit into your kitchen, then integrated machines are designed to be installed within a kitchen unit and hidden behind a door to match your other cupboards and kitchen or utility room décor. Integrated machines tend to be on the pricier side and are slightly smaller than freestanding machines.

Best value freestanding washer dryer

This mighty machine from Beko has a low price and high-quality build and features, making it one of the best value washer-dryers on this list. With 15 programmes, including special washing selections for cotton, and shirts, a handwashing programme for your delicates, and a range of drying programmes, this Beko washer dryer will make light work of your laundry pile.

The only potential downside is that the 7kg wash capacity is not suitable for large families, but if you are only doing laundry for two or three, this would be a great fit. Also, it is not the most energy-efficient machine with an E-rating as a condenser dryer powers it. The appliance comes with handy features such as a child lock, a 4-hour delay timer, prewash and a drum clean function. Plus it comes in two colours: black or white.

Customer review: "This washer dryer is awesome! The black version is better since the door is black in both colour options. It’s also so quiet! Sensor dry is also good as it senses when your clothes are all dry and ready. A great purchase!"


  • Affordable
  • Two colours
  • Large range of programmes


  • Not very energy-efficient

Best freestanding washer dryer for smaller households

John Lewis JLWD1614 Freestanding Washer Dryer
Price: £699 (was £849)

This mid-range John Lewis JLWD1614 Freestanding Washer Dryer has been praised for its exceptional cleaning and drying performance, and with AEG being the manufacturer, you will be guaranteed top-notch quality and an excellent energy rating. Perfect for the average household, this machine is fitted with a spacious drum with 17 wash and dry programmes. Doing your laundry will be painless with the easy-to-navigate LCD display and fast 1600rpm spin speed; you won't ever have to stress about weekend washing again.

Customer review: "Very pleased with this washing machine. It has all the different selections on the wash programme, and the drying feature has several options with a reducing time button too. I had noticed that my laundry is much whiter and fresher than before I had this machine. I would highly recommend it."


  • Sleek design
  • Excellent features
  • Good value


  • Loud

Best budget freestanding washer dryer

This inexpensive Indesit IWDC65125UKN Freestanding Washer Dryer has a 6kg washing capacity and a 5kg drying capacity making it a good fit for small families, couples or a household of two. It has a spin speed of 1200rpm, and although it is not as large or efficient as some of the machines on this list, it still offers great features such as 16 wash programmes and an express wash and dry cycle. It comes in two colours: white and silver.

Customer review: "Eco-Cycle is fantastic as wash and dry in 30 mins, other cycles are much longer. Overall fantastic and does the job."


  • Affordable
  • Good programmes


  • Low energy efficiency rating F 
  • Small load size

Best black freestanding washer dryer

The Samsung Series 5 WD80TA046BX/EU ecobubble Washer Dryer creates a lather of air, water and detergent, known as 'ecobubble' so that clothes can be washed effectively at lower temperatures. Hygiene Steam eliminates bacteria, pollen and reduces dust on clothes. The dryer has 5kg capacity and thanks to Digital Inverter Technology it's a quieter and more energy efficient way to get the laundry dry.

Customer review: "Clothes are clean and fresh and the drying cycle worked perfectly. I have read other reviews complaining about the alarm music at the end of the cycle but it can be easily deactivated with a push of two buttons so not a problem at all."


  • Energy efficient and quiet motor
  • Hygiene and steam wash cycles
  • Long-lasting motor


  • Small dryer capacity

Best washer dryer for laundry care

The Hotpoint ActiveCare NDD8636BDAUK 8+6KG Black Freestanding Washer Dryer get clothes washed and dried fast with a one hour cycle. Continuous Wash and Dry gets the job done. Moreover, this appliance features Steam Hygiene, Steam Refresh and Anti Allergy washing programmes. ActiveCare creates an emulsion of water and detergent that can remove stubborn stains at lower temperatures, and is kinder on your clothing. In addition, this washer dryer can accommodate a larger load than other models.

Customer review: "Great range of cycles and ability to add or change settings on certain programs. Love the freshen up and the anti allergy options, and I have noticed a far greater reduction in dog hair on washed clothes, compared to other machines I've used. The machine itself is sleek and modern, and very quiet, with a great energy rating when used as recommended."


  • Gentle washing and drying takes care of your laundry
  • Energy efficient
  • Larger capacity


  • Cost of installation is not specified

Best integrated combined washer dryers

Best integrated washer dryer for small households

AEG 7000 Series L7WE7631B Integrated 7 kg Washer Dryer
Price: £829 (was £969)

This AEG 7000 Series L7WE7631BI Integrated 7kg Washer Dryer has all the latest technology that you need from a washer-dryer. It has a steam cycle, is Woolmark Certified for delicate fabrics, has a quick wash function and ProSense technology that reduces wear and tear by using sensors that adjust cycle times according to the size of the load. Not to mention it is one of the quietest machines on this list. One thing to note is that it has a smaller capacity than some other models, so this would be most suitable for a household of two or three.

Customer review: "The machine is very quiet even when spinning. In drying mode, if you have set the time for too long, the machine will adjust it for the load. Automatic settings make it easy to use, but these can be manually adjusted if you wish to change the time or spin speed."


