Best Samsung Washing Machine For An Intelligent Wash

For a washing machine that is loads smarter.

Best Samsung Washing Machine For An Intelligent Wash

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Samsung washing machines have a distinctive feature that makes the face of any owner light up when asked about it. For an appliance that boasts a lot of high-tech programmes, it's actually the merry little tune that plays at the end of a cycle that's the most talked about feature. Though it's true, the best washing machines from Samsung are also more energy efficient, smart and have larger capacity without having a larger footprint. Next-gen white goods can be bewildering, so A Modern Kitchen is here to guide you through the features of the Samsung range.

We know that every household has varied needs, so we've included appliances that have different features and offer small, medium and large capacities. As with all levelling up, some of the features might take a little bit of time to understand. Jump to the FAQs below for a glossary of Samsung features and how they can improve your laundry routine. Let's give it a spin.

Best Samsung Washing Machines At A Glance

Best value Samsung washing machine: Samsung Series 5+ AddWash WW90T554DAW/S1, 9kg - View offer on Currys
Best mid-range Samsung washing machine: Samsung Series 5 ecobubble WW90TA046AX, 9kg - View offer on Currys
Best large-capacity Samsung washing machine: Samsung Series 5+ SpaceMax WW11BB504DAB/S1, 11kg - View offer on Currys
Best Samsung washing machine for fast washing: Samsung Series 9 QuickDrive WW90T986DSX/S1, 9kg - View offer on Currys

Why Choose Samsung Over Other Major Brands Such As LG Or Whirlpool?

If you're a lover of tech, then the smart functionality of a Samsung appliance is going to appeal. After all, Samsung is a leading smartphone and TV brand. The aim is to sync all your devices and appliances to the Samsung ecosystem and control your smart home through SmartThings. So, if you have a Samsung phone, you may be eager to level up your washing machine and embrace contemporary technology.

In short, there are three broad benefits that the AI technology gives new Samsung machines. First, automation such as the Auto Dose feature, which can hold a month's worth of detergent and know exactly how much to dispense per wash. Secondly, calibration - the machine self-regulates and cleans - you can monitor its maintenance through the SmartThings app. And thirdly, sensing - the machine weighs your load and detects the level of soiling. Also, it knows how much water, detergent and temperature to apply. A Samsung washing machine will even suggest wash cycles that are tailored to your household's laundry, making washing day a whole lot easier.

Saving energy is the other big and current issue. Samsung claims that you can save £1,500 on your energy costs with an A-rated Samsung Washing Machine and an A+++ Heat Pump Tumble Dryer. It's part of its PlanetFirst sustainability strategy to develop highly energy-efficient products.

Finally, the latest models are quieter thanks to Digital Inverter Technology which has improved the performance of new Samsung appliances. There's a 10-year warranty on Digital Inverter Technology and 20-year warranty on the motor, meaning Samsung machines are built to last. Here's to peaceful laundry and peace of mind.

Best Samsung Washing Machine

Best value Samsung washing machine


Samsung Series 5+ WW90T554DAWS1
Price: £459 (was £499)

For a washing machine that gives you every type of programme and leaves you spoilt for choice, we’d have to recommend the Samsung Series 5+ AddWash. As well as having A-class energy efficiency, a quiet spin cycle, and Samsung’s eco bubble technology to clean your clothes at a lower temperature to bring down household bills, it also has a whopping 22 programmes. Perfect for all sorts of loads, timescales, and materials, you can manage your washes and machines via the SmartThings app to keep up to date with your washer’s maintenance and save your favourite settings. Not to mention, this washing machine comes with a handy Add Wash door so you can easily pop extra items in the wash, even if you’ve already started the cycle. Additionally, the smart control panel will suggest cycles based on your laundry habits, and it can wash a full load in less than an hour with the Super Speed cycle.

Customer review: “It’s easy to use, and super energy efficient (this was a deciding factor). I like the fact that you can customise programmes and save them as your favourites. Quick wash of 15 minutes is life saving for a quick refresh of clothes, and the little door for the odd sock comes very handy.”


  • Varied and helpful features that you can't find in other machines
  • Easy to use
  • Very energy-efficient


  • The buttons are very sensitive

Best mid-range Samsung washing machine


Samsung Series 5 ecobubble WW90TA046AX
Price: £429 (was £499)

A 9kg drum is the most popular machine capacity, ideal for families and frequent washers. If you're looking to be futureproof, the Samsung Series 5 ecobubble is a great investment. With Samsung’s innovative ecobubble technology and A-rated energy efficiency to save your bills from mounting up, this machine is equipped with features to keep the machine and your clothes as clean as possible. The Drum Clean cycle keeps the inside of your washer hygienically clean, reminding you to run the cycle again after 40 washes, and the Stay Clean Drawer keeps your detergent flowing freely. The perfect combination of style and substance, this smart machine with app connectivity gives you a huge range of options and programmes to make sure your clothes are washed with the optimum settings and care they deserve. Quiet, energy-efficient, and with a slimmer depth than the Haier washers, it’ll sit neatly under your kitchen counter without protruding too far. It's a fantastic size well suited to most households.

