The Best Miele Tumble Dryers Can Save You Money

It's worth investing in gold standard appliances.

Best Miele Tumble Dryer

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Investing in the best Miele tumble dryer is a smart choice in the long run. Watching the cost of energy spiral is eye-watering, and doing laundry is one of the worst for guzzling electricity. The best tumble dryers have heat pump technology to recirculate air, which makes them more energy-efficient. Miele appliances are endorsed by energy savings tool YourEko. Miele claims that their energy-efficient tumble dryers promise a lifetime saving of over £8,500 on energy bills*.

You may have seen the gold, silver, and bronze YourEko energy ratings on retailers' websites. According to Sellers PR: "It shows the energy savings by detailing the cost reductions a product offers compared to similar, less efficient models in the market." Miele heat pump tumble dryers have been independently tested by YourEko "versus the least energy-efficient tumble dryer in the GB market, based on a scenario of five cycles per week over 20 years."

Best Miele Tumble Dryers At A Glance:

Best overall Miele tumble dryer: Miele TEF765WP EcoSpeed 8kg T1 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer – View on Appliance Centre
Best energy-efficient 7kg Miele tumble dryer: Miele TEA225WP Active 7kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer – View on Peter Tyson
Best energy-efficient 9kg heat pump tumble dryer: Miele TEH785WP EcoSpeed 9kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer – View on Appliance Centre

Miele's 7kg and 8kg tumble dryers (Active models) are built to last, having been through the equivalent of 20 years of testing. According to YourEko: "the A++ rated 7kg TEA225WP heat pump model is the most energy efficient 7kg tumble dryer available," and consumers can "save over £8,500 on energy costs." These freestanding tumble dryers cost upwards of £750, but the long-term investment means it pays for itself eight times over.

For households that need a large capacity tumble dryer, the A+++ rated TEH785WP heat pump tumble dryer can "save over £8,000 on energy costs." Additionally, there are Eco+ Steam and EcoSpeed features on some models, which reduces the need for ironing and is a fast way of freshening up garments. So, when you invest in a Miele tumble dryer, you benefit from expertly crafted appliances that care for your laundry, building up substantial savings over the machine's lifetime.

* These numbers are correct as per five uses a week for 20 years, based on a tariff of 27.35p / kWh in November 2023

Best Miele Tumble Dryers

Best overall Miele tumble dryer

Miele TEF765WP EcoSpeed&8kg T1 Heat-pump tumble dryerAppliance Centre/Miele
Price: £1,073 (was £1,249)

Experience exceptional laundry care with the Miele TEF765WP EcoSpeed 8kg T1 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer. This premium appliance is packed with features, including cutting-edge EcoSpeed technology. It delivers fast drying times while using less energy. Its tailored programmes meet a range of laundry requirements, guaranteeing optimal results with every load. Programmes include; Minimum iron, Express and Warm air/DryFresh, among the usual cotton and delicate cycles. The build quality is excellent, with LED drum lighting, integrated condensed water drainage and a honeycomb drum that is gentle on laundry. The ProfiEco motor is a powerful inverter motor that's quiet and economical, offering outstanding performance and minimal energy usage.


  • Award-winning energy-saving appliance
  • EcoSpeed for fast and efficient drying
  • Exceptional performance
  • DirectSensor drying


  • No product-specific reviews

Best energy-efficient 7kg Miele tumble dryer

Miele TEA225WP Active 7kg Heat Pump Tumble DryerPeter Tyson/Miele
Price: £769 (was £869)

Rated by YourEko as the “the most energy efficient 7kg tumble dryer available”, is the Miele TEA225WP Active 7kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer. Heat pump technology efficiently dries at a lower temperature. The unique honeycomb drum results in less creasing and allows laundry to gently dry. By choosing a specific drying programme it reduces the need to iron shirts. Woollen garments retain their fluffiness, and synthetic fabrics stay in shape for longer. Also, you can add garments after the drying cycle has begun. Excess water is simply drained off via a tube into the sink or a U-tube.


