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Giving your oven a clean will do it the world of good. However, it’s a task we’d rather not have to do. At A Modern Kitchen, we’ve got that “can do” attitude and have put together the ultimate guide on the best oven cleaners. We’ll get you scrubbing the oven before you know it.

According to Ovenclean, the average oven handle has four and a half thousand times more bacteria than an average toilet seat, which is slightly horrifying. All the more reason to give your oven a proper scrub and a wipe once in a while as we’ve got to make sure our kitchen is hygienic now more than ever.

Tackling bacteria is only one reason behind being on top of your oven’s cleanliness. Once you've decided on the best oven for your household, keeping it nice and clean means it’ll stay on top form. There will be no nasty clogging of grease and dirt, so not only will it gleam, but it’ll perform better and be generally safer.

Whether it's a single or double oven cleaning the oven is not a mammoth task if you make it a monthly practice. There’s no need to ring up your local oven cleaner just yet. And no, it can’t be solved with some hot water and soda. When it comes to your oven, a decent cleaner will do it the world of good. It’ll be quick, too. So we've rounded up the best oven cleaners below.

The Best Oven Cleaner UK

Best for cleaning trays and racks

When tackling your oven reach for Oven Pride Deep Cleaner, it's renowned for just how easy it is to get your oven sparkling in a few simple steps. For an effective clean, make sure to cover your wrists and arms with long, rubber gloves. Place your oven grills in the provided bags with around half of the solution. Make sure to close the bag tightly and cover the trays as much as possible. Pop them in a safe place overnight and let the Oven Pride work its magic.

Review: “This is the best oven rack cleaner I've ever used and so easy to apply. I couldn't believe how effective the liquid was in removing burnt-on grease from my oven racks - if you leave it on overnight you literally end up with brand new racks! I shall never use anything else from now on.”


  • No scrubbing required


  • Only for racks and trays

Best budget oven cleaner

The Pink Stuff
Price: $24.90

Next, we have The Pink Stuff - which has been approved by cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch.

It is a great household cleaner that works wonders on an oven. The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste is perfect for cleaning dirt, grime and stains in the oven. Most users recommend that you should spread the paste in your oven and leave it overnight. In the morning, scrub gently on your desired surface and wipe away with a cloth. Don’t go overboard with the scrubbing, though, because there’s a risk that this tough paste could scratch glass and damage surfaces.

Review: “Absolutely amazing for removing those hard to get rid of stains! Use it on any surface you don't need to remain shiny, and it will destroy any stains your heart desires! So, keep away from glass, stainless steel and ceramics, and the rest of your house can be clean!”

There’s also a Miracle Cream Cleaner, which is great, also.


  • Tackles tough stains


  • Is abrasive so do not use it on polished surfaces like a ceramic hob

Best for a deep clean

Dirty oven? Make light work of a rubbish household chore with Oven Mate. Oven Mate is a tough and effective deep-clean for your oven. Restore your beloved oven to its former glory but simply paint on the extra-thick gel with the brush. Wait for however long you need: from three minutes to three hours. Don’t forget to wipe it off. With no scrubbing required, it is that easy.

Review: “Excellent stuff for cleaning ovens and oven racks…really gets burnt on food off in a jiffy. Paint it on with the supplied brush and wipe off after fifteen minutes or so depending on the severity of burnt-on-ness! One piece of advice: do not under any circumstances ignore the instructions to wear protective gloves whilst using. It's very, very strong and vicious stuff. Do make sure any bare skin in danger of being exposed to the gel is well protected.”

Why not grab the Oven Mate Cleaning Kit, which has all the essentials needed to tackle your oven.


  • Comes with a brush
  • No scrubbing


  • Do not allow contact with skin use protective gloves, check it is compatible with oven surface

Best for maintenance

Cif Perfect Finish
Price: £2.50 (was £3.50)


Cif is great for tackling the toughest of problems, promising that this product is tough on grease stains on the oven, grill and hob. We’d recommend using this product if you’re a regular oven cleaner and it’s probably not ideal for an annual deep clean. For use, apply the oven cleaner directly to cold surfaces until completely covered. Leave the spray to work for up to 30 minutes, then wipe.

Review: “This is a really good product. It cleans the oven really well. As an asthmatic, I can't tolerate strong smells, but I have no problem with this product. In fact, it’s the only oven cleaner that doesn't affect my asthma, so I would recommend it for that reason.”


  • Cleans well
  • No strong smell


  • Not for a deep clean, best for regular upkeep

Best for regular deep cleaning

Next, we have Mr Muscle, a popular and effective oven degreaser, this product is strong and can bring an oven back to its former glory. Plus, there’s no scraping required, which is a bonus. Mr Muscle instructs users to coat their oven and leave this product for 30 minutes. However, many reviews recommend leaving the cleaner in for longer because their results have been miraculous. Simply wipe everything away until your oven is left sparkling.

Review: “I tried this for the first time a few weeks ago and wow! This is amazing on stains on ovens that are hard to get off, especially when you must scrub the hobs. Would definitely recommend it!”


  • Amazing on tough stains


  • Deep clean only

Best for an overnight soak

Though not well-known here in the UK, Amway is popular in other countries for one big reason: it’s marvellous. The reviews for this product are nothing short of praise. In fact, everyone seems to love how easy it is to use. It comes with a scrubbing brush. The suggested usage mentions a 30-minute wait time, but reviews insist on an overnight coating of this product. Simply wipe away.

