Best Cooker Hoods And Extractor Fans To Remove Cooking Fumes

Clear the air with a ventilation system for your hob.

Best Cooker Hoods and Extractor Fans

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The best cooker hoods and extractor fans are hob accessories that successfully remove steam and odour. Cooker hoods don't have to be bulky and conspicuous – there are integrated, visors and telescopic vents – as well as the classic chimney-style cooker hood. Kitchen ovens are energy efficient, streamlined and quiet – so style is important for your ventilation system, especially if you opt for a prominent kitchen island cooker hood or a countertop downdraft extractor.

There are contemporary curved glass, angled and slimline options that are sculptural in form – a must for any modern kitchen. Function is important too, a fan is an essential fixture for cooking with a freestanding oven because it extracts steam, smoke, grease and lingering odour. It's more important if you live open plan – as you don't want to smell Friday night's fish supper on the sofa.

Best Cooker Hoods and Extractor Fans At A Glance:

Best kitchen island cooker hood: CIARRA CBCB4850 Ceiling Cooker Hood – View on Amazon UK
Best chimney cooker hood: Neff N50 90cm Angled Cooker Hood – View on Appliances Direct
Best integrated cooker hood: CIARRA CBCS5913A Integrated Cooker Hood – View on Amazon UK

These ventilation systems can work in two ways. First, an extractor means that steam and odour are removed and taken outside through a duct. Second, there's recirculation – meaning steam and smells are filtered and the air is recirculated. An extractor fan is the most effective option, however, it requires outside venting and professional installation. If you cannot have an external vent and ducting installed, opt for a recirculation fan. This is a wall-mounted fixture and you can install it yourself.

To determine whether an extractor fan or a recirculating unit is the best option for your kitchen, consider the size and the ventilation system's extraction rate. For more information on extraction rate and working out what type of fan you need, scroll to the FAQs below.

Best Cooker Hoods and Extractor Fans

Best kitchen island cooker hood

Potentially the Rolls Royce of ventilation systems, this CIARRA CBCB4850 Ceiling Cooker Hood offers an extraordinary extraction rate of 700m³/h in addition to a host of features. This ceiling-mounted kitchen island cooker hood can be controlled by the Smart Life app. What about reviews?

On Amazon, this kitchen island cooker hood boasts a respectable 4.3/5 average star rating from customers. But, what are they saying? One customer said it's very good looking and "should be much more expensive". High praise! What else? Some found the customisable height useful to fit into their kitchen and are excited that you can control it with your phone. Customers believe it extracts well and the noise levels aren't too bad - so, two big ticks next to this hood. But, are there any negatives?

Hailed by many as easy to install and use, there are some nitpicks. Some customers, in fact, found it noisy - but, this will come down to how much you can bear the sound of an extractor fan above your head whilst you're stirring away. Though many customers found this to be reliable and a solid choice, some may have received faulty models - with little success with removing steam from their kitchens. Plus, the pan needs to be directly under it for that 100 per cent effectiveness.

The DC motor has four speeds and a boost function with A++ energy efficiency. In addition, it has touch control and dimmable LED lights that are energy-saving. Finally, the five-layer mesh carbon filter purifies the air and it boasts a detachable grease filter that's easy to clean.


  • Strong extraction rate
  • Looks more expensive than it is
  • Wi-Fi-enabled app control
  • 48cm width simple design


  • Pan needs to be placed exactly under the hood in order for it to be effective

Best chimney cooker hood

Offering exceptional extraction rates, 416 m³/h on normal use and 680 m³/h on the intensive setting, the Neff N50 90cm Angled Cooker Hood is a premium contemporary cooker hood. It's a sleek angled glass hood that's suitable for ducted extraction or recirculation and it purrs at just 57dB. And, reviews?

At Appliances Direct, the Neff Angled Hood has an overall satisfaction rating of 4.1/5 - which isn't too bad. Customers rated it well for its money and quietness, whereas its performance and range of settings were rated exceptionally. Customers, in their reviews, say this pick is stylish, looks expensive, easy to clean, sleek, modern, quiet and goes well with their kitchen. It does have a very sleek, integrated feel about it, which we love. Quiet, efficient and stylish - any negatives?

One customer would have preferred it to be "all in black" to fit their kitchen, whereas another said it was nosier and bulkier than expected and the lights were not bright enough. Again, the right extractor fan (for you) will depend on your expectations and needs - as well as your personal style.