  • Quiet
  • Variety of washing cycles and easy to use


  • E energy class rating

Best for integrated washer dryer for smart homes

This impressive integrated LG TurboWash 360 with AI DD V9 FWV917WTSE washer dryer is packed with the latest technology that makes doing the laundry for a large family a walk in the park. It has a unique TurboWash 360 setting that deep cleans soiled clothes in under 40 minutes. It has a 10.5kg drum capacity and 7kg drying, which is suitable for big households; and is surprisingly quiet and energy efficient. Plus, it has some impressive features, such as a clever AI DD that goes as far as to weigh your laundry and automatically detects the softness of your fabric to wash pattern and chooses the right setting for your wash. Welcome to the future.

Those with young children or who suffer from allergies will benefit from the Baby Bare and Allergy Programmes that use steam technology to eradicate 99.9 per cent of allergens. However, the real win is for those that love to connect everything to their smart home. The machine has WIFI-enabled features that allow you to do everything from your smartphone through the SmartThinQ app.

Customer review: "Very smart and modern looking washing machine. Has a lot of programs and automatically adjusting washing times based on weight is brilliant."


  • WIFI enabled, connects to your Smart home
  • Bigger drum capacity


  • It can be too big for some kitchen layouts and expensive

Best value intergrated washer dryer

This impressive washer dryer from CDA boasts many notable features and an excellent 'B' energy rating at an affordable price. The CDA CI981 Integrated Washer Dryer has 16 programmes available to deal with any laundry disasters, a progress indicator to let you keep track of the time, an allergy-safe function for those with skin sensitivities, a 15-quick-wash option and a child lock, among other features that make this machine great value.

Customer review: "Compact washer dryer with a good selection of programs. The eco washes are quite long, but there are also quick wash options at various temperatures. It is a quiet washing machine, good quality; we have a dishwasher from CDA as well. You can trust CDA for quality."


  • Great energy rating and price
  • Quick wash cycles
  • MyChoice – programme your preferred cycle settings


  • The eco washes are quite long

OUR VERDICT: Which Is The Best Combined Washer Dryer?

The Hotpoint ActiveCare NDD8636BDAUK 8+6KG Black Freestanding Washer Dryer is our overall top choice. Although it comes with a premium price tag, it is a top-tier product with everything a busy family needs. It has a generous capacity 8kg wash capacity and 6kg dryer, high-performance programmes, class A energy rating, and is very quiet, so there is no need to worry about disturbing your children late in the evening or light sleepers.

To find out more about Hotpoint ActiveCare, read our full review of the Hotpoint ActiveCare NM11946BCAUKN 9kg Washing Machine.

FAQs: Combined Washer Dryer

What to consider when buying a combined washer dryer

In this guide, the washing capacity varies from 7kg to 10kg on the models we have selected and the drying capacity ranges from 3.5kg to 7kg. So depending on how big your household is or how much washing you tend to do, this is a good rule of thumb for reference:

Washing capacity:

7kg: 35 T-shirts or one double duvet**
9kg:** 45 T-shirts or one summer king duvet**
10kg:** 50 T-shirts or one winter king duvet

Drying capacity:

3.5kg: 15 T-shirts: best for an individual or couple
6kg: 30 T-shirts/small, low-tog duvet: best for a couple or small family
7kg: 35 T-shirts/double duvet: best for families

How much does it cost to use your washer dryer?

The first thing you will want to look at is the energy rating, and that will give you a good gauge of how energy efficient the machine will be. All machines receive a grading from A to G, with A-C being the most economical and energy-saving. The energy rating scale changed in 2020, and appliances are now likely rated B or C. A++ is now classified as D or E, and A+ will find themselves F or G rated.

While the latest models with sensors fare better than more outdated ones, running costs depend on how long loads are washing, drying and how hard it has to work to complete the cycles. Machines with a higher spin on your washing cycle mean it needs to do less work when drying - making it more energy efficient.

Now that you are clued up on the basics let's take a look at the best freestanding and integrated combined washer and dryers to fit your household needs and budget.

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How do combined washer dryers work?

The washing part on a combined washer dryer works like any standard washing machine. When you add in your laundry, the drum fills with water and mixes with the detergent, which soaks and cleans the clothing. The drum spins around using an agitator and at the end of the cycle, it drains and refills with water to rinse out the detergent. The final spin cycle drains one last time to rinse any excess water.

The dryer mode tends to work like a heat-pump tumble dryer. This is when dryers reheat the air that gets sucked out of the laundry during the drying cycle and then cools it so it condenses back to the water, which gets strained out.

Do washer dryers dry well?

Combined washer dryers can sometimes take up to two hours to dry a smaller amount of clothing than a full-sized tumble dryer so bear that in mind when loading up your machine. You can only dry half the capacity you can wash.

How to keep costs down when using your washer dryer

Choose an energy-efficient model. Most washer dryers are around B-C class efficiency rating and should be one of the first things you look for when buying a new machine. How do energy labels work? The energy rating scale changed in 2020, and appliances are now likely rated B or C. A++ is now classified as D or E, and A+ will find themselves F or G rated. This varies from product to product, along with product type and brand (who have yet to switch to the new scale). If you find yourselves confused, here is an easy guide to help you.

Look out for washer dryers with an energy rating of C or above, these will be some of the most energy-efficient models, and while they may cost more to purchase to begin with, they can definitely save you money in the long term.

Be careful not to underload the drum. Yes, really, it's more efficient to wait until you have a full maximum load to wash and dry, as each cycle will use the same amount of energy. Try not to exceed the maximum load, though.

Clean the filters regularly. Most machines will tell you when to do this.

Wash your clothes on a high spin, as the wetter, the laundry is when you put you use the dryer, the longer it takes to dry clothes.

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