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If you are set on installing a new oven in your home, here are the best freestanding ovens on the market in the UK to bring your recipes to life. After all - whether you a cooking up an entire roast dinner to heating frozen food, having a reliable oven is a must. A freestanding oven, sometimes known as a stove, range or cooker, is an oven and cooktop combined into one freestanding unit. So before we begin, let's break down the main difference between the terms 'cooker' and 'oven' to make your market research all the easier...

A cooker is a freestanding oven with a hob built-in on the top; however, a built-in oven is fitted into a kitchen unit and is usually more convenient if you design your kitchen from scratch or upgrade it. These can be slotted under the counter or at eye level, and you will need to buy a stovetop separately. In terms of configurations, it could be an electric or gas oven with gas, ceramic or induction hobs - the choice is yours.

Best Freestanding Oven At A Glance:

• Best budget freestanding electric oven: Indesit Freestanding IS5E4KHW 50cm Electric Cooker - view on eBay UK
Best freestanding gas oven: Beko KDG582W 50cm Twin Cavity Gas Cooker - view at Argos
Best premium freestanding oven: Beko KDC653S 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker - view at Argos

The main advantage of a freestanding oven is that it is one complete unit. It fits into an existing gap in your kitchen and comes in a variety of sizes, making it perfect for first homes, flats or if you want something a little cheaper. For a detailed breakdown of how to choose an oven read our buyer's guide, written by Ellen Kinsey.

Best Freestanding Ovens 2023

Best mid-range freestanding electric double oven

This affordable freestanding double oven contains a separate grill and oven that makes light work of weeknight meals and more. Plus, on top, you’ll find a ceramic hob that provides space to simmer and steam. The design of this Bush DHBEDC50B 50cm Double Oven Electric Cooker is sleek and stylish, energy-efficient and has a defrost function for a quick meal.

Customer Review: “This is a fantastic little oven. The delivery was quick, and the drivers were great. The oven is fantastic to cook with and looks great. Well recommended.”


  • Fan oven for even heating
  • Includes a Defrost function
  • Front-mounted controls


  • Grill tray not included

Best budget freestanding electric oven

This standard yet sturdy Indesit Freestanding IS5E4KHW 50cm Electric Cooker does what it says on the tin. Fitted with an electric conventional oven and a grill setting, this oven has all the basic functions you need from a cooker plus a standard four-zone solid plate hob. If you don't want anything costly or are looking at the lower end of the market, this cooker is a great choice. It is quiet, cooks well, and is small and compact, with that extra storage space underneath.

Customer Review: "What you see is what you get! Fairly cheap and easy to use the cooker; I love the storage space/warmer at the bottom of the cooker."


  • Great price on eBay UK
  • Good energy rating
  • One electric conventional oven instead of two


  • Four-zone solid plate hob, not ceramic plates
  • Cooking plates are hot for a long time after it is turned off

Best freestanding electric oven for small kitchens

Haden HECT50W Electric Twin Cavity
Price: £349

This Haden HE50DOMW Electric Twin Cavity Double Oven is convenient for any home. The four-plate hob includes six heat settings, and the oven comes with easy grip-dials and an easy-clean enamel interior. The twin cavity cooker by Haden combines a 52L conventional oven with a 1000W grill for flexible cooking. At 50cm wide, this cooker is perfect for kitchens with limited space.

Customer Review: "Very Quick delivery, She finds the cooker good and very efficient."


  • Good value
  • Double oven


  • The numbers on the dials are small

Best freestanding gas oven

This Beko KDG582W 50cm Twin Cavity Gas Cooker has great reviews, high energy efficiency and gas burners that offer up to 25 per cent faster cooking. Alongside four gas burners, this double oven has quality, easy-clean enamel interiors. The double oven is a great addition to your kitchen with its decent-sized capacity and push-button ignition. This is a great choice that is easy and simple to use.

**Customer Review: “**I purchased this cooker a few weeks ago, and I’m so happy with it. It’s so easy to use, and the guys who fitted it were friendly and explained everything I needed to know.”


  • Large capacity oven
  • Fast, even cooking
  • A-rated energy rating


  • Simple, not flashy

Best budget gas freestanding oven

ESSENTIALS CFSGWH18 50 cm Gas Cooker - WhiteCurrys
Price: £219 (was £249)

Constructed with a slim design, this ESSENTIALS CFSGWH18 50 cm Gas Cooker - White is a great choice on a budget. With gas hobs and decent-sized oven space, you’re more than equipped for your Sunday Roasts. With an easy-to-wipe enamel finish on both the interior and exterior, you'll spend less time scrubbing too. Plus, the removable inner door glass makes for easier cleaning.