The LED display and touch control add to its sleek good looks. It's effective too, with two metal grease filter cassettes to remove the most intense kitchen vapours. Wall-mounted or ducted, with the help of professional installation, this energy-efficient cooker hood is a stylish addition to any modern kitchen.


  • Professional installation service available
  • Intensive speed setting
  • Contemporary style
  • Energy efficient and versatile


  • For extraction, it needs an external ducting kit (sold separately)

Best integrated cooker hood

Ideal if your stove-top is positioned under a kitchen cabinet, the CIARRA CBCS5913A Integrated Cooker fits inside so it's totally inconspicuous apart from the sleek stainless steel vent, push-button controls and two circular LED lights. It's equipped to help your kitchen out. What about reviews?

With an impressive 4.3/5 star average on Amazon from over 1,600 ratings, this CIARRA CBCS5913A Integrated Cooker Hood is loved for many of its features. Customers like the value of the pick, as well as the performance, lighting, size and ease of installation. A win, all around. A Modern Kitchen especially loves to hear about easy installation, good quality (for a low price) and appearance. This hood blends into the modern kitchen seamlessly - but, are there any negatives?

One customer found the lights to be a little dim (only a 1W bulb) and a little noisier than expected, despite the good suction and easy filter cleaning. Some customers found the fitting a little trickier than others, but it depends on your skill as a DIYer. Novices may need a little support.

This under-cabinet mounting is ideal for small kitchens and the fixture is just 52cm wide. It has three-speed settings and is quieter than a human voice. Whilst ducting is not included, this is solely an extractor fan to remove vapour and odour, so a ducting kit and professional installation is required.


  • Integrated for a tidy look
  • Quieter than most
  • Sleek stainless steel


  • Light is dim

Best canopy cooker hood

With the ability to switch this from recirculation to ducted, this Bosch DHL785CGB 70cm Canopy Cooker Hood in brushed steel is a reliable, stylish and effective ventilation system from a trusted brand. It boasts an exceptional extraction rate and it has an intensive speed setting too. An aluminium mesh grease filter is dishwasher safe. What are the reviews saying?

This Bosch Canopy Hood tots up an impressive 4.7/5 average at, with reviews praising it for its simple use and quietness when running. A quiet extractor fan? A great start. Another customer says it was easy to install and performs very well. It looks good, more expensive than it is. All 12 reviews on the website recommend this pick with four and five-star reviews. Any negatives?

One customer found that they had some trouble with installation - and a little overpriced. Also, the fan isn't the most energy-efficient, with a middle-of-the-road C rating.

The LED lighting is rated A for efficiency, while the energy consumption is a little bit more greedy on this model. For a powerful integrated extractor fan, Bosch is a great choice for removing strong cooking odours. In addition, offers a remove/recycle and unpack service. Bosch is a brand we know and love for its high-quality appliances that will improve your modern kitchen.


  • Powerful extraction
  • Durable metal grease filter
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Quiet and integrated


  • The fan itself is not the most energy-efficient

Best visor cooker hood

Belling Unbranded 60 UVH 60cm Visor Cooker HoodBelling

Value for money and a no-fuss wall-mounted recirculating fan, this Belling Unbranded 60 UVH 60cm Visor Cooker Hood has simple push buttons. Use above a standard hob and this will be ample to remove steam and odour from a small kitchen. It requires a carbon filter to be used as a recirculating fan. If you're having it ducted to be an extractor fan, the duct diameter is 125mm.

Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews at The Appliance Depot. However, reviews on other sites said that the grease filters are a bit fiddly to remove and that it's a little noisier than expected...


  • Perfect for a small kitchen
  • Easy to use
  • Unbranded design


  • Grease filters are a bit fiddly to remove

Best ceiling cooker hood

AEG 90cm Ceiling Extractor – Stainless SteelAEG
Price: £999

An advanced cooker hood, the AEG 90cm Ceiling Extractor features a Hob2Hood function that automatically regulates the extractor fan and lights, so you can get on with enjoying cooking.

Thanks to, this AEG Extractor has an average rating of 3.8/5 stars from four reviews. Positive reviews praise this extractor fan for its smart and modern look. They love that the fact the filter is easy to clean - in the dishwasher, how convenient. Another customer says it performs well.

