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Though a staple in our kitchens here in the UK, finding the best ovens takes some research. Most houses and apartments come with this appliance already installed – which is really handy. But, if you're looking to replace an old model or are giving your kitchen an upgrade, you need to know exactly what you want from an oven before you buy.

The type of appliance that will suit your kitchen is determined by your lifestyle; for example, what and how often you cook. If the thought of chips piling up on a baking tray isn’t for you, then a basic model without any extra features is the best option. However, if you cook daily and need your cooker to perform to a high standard with additional features, then a durable alternative from an established, mid-range brand would be best.

Best Ovens At A Glance

Best budget integrated oven: Bush BIBFOBAX Built-In Single Electric Oven - View offer at Argos
Best mid-range electric integrated oven: Bosch HHF113BR0B Built-In Single Electric Oven - View offer at Argos
Best integrated electric oven with air fry: Samsung NV7B5755SAS Series 5 Smart Oven with Dual Cook Flex and Air Fry - View offer at Currys

If you’re replacing a freestanding oven that’s no longer efficient, choosing a similar design will mean you won't have to find somewhere else for the hob to sit, as a cooker comes all-in-one. Freestanding ovens are a flexible option as long as you have access to a plug outlet or gas connection. They are a lot more affordable than a mounted, integrated appliance which would always remain in a fixed position. Some options also work well during colder months as they will warm up your home with the extra heat and reduce your heating bill.

An integrated oven tends to be mounted higher up in your kitchen layout. That's so much easier on your back as you no longer have to bend down to slide in your food. It will, however, mean you need a separate cooking area for a hob. So, take this into consideration as a mounted appliance could be turned into cupboard space in smaller kitchens. Scroll to the FAQs below for lots more on the features and benefits of ovens.

Best Ovens In The UK

Best high-end electric integrated oven

Bosch is a great, solid option – with a lot of ovens available at different price ranges. This Bosch HBS573BS0B Built-In Single Electric Oven - S\Steel is one of the pricier ovens and is packed with some really great features. Bosch's Pyrolytic Cleaning means it genuinely self-cleans. The 3D Hotair feature distributes heat evenly throughout the oven, so there’s no arguing over the top shelf. You can even rely on ten pre-set programs to help you if you’re stuck.

Customer review: “Honestly, as far as I am concerned you can buy this oven at this price point and not be disappointed. The fact it's self-cleaning is fundamentally why it is where it is price-wise, but hey, you get what you pay for and that is a great overall oven, recommended.”


  • Quiet
  • Heats up quickly
  • Lots of programs


  • LED display is tricky to read

Best integrated electric oven with air fry

Samsung NV7B5755SAS Series 5 Smart Oven with Dual Cook Flex and Air Fry
Price: £979 (was £999)

Samsung NV7B5755SAS Series 5 Smart Oven with Dual Cook Flex and Air Fry is designed to cook your food to perfection. If you're roasting a large chicken you can utilise the whole capacity of the oven, alternatively you can use the top half for cooking smaller dishes. Additionally, both cooking zones can cook with convection for air frying that's crisp and evenly cooked. Not only that, but this oven is self-cleaning, too, thanks to the pyrolytic feature. It also includes an added steam function and is one of the best ovens on this list.

Customer review: "Excellent product. Amazing air fry and dual zone cooling. Really happy with our purchase."


  • Two oven shelves for space
  • Powerful self-cleaning function
  • Cook healthy with air fryer


  • Might be a bit too high-tech for some

Best mid-range electric integrated oven

One of several entries on our list from Bosch, this Bosch HHF113BR0B Built-In Single Electric Oven takes advantage of multifunction cooking. A 3D HotAir function allows the distribution of heat evenly throughout the oven, making it possible to cook on up to three levels at the same time. With an easy-to-use LED display control to the time functions, it’s never been easier to cook using an oven.

Customer review: “Basic oven all the essential and useful features. Even cooking throughout the oven, quick to preheat with fan-assist, you can switch to no fan if you need moist cooking. Easy to clean.”


  • Heats up reliably, quickly
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to use LED display


  • Only one shelf

Best budget integrated oven

Get back to basics with this Bush BIBFOBAX Built-In Single Electric Oven and grill. Smart and simple as ever, this oven has six cooking options, including a defrost setting, which will make meal prepping or a frozen pizza a no-brainer. Built with easy-to-clean material, this oven has triple-glazed glass that protects you against intense heat. As for the grill and the baking tray, they’re removable for easy transportation. The sleek, black design will fit in with any kitchen.

Customer review: “This was cheap so I thought it wouldn’t last that long or work well. It’s actually really good! The quality of it is good, cooks well, is cheap, and has a timer function in which you set how long you want it to cook for, and then it will stop cooking when done. It looks great, and I love it.”