Review: “Best oven cleaner I have ever tried!”


  • No Scrubbing


  • Not for use for pyrolytic ovens
  • Reviews insist on an overnight coating

Best eco oven cleaner

Ecover supplies good cleaning products that are plant-based and haven’t been tested on animals, encouraging us to take steps for a better planet. However, don't let the plant-based and mineral formulation fool you. Suited to get through the toughest grease and grime, this Ecover product promises no chemical fumes. Fully biodegradable, this oven and hob cleaner is bottled into plant-based plastic that is fully recyclable.

Review: “A lovely natural cleaner! No more chemicals. Smells lovely and does a really good job.”


  • Smells great,
  • No nasty chemicals,
  • Works on hob


  • Only for oven and hob

Best for a sparkling finish

Astonish, with a paste and sponge, has the power to cut through grease and grime. With no harsh chemicals included, this fume-free product can be used on the whole of your oven, including the door. As Astonish provide a very useful sponge themselves, you won’t need to worry about ruining one of your sponges with bits of burnt food and grease which can be a bit of a hassle.

Tried and tested by A Modern Kitchen: “I'm new to the oven cleaning game and was given this product by my mother who swears by it. I honestly never thought much of it until I tried to get rid of the watermarks on the top of my ceramic hob. I didn't want to use something too abrasive so after applying Astonish Oven and Grill on my hob and leaving it for a short while, I used the rough side of the sponge to remove the build-up and there was nothing left. I did have to use a little bit of elbow grease to get rid of the stubborn marks but I was stunned at how well it lifted. As it's a paste I also think it will last a lot longer than a spray, so even more affordable and less plastic waste."


  • Smells pleasant


  • Scrubbing required

Best for easy cleaning

Next, is the WPRO Gas, Hib & Oven Care Kit; it smells great and comes with multiple products for all parts of your oven, which includes a microfibre cloth. This oven cleaner contains a degreaser and a spray. It gets rid of grease, grime and residue from almost any surface possible. It’s not just limited to ovens. It’s quick and simple to use without needing any scrubbing. Easy.

Review: “This product does what it says on the box and gives a very intense clean. Was impressed with its overall usefulness as I had tried many different products before this one to clean my oven.”


  • Easy-cleaning
  • No scrubbing
  • Degreaser


  • Large kit, best for industrial ovens

Best for minimal effort

Lastly, Elbow Grease is another favourite and worth keeping in the kitchen cupboard. Formulated to remove grease and oil in situations, Elbow Grease is great for removing those pesky greasy spots in your home, including kitchen surfaces, oven interiors and even fabric. We like this one. Plus, it’s not bad on price, either.

**Review: “**Brilliant. My oven is very old now and I wasn't expecting much. I wanted it to have a deep clean and it looks amazing. I never thought I would get it to look as good as it does. This is a fantastic product, and I would highly recommend it. It’s very simple to do.”


  • No scrubbing


  • Best for racks and grills


How does oven cleaner work?

Usually packed with strong chemicals, oven cleaners work their magic on grease, grime and bits of baked foods. These helpful ingredients break down all of the yucky bits in your oven, which allows you to swoop in with a handy microfibre cloth and wipe your oven to perfection.

How do I use oven cleaner?

With oven cleaner, it’s generally a job that requires a three-step process, while wearing protective gloves:

1. Apply

2. Leave overnight

3. Wipe away

But, if you’re looking to work on a specific part of your oven, here are some hacks for you:

Racks – Cleaners like Oven Pride are made specifically to tackle the grime left on racks. This requires you to pop your oven shelves into a plastic bag with some of the cleaning solutions. Sometimes, a little scrubbing is required when you come back to them. Our advice: invest in some baking trays.

Oven Tray – Use Cif Perfect Finish spray to wipe away any grease. Then, soak the tray for an hour in some washing-up liquid. Then, make sure to use your microfibre cloth to wipe away the grime. If you want to go the extra mile, the dishwasher is a good final step for a proper clean.

Oven Door – For the oven door, use a gentler product that is suitable for glass. If you want to keep that shine, Astonish is a good option. There are no harsh chemicals in this one, too. You can get in-between the glass panels by using a long, thin object like a ruler.

Are there any hacks for keeping my oven clean?

We love “Do It on a Dime” and their approach to tackling a tricky oven.

Are there any natural, or alternative ways to clean my oven?

It’s no secret that bicarbonate of soda is a great way to help you with your oven.

If you fancy giving it a go, check out our step-by-step below:

1. Firstly, mix half a cup (about 65g) of bicarb with water to create a thick paste.

2. Then, use an old paintbrush or cloth to spread the paste all over the inside of your oven, from the door to the bottom to the inside walls, but avoid heating fixtures.

3. Leave the paste to do its work overnight – or a minimum of two hours.

4. After, in a spray bottle, mix equal parts white vinegar and water and spray onto the paste to create a foaming action. We all know what happens next. Lots of fizzing.

5. The fizzing reaction will lift away stubborn dirt and grease particles, then wipe away with a cloth.

We love this hack but recommend a heavy-duty approach if your oven is in bad shape.

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