Customer Review: “Great cooker at a good price."


  • Great value
  • Affordable price
  • Quick to wipe enamel finish


  • No digital clock or timer

Best premium freestanding oven

Perfect for your everyday needs, this electric cooker's fan main oven and conventional top oven and grill offer superb cooking flexibility. Plus, the interior light and timer make this Beko KDC653S 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker easy to use. The stylish ceramic hob your pan to heat up faster, Beko's ceramic hobs are made up of four 'rapidlite' zones that can quickly and efficiently reach their highest temperature.

Customer Review: “Reasonable price and clean, sleek looking. Useful double oven.”


  • Great energy efficiency
  • Good capacity
  • Triple-glazed oven door


  • Grill tray included, but no handle.

Best traditional freestanding oven

Leisure ck110
Price: £1,099

A lovely blend of old meets modern; this freestanding oven is a blend of a traditional range cooker with better culinary performance. This Leisure Cookmaster ck110°F232 Freestanding Gas Hob features two generously sized ovens, a dedicated grill, and a large seven-burner gas hob which will provide plenty of space for you to whip up a feast. Featuring Cook Clean liners that are specially designed to capture dirt and grease from inside of the ovens, so you can spend less time scrubbing the oven cavities.

Customer Review: "Excellent user-friendly appearance and operation. I love this is exactly what I wanted."


  • Seven gas burners
  • Four oven cavities
  • Looks great


  • None we can think of!

Buyer's Guide

Single, Double Or Range Oven

A single oven is the most common in UK households - especially for integrated ovens. They cook at one temperature with either two or three shelves and a grilling option. If you're curious as to whether a larger oven style could suit your lifestyle and cooking habits, take a look at our double oven buyer's guide.

Electric Or Gas

A fan oven is an example of an electric oven, it circulates hot air evenly around food and results in a crispier dish. Due to the increased air circulation, a fan-assisted oven tends to be a popular choice as it cooks food faster. However, any power failures at home and your electric oven will be the first to bail, meaning any dish midway through is ruined.

Gas ovens have a higher initial cost than electric ovens but tend to be more popular because they are cheaper in the long run, not to mention they can provide extra heat, saving you pennies on your heating bill in the winter. The gas flame is also easier to control when cooking and works better with a wider variety of cookware. However, you will need to have access to a gas point in your home or pay a professional to have it professionally installed.


In recent years, oven features have had an upgrade. Many brands boast exclusive features on the latest models, such as a delay feature, self-cleaning, defrost mode, and delay cooking options as well as being more energy efficient and including better heat distribution. Remember to check what type of power your kitchen uses (i.e. gas or electric) to determine the features available. Have you considered an air fryer - such as the Salter AeroGrill?

Electric Hobs: Solid Plate Or Ceramic

If you buy a new oven model, it is unlikely that you will come across a solid-plate hob as it is quite out fashioned. However, there are still some available. You will usually find four hob rings that act like hot plates with an electric coil that heats them. This does mean that these hobs are not the most energy-efficient but are often cheaper than most other options.

A ceramic hob, on the other hand, has a smooth surface, heats up fairly quickly, and is easy to clean. The heat distribution isn't as good as other hobs, however. We have some great oven-cleaning tips at A Modern Kitchen.

Gas Hob

Gas is still the most popular choice for home cooks as the flame is visible, easy to control, fast, responsive, and can be used with all pan types. They generally have four burners, but some range cookers can have six or more. Gas hobs have been popular with professional chefs for decades as they are great for charring food on an open flame.


Which Oven Is Better: Electric Or Gas?

Ultimately, the main differences and benefits between electric and gas depend on your preferences and desired cooking methods.

Although gas is cheaper in the long run, it does require specialist installation, whereas an electric model only needs an outlet.

In terms of the cooking method, gas ovens supply heat with more moisture than electric appliances, meaning the meal you cook, or bake will be moister. This is excellent for baking or cooking meat. On the other hand, electric ovens provide drier heat, giving you a crispier result. This is great for baking cookies or cooking vegetables and potatoes. Don't forget the baking trays.

When it comes to the cooking temperature, electric ovens fare better for being more consistent and reliable. Electric ovens tend to distribute heat more evenly, particularly fan-assisted ovens. This allows the hot air to be circulated through the oven and cook everything evenly. Gas ovens heat up very fast, speeding up the overall cooking process as it reduces the time needed to preheat.

Overall, electric ovens are the best option if you are looking for easy, reliable cooking. Gas ovens are better if you want something more cost-effective, quick, and specialised.

Does An Oven Have To Be Fitted By An Electrician?

As with any electrical work, the best option is always to leave the job to a qualified electrician. After all, this ensures that the installation is done safely.

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