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Perfect for those of us who forget that we’ve made a cup of tea…

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If you’re prone to forgetting that you made a hot drink and don’t want to reheat it in the microwave, then we’ve found the best mug warmers to keep your cup steaming hot at your desk. Let's face it, we can all do much better about being energy efficient. Even the best kettle burns through electricity, so a low wattage mug warmer is a good money-saving investment in the long-run.

Whether a barista-style latte from a coffee machine or a homely cup of tea, we’re bound to be sipping on something warm any time of the day. Almost like a ritual, a hot drink wakes us up in the morning, sees us throughout the tough, busy working day and accompanies our wind-down before bed. A mug warmer keeps your hot drink at an optimal temperature for longer, ensuring it stays warm and enjoyable.

Best Mug Warmer At A Glance:

Best overall: Ember New Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 - View on Amazon
Best budget mug warmer: Legami Warm It Up USB Panda Mug Warmer - View on Amazon
Best for style: Mustard Hot Tracks Mug Warmer - View on Amazon
Best for temperature variety: GREATCHI Mug Warmer - View on Amazon

A mug warmer is a convenient device designed to keep your cup hot and drink warm so it doesn't cool down so quickly. This way, it keeps that lovely hot temperature - that your kettle worked so hard for - a bit longer. Mug warmers are designed as table-top gadgets with small heating coils inside that’ll heat up and act as a mini hotplate. You can rest your mug on top, and it’ll act like a heated coaster. Luckily, ceramic, metal, glass and enamel are all safe to be used on a mug warmer to keep your drink hot.

It might seem like this helpful gadget is just a cheesy gimmick, but be prepared to stand corrected in a moment’s time. Most coffee gadgets – like a milk frother – will help you out immensely and improve your morning cup. We've picked out the best available to buy.

Best Mug Warmers

Best overall mug warmer

Ember New Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Rrp: $149.95

Price: $127.00

This smart mug and newly re-designed charging coaster allows you to choose the exact temperature between 50–62.5 degrees Celsius. The clever coaster senses when there's hot liquid in the mug, and it automatically enters sleep mode when it's not in use. In addition, the Ember New Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 makes a stylish addition to your desk.

Customer review: "Bought this for my dads xmas as he loves gadgets and ALWAYS having to reheat his coffee. This was perfect for him. Quite a stylish looking mug, holds a good amount and battery lasts a good length when not on the charging pad. And most importantly it does keep his coffee warm and perfect drinking temperature - he hasn’t complained about it. A great purchase."


  • Sleek and stylish
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Range of temperature settings


  • Some customers had issues with the app

Best premium mug warmer

GARMEE Electric Coffee Mug Warmer
Price: $25.99

Keep your cuppa perfectly toasty with GARMEE's excellent mug warmer, the perfect solution to those half-drunk coffees that are too good to waste. Simply plug in and keep your cup warm for up to eight hours before automatic shutoff - so you can enjoy your java worry-free. GARMEE's mug warmer is fantastic for cramped and cluttered desk users, taking up very little space during use.

Customer review: "Got this for Christmas as I never seem to drink a full cup of tea at work. This keeps your drink at a good temperature for hours if necessary. I tend to use the high mode, but there are three so plenty to choose from. Just switch it on, select the temperature and it will stay on for eight hours if you don't switch it off. You do need a reasonably flat-bottomed mug but I've not had any problems with it. Just watch out for little fingers at home as the warming plate does get very hot."


  • Eight-hour warmth
  • Two temperature settings
  • Portable and easy to use


  • Does get very hot

Best budget mug warmer

Legami Warm It Up USB Panda Mug Warmer
Price: $15.88

If you can't bear your drink getting cold, we love this Legami USB Mug Warmer. This craft little panda is the perfect solution to a coffee break at your desk. Simply plug it directly into your laptop or a USB port, but place your flat-bottomed mug or glass on top. Here, you can take your time sipping without worrying about it going cold.

Customer review: "Looks really cute and actually warm. Also have the cookie version. We would definitely recommend them. Super as a little gadget."


  • Easy to use
  • USB-powered
  • Cool design


  • No auto-shut off

Best for style

Mustard Hot Tracks Mug Warmer
Price: $17.09

Keep your hot drinks warm whilst spinning your favourite records with this Mustard Hot Tracks Mug Warmer. Perfect for the music lover in your life, this mug warmer is designed to replicate a traditional LP. It plugs into any PC or Mac via USB and will keep your hot drink toasty for longer. Result.