Customer review: “Weighs your clothes to give the best eco water level and wash time. Cleans clothes very well. Comes with a five-year parts and labour manufacturer’s warranty which shows the confidence they have in their product which gives me confidence in their product. Nice looking machine, a good complement to the kitchen or laundry room.”


  • Quiet
  • User-friendly with easy to use control panel
  • Song to mark the end of the programme
  • Energy-efficient


  • Long eco cycle - over two hours

Best Samsung machine for fast washing

Currently, the Samsung Series 8 QuickDrive+ SpaceMax is the most energy-efficient 9kg washing machine on the market. Save 20 per cent annually on your energy bills by investing in an energy-efficient appliance. It's fast too: the Super Speed cycle can get an entire 5kg load of washing clean in just 39 minutes. Connect over Wi-Fi to the SmartThings app for smart control features, such as programming the start time of your washing and monitoring how much energy the machine is using. Additionally, this model has an Add Wash Door and Hygiene Steam program.

Customer review: "Good choice of cycles. Very quiet. Love the self-cleaning feature. Also like that the machine tracks how you use the cycles and adjusts the standard ones to suit. Would definitely recommend."


  • Energy efficient
  • Large capacity
  • Fast washing
  • A range of washing cycles


  • Some customers found it complicated to sync the machine with the SmartThings app

Best large-capacity Samsung washing machine


SAMSUNG Series 5+ SpaceMax WW11BB504DAB/S1
Price: £599 (was £629)

The key feature of the Samsung Series 5+ SpaceMax is the clever design of the drum which offers an extra 2kg capacity while the overall footprint of the machine is the same as a 9kg. Additionally, you benefit from 14 wash programs and the ecobubble and Hygiene Steam features. This is the machine to choose if you have a lot of washing and want to save money by having an appliance that runs efficiently and can hold up to 11kg. As with most Samsung machines, you can control it using the SmartThings app.

Customer review: "I really am impressed with the eco cycle which combined with the SmartThings app - even tells me how much electric I am using running the machine. I have noticed that this eco setting really does bring the cost of running down dramatically. The large capacity drum means I can get more clothes washed at once - saving time and money. My only gripe must be the hyper sensitivity of the on/off button, which seems to be overly active when running and just brushing past can stop the cycle in its tracks."


  • Wash larger loads and save money
  • 11kg capacity in the footprint of a 9kg machine
  • Energy efficient
  • AI intelligence


  • Sensitive controls

Best Samsung washing machine for fast washing


SAMSUNG Series 9 QuickDrive WW90T986DSX/S1
Price: £869 (was £969)

The Samsung Series 9 QuickDrive lives up to the name, with a powerful 1600rpm spin speed and AI-controlled Optimal Washing, this machine can wash 5kg in just 39 minutes. To further optimise your laundry, you can manage your washing using your phone via the SmartThings app. There are 23 programs, but if you'd prefer the machine to do the guesswork, Auto Optimal Wash gets the AI to weigh the wash load and adjust the rinse time and water for you.

Customer review: "The sensors adapt the wash to suit the load. It’s quiet. There are many washes to choose from, and you have to choose every time. This is good for me as I used to just leave my old machine on one setting."


  • Automatically knows how much detergent to dispense
  • Add Wash door
  • Fast washing
  • Wi-Fi connect to SmartThings app
  • AI chooses optimum washing parameters


  • Takes time to understand all the features

Best small-capacity Samsung washing machine

The Series 5 WW70TA046TE/EU ecobubble Washing Machine has Hygiene Steam, ecobubble, Quick Wash, Stay Clean and Drum Clean features. Its 7kg capacity makes it ideal for small households of one or two people. However, it does not have smart connectivity or some of the higher-spec features. It's a great appliance if you want simple and effective functionality.

Customer review: "This washing machine is so easy to use, the display shows how long each wash takes and how long is left. It is very quiet even on the spin cycle and although some people have said the music is quite loud this can be switched off."


  • Ideal for a one or two-person household
  • Effective and efficient cleaning
  • Energy efficient


  • No smart features
  • Lacks the range of features of higher-spec models

Best Samsung washing machine for busy lives

With the Samsung Series 6 AddWash + Auto Dose, it seems like the brand has solved the basic practical issues that we all face with our laundry - taking the guesswork out of detergent and getting the wash done quickly. In fact, this model can complete a 9kg load in just 59 minutes. Save money on your laundry detergent with Auto Dose - customer reviews indicate that this is an extremely handy feature and is effective in portioning cleaning fluid. A twin water supply means your washing machine fills quickly, and a fast Spin Speed Rinse makes cycles means your loads will be done in no time.
Additionally, the Fabric Care drum stops your clothes from snagging, and a 30-minute bubble soak feature is designed to get rid of stains. It's great that for all the high-tech functionality of Samsung appliances, the fundamental functionality is about giving a better wash.