  • Quiet operation
  • The timer function switches off the oven
  • Heats up quickly


  • The door needs to shut when using the grill

Best integrated mid-range electric double oven

The Hotpoint Built-In Electric Double Oven has a capacity of 74L with three automatic functions to help with multi-level cooking, slow cooking and defrosting. With a fan at the back, it saves you time and energy by circulating an even distribution of temperature throughout. Though there aren’t any fancy features in this Hotpoint, this oven is a solid, reliable choice for someone who needs a bit of extra oven space for dinner parties, family meals and that pesky Christmas roast.

Customer review: “This oven is a smart-looking oven and is simple to use. For the price I paid, I honestly didn’t expect much in the quality department but was pleasantly surprised. The knobs are easy to turn with arthritic hands. The handles are textured and help with grip. I originally only purchased this oven as a filler as my old Hotpoint oven gave up the ghost after 18 years and we're hoping to get a new kitchen in the new year. We'll be keeping this oven for the new kitchen.”


  • Easy to use
  • Heats up quickly
  • Great value


  • Noisy fan

Best high-end integrated double electric oven

Best Ovens UK - Bosch MHA133BROB Built-In Double Electric Oven - S Steel
Price: £648 (was £699)

Whether you're roasting potatoes for a Sunday dinner or preparing for a dinner party, the Bosch MHA133BROB Built-In Double Electric Oven spoils you with space thanks to a 71L capacity. You can cook multiple dishes at once, which comes in handy when you’re hosting or tending to a large family. Plus, there’s an integrated grill, and with the 3D HotAir feature, your oven evenly distributes its heat for great cooking results. Another feature we love is the smooth, enamel coating that prevents dirt and grime from sticking.

Customer review: “Bosch has never disappointed me in any of the items that I have bought over the years. I already own a Bosch dishwasher and washing machine. Now, I am the proud (and very happy) owner of a sparkling new double oven with 3D cooking ability. My MHA133BROB has pride of place in my kitchen and works brilliantly cooking evenly. Thank you, Bosch.”


  • Great energy efficiency
  • Doesn't need preheating
  • Easy to clean with enamel


  • Fiddly timer controls

Best luxury integrated double electric oven

Best Ovens UK - NEFF N50 U2GCH7AN0B Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel
Price: £1,199 (was £1,399)

This NEFF N50 U2GCH7AN0B Electric Double Oven has a generous capacity of 105L, meaning you have more than enough space to cook multiple dishes, and the CircoTherm spreads heat around three levels in the oven simultaneously, so you can bake, roast or grill multiple dishes at the same time. Not only does it have an impressive grilling function for succulent meat, but has a self-cleaning function. So simple and easy to use and is of great quality.

Customer review: “Love this oven. The multifunction settings make cooking and baking of all types perfect. The cooling fan is quite powerful which keeps the housing cool but there is a significant draft in front of the oven.”


  • A-rated energy
  • Easy to use
  • Self-cleaning


  • Noisy

Best under counter integrated double electric oven

Best Ovens UK - Hoover HO7DC3UB308B Built Under Double Oven – Black
Price: £450 (was £480)

We love this Hoover HO7DC3UB308B Built Under Double Oven because it gives you lots of different ways to cook effortlessly. With a twist of the dial, you can easily select one of this oven’s many functions, which ensures great results. Hoover’s Hydro Easy Clean is a helpful way to get rid of food stains from inside the oven. You’ll spend less time and money cleaning this stylish oven. There’s even a dedicated pizza function for a perfect crisp base, which we can’t get enough of.

Customer review: “Really happy with this. Lots of great features. Works well and fits perfectly where we needed it to be which was a bit of an awkward space.”


  • Good overall performance
  • Easy to programme, simple functions
  • Has a designated pizza setting


  • The main oven is a little small

Best Smeg electric oven

Smeg Victoria SOP6902S2PP Built In Electric Single Oven with added Steam Function
Price: £1,489

You get the magic of a retro kitchen set with the innovative multifunction features that we love today in this Smeg Victoria SOP6902S2PP Built In Electric Single Oven. If vintage style is your thing, you can’t go wrong with this iconic brand. It has a choice of 12 cooking programmes and offers a generous 68-litre cooking capacity. Circulaire - fan-assisted cooking - cooks dishes together without flavours transferring. The handy timer turns the oven off when dinner is ready to be served. Additionally, the pyrolytic cleaning function transforms all dirt and grease into ash.