Customer review: "This is great at keeping my drink warm especially when partnered with those silicone tops. As long as you only have that plugged into the computer it heats up considerably. My drink with this and the silicone topper is silk warm enough an hour later."


  • Cool design
  • Convenient USB charge


  • Best for flat-bottomed mugs


This plug-in Duokon Electric Cup Warmer Pad is made of high-quality aluminium and a heat-resistant glass panel, so it looks super sleek. It's waterproof, so you don't need to worry about safety with any accidental spillages and can be used with glass, ceramic, metal or plastic mugs. The smart touch switch regulation is easy to operate, and you can switch between low-temperature heating (40-50 degrees Celsius) and high-temperature heating (55-60 degrees Celsius). It'll shut off automatically after eight hours, by which point we hope you'd have finished your cuppa anyway.

Customer review: "In the past, I'd always forget about my tea/coffee and it'd go cold. But not now! Awesome product. Just plug it in and tap the little circle on it to turn it on and within about a minute, it'll be warm enough to keep your drink warm so that you can drink it in your own time."


  • Auto shut-off
  • Constant temperature
  • Easy touch switch use


  • Flat-bottomed mugs only

Best for night-time

USB Sleepy Bear Cup Warmer
Price: £12 (was £15)

Cuppa gone chilly? We can't bear that. Starting with a fresh cup of coffee or tea makes any day more bearable. This cute USB Sleepy Bear Cup Warmer keeps your drink warmer for longer whilst adding a wild flavour to your workspace. We love it.


  • Easy to use
  • Cute design
  • Simple USB plug


  • For flat-bottomed mugs

Best for temperature variety

With three temperature settings to choose from, you can really get your perfect hot drink with this GREATCHI Mug Warmer. It'll keep your drink warm for a few hours, and there's a shut-off function after four hours for safety. The glass panel top is waterproof, fireproof and a decent size, making it suitable for certain cups, mugs, carafes and bowls (you can stop that lunchtime soup from going cold too!) It'll remember your temperature preferences, too.

**Customer review: "**I’ve had this on my wish list for a while not but only recently purchased and done because I work from home dealing with calls. By the time I’ve made a cuppa and taken a call, the brew is cold. With this device, I’m able to go for two-three hours without the coffee being affected. Still perfectly hot and sometimes even hotter than I prefer it so have to turn it down (even without a flat bottom cup)."


  • Remembers preferences
  • Automatic shut-off with no cup
  • Perfect shape for all mugs


  • Wood is not everyone's style

Our Verdict: Best Mug Warmer

We recommend the Ember New Temperature Control Smart Mug 2. It's so much more than just a clever coaster, it's a smart mug as well. The temperature control, quality material and sleek design make Ember our cup of tea. While not all of us will want to embrace the app, it's a cool feature to play with too.


What Should I Be Looking For?

Budget – How much are you willing to spend? We’re no strangers to a bargain at A Modern Kitchen, and finding a budget coffee machine for your kitchen is something we love to do. For our round-up, we’ve made sure to include various mug warmers at different price points.

Power – If you’re working from a desk, then a USB-powered mug warmer would be super convenient – as you can heat your coffee up with your laptop. Some on our list are even wireless and require charging. This is down to when and where you’d use it.

Cable Length – As some are wireless, so you won’t need to worry about this one. However, if you are in need of a power source for your chosen mug warmer, we recommend measuring the distance between your favourite coffee spot and an outlet – so there’s no tricky cable wrestling.

Dimensions – Check the size as you want your preferred coffee cup to fit your mug warmer.

Temperature – This can sometimes be altered with mug warmers. Here, you can choose between different settings, depending on your preferences. Some like it hot, whereas some just prefer it lukewarm. You’ll find that the temperature range will differ between gadgets.

Heating Time – Luckily, our picks vary, whether you need it heated for 30 minutes or throughout the day, we’ve got you covered. A mug warmer beats tipping your precious cuppa down the sink or attempting to sip through microwave-warmed tea.

Are mug warmers safe?

Most mug warmers you can buy are safe and are designed to be tea or coffee-proof. However, for peace of mind, it's worth choosing a mug warmer with built-in safety features.

These safety features can come in all forms, including an automatic shut-off after a set period of time or gravity detection so it'll switch off when not in use. All helpful and will help to prevent any incidents.

However, not all mug warmers come equipped with such features. So, if this isn't an option, make sure to be wary to turn it off when not in use – to save any burnt fingers or scorched dining tables.

Are mug warmers worth it?

If you’re staying indoors for work and your reusable coffee cup isn’t seeing much use, a mug warmer could be a good option for you. Or they could make a great gift for a forgetful loved one.

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