  • Top-rated 7kg tumble dryer
  • EcoDry technology
  • Premium quality appliance
  • Miele filter system and heat exchanger don't require cleaning


  • No specific customer reviews

Best energy-efficient 9kg heat pump tumble dryer

Miele TEH785WP EcoSpeed&9kg LotusAppliance Centre/Miele
Price: £1,235 (was £1,449)

For those who need a bigger capacity, the A+++ rated Miele TEH785WP EcoSpeed 9kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer can “save over £8,000 on energy costs.” Compared to a previous generation Miele heat pump tumble dryer (TXA2XX WP), it's 20 minutes faster and boasts an A+++ energy rating. The unique honeycomb drum acts as a cushion and protects garments from snagging. It's half the running cost of a condenser dryer. Unlike a vented appliance, a heat pump tumble dryer can be installed anywhere in the home.


  • Sensor drying
  • Miele@home app compatible
  • Top-rated 9kg energy-efficient tumble dryer
  • EcoSpeed fast drying


  • No specific customer reviews

Best mid-range Miele tumble dryer

Miele TED265WP 8kg T1 Heat-pump tumble dryerAppliance Centre/Miele

Meanwhile, this A++ rated TED265WP 8kg heat pump dryer can “save over £8,000 on energy costs.” EcoDry technology ensures long-term savings for your tumble dryer. In addition, the Miele TED265WP 8kg T1 Heat-pump Tumble Dryer has all the premium features you'd expect. Enjoy customisable fragrances with FragranceDos. Achieve precise drying for all fabrics with PerfectDry. AddLoad allows you to pause a cycle and add a missed garment. With Miele appliances, you benefit from low-maintenance machines designed to last for 20 years.


  • Award-winning appliance
  • EcoDry technology
  • Anti-crease
  • Gentle tumble
  • Energy-efficient


  • No specific product reviews

Best energy-efficient 8kg heat pump tumble dryer

Miele TEF765WP Freestanding Heat Pump Tumble Dryer 8kgJohn Lewis/Miele

According to YourEko, this A+++ rated 8kg TEF765WP heat pump tumble dryer is “the most energy efficient heat pump dryer available”, and consumers can “save over £8,500 on energy costs.” The heat pump technology conserves energy by recycling hot air, making it cost-effective. Miele's smart and eco-friendly tumble dryer is equipped with moisture sensors to ensure clothes are never too wet or overdried. Add missed items by pausing mid-cycle with the AddLoad function. Miele's Perfect Dry system guarantees perfectly dried laundry while protecting against overheating. Also, add FragranceDos flacons to infuse clothes with a fresh scent for up to 50 washes. Tested for 20 years of equivalent use, Miele appliances promise durability and reliability.

Customer review: "This machine is hugely more energy efficient; its range of programmes are comprehensive and it's easy to clean the filters. We particularly like the two fragrance option, especially the level control. It matches the washing machine and the app makes timing easy."


  • Most energy-efficient heat pump tumble dryer
  • Smart technology
  • Sensor drying


  • Some customers comment that the sponge filter needs cleaning often

Best Miele tumble dryer awarded Quiet Mark

Miele TEL785WP Freestanding Heat Pump Tumble Dryer 9kgJohn Lewis/Miele

With a larger capacity, this Eco + Steam 9kg heat pump tumble dryer from Miele offers all the benefits of EcoSpeed, with specialist hygiene programmes and steam functions to reduce the need for ironing and freshening clothes. The A+++ rated TEL785WP can “save over £8,000 on energy costs”, according to YourEko. This Miele advanced tumble dryer offers smart connectivity, sensor drying, mid-cycle loading options, and steam cleaning. The hygiene cycle eliminates 99.9 per cent of bacteria and allergens. EcoDry technology maintains dryer efficiency, ensuring long-term savings. The PerfectDry system guarantees optimal drying every time, even in hard water areas.

Customer review: "This machine is fantastic. Previously, I didn't believe that the settings on a tumble drier made any difference but this has shown me the light – it really is set and forget, everything always comes out perfectly dry just from me putting it on the setting I think it needs. It will keep going until it senses things are dry."


  • Awarded Quiet Mark
  • HygieneDry system eliminates bacteria
  • SteamFinish reduces creases and odours, minimising ironing


  • Wi-Fi can be problematic

Best 9kg Miele tumble dryer for features

Miele TCR780WP Eco & Steam & 9kg Heat Pump Tumble DryerAppliance Centre/Miele
Price: £1,780 (was £2,349)

This Miele Eco & Steam 9kg heat pump tumble dryer boasts a larger capacity and incorporates EcoSpeed technology. It also features specialised hygiene programmes and steam functions, revitalising clothes and reducing the necessity for ironing. According to YourEko, the A+++ rated TCR780WP can “save over £8,000 on energy costs.” Enjoy customisable fragrances with FragranceDos. Achieve precise drying for all types of fabrics with PerfectDry. Experience easy operation through EasyControl and benefit from precision sensor drying performance.