  • Multifunctional oven
  • Pyrolytic easy cleaning
  • Stylish looking


  • No customer reviews

Best integrated gas oven

If you would prefer a gas oven… Belling’s conventional gas oven has a handy electric grill setting. With a 48L capacity, this BELLING BI602G Gas Oven is designed to suit medium-sized households. When your food is ready, there are minute minder alerts to keep you on top of everything. Also, there is a grease-proof enamel coating which makes oven cleaning easy – all it needs is a wipe.

Customer review: “After a disastrous experience with a new electric oven I decided I needed to go back to gas. Bought this oven and am absolutely delighted with it, works exactly as it should whilst looking stylish and great in my new kitchen. Highly recommend this appliance.”


  • Efficient oven
  • Slick, stylish looking
  • A-rated energy rating


  • Flimsy ignition knob

Best integrated double gas oven

If you’re looking for stainless steel double oven, Belling’s gas variation is a great option for traditional cooking. In the BELLING BI902G Gas Double Oven, the second gas oven comes with a handy electric gill function. Plus, a minute minder alerts you when your food is ready and cooked to perfection. The grease-proof enamel coating makes cleaning easy.

Customer review: “Love this Double Oven and Grill. It looks great and cooks great, I didn't think it would measure up to my old one, or be half as good, but it sure does and is. If it lasts half as long as my old one, I will be pleased, even more so.”


  • Two shelves
  • Use-friendly
  • Easy to clean


  • The door doesn't drop horizontally

Our Verdict: Best Oven In The UK

We recommend the Bosch HBS573BS0B Built-In Single Electric Oven. In short, you get what you pay for, and any Bosch appliance is going to be the business. These days, with an appliance for everything, we think a single oven is going to be ample for most households. And with its generous 71-litre capacity, the Bosch Series 4 can accommodate the largest of Sunday roasts. Benefit from fan-assisted cooking with 3D Hotair and AutoPilot 10 pre-set programs - to make cooking just a bit easier. Additionally, the clear dial-operated controls are easy to use, and the Pyrolytic cleaning feature makes it a doddle to clean. With near-consistent 10 out of 10 reviews, opt for a Bosch.

Buyers Guide


Electric: A fan oven is an example of an electric oven, it circulates hot air evenly around food and results in a crispier dish. Due to the increased air circulation, a fan-assisted appliance tends to be a popular choice as it cooks food faster. However, any power failures at home and your electric oven will be the first to bail, meaning any dish midway through is ruined.

Gas: Gas ovens have a higher initial cost than electric ones but tend to be more popular because they are cheaper in the long run, not to mention they can provide extra heat, saving you pennies on your heating bill in the winter. The gas flame is also easier to control when cooking and works better with a wider variety of cookware. However, you will need to have access to a gas point in your home or pay a professional to have it professionally installed.

Microwave or convection: Panasonic has a new line of convection ovens and explains how the technology and microwave capabilities are built into one package. It means the appliance can heat and defrost food like regular microwaves, plus bake, roast, grill and steam.

Other Factors

Freestanding or integrated: If you’re gutting your kitchen in favour of a sleek built-in design, you will need to decide whether your layout will include a freestanding or integrated oven.

Single, double or range oven: If you have extra room in your kitchen redesign, you could invest in a double oven or range cooker. They’re perfect for larger families or for someone who hosts lots of dinner parties. You can heat up compartments to different temperatures depending on what dishes you are cooking. A single oven is the most common in UK households, cooking at one temperature with either two or three shelves and a grilling option.

Features: In recent years, oven features have had an upgrade. Many brands boast exclusive features on the latest models, such as a delay feature, self-cleaning, defrost mode, and delay cooking options, as well as being more energy efficient and including better heat distribution. Remember to check what type of power your kitchen uses (i.e. gas or electric) to determine the features available.

For a detailed breakdown on how to choose an oven read our buyer's guide.


Does my oven use electrical or gas as its source of power?

An electric cooker will connect to the main socket via a plug. There will be no flame when you use the hob or inside the oven. Instead, electric ranges have either a smooth, glass top or black coiled elements that heat up.

A gas appliance will be installed professionally via your gas connection valve. When cooking, you will have to ignite your oven and cook over a naked flame burner on a hob.

Newer hybrid models offer both electric and gas cooking options. They will need to be installed near a mains power outlet and a gas line. Or consider an air fryer - such as Salter Aerogrill?

Does an oven have to be fitted by an electrician?

As with any electrical work, the best option is always to leave the job to a qualified electrician. This ensures the installation is done safely.

How do I clean my oven?

Regularly scheduling an oven clean will do it a world of good.

Tackling bacteria is only one of the reasons to keep on top of your oven’s cleanliness. Keeping your double oven nice and clean means it’ll stay in top form and reduce any clogging of grease. It will not only gleam but also perform better and be generally safer. Grab your microfibre cloth and get going.

We suggest using a handy oven cleaner for a regular wipe or a deep clean.

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