Any negatives? The noise level on the highest level is a little loud, according to the specifications.
As for customer reviews, one had a bad experience with the AEG Ceiling Extractor, claiming it broke after three months of use - and was displeased by customer care. Unfortunately, the faulty part is no longer manufactured, despite being a relatively new appliance. Something to keep in mind.

This hands-free hood is ceiling-mounted so your kitchen benefits from a Minimalist fixture that gives you clean air and extra task lighting. It can be used as a recirculating fan or as an extractor fan with the addition of a universal ducting kit. An installation service is available from Appliances Direct.


  • Bright LED lighting
  • Energy efficient
  • Powerful extraction
  • Seamless design


  • Loud on highest speed

Best downdraft hood

Elica PANDORA-SS 84 cm Downdraft Cooker Hood - Stainless SteelElica / AO
Price: £1,529

The Elica PANDORA-SS 84 cm Downdraft Cooker Hood is our top pick for a downdraft hood extractor fan. With Comfort Silence tech, your new extractor fan will extract smells from your kitchen quietly, at top speed - so, you can get back to cooking. Plus, the maintenance alarm is super handy - and will let you know when the grease filter needs changing, so you don't have to leave it up to guesswork.

On, this pick has an average of 5 stars from their customer reviews, which is very impressive. Customers love how quiet, yet powerful this pick is - and does everything that is required. One customer commented that they are "over the moon" with their new fan, despite being dubious of the brand's low profile, it has delivered, extracting smells and steams from their kitchen in seconds.

However, one customer recommends a professional for installation to ensure it's running smoothly.

Another great feature of the Elica Pandora is how easy it is to clean. If you dread cleaning your kitchen extractor fan - so full of grease and grime - you're taken care of. The brad has ensured that this model is easy to clean, as well as a straightforward switch of filters. Everything will save you time and effort. For kitchens needing a compact, low-maintenance and downdraft fan, this is the one for you.


  • Sleek contemporary style
  • Extraction fan removes steam quietly
  • A rated for energy efficiency


  • We recommend a professional installation - extra cost

Best Miele cooker hood

Miele DA2450 Built-In Cooker Hood, Stainless SteelMiele
Price: £439 (was £529)

Miele is a premium domestic appliances brand and this Miele DA2450 Built-In Cooker Hood is top-notch in terms of its energy efficiency and noise level. It's the only cooker hood in this guide to have been awarded a Quiet Mark certification. Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews at Knees.

It's safe to say, this is a powerful unit with an extraction rate of 593 m3/h at the highest level, to extract steam and smells from your cooktop. It has excellent filtration through a 10-ply stainless steel grease filter, which is also safe and easy to clean. Suitable for any home, for extraction or recirculation.

However, there is no installation service available via Knees - perhaps look at an external service to ensure it works well - and isn't likely to fall and damage your hob, or you.

This is an extractor fan or recirculating system that's designed to fit underneath a unit as an integrated fixture. It has simple dial controls, and two circular LED lights, and is made from durable stainless steel. Miele offers an installation service and a two-year guarantee, so you're in safe hands.


  • Quiet Mark certified
  • A-rated energy efficiency
  • Integrated for a sleek look


  • Knees doesn't offer an installation service

Best telescopic cooker hood

This is an extractor fan that extends to cover a wider area of the stovetop. While the Elica Elite 14 LED 90cm Built-In Cooker Hood doesn't boast the highest extraction rate, energy consumption or sound level, users may prefer the seamlessness of a slide-away cooker hood. What about customer reviews?

At John Lewis, the Elica Elite is well-liked by the customers, with a 4/3/5 star average from three reviews, with an overall "Great" rating for Quality and "Excellent" for Value. Customers are happy with the neat appearance and ease of us, which is effective - from light to extraction. One customer was surprised about how quickly it came - stylish and perfect for their induction hob. Any negatives?

Though one customer says the fan's light has a good spread, another would be happier if the lighting was brighter. After all, you want to be able to see your hob, to cook your food to perfection.

In addition, it's made from stainless steel so it's robust and long-lasting. It has three power levels and a simple LED lozenge-shaped light. A two-year guarantee is offered by John Lewis, who recommends that your new Elica extractor fan should be installed by a qualified engineer for safety.


  • Lighting has a good spread
  • Neat and compact design
  • Robust stainless steel


  • Light is a little dim for some

Best Bosch cooker hood

Make a statement in your kitchen and splash out on this Bosch Series 2 DWP64BC50B Pyramid Chimney Cooker Hood. It's a wall-mounted chimney-style cooker hood that has extraction and recirculation functionality. It's wide and deep so will capture more steam and smells than others.

