The Best Induction Hobs To Transform How You Cook

Upgrade your hob and embrace sleek, efficient and safer stovetop cooking.

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When you see the temperature control on an induction hob for the first time it's like magic. Instant temperature change can take a pan of boiling water back down to a simmer in seconds. With a finger swipe over the touch controls, you can sauté, steam and sear on a stovetop. Paired with the best oven, it feels like the future of cooking.

Maybe you're looking to upgrade your kitchen, or you've just moved into a new home. It's time to join the growing numbers of households that are upgrading their cooking technology for faster, more energy-efficient options.

A hob is the way to cook several dishes simultaneously and induction hobs have made that a whole lot easier. These cooktops are easy to clean, faster cooking, are safer, provide a cooler cooking environment, sleek, precise and energy efficient. There's even a hob in our guide that can be paired with a cooker hood, so no more reaching up to turn the extractor fan on.

Best Induction Hobs At A Glance

Best overall induction hob: Hotpoint TS 6477C CPNE CleanProtect Induction Hob – View on Hughes Electrical
Best value for money induction hob: GIONIEN Induction Hob GIB464SC – View on Amazon UK
Best large induction hob: De Dietrich 6 Zone Induction Hob – View on Appliances Direct

Induction hobs are lauded for being energy efficient, fast and safe. You save time, money and energy because there is no wasted heat or energy. This type of cooktop is perfect for families as they have child locks and flexible surfaces so you can squeeze more cookware onto the hob.

Best Induction Hobs

Best overall induction hob

Hotpoint TS 6477C CPNE CleanProtect Induction Hob
Price: £398 (was £599)

A Modern Kitchen has seen this hob in action and it's very impressive. Hotpoint's CleanProtect induction hob has a unique nano-coating, it's easy to clean using just a few sprays of water. In addition, the glass-ceramic surface offers five times more chip resistance compared to standard induction hobs. This Hotpoint hob has a MyMenu function with melting, boiling, slow cooking and keep warm pre-sets – you can even temper chocolate directly in a pan on this hob. Additionally, utilise the Flexi Duo space for using larger cookware, such as a griddle pan or salmon kettle.

Customers love how slick and clean this hob looks. Plus, they make full use of the flexible cooking space for casserole dishes. For great features at a reasonable price-point, this is our recommendation.

It's a larger hob, so measure up first, as it may not fit smaller kitchen worktops. But if you're looking for the CleanProtect technology in a smaller size, keep scrolling as we've tested the standard size Hotpoint CleanProtect Induction hob.


  • Cleans with just a spray or two of water
  • Flexible cooking zones to accommodate larger cookware
  • Melt chocolate or cheese directly in a saucepan without a bain marie


  • Pre-set icons are really small and quite difficult to discern

Best value for money induction hob

Improve your cooking performance with the GIONIEN Induction Hob GIB464SC. It's a spacious hob and the rings are spaced widely apart so you have plenty of space to simmer big pans of soup or even make a big batch of jam. The minimum diameter of the pan is 15cm and the maximum is 26cm. GIONIEN advises if a magnet sticks to the base of your cookware then it will work on this hob.

With 720 reviews rating it 4.4 out of 5, customers praise its value for money. It maintains a precise temperature well and consistently over time. All of the rings have boost power, if you need an extra burst of heat to finish off a dish. Whilst some customers are not so fond of the slider controls, others found it simple to use and it gives the hob a completely flat surface.

While it's not one of the most familiar brands, this induction hob offers good performance at half the price of its competitors.


  • Good value for money compared to top name brands
  • Can accommodate a range of pans sizes
  • Precise and consistent temperature control


  • Some reviewers found the controls a little tricky to get used to

Best large induction hob

Cook faster large meals with this De Dietrich 6 Zone Induction Hob – ideal if you're entertaining. The De Dietrich has three large cooking zones so you can fit more on the cooktop. Also, it has power tracking, so as long as your cookware is in contact with the surface it can be positioned anywhere within the cooking zone. This rectangular induction hob is the ideal shape for a large metal fish poacher. This has to be the connoisseur's choice for an induction hob for its size and versatility. Imagine melting chocolate at an ultra-low temperature alongside a boiling pan. Superb functionality, performance, design and ease of use.

Customers praise the versatility in totally flexible cook-top offers. It's easy to clean and aesthetically sleek and stylish. With 19 power levels and six flexible cooking positions, this premium induction hob is an asset to a household that loves to cook.


  • HoriZones flexible cooktop to fit rectangular and larger cookware
  • Larger cooking area for more versatile cooking, such as griddling
  • Largest range of power levels for cooking at different temperatures


  • Some customers found the controls tricky to understand

Best portable induction hob

Tefal Everyday Induction Portable Hob
Price: £66.24 (was £79.99)

This little Tefal Everyday Induction Portable Hob could be a handy extra cooking surface if you're making a big meal. Or it could be just what you've been looking for when you go on holiday. The ceramic cooktop is scratch-proof, durable and easy to clean. Small and powerful, with a quality pan, it can boil a pan of water faster than a kettle. Ideal for whipping up a storm in a small kitchen or caravan.

This Tefal hob is Amazon's Choice recommended, with 3,055 reviews rating it 4.5 out of 5. Customers praise the speed at which it can boil water and cook. It's also a doddle to wipe clean. It helps them keep their energy costs down as this one-ring induction hob is much more efficient than a standard electric or gas ring.

Just be aware, like all induction hobs, if you take the pan off the ring (i.e. to flip a pancake or sauté) you loose the magnetic connection and ring stops cooking.


  • Wide power range on a single ring hob
  • Slim and easy to store away
  • Ideal for a caravan


  • Need to keep stirring if frying food and lifting the pan up will stop the cooking process


Best induction hob for easy cleaning

A Modern Kitchen/Hotpoint
Price: £319 (was £389)

Utilise the four automatic cooking functions; melting, boiling, keep warm and slow cooking. With the Hotpoint Easy Clean CleanProtect Induction Hob you can cook sublime sauces and slow-cooked meat at the same time. The unique CleanProtect coating means the surface can be cleaned using only water. It can save on up to six bottles of detergent a year. Plus, the ceramic surface is five times more resistant to chipping – so, you can use heavy cast iron cookware without worry.

Natalie tested the CleanProtect induction hob and loved the minimalism of the cook-top, albeit the pre-set icons were a little bit difficult to distinguish. She liked how she could have up to four pans variously boiling and simmering, without heat transferring between each pan. The area around the pans stays relatively cool to touch. The hob excels with its precise temperature control, which means you can melt sensitive foods such as chocolate and caramel, directly in the pan.

Read our full review of the Hotpoint Easy Clean CleanProtect Induction Hob.


  • Melt chocolate or cheese directly in a saucepan
  • Surface is easy to clean with just water, chemical-free
  • Precise and almost instant temperature control
  • MyMenu – four automatic functions for easy cooking


  • Icons are small is it's difficult to distinguish them

Best induction hob for families

CIARRA CBBIH4B 7200W Built-in Induction Hob 
Price: £179.99 (was £189.99)

No more sweating over pots with this four-zone induction cooktop that has different power levels: two plates at 1600W/2000W and the others at 2000W/2400W. The CIARRA Built-in Induction Hob has nine power levels making it easy for you to effortlessly switch between a slow simmer and a fast boil. Even though an induction hob is safer than a conventional hob, it's good to have a cooktop with a child safety lock – especially if you have a busy household.

Under £200, this induction hob is good value for money and Amazon customers have rated it 4.4 out of 5 with over 1,200 reviews. It has all the functionality and features of more expensive known brands, such as power boost, slide controls and four different ring sizes to suit a range of pots and pans. Customers like that it heats fast, like a gas hob, and yet the cook-top stays cool to touch. It's a much more energy efficient way of cooking as heat is transferred directly into the contents of the pan, rather than radially.

Some customers comment about the noise that this hob makes. But do factor in the quality of the cookware being used. Lower quality pans (with less conductive materials) will vibrate more and make a humming sound. It pays to get tip-top induction-compatible cookware if you want the best performance from your induction hob.


  • Good value for money
  • Easy to clean
  • More energy-efficient than gas or electric hobs


  • Timer function doesn't turn the hob off, which some customers were a little disappointed by

Best induction hob for control

AEG IKB64401FB Induction Hob
Price: £369 (was £398)

The AEG Induction Hob stands out because it has extra large pan rings on the left-hand side and one or two premium features. If you pair this hob with its matching cooker hood, the two will work together automatically, so it saves you having to even think about turning the extractor fan on. The fan will detect when it needs to activate.

Like all induction hobs the area around the ring stays cool so any spills can be wiped away while cooking and nothing gets burnt on. But this model has some extra power features, including PowerBoost and AutoMax which brings items to the boil faster. In fact, it can boil water in just 90 seconds.

Customers praise the responsive slider controls and efficiency of this hob. You can vary the temperature by sliding your finger up and down the controls. There are 15 power levels, so you can cook with absolute precision.


  • Customers praise the responsive slide controls
  • Hob2Hood-compatible, never worry about switching on your extractor fan again
  • Can accommodate larger pan sizes


  • Some customers find the ring a bit difficult to see

Best for flexible cooking surface

BEKO Pro HII64201MT Electric Induction Hob
Price: £219 (was £269)

Nothing gets hot except the pot. Sense where your pan or griddle is on the cooktop with the BEKO Pro Electric Induction Hob. And just wipe clean with a damp cloth. No screws or fixing features are needed – installation is easy with mounted clips on the side of the hob that secure it in place. Direct access control gives you flexibility and complete control of each cooking zone. So you can fry, braise, boil and more with precision all at the same time. The IndyFlex technology makes cooking big meals easier, as the left hand side can fit a large roasting tin or griddle.

Users love that it's fast and economical to run. Food cooks evenly, without burning and the surface stays cool to touch. The flexible space is great for bigger pots and it allows you to use rectangular cookware.

Reviews agree, if this is your first induction hob it will take a bit of getting used to the controls and way in which it cooks. But, overall, this sleek and efficient Beko hob is a great purchase for households that enjoy cooking with griddles and larger cookware.


  • Flexible zones for more versatile cooking
  • Fast heating for efficient boiling and energy-saving
  • Wipe clean cook-top with no fiddly knobs


  • Controls and outlines of rings are difficult to see for people with poor eyesight

OUR VERDICT: Which Is The Best Induction Hob?

We recommend the Hotpoint TS 6477C CPNE CleanProtect Induction Hob. In our opinion, there are two features that set this induction hob apart from the others. The first is CleanProtect technology that eliminates the need to use surface cleaners on the cooktop. It really is a doddle to wipe clean with just water. Secondly, the precision temperature control means that you can melt chocolate directly in a saucepan or alternatively, boil water in seconds. The MyMenu function makes it incredibly easy to adjust the temperature and cooking time. Finally, the flexible cooking zones can be combined – ideal if you have larger pans – now, that's smooth cooking.

FAQs: Induction Hobs

What are the benefits of an induction hob?

The main advantage of an induction hob is that you can boil faster and more efficiently than a conventional hob. It heats your pans, rather than the surface, which saves you energy. Like a gas hob, you have excellent temperature control and faster cooking, but it's worth noting that induction hobs cost more to buy and run.

Unlike electric and gas hobs that transfer energy through thermal conduction, an induction cooktop generates an oscillating magnetic field. An element, made of coiled copper, is under the cooktop surface. By placing induction-suitable cookware over the element, the magnetic field penetrates the metal of the pan. This makes the electric current flow through the pan. Inducing the current directly inside the cookware results in heat. The pan gets hot - heating the food inside it through convection and conduction.

Also, no more knobs - the controls are digital and touch-based which makes it a breeze to clean an induction hob. You can wipe up spills on the cooktop whilst cooking because only the area between the pan bottom and ring gets hot. This prevents splashes from getting burnt on.

Induction hob
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What to look for when buying an induction hob?

In addition to setting your budget for the hob, it's essential to factor in the cost of pots and pans that are suitable for induction cooking. You can tell if a pan with work if a magnet sticks to the bottom of it.

If you love cooking, an induction hob can only increase your enjoyment. Consider the needs of your household - if you have a tiny kitchen you may want a one or two-ring hob. Sleek and entirely portable, these smaller hobs can be plugged into mains electricity. Induction hobs can boil water faster than a kettle, so they're an ideal cooking option for motorhomes. Also, a smaller hob can be moved around the kitchen and that's a bonus now we all have air fryers to squeeze in.

Please be aware that induction cooking isn't safe for people who have pacemakers or implanted cardiac devices. The electromagnetic current can interfere.

Which hob type is the best?

The different types of hobs are electric, ceramic, induction, gas and gas on glass. If you want a cooktop that is sleek, practical and easy to clean then an induction hob is a good pick. But if you're looking for the ability to char foods, then choose a gas hob for its open flame and fast heat distribution. You will need to buy the kinds of pots and pans that are suitable for specific hob types. Manufacturers will indicate in their product descriptions and on their packaging which hob or heat source they are compatible with.

Is an induction hob safe to use?

Yes, they are safer than gas and electric hobs because induction hobs don't use electric elements or gas lines. Induction hobs work by creating a magnetic field between the element and the pan. This generates heat – concentrated on the pan, not the surface - making it very energy efficient. Additionally, the area around the pan stays cool.

However, cooking with oil always poses a fire risk, regardless of the appliance you are using. Also, because a magnetic field is created by the cooking process they are unsuitable for people with pacemakers.

Woman using induction hob
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How does induction cooking work?

Induction is one of the most energy-efficient cooking methods available. It can be used to cook anything that you would ordinarily cook on a stovetop. A high-frequency coil creates a magnetic field when a pan is placed on it and the hob is switched on. Heat is generated through magnetic friction and is transferred directly to the pan, which is heated along with its contents. Only the area directly in contact with the pan gets hot and the rest of the hob stays cool; less energy is wasted than traditional electric and gas stovetops. The magnetic connection is broken when the pan is removed from the element and no more heat is generated.

This cooking method relies on having cookware that has a magnetised base. To conduct electricity and heat the cookware must contain iron.

Can non-stick pans be used on an induction hob?

As long as the pans are magnetic, yes, non-stick pans can be used. Choose cookware that has the same diameter as the heating element to increase efficiency. Also note, the base of the pan must be smooth for the induction process to be effective. And keep the cookware clean, as blackened surfaces make induction less efficient.

Pans for induction hobs tend to be heavy-bottomed and made from iron or stainless steel. Copper, glass, ceramic and aluminium pans won't work on an induction hob unless they have an induction plate in their base. Le Creuset cookware can be used on an induction hob with the exception of their stoneware range.

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