Customer review: "Easy to set the programmes, just the right amount of programmes to make decisions easy. Love that I can work it with my mobile phone and that it plays a wee tune to let you know your washing has been done."


  • Customers love the AutoDose feature
  • Quiet
  • Ecobubble
  • Fast


  • Some of the features take time to get to know

Best all-round Samsung washing machine

The Samsung Series 6 WW90T684DLH Freestanding Washing Machine has all the core features of the latest Samsung appliances, including Super Speed, Auto Dose, ecobubble and Add Wash. A 9kg capacity equates to 45 shirts per wash, which is perfect for a family-size household. The spin cycle noise level is 72dB - for comparison, a human voice is around 60dB - this is consistent across the Samsung range. So, for a super quiet and smart washing machine at the best price and the whole range of features, you'd be at pains to find better than this deal for John Lewis. Additionally, this product comes with the John Lewis two-year guarantee.

Customer review: n/a


  • All-round Samsung features at the best price
  • Quiet
  • Energy efficient
  • Smart control
  • Add Wash door


  • None

Our Verdict: The Best Samsung Washing Machine

For laundry that's loads better, we choose the 9kg Series 6 WW90T684DLH Freestanding Washing Machine. First, you get all the intelligent washing features that are synonymous with a Samsung appliance. In fact, Samsung is top of the list for some of the best washing machines for noise reduction, speed and energy efficiency. With a long-lasting warranty on parts and labour, they are the ideal appliance to invest in for future-proofing your laundry for the next 10-20 years. Additionally, with this deal from John Lewis, you get the Series 6 at the best price, plus a two-year guarantee from John Lewis.

Which Load Capacity Do I Need?

The load capacity dictates how much you can load and wash in your machine at one time. Washing machines can vary in capacity from 6kg drums all the way up to 14kg in some cases. If you’re not sure which load capacity to go for, here’s a general guideline:

6kg: Small drum – Best for single households.

7kg: Standard drum – Best for small households of two to three.

8kg-9kg: Large drum – Best for small families.

10kg+: Extra-large drum – Best for large, active families.

As with any washing machine, there are other key features you'll want to consider in your chosen Samsung. You can read our washing machine buyer's guide for more information.

What Are The Main Features Of New Samsung Washing Machines?

The new Samsung Bespoke AI laundry range takes the guesswork out of laundry with the AI wash programme. Sensors weigh the wash load and can even factor in the level of soiling and adjust the detergent, water, rinse time and spin speed accordingly. At times, it does feel like you need a glossary of terms to understand some of the features of these amazing washing machines. Thankfully, we're here to help.

Add Wash

No more groans at discovering a stray sock that's not gone in with the rest of the load. Now you can add an item quickly during the wash. The Add Wash door can be opened anytime when the drum temperature is below 50 degrees.

Auto Dose

The machine can dispense detergent for any load, so no overfilling and wastage. The dispenser holds enough liquid for 16 loads.

Super Speed

For busy lives, there is the Super Speed cycle. At just 59 minutes, a 5kg load is washed and goes through a superfast spin cycle to ring out excess water.

Hygiene Steam

For deep cleaning - Hygiene Steam can eliminate bacteria, pollen, and dust mites in a deep and even clean. 99.9 per cent of bacteria are destroyed and allergens are inactivated.

Drum Clean+

Good maintenance will save you money in the long run and the Drum Clean+ feature washes the inside of your machine powerfully and hygienically to remove any odour-causing bacteria.


Ecobubble mixes air, water and detergent and creates penetrating bubbles that allow you to wash clothes at cooler temperatures.

Stay Clean Drawer

Keeps detergent flowing freely through your washing machine. Build-up is prevented by targeted jets of water rinsing the drawer, so you don't have to. It means your clothes get hygienically cleaned every time.

Bubble Soak

Stains are solved with a 30-minute bubble soak. Whether it's spaghetti bolognese on a white shirt or grass stains on shorts, the ecobubble technology will calculate how much washing the garment needs to make your whites brilliant again.

Smart Control+

Samsung smart washing machines have an easy-to-use control panel. It can even remember your laundry habits and suggest your favourite cycles first. The laundry cycle can be tracked on a display that's been designed for simplicity. No need to be hovering near your machine, the SmartThings app will give you a notification when your washing's done. Additionally, you can use the app to schedule washes.

Space Max

Samsung has redesigned the interior of their machines so that an amazing 11kg capacity fits inside a machine that has the external dimensions of a standard 9kg (just 60cm deep).

Optimal Wash

Sensors and artificial intelligence control exactly how much detergent is needed for each wash.

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