  • Large capacity
  • StreamFinish fresher, less wrinkled laundry
  • EcoDry – shorter drying times, lower energy consumption


  • No reviews

Best Miele tumble dryer for connectivity

Miele TSH783WP Wifi Connected 9Kg Heat Pump Tumble
Price: £1,299

Upgrade your laundry routine with this Miele TSH783WP Wifi Connected 9Kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer. It's spacious enough for laundry for up to four people. Utilising a heat pump to recycle warm air, it saves energy efficiently. Need your favourite shirt dry in a hurry? EcoSpeed can reduce drying time by up to 40 minutes. With automatic adjustment of settings for each load, it ensures optimal drying. PerfectDry offers precision drying, sensing the calcium levels in moisture and adjusting the cycle. Tested for 20 years of equivalent use, it offers supremely reliable performance.

Customer review: "Really quiet and super efficient. Love this product. Much better than last tumble dryer that was rated A++. Also works well with the app and our other Miele washing machine. Glad we splashed out for a more expensive machine, I believe it will pay off in the long term."


  • Large capacity
  • Top-of-the-range for energy-efficiency
  • HygieneCare eliminates bacteria and allergens
  • Anti Crease programme
  • Ultra-low running costs


  • Initial learning curve of getting used to new technology

Our Verdict: Best Miele Tumble Dryer

We recommend the Miele TEF765WP EcoSpeed 8kg T1 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer. This award-winning appliance has so many features to wax lyrical about. Take PerfectDry, for example, whereby the appliance calculates the calcium content of water, which can inhibit the detection of residual moisture. PerfectDry adjusts the drying process to take calcium content into account – great if you live in a hardwater area. Also exclusive to Miele appliances is FragranceDos²: two fragrance flacons can be inserted, so you can switch between your preferred scent. With smart connectivity via Miele@Mobile app, you can control drying remotely and receive alerts. It's a next-generation appliance that seamlessly blends efficiency and sustainability. Like all Miele appliances, it's built to last.

Miele TEL785WP Tumble Dryer

FAQs: Best Miele Tumble Dryer

Why is a heat pump tumble dryer more energy-efficient?

Efficient heat pump technology reduces the running cost by more than half. It's gentle on clothes and better for the environment as it dries at lower temperatures. A heat pump has an air circuit for drying laundry and a coolant circuit to extract heat from the processed air. The hot air enters the drum and absorbs water from the laundry. The hot and moist air passes through several filters and then a heat exchanger. This is where the air is cooled, and it deposits water. Cooler and drier air then passes through a second heat exchanger. The air is reheated before recirculating back into the drum. Reusing air to extract moisture is more energy-efficient than a vented tumble dryer. However, the initial cost of a heat pump appliance is more expensive.

What is YourEko?

YourEko is an energy savings tool that shows consumers the tangible financial advantages of investing in energy-efficient appliances. You can find this information on the manufacturer's and retailer's websites. For example, this Miele T1 EcoSpeed 8kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer on Appliances Direct has a YourEko rating.

Example of YourEko energy savings tool on Appliances Direct
©Appliances Direct/YourEko

You can adjust the frequency of usage, number of years and unit cost of energy to work out how much you'll save. This appliance has a gold rating, and its energy efficiency, in comparison to the market average, is unbeatable.

What are the main USPs of Miele tumble dryers?

There are several reasons why a Miele tumble dryer is a long-term investment that's worth the premium price point. YourEko has rated them as the most energy-efficient tumble dryers. In addition, Miele machines are tested for the equivalent of 20 years of use. In terms of build quality, the innovative honeycomb drum ensures even drying and is kind to clothes.

Other key features that stand out:

EcoSpeed combines faster drying with the best in energy efficiency, thanks to EcoDry technology.

PerfectDry precision drying senses the mineral content in your water and adjusts the drying parameters accordingly.

FragranceDos² allows you to insert two Miele fragrance flacons and switch between scents.

Miele@home app gives you remote control of your machine and allows you to network your tumble dryer and washing machine.

SteamFinish reduces creases in the laundry, meaning less ironing.

Choose a Miele tumble dryer for efficient drying, advanced features and durability.

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