At, this Bosch appliance is highly-reviewed, garnering an average of 4.6/5 stars from 29 reviews. What did they have to say? One customer commented "Great all round!", explaining that the hood arrived on time with good communication from AO. Not only does the hood come in great condition but it looks great and works very well. Luckily, the lights are bright so you can see what you're doing. Another customer is pleased it's not as nice as previous models. Any negatives?

Some customers may find the lights to be too bright, making it not ideal for sensitive eyes. One customer had to lower the goods more than they would have liked due to a chimney configuration, so if you're in a similar position, consider this before you buy. Unfortunately, the extraction is not as powerful as some of our picks on the list. Basic, but solid, as a review puts it.

Made of stainless steel the build quality is second-to-none and with a Bosch appliance, you can expect solid performance. This cooker hood has three-speed power levels and energy-saving LED lighting. Also, the metal grease filter is removable for easy cleaning. Banish cooking odour and fumes with this stylish 60cm wide pyramid hood – a kitchen must-have for Bosch completists.


  • Bosch quality materials and performance
  • Bright and energy-efficient lighting
  • Great value for money and service


  • Not the most powerful extraction rate

Our Verdict: Best Cooker Hood and Extractor Fan

We're blown away by the CIARRA CBCB4850 Ceiling Cooker Hood. It's a futuristic kitchen island fan that's app-controlled, energy efficient and boasts a contemporary design resembling a Modernist light. Make it the talking point of your next stove-top supper party. Go for this ventilation system if you have a kitchen island induction hob and you're confident about installing it.

For a wall-mounted fan that presses all the right buttons, go for the Neff N50 90cm Angled Cooker Hood. It's a sleek and elegant slanted glass model with touch control. Plus, it scores highly for its energy efficiency, noise level and excellent variable extraction rate.

Cooker Hood and Extractor Fans Buyer's Guide

What factors do I need to consider when buying a cooker hood or extractor fan?


First, you need to consider the type of cooker hood or extractor fan you want in your kitchen. Choose from canopy, ceiling, integrated, chimney, downdraft, visor or telescopic models. These come in stainless steel, plastic and black glass – so have a think about what kind of finish you'd like. Additionally, you may want a branded venting system, such as a Bosch or Miele extractor fan. Premium brands are quality but they tend to be more expensive.


Having an effective extractor fan is all-important if you have an open-plan space. When measuring up, match the size of the hood to your hob. Commonly, a stove-top is 60cm wide but you can get extractor fans 25–120cm wide; from a countertop Aerogrill to a range oven there's a venting solution for all needs.

Vent location

Decide whether you want a ducted extractor fan that vents fumes outside, or a recirculating fan that purifies the air. The location of the vent needs to be on an external wall; this might not be possible in all kitchens. Note that recirculating fans require replaceable carbon filters in order to be effective. These are sometimes sold separately to the fan.


The controls can be touchscreen with an LED display, or simple push buttons, a slider or a remote control. Energy efficiency will be rated A–G and listed in the product specification. Modern extractor fans and cooker hoods are designed to be more energy-efficient and quieter. Expect a noise level that's around 60 dB, which is equal to the sound of people talking.


In terms of lighting, opt for a model that has LEDs to avoid having to replace halogen or incandescent bulbs. While it isn't the primary source of light, a cooker hood provides useful task lighting. Also, soft light complements a polished stainless steel fixture.

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FAQs: Best Cooker Hood and Extractor Fan

How do I work out what extraction rate I need?

Kitchen size and extraction rate are the key factors when choosing an extractor or a recirculating fan. Extraction rate means how quickly the air is changed. Multiply the height, width and depth of your kitchen to work out its volume. For example, a kitchen that's 2.5 x 3 x 4 metres has a volume of 30m³. An effective ventilation system should change the air 10 times an hour. Therefore, multiplying 30 x 10 = 300m³/h is the optimum extraction rate your fan or cooker hood needs to have. Appliances Direct have a comprehensive guide to working out what extraction rate you need.

At what height should I position the fan above the hob?

In terms of height, make sure your new hood is positioned as per the manufacturer's recommendation above your hob. The vertical distance between the hob and the fan also depends on whether you have an electric or gas stove. Small extractor fans may need to be as close as 45cm, whereas large chimney cooker hoods maybe 75